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Costas the fisherman is ready to go and fish. He has his bait ready (shrimps) and will leave in his boat to go to the Kalogeros area. He will leave the lines with the bait in the water and will haul the lines in , in a couple of hours. Sorry we weren’t there to see what he has caught.

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Skopelosnews does not know a lot about fishes and fishing but it is encouraging to see so many big fishes being caught (last week) in a bay where so many times before nothing could be caught. And these fishes were caught without a rod. Just a fishing line with a hook on it. What the bate was we don’t know and we cannot reveal if we knew that. A fisherman’s secret.

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Big boy

These kind of fish you can catch here too!

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How do i get off ?

(Thank you Mike for the heads up, learned a valuable lesson for aspirant photographers there)

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(Unwanted) visitors

These two small mules we saw standing in front of a summer house near Glossa. They must have jumped over a fence or passed somewhere where the fence has fallen down. They looked right at home there. We hope they did not leave anything behind..

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Spiros Kosmas used to work in the National Bank but his heart lies with his bees. He told skopelosnews passionately that he used to have about 180 boxes with bees and in each box about 5000 bees need to live there. This way they can survive. He lost a lot of bees during the heavy snowfall in January because he could not reach the boxes in time. Now slowly slowly he will try to increase the bee “families”
In the meantime he makes natural soaps, ointments and he has honey too. His workplace is a small museum.

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(Cat welfare team 2016)

It is nice to find out about cat neutering programs on other islands and see if these programs can be implemented on Skopelos too. Skiathos Cat welfare association and the municipality of Skiathos work together in an effort to stabilize the stray cat population. By inviting vets from abroad to the island a large amount of cats can be neutered.

The neutering program still has available spaces for the neutering of stray cats if you book an appointment in advance. To supplement this great municipality project, Skiathos Cat welfare association are still actively seeking volunteer vets to make 2017 a year to remember to stabilize the stray cat population.

This is an extract from a letter sent to the Municipality this week:
Due to a long standing excellent cooperation with Skiathos Cat Welfare Association and with the permission and help from the municipality the study trip/ project came to Skiathos last year in May 2016. The group was able to help 182 of the Skiathos stray cats in a short period of time. This year, this group would like to sustain this project in Skiathos with the aim to help even more stray cats of Skiathos then in 2016 and any stray animal that is in need. We believe that in these times of very high economic difficulty an activity like this will further greatly improve the image of our island to the tourists who visit us. Tourists who, in their largest percentage, come from countries placing great emphasis to the well being of animals. The correct and effective management of the stray population can create a very significant competitive advantage for Skiathos in the market of tourism, given the bad image Greece has acquired lately regarding its behavior towards animals. This program can offer Skiathos many positive and direct benefits. We would also very much appreciate it, if the municipality could help us arrange during the stay of the team in Skiathos to visit the schools and offer an educational lecture/speech to the children so that we can start sensitizing children and young people, educate them to love and care for animals.
From the 27th April 2017-11th May 2017 Skiathos Cat Welfare with the cooperation of the Municipality will again be welcoming 17 animal care students, two project managers and four vets.

This is the website of Skiathos Cat welfare


and facebook


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