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Help stray animals get neutered

On Friday evening the 9th of November and Saturday the 10th of November, Stray Care Skopelos, the vets from Vet Care Skopelos and the Volunteer Action group of Vets in Greece (E.T.D.K.) will neuter stray animals. The neutering costs are 15 euro’s per animal. Please contact the organizers for more details.

This is the logo of E.T.D.K.

On Friday evening the vets will operate from 17.00 hours to 20.00 hours. On Saturday from 10.00 to 20.00 hours with a break for lunch.

Please communicate ahead with those involved so the operations can go according to a plan. That is not always possible because you are working with animals and it is difficult to catch them. Please be patient and try to help out where you can during these two days.

Spyrou Skopelos Experience will provide rooms for the visiting vets.

You can email Straycare at straycare@yahoo.com. Their telephone number is 6949521442. You can also contact vet Care or visit them. If you have cages please lend them so more animals can be caught.


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This made me smile. George the donkey. Have a good week !!

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Look at his gentle eyes, the beautiful head, his fur color. This dog is still looking for a forever home. Please help us. Evi Mantoukou has him at home but her home is too small for two dogs. He is well behaved and very good with other animals and children. Help us find him a home !!

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(filmed today 3/10/2018 by skopelosweb.gr)

From MoM; Please don’t touch the seal, don’t throw water on him, don’t feed him and don’t make loud noises or shout. It remains a wild animal and nobody knows what his reaction will be.

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Home part two

So here is the thing. People still have dogs that are not sterilized and therefor there are a lot of puppies around that need a home. This poster was send to me by Machi. I received a message from Evi about this wonderful black puppy which I posted earlier in the week. They need help. Please have a look and help them find a home. For the black puppy you can send me a message. He is six months old now, vaccinates and chipped, really friendly and good with children, cats and other dogs. Make an inquiry and the vets on Skopelos and they can also give you all the information.

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A home?

This wonderful three-month-old puppy needs a home. Very friendly. Let me know if you want to see it and I will let the caretaker know.

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One of the readers of the blog Nina has noticed that there are quite a lot of hedgehogs around at the moment and some guests of her found one in a swimming pool! It was trying to get out and luckily they found it in time. They think it was looking for water to drink. Kind people leave out cat food in the streets which she thinks hedgehogs eat too but there never seems to be water around for them. Also, hedgehogs should never be given milk…it kills them… their digestive system cannot cope with it. So please leave water around on your land if you can.

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