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Mother and daughter

Mother and daughter. A turkey and a chicken. Unknown circumstances brought them together. They live at my local vegetable guy.


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This is Greece!

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Who does she belong to ?

This little dog roams around the Raches area. People who have a house there found it playing around but it won’t leave and go home. It is obviously owned by somebody because it has a red collar. She is a beautiful dog and extremely friendly but won’t leave you alone and plays and bites your feet all the time. If you walk away she chases your feet and almost trips you up. The house is rented out during the summer and the dog is becoming quite a worry as visitors might not want to be disturbed constantly on holiday by a dog “play” biting and licking their feet. Please tell the blog if you know who’s dog it is.

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Please share the message.

This is Fani. He was brought over from Volos to get adopted in Old Klima. When the owner parked his car in old Klima the dog got out of the car and disappeared. The owner is looking for him all over the area. If you see Fani please try to catch him and call Natascha from Straycare (0030) 6949521442. She will call the owner. Fani is a boy and eight months old.

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Working together for the animals

The municipality in the person of vice mayor mrs. Athina Daki have spoken last week to the spokesperson of the national animal and environment federation Mrs. Angela Martsioka about solutions for the animal stray problem on Skopelos. Mrs. Marstioka was informed about the current problems and an action plan that the municipality has set up:

-The municipality will be signing a contract with a private veterinarian for sterilization, chips, vaccinations and other veterinary operations.
-Distribution of food for the feeding of stray animals in direct correlation with sterilization.
-Producing a municipal information brochure which will be distributed via the water bill about the obligations of animal owners (micro chips, health books for animals and welfare conditions).
-Development of a data bank of the Municipality with the predominant animals of the island.
-Working with the Police and the Public Prosecutor’s Office on complaints, violations and prohibition of adopting animals by people who have left or abused in the past.
-Inviting volunteer veterinarians for free mass sterilization of strays.
Source: Magnesia Tv

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Straycare Skopelos in cooperation with P.F.P.O has successfully completed lessons about animals at the primary schools and the kindergarten of Elios and Glossa. They will continue with the primary school of Skopelos. This is the third year that Straycare Skopelos successfully organizes lessons for pupils.

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A home please

These three beautiful boys (pointer cross) are about three months old. They were found on the street and are looking for home! They’re currently housed at the vets (Vetcare) on the road to Stafylos. Anyone interested? +30 2424024410. The dogs stay in a bigger cage but they were put in this cage to get a good photo.

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