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Wishful thinking

While in Rethymno on Crete I saw this beautiful information booth where we received excellent information and a map without commercials on it. Two people were working there and helping visitors. Ahhh Skopelos


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There is a fire in the Kalogeros area on the north east coast of Skopelos. A friend has taken photo from a ferryboat that travels to Skiathos. We will try and find out the exact story.

Update 8/9/2017
Yesterday the men and women of the fire brigade arrived very quickly on the spot where the fire was. The fire was caused by lightning. The area where the fire occurred was very difficult to reach.

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Last night

(photo made by Yiannis Chatzitrakosas)
Last night we had quite a bit of a storm. Rain and lightning, everything was there and of course a wonderful photograph was taken by Yiannis Chatzitrakosas. Yiannis is the founder of skopelosweb.gr and our local weatherman. If you are not sure about something concerning the weather around Skopelos, ask him.

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Beautiful Skopelos

Just a small corner with some houses in Skopelos village. You walk there for a couple of minutes and you can take a hundred photos filled with wonderful details!

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What is this !

A strange object appeared in the harbor of Skopelos. Anybody ?

Update; Yes it is a garbage press can hold much more garbage so less transport time and costs. Two will be placed on Skopelos.

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You probably know that Skopelos has many springs and that many people get their drinking water from there. The springs provide so much water that properties, sometimes, don’t need a mains water connection because the water stream never stops flowing. A lot of people have a water tank and a small motor that brings the water to the house.

These are photos of a spring in Mourtero. It does not have s special name. The bottles on the photograph are used to water the plants and the garden of houses nearby. People sit around the spring and chat while filling their bottles. The area around the spring is very lush. There is a whole wall of bamboo type vegetation around the spring.

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The potami is a very lush area with a lot of ferns. Potami means river. There is a spring and scattered in this area are small churches. They will only be opened when cleaned and on a saints day. Usually the name of the church.

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