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Great result !

Last weekend 73 cats and four dogs were neutered in a combined effort from all the vets of Skopelos, vets from outside Skopelos, Straycare Skopelos and many volunteers and animal lovers. In a big team effort the animals were rounded up and brought to the clinic where they were operated on. Everybody helped out to make this a success and it was.

(The photos were given to skopelosnews by Natascha fro Straycare Skopelos)


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To reduce the cat population on Skopelos the following initiative has been launched.

After confirmation with Vetcare Skopelos (Dimitri and Nikki) we can say that Friday afternoon after 17.30 hours and Saturday, the whole day stray cats, both male and female can be brought to Vetcare Skopelos and can be sterilized and castrated. The cost is 15 euros per cat and no appointment is needed. For any questions please ask Vetcare. The surgery is on the road to Stafylos next to the second petrol station.

The initiative was organized by Natasha Labrogianni of Stray Care Skopelos together with the volunteer vets of EDKE.
As this programme is scheduled for only this short period of time Natasha has organised for enough cats to be neutered but feel free to contact her on 6949521442.

Natasha would be more than happy if people would support her continuous effort to help the strays of Skopelos.
Please donate to PayPal and contact Natasha for this at straycare@yahoo.com.
In order to enable her to send receipts please send your name, full address and Email to Natassa with a separate email.

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From Lorrie Dans Vassos

This is not your typical souvenir.This little Skopelitissa above is named Koukla Nina. We met her in July on Skopelos and brought her to Canada in early Oct. She will be bilingual!

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The next couple of days two official spray teams from the municipality will start spraying chemicals against the “δακο” an animal which lays its eggs in an olive and the larves will destroy the olives. The teams will cover the whole island, every day another area. The teams will only spray on olive farms in areas far from houses.

This year there are many olives on the trees and everybody is hoping for a good harvest. Hopefully the “δακο”will not spoil the islanders dreams.

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Me, me, me

These lovely puppies are waiting for you to adopt them. Please go and have a look if you are seriously interested. The place they are being cared for now is the Vetcare clinic at the beginning of the road to Stafylos. They cannot stay there and need a home !The number of the clinic is 24240 24410

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Small dolphin

(From the facebook page Skopelos Σκὀπελος)

In the harbor of Skopelos town a small dolphin has been spotted.

Skopelosnews is off the island for a couple of days and not close to a computer. No posts until Thursday at least. Except when we had so much snow in January, no posts for a couple of days has not happened in a while …

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Costas the fisherman is ready to go and fish. He has his bait ready (shrimps) and will leave in his boat to go to the Kalogeros area. He will leave the lines with the bait in the water and will haul the lines in , in a couple of hours. Sorry we weren’t there to see what he has caught.

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