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One of the readers of the blog Nina has noticed that there are quite a lot of hedgehogs around at the moment and some guests of her found one in a swimming pool! It was trying to get out and luckily they found it in time. They think it was looking for water to drink. Kind people leave out cat food in the streets which she thinks hedgehogs eat too but there never seems to be water around for them. Also, hedgehogs should never be given milk…it kills them… their digestive system cannot cope with it. So please leave water around on your land if you can.


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This small church lies on the crossroad between Anania and Karya and the road that leads down to Elios. It is a quick way to get to the other side of the island if you want/need to go to Elios, Klima, Glossa or Loutraki etc. They say that in this area the patron saint of Skopelos Riginos sat down on a stone and that the little church was built around it. Most churches are not open all the time so only goats use the land around the church to rest in the shade. The church is surrounded by big trees.

This goat herd might be part of the big herd that belonged to Pandelis Karvelis. It’s station is close to this church. I once ate traganas with him with fresh milk from his goats. The weather was really bad. It was raining and we saw lightning. We took shelter under a makeshift roof and were surrounded by goats. I will never forget it. The milk and oats were put in a big pan that was standing on a wood fire. A couple of people around the fire and waiting for the milk and oats to cook.

We were a little bit impatient but also glad to relax and see the milk slowly get to a boil, the oats cooked and asking ourselves; will this taste good? It was gorgeous! Pandelis unfortunately is no longer with us but for many he lives on.

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From Vetcare Skopelos

Yesterday it was a bad day for Vetcare because we were asked to examine a sick dolphin which sadly didn’t make it alive to us so we had to do a necropsy and with the help of #arion and #mom and Dr. Anastasia Komninou a specialist to further analyze samples to determine the exact cause of death.

We would like to point out based on numerous facebook videos seen yesterday with people swimming and petting the dolphin that when a wild animal is so friendly with people probably it is sick so we don’t play with it and make it worse.

Please in similar cases keep a safe distance and call the specialists to deal with it.

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Mom and seal sighting

(photo Donatella)

This is a small video about Mom. The Hellenic Society for the study and protection of the monk seal. A couple of times in the last few weeks a monk seal has been seen on beaches close to Skopelos town. Did you know that you can report a sighting of a monk seal ? Here is the form. http://www.123formbuilder.com/form-2714716/Sighting-Report

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Seal on the beach

This is the second official spotting of a seal resting, sunbathing on the beach. The first time he was spotted on the town beach near the Asklepion. This time it was another town beach. It is obvious that the seal is not afraid of people and hopefully that will keep him also out of harms way. Thank you Donatella for the photo’s.

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No ice cubes!!

The last couple of days it has been very hot and not only humans were trying to find a way to stay cool but animals too. This dog came into my office and would lie for a while there on the tiles and would cool off a bit. I gave him some water and a little bit later he was off again.

This message below from facebook was sent to me by Christine and is very important. Thank you for sending it! When it is so hot you can see that animals suffer too. Many people want to be kind to dogs and keep them cool.Don’t give them ice cubes though!! It is fatal. Tepid/lukewarm water is fine.

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Mother and daughter

Mother and daughter. A turkey and a chicken. Unknown circumstances brought them together. They live at my local vegetable guy.

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