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Getting drinking water from the Agia Marina spring this morning. It is almost Christmas. It was fantastic to see so much water flowing.

George came by with his beautiful horse. He had been riding over de donkey paths this morning enjoying the lovely weather.

In awe

The long and winding road


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Deer or dear

Great was our surprise when we saw the group of deer in the area of Jilali. We know that they are there but have not seen them. We heard thst they have escaped from the fenced area opposite the road. There they lived and were fed by their owners. I think I saw six roaming around. They were not very shy and that is why I could photograph some of them. I hope they stay safe.

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Looking for a home

This wonderful dog is looking for a home. It is a boy, almost a year old, kokoni breed, vaccinated and good with kids and other dogs. Please call 2424 024410 for more info.

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These two young beige dogs have been hanging around Sklavenitis supermarket but are now nowhere to be seen. Their owner is looking for them. They have chips. Call the telephone number below if you see them or know where they are.
Please call Natascha from Stray care 6949521442.

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Lesley has lost one of her dogs that she has taken care of for so long and is ready to be adopted next week. Please help her find it. Have you seen it please keep it with you and leave a message for Lesley Dilieto’s on Facebook. This photo is of his twin sister. If Lesley wants to leave her phone number she can let me know in a comment.

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Help stray animals get neutered

On Friday evening the 9th of November and Saturday the 10th of November, Stray Care Skopelos, the vets from Vet Care Skopelos and the Volunteer Action group of Vets in Greece (E.T.D.K.) will neuter stray animals. The neutering costs are 15 euro’s per animal. Please contact the organizers for more details.

This is the logo of E.T.D.K.

On Friday evening the vets will operate from 17.00 hours to 20.00 hours. On Saturday from 10.00 to 20.00 hours with a break for lunch.

Please communicate ahead with those involved so the operations can go according to a plan. That is not always possible because you are working with animals and it is difficult to catch them. Please be patient and try to help out where you can during these two days.

Spyrou Skopelos Experience will provide rooms for the visiting vets.

You can email Straycare at straycare@yahoo.com. Their telephone number is 6949521442. You can also contact vet Care or visit them. If you have cages please lend them so more animals can be caught.

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This made me smile. George the donkey. Have a good week !!

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