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Me, me, me

These lovely puppies are waiting for you to adopt them. Please go and have a look if you are seriously interested. The place they are being cared for now is the Vetcare clinic at the beginning of the road to Stafylos. They cannot stay there and need a home !The number of the clinic is 24240 24410

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Small dolphin

(From the facebook page Skopelos Σκὀπελος)

In the harbor of Skopelos town a small dolphin has been spotted.

Skopelosnews is off the island for a couple of days and not close to a computer. No posts until Thursday at least. Except when we had so much snow in January, no posts for a couple of days has not happened in a while …

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Costas the fisherman is ready to go and fish. He has his bait ready (shrimps) and will leave in his boat to go to the Kalogeros area. He will leave the lines with the bait in the water and will haul the lines in , in a couple of hours. Sorry we weren’t there to see what he has caught.

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Skopelosnews does not know a lot about fishes and fishing but it is encouraging to see so many big fishes being caught (last week) in a bay where so many times before nothing could be caught. And these fishes were caught without a rod. Just a fishing line with a hook on it. What the bate was we don’t know and we cannot reveal if we knew that. A fisherman’s secret.

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Big boy

These kind of fish you can catch here too!

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How do i get off ?

(Thank you Mike for the heads up, learned a valuable lesson for aspirant photographers there)

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(Unwanted) visitors

These two small mules we saw standing in front of a summer house near Glossa. They must have jumped over a fence or passed somewhere where the fence has fallen down. They looked right at home there. We hope they did not leave anything behind..

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