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A good sized group walked to the white tower that looks down on Panormos Bay on the 17th of October.

A strenuous hike but well worth the effort.

Sunday 23rd October 

The Scramblers again were able to gather together a good number for the walk to Amarantos where Muriel’s famous blue checked tablecloth laid out a magnificent picnic-thank you all- at the three trees. 

The group then headed for Agnondas and some even were able to meet for coffee in Skopelos town while discussing the next Sunday hike.

Sunday 30th October 

The group will meet at Sklavanitis supermarket 10.30 hours and after organizing transport will make their way to the centre of the island where the Scramblers will head down to Panormos.

No picnic required as Asterias taverna will be open for food and drinks and Muriel says the sea temperature might encourage some to take a dip😎.

Transport has been arranged to take drivers back to the beginning of the hike.

Any questions phone Muriel 6983010118

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This Sundays walk

Sunday 16th October

Is the first of the Autumn season.

The meeting point is the car park of Slavenitis Supermarket at 10.30am. The intended walk is the white tower that overlooks Panormos.  As usual when the destination had been reached Muriel will spread out the famous blue checked tablecloth to accept a shared picnic.

The walk is both flat and uphill with a bit of rocky ground so good shoes or boots required but the end result is stunning.

Our four legged friends are very welcome on this walk but let Muriel know if anyone will require transport. Any further questions phone Muriel Dunlop. Mobile 6983010118

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How to keep going

In the last eleven years I have written about Skopelos on this blog. For some years I wrote with two other writers and now alone for quite some years. In the beginning I had the feeling I should report about all things that happen here. Later, I understood that that is not possible and that it is not necessary. It is not always important to get the news or information on time but it is important and nice that you get it.

You, the readers of Skopelosnews have always be appreciative of what I wrote, how I wrote and when. I never felt pressure.

I write about Skopelos but I also have a life here with my family. I have my work and all the other things I fill my life with. I have my ups and downs, like everybody else and I have written about that too in the past. It is part of life, I know that. The last couple of years a lot of things have happened in the world and and it is sometimes hard to write about this island whilst there is so much else going on. It is hard to stay positive sometimes.

Skopelos is also changing and I want to grasp what is changing and write about it but at the moment it is hard. It remains the island I love and all of you love. To express it in words is difficult at the moment and that is why I have not written for a while.

For now I will post from time to time announcements like the Skopelos Scramblers until I find the words again. Daphne

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