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15 kilos, nine months old

The two light brown dogs are girls, the boy sits in the front. They are about 15 kilos and nine months old. They have been neutered. Anyone ? Contact Natasa; https://www.facebook.com/anastasia.lamprogianni


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An update on the baby turtle. The vets on Skopelos managed to removed the hook from inside it’s mouth/neck and yesterday afternoon it has been set free in the waters of Skopelos again.

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baby turle

Photos Anne-guurt Jaeggi)

On the beach of Limnonari we found a baby turtle caught in a fishing line and attached to a tree trunk. We thought it was dead but fortunately it was still alive. We cut the fishing line and took the turtle to the vet who tried to remove the hook from the mouth of the turtle. The hook was stuck too far down into into the neck of the turtle so an operation is necessary.The turtle was put on an iv and will be sent to Athens for the operation. Anybody who finds sea animals like turtles, seals, dolphins, please notify the vets because if the animals are dead an autopsy can make clear why the animals died. Statistics like this are very important. You can notify the vets or bring the dead animal to them.

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Can you give them a home?

On Skopelos the living standards of animals, especially cats and dogs, is much better than a few years ago. There is still room for improvement though and that depends on animal owners and whether they have their pet neutered so the population on the island does not grow immensely. Unfortunately there are still many dogs who have big litters and these puppies need a home.
Above you see some wonderful, two months old, puppies . They will become medium sized when they grow up and if you take one you will receive an official adoption paper so the dog is an equal part of your family and you have to promise to neuter the dog at the appropriate time. There are six girls and two boys.

Please contact Natasa from straycare. She has the puppies. Her facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/anastasia.lamprogianni

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Blue and bees

Seen on the road to Glossa. I am still amazed that Skopelos produces so many lovely products like honey, olive oil, soap and ointments, candles, herbs, plums, olives, many different cheeses. Did I forget something?

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Action is needed

This is a photograph of Skopelos today, it is a lovely day with a lot of sunshine.

Yesterday was a lovely day too but not such nice things are happening in the Skopelos streets. Somebody keeps poisoning the cats of Skopelos and many think it has been enough. The children of the elementary school in Skopelos have talked about the subject in the school and decided they would take action.

Friday morning they walked in protest with selfmade banners and drawings towards the mayor’s office where the headmistressĀ  and several children held a speech and the mayor received the children and teachers. He could not promise much. People who torture animals can go to jail and they have to pay a high fine. How can you catch these people though?? Camera’s everywhere?

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Great result !

Last weekend 73 cats and four dogs were neutered in a combined effort from all the vets of Skopelos, vets from outside Skopelos, Straycare Skopelos and many volunteers and animal lovers. In a big team effort the animals were rounded up and brought to the clinic where they were operated on. Everybody helped out to make this a success and it was.

(The photos were given to skopelosnews by Natascha fro Straycare Skopelos)

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