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New roads

There are so many roads and paths on Skopelos. How can you know them all ?

I still find new roads and I keep using the old roads. Maybe that is a good intention for stepping into the New Year: hang on to old friendships, old habits but embrace the new friendships, the new adventures. It keep us on our toes and not knowing what is around the corner makes it more special.

A Happy and healthy New Year for everybody and keep walking!!!!!

The harbor of Agnondas is full these days with amateur fishermen. There are a lot of fish “around” and word travels fast here. So in a line along the quay stand these guys and they are boasting about what they have caught in the last few days, which bate is the best for which fish and other insights in the mysterious world of fishing… There are also quite a few cementblocks on that same quayside. Ready to be placed in the area where the harbor needs te be repaired, we think. The sunsets are still amazing from this harbor. You can keep shooting photographs but it is even better to just follow the changes of colors in sky.

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I cherish that we live on such a beautiful island. An island where most people know each other. Where people come together, in big numbers when times are hard. Where the saying; να χαίρεσε την οικογενεία σου (cherish your family) is said by so many people these days.

I cherish the fact that these days grown up children walk around the villages on the island and sing traditional Christmas songs for us. I cherish the communication between the readers of this blog and me. I cherish you! Merry Christmas and I hope that whatever you wish for, big or small, in 2023, will come true!! Daphne

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Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Saturday announced a 10-percent subsidy for every household’s food purchases to help counter the burden of inflation.
“From next February, the state will cover 10 percent of each household’s purchases for six months in supermarkets and food businesses (bakeries, pastry shops, fishmongers),” the prime minister told parliament before a vote on the 2023 state budget amid a pre-electoral atmosphere.
The measure would cost 650 million euros ($690 million), said Mitsotakis
Elections in Greece are scheduled by July 2023, but Mitsotakis has said they could be held in the spring.
Individuals will receive a maximum of 220 euros. For large families with several beneficiaries, the overall amount will be capped at 1,000 euros.
The measure is for households with an income of 24,000 euros per couple, with an additional 5,000 euros for each child.
Mitsotakis also said electricity and natural gas subsidies would remain in place.
“A total of more than eight billion euros will be allocated at the national level,” he said.
The 2023 state budget was approved Saturday, with 156 votes in favour out of a total of 299 votes. It is the first in 12 years to be drawn up outside a framework of bailout supervision or enhanced surveillance.
Greece emerged from financial aid plans in 2018.
But until earlier this year it remained under scrutiny by its creditors, the European Union and the International Monetary Fund, who closely monitored the promised reforms and the country’s finances.


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This Sunday the 18th of December Elios and Glossa will organize their Christmas bazaar with many surprises.

Please go and enjoy the festivities and by buying something from the bazaar you support many good causes in the villages.

Elios starts at 15.30 hours and Glossa at 16.00 hours. Meeting point, the main squares of the villages.

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Another planet?

The beach of Armenopetra is a beach which lies a bit of the beaten track but it is so worth visiting. I always feel I am not in Greece. The strange rock formation on the left, the dry stone walls behind the beach and the trees that grow along with the wind.

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The municipality, the schoolboards, the school parent’s boards, the cultural and folklore association, the scouts, the amateur theatre group Takis Moschsos and Faros Skopelos invite everybody to the yearly Skopelos Christmas party and bazaar on Sunday the 11th of December. The party will be held in Skopelos harbor in front of the municpal cafe. Most of the gifts in the bazaar are hand made and the earnings are used to support the various schools and causes on the island. Please come and support them.

11.00 to 18.00 hours: Christmas Bazaar

12.00 to 15.30 hours: Song, dance and theatre from various groups

15.30 to 16.30 hours: Games organized by the cultural and folklore association

17.00 to 18.00 hours: See the stars organized by mr. George Michail

18.00 hours: Lightning of the Christmas tree and arrival of father Christmas.

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On several places on the island trees have been cut that were close to electricity lines. When we first saw the trees being cut we were very upset so I asked the vice mayor mr. Angelos Xidaris for a comment. He said that trees close to electricity line need to be cut because during bad weather they fall on the electricity lines and whole areas on the island will be without electricity for many hours or days if the bad weather continues and the electricity company cannot reach the area and repair the damage.

New views towards Agnondas and Amarandos have appeared and to Limnonari and Elios. It is quite a change. Inhabitants of Skopelos that wanted the wood could come and cut pieces from the fallen trees or collect pieces of wood that were gathered somewhere on a plot in Skopelos.

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