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Natasja from Straycare is asking if there is anybody who can help this pup. If you can take it until she has found another home. She will give you food for the pup and anything else if needed like vet care etc. Natasja has no place anymore for more animals.

Please call her on 6949521442

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Be kind


(seen near ACS courier)
Animals get thirsty too in this hot weather so please put drinking water outside where you live, holiday or places that you know are visited by animals like hedgehogs, cats, dogs etc.

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There are about twenty butterflies in this tree called mean mother-in-law (κακία πεθερά) The butterflies peacefully coincide with the many bees that are around too. There must be food in this tree and although she has a bad name, she is good to her visitors.

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Have you lost your dog ?

This beautiful female dog is wandering for three days now on the ring road near Rigas his hardware store and in the area of Saint Spiridon church, below it. If anybody has lost her please look for her there. She wears a collar but no name tag. Please share this message !

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Feeling lucky ?

These wonderful puppies need somebody to love them. They will be lucky to be in your home but you will be even more lucky to have them.They will not get big. Vetcare Skopelos takes care of them now. Go and have a look and fall in love. Telephone 24240 24410.

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Help the stray cats

In March Natascha from Straycare is organizing a neuter action for stray cats that anybody might have in their area. When you want to help those stray cats it will cost only 20 euro’s to get them neutered. Natascha is kindly asking anybody that knows cats (male and female) that need neutering to think about it and help some. Please set up an appointment with the vets at 24240-24410 or call Natascha 6949521442

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Kourouna the crow; update

This is Kourouna, the crow, I found him almost two weeks ago in the harbor of Skopelos. He couldn’t stand on its feet and I thought he had an accident. I found an organization that helps birds and send Kourouna to them. The volunteers in Volos have fed Kourouna and found out he was exhausted and malnourished. He was not in an accident. Today I received this photo. Kourouna is standing on his feet and very soon he will be released near Lake Karla. This lake lies between Volos and Larissa. I am very happy for Kourouna!

Copyright Les Hirondelles

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Kourouna the crow

I have decided to call the crow Kourouna after its species. I called Animal organization this morning and they told me that Κουρούνα – Carrion Crow was ok but still very weak. The reason it could not stand on its feet was because it was too weak. It is eating and drinking well but it needs time.

More info here Carrion crow

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Is he worth it? Yes he is !

Last Sunday I found a injured crow in the harbor. It could not stand on its feet. I did not know what to do with it and called the vets but they said that they cannot treat these kinds of animals and that I should call an organization in Athens called Animal Aid (210-9510075) Animal aid told me I should contact a volunteer in Volos and send the crow with the ferryboat. The crow was scared but did not attack me and when I picked it up I managed to let it drink some water. We also fed it some bread soaked in water and some sausage! Tuesday afternoon we send it to Volos. I think it is a hooded crow. Its beak is long and black and it has black and silver feathers. So maybe you think:”why is this woman spending so much time with a crow?” I don’t know, I am following a story about a man called Sean and a crow called Canuck. His story made me pick up that crow.
The history of Canuck is the following:

Originally Canuck was found as a hatchling that had fallen from a nest. He was found and raised by my landlord’s son. He was no bigger than a tennis ball and was not able to fly due to his age. He more than likely would’ve died if he hadn’t been taken in, in my opinion. Some say, “Circle of life” I say “Whatever.”

He was raised, fed, and groomed by his newly adopted “dad” who watched him grow into a young crow. Eventually after learning to fly, and gain enough strength to take on the outside world; he was released. (Not before an orange zip tie was placed on his leg so he could be easily identified as well to let people know he’s had human contact)

The thing is though, he didn’t leave. He hung around the yard, not wanting to go anywhere. That’s where I come in. This was my first time meeting him. The picture of me in the Seattle t shirt with him on my arm is shortly after he was released. I was so intrigued by what was sitting here on the fence before me. I have always had a lifelong love of crows. And for me, this was a lifelong dream I’ve had. To meet a crow up close and personal. I had no idea what I was in for.

At that point, I walked up and introduced myself, he hopped on my arm and the rest is history.
Canuck may know other people, but him and I have a special bond. He meets me outside the house in the morning and we go to Tim Hortons for a coffee he waits outside, looks in the window. As soon as I come out he’s back on my shoulder and I walk back home. He also follows me to the bus stop and waits with me till I get on the bus. Then takes off for his day as I disappear out of sight. Then greets me when I return home.

When I’m not home though, that’s where all of you come in. Those that live in Vancouver and encounter him in the neighborhood. He’s met so many people and had so many experiences with them. He likes who he likes and he doesn’t like who he doesn’t like. He is a wild crow after all. But I do think he likes getting his picture taken.

Canuck is free but he comes and find his friend.

I am trying to find out how the crow, that I send away, is doing. I will keep you up to date….

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Getting drinking water from the Agia Marina spring this morning. It is almost Christmas. It was fantastic to see so much water flowing.

George came by with his beautiful horse. He had been riding over de donkey paths this morning enjoying the lovely weather.

In awe

The long and winding road

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