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Lyme disease, ticks

A message from M.

” I have now heard of two cases on the island one in the north and one in Skopelos Town .

So people should be aware that the island has this infection and be careful if they are bitten by a tick and have symptoms ( typical symptoms include fever, headache, fatigue, and a characteristic skin rash called erythema migrans) they must have a test . If left untreated it can be a very nasty disease”

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This fish was caught and can be eaten at the Aktaion restaurant today. It is sliced and then cooked on the grill or in another way!

The Amberjack belongs to the Carangidae family. The color of its back is usually blue grey or olive green while its front and sides have a lighter, silver color. You’ll typically come across the amberjack at depths that reach 50 to 100 meters, near reefs or rocks. It’s one of the most distinctive fish in the Mediterranean Sea, where the gradual temperature rise, from early May onward, denotes the start of the amberjack’s reproductive season.

The Amberjack thrives in the blue, Greek waters. It is a fine fish with tender flesh and high nutritional value

Source: https://fishfromgreece.com/en/greek-fish/amberjack/

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A home for Tsoko

Tsoko was found abandoned in Glossa and needs a new home. He is vaccinated with a chip and if anybody can foster him before he gets adopted that would be great. You can contact Vetcare (24240-24410) or Natasa (306949521442) for more info.

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Latest news: As of Monday the 22nd of March the curfew will change from 21.00 hours until 05.00 hours, hair dressers and beauty salons will open again. It will be possible to visit archeological sites and public parks under certain circumstances. Amateur fishing is allowed again and it will be possible for everybody (every week, once) to get a rapid test from the pharmacy for free.

The last couple of days the amount of Covid19 patients in Greece is rising but the government is trying to speed up the vaccination rate but a shortage of vaccines does not help. Greece has administered at least 1,345,735 doses of COVID vaccines so far. Assuming every person needs two doses, that’s enough to have vaccinated about 6.3% of the country’s population.
(Source: https://graphics.reuters.com/world-coronavirus-tracker-and-maps/countries-and-territories/greece/)

From graphic.reuters.com: This vaccine rollout data is reported by the number of doses of coronavirus vaccines administered, not the number of people who have been vaccinated. Because most vaccines require two doses and many countries have different schedules to deliver the second dose, we don’t know with this data how many people have ultimately received both doses.

Tuesday was a wonderful day with a lot of sunshine. I decided to take a walk because you have to get out of the house don’t you? And then I “stumbled” on this lot.

Little snips of information and moments in the day made it even a better day.

I heard from a non-Greek friend who owns a house here that he will get his first vaccination next week on Skopelos. He is over 70. I went to the KEP office and talked with Joanna there. She told me that if that somebody does not turn up or cannot get his/her vaccine, there is a list of first responders on the island that can get the vaccine that would otherwise go to waste. Non-Greeks that are younger than 70 cannot get the shots yet unless there is a very serious health threat and you have to talk with the Health center about that. Joanna expects that with more vaccines coming (The Astra Zeneca for instance) the age that somebody can get a vaccine might drop down below 60 in May. We will have to see. Visitors are coming to the island and many people like to get vaccinated before they arrive. Those that are coming also do not want to quarantine so the Greek government might change some of the restrictions after the 22nd of March. This article was published today:

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Wednesday confirmed that Greece will open this year for tourists as of mid-May and said he expects travel to pick up significantly during the summer.

Speaking to CNN, the Greek PM said the safety of visitors is Greece’s absolute priority and that he expects the country to have a much better tourism season in 2021.

“We will do everything in our power to make sure that visitors come to Greece in the most safe way. We have in place all the necessary protocols to ensure that they will get the full Greek experience without any real compromises… If we did it last year, we will certainly do it much better this year now that we have additional tools at our disposal,” Mitsotakis said, referring to the European Commission’s official proposal on establishing a Digital Green Certificate to facilitate travel in Europe.

Source: GTP travel news

It is still possible to find shells on the beach. This one I found on Limnonari. It was connected but cracked when I picked it up.

Some winds on Skopelos do not cause waves but ripples on the water. It is very beautiful!

Having hope is something that helps you make it through the day. It allows you to make plans for the future. A brighter future for all. Have a nice weekend everybody!

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Have a good month everybody! It is nice to start the month and the week with good news.

The dog that was found wandering in Panormos and ended up in Skopelos has found a home. Joint efforts by Natasa from Straycare Skopelos and Vetcare Skopelos have resulted in somebody coming forward and adopting the dog.

Natasa would like to send a message to every cat and dog owner to have their animal spayed/neutered when they are ready. It would be so much better for the cat and dog population on the island.

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This dog was found in Panormos and we are looking for the owner. It has no chip and is well fed. It is now in Skopelos town. If you are the owner or know who the owner is call 6934400621 Britta. The dog has a very characteristic tail.

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South east winds and a seal!

The very nice weather is not going to last. It was fantastic and we enjoyed it. Today we had strong south-east winds and rough waves on several beaches. Stafylos was interesting and the biggest surprise was the seal we saw for a couple of seconds. My husband spotted it of course. Always on the lookout and one with nature and its wonders. Have a nice weekend everyone and stay warm, stay safe and stay well!!

South-east winds and a seal from Daphne Jaeggi Gliverou on Vimeo.

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Men’s best friend

Natasa Lambrogianni has a dog and cat shelter on Skopelos. She takes care of many animals that need help. She has saved many. Natasa and a couple of volunteers feed the cats and dogs via her non-profit organization Straycare Skopelos, she has cats and dogs neutered and asks of the citizens of Skopelos to do the same. She also tries to have the animals adopted. A friend of Natasa in Athens helps her with the adoptions. If they get adopted they all have proper adoption papers, they have been neutered and they can only be adopted if they will not be chained and not live on balconies or roof terraces. A family would be the best place for them to live. They need to be an equal part of the family Natasa said to me today.

I am talking about Natasa because I saw a wonderful post from her yesterday. Natasa asked everyone who follows her on Facebook and has adopted a dog if they could send in photos of the dogs. They did and these are some of the dogs that have found new homes. I love seeing all the dogs in their new houses with their new owners! Everybody in the posts had their own story about how these animals “men’s best friends” changed their lives and they deserve a place on this blog today, Christmas day.

I admire Natasa, she is hands on, she is there for the animals and takes no cr.p. Many people know her but if you don’t know her and are interested try to find out about her when you are on Skopelos again, talk to her and if you can, help her.

(All these dogs have found a new home!)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anastasia.lamprogianni/

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Nature always bounces back


I have to thank Thanassis Fadakis for showing me this wonderful flamingo in the first place. He photographed the bird and I saw it on his Facebook page and after that I went myself and had a look. I was not sure I would find it still there but it was. I approached it quietly but it kept dipping his/her head in the water and drinking/eating.
I was in awe.

The flamingo is where the former biotope is just behind/next the town beach. A lot of work has been going on the last few months. A part of the entrance/exit to the harbor was repaired and stone walls were built.

It meant that the biotope was destroyed but sweet water still flows onto the beach and plants/bushes started growing there again. And this beautiful bird found a place to eat, to rest and simply to be.

Nature always bounces back. Fortunately!!

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Single parent in Karya

Skopelos does not have many cows. I know the single mother cow and her calf that live in the Karya area. It was good to see them again.

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