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“The olives are too small, they have the fly in them, not enough rain has fallen, it is too early to harvest them? Is the olive press open yet? The amount of olives and the olive oil you get is too small, the weather is going to change again.

All these questions circle in conversations held by those who want to collect olives. The gossip about quality, accidety etc. reach the villages and make you even more uncertain about when to start collecting or even if you are going to start.

Well our start of collecting olives coincide with me trying to start writing again for the blog.

Yesterday a friend of mine asked me to find a post about her son where I asked you readers to help out. I could not find the post immediately and had to scrawl through a year’s blog posts. I was surprised at how many posts I had written.

I want to start again and today seems a good day. I hope you are all well.

We decided to take only the olives that are left on the trees. It seems such a waste to leave these olives on this piece of land that has given us so much already this year: wild cherries, apricots, almonds, many varieties of plumbs, pomegranate and quince!

I am glad to be back, xx

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