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New roads

There are so many roads and paths on Skopelos. How can you know them all ?

I still find new roads and I keep using the old roads. Maybe that is a good intention for stepping into the New Year: hang on to old friendships, old habits but embrace the new friendships, the new adventures. It keep us on our toes and not knowing what is around the corner makes it more special.

A Happy and healthy New Year for everybody and keep walking!!!!!

The harbor of Agnondas is full these days with amateur fishermen. There are a lot of fish “around” and word travels fast here. So in a line along the quay stand these guys and they are boasting about what they have caught in the last few days, which bate is the best for which fish and other insights in the mysterious world of fishing… There are also quite a few cementblocks on that same quayside. Ready to be placed in the area where the harbor needs te be repaired, we think. The sunsets are still amazing from this harbor. You can keep shooting photographs but it is even better to just follow the changes of colors in sky.

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