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Skopelos in 90 seconds

Skopelosnews is a blog that only can exist because of its readers and their contributions and comments. The readers love for Skopelos makes me also want to go on and write for them. The effort they make by sending in comments, photographs and videos makes it soo worthwhile !

This video was made by Simon Hopson. It took him a long time but now we can enjoy his lovely video about Skopelos and his family. Thank you very much Simon. It’s a beauty !


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Yesterday rain, today summer

The sun was out again today and it was glorious. A visit to Milia beach was made. With my husband, a blanket, a book, and the dog. We found a small turtle that washed up some days ago. Nobody else around but A. who always walks on the beach and the cats and Bruno the dog of Milia. What a great afternoon !

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The rain is raining all around,
It falls on field and tree,
It rains on the umbrellas here,
And on the ships at sea.

Robert Louis Stevenson

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Walk Pigadakia- Kastro

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all around

Skopelos harbor panorama view 26/10/2017

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Spring Karya

Some improvements have been made on the front of the spring at the beginning of Karya.

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John and the clock

John and I made a mistake once at Skopelosnews while writing about winter and summertime and whether the clock should be put forward or backwards and from that time it was John Gills prerogative to write exclusively about the subject. I knew he could “handle” the subject and every time John would give it a new twist like John Gill could only do and although he would write the right information about what to do you were always in doubt. Was it forward or backwards… shit. I don’t only miss his writing , I also miss him as a person. I miss you John.

Tonight or Sunday morning, to be precise, the clock goes back one hour at four to three.
Wrong again, thank you Paul Chabanne. The dawn will be earlier. And sunrise too ! So shorter light in the evening and more light when you get up !

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