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Greece Announces Full Protection of Britons’ Rights in Case of No-Deal Brexit.

This article was posted by Greek reporter.

Greece’s Foreign Minister George Katrougalos sent an official letter to his British counterpart Jeremy Hunt on Wednesday. In it, the foreign minister informed Great Britain of Greece’s stance in case the UK leaves the European Union on March 29 without an agreement with Brussels.

Katrougalos noted that Greece will greatly miss the UK, as it was part of the common European family for decades. The Greek Foreign Minister emphasized Greece’s determination to continue the longstanding cooperation between the two countries.

Katrougalos wrote in his letter to the UK’s Foreign Office that the best way for Great Britain to leave the EU would be with an agreement which would secure an orderly exit, without major disruptions.

However, if this does not happen, Katrougalos’ letter notes that ”Greek and UK citizens who chose to live, study and work in each others’ countries will continue to do so without obstacles.” The official correspondence also notes that they “will fully enjoy similar, if not identical, rights as before the British withdrawal.”

The rest of the article is here


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Thank you Juliet

Juliet made this beautiful photo on mount Palouki looking down to Skopelos town. Thank you !

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Milos square

Cars and motorcycles are being banned from the road leading to Milos square. Hopefully the work to repair the whole area will start soon.

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Winter on Skopelos

”If you spend two winters on Skopelos and you manage, you are an islander” I have said this probably before in a post but this is what I was told when I started to live here. Don’t be fooled. It is not easy to live here in the winter. It can be lonely, harsh, cold and uninviting.

During winter there are less boats going to and from the mainland. You can get stuck here or there. The weather will not always be good, not many places to eat are open, not many shops are open and many people have left the island. So what’s attracting the people that stay behind to this season?

The empty quiet beaches, the silent villages and roads, the intimate gatherings in tavernas and homes. The unlimited time you can spend somewhere because there is no rush, nobody waiting, not a lot to do. It can be a time when you catch up on your reading, your craft, your friends, your family, anything!
Not everything stops here during the winter. Every month has something.

January is the month of the cutting of the New Year’s cake’s. A couple of times every week this month you can eat cake for free and be lucky for the rest of the year if you catch the coin in your piece of cake. During those cutting events there is time to catch up with friends and acquaintances and gossip if you like. One topic for gossip this year is: who will be candidates for the mayor elections on Skopelos? A retired policeman has announced he is one of the candidates. Another well know person is looking for candidate council members but is not officially announcing his candidacy yet.

Every mayor has to find enough people to run with him/her for council member and this is a problem. Many people might have strong opinions and complaints about the current mayor and those before him but not many want to run for council member. It can be hard work, not always paid and you have a lot of responsibility. We will see who pops us and as soon as I hear more about the candidates and their plans I will post about it.

Mr. Vasiloudis, the current mayor, has said at one, cutting of the cake, events that he leaves behind a Skopelos where work was done in a time that it was hit by natural disasters.

A natural disaster that I commented on a couple of days ago is the part of cliff that has fallen down under the Agios Nikolas church near the castle of Skopelos. Below here is a drone photo of Dimitri Mavridis in 2018 that shows the cliff intact.

Word is that the whole area from the church until the small square under the Evangelistra church will be closed of until a restauration plan for this area has been finalized. The municipality has asked the government to give the area a state of emergency status.

Not long now before the work on the road leading to Milos square will start. The cracks in the street are enormous and the difference in height is daunting.

Cultural- and sports wise, Skopelos in winter, is not boring. The cultural organization is in full swing with it’s dance classes. The Skopelos carnival in February and March (thank you Nana) will be celebrated with several events and everybody can participate. Almost every weekend there is a basketball, volleyball or a football game to watch in the gym hall or on the football field. Heather Parson walks with fellow hikers on the island. Various other people organize and take part in art, aerobic and Pilates classes. Many people continue swimming during the winter.

A lot of people on the island take a holiday during the winter because they are tied up in the summer. They visit family in Greece or abroad or travel to exotic places.

In March and April nature awakes on the island and we can all enjoy what this island gives to us and what is eatable. The wild greens, the wild onions, the asparagus, the herbs,the fruits, the treasures from the sea like sea urchins and fish. It grows everywhere, it is found in the sea. You just need to find it or pick it and eat it. For many it is part of their daily life and diet.

At the end of the winter, the beginning of the spring, when everybody is back, many will start thinking about the summer that is coming up. What needs to be done in their hotel, their apartment, their taverna, their house? Plumbers, electricians, painters and other handymen will be in great demand in the spring.

I am getting used to this rhythm of this island after 25 years here. The slowing down of the island in the fall, the quietness of the winter, the slow start of the tourist season in spring and the ”craziness” of the summer. That’s Skopelos.

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Agios Nikolas

Agios Nikolas

Skopelos is national news because a landslide took away a big part of rocks, sand and part of steps around the Agios Nikolas church that is situated near the sea. The news has travelled to many news editions in Greece with the mayor of Skopelos explaining that the rebuilding of this part of the wall with rocks etc. will take a long time. It is an archaeological part of the town and many offices are involved.

Many years ago the Panajitsa tou Pirgo church had the same problem and was supported by stone walls in the end. The Agios Nikolas Church is part of the road to the Kastro/Castle of Skopelos and every summer visitors walk from the Old harbor up to the castle. A new way has to be found. Surrounding houses might have problems too in the future because of this landslide.

The work that needs to be done on the road to Milos Square is ready to be auctioned and will hopefully start soon. The road has sunk a lot in many places and needs to be levelled out.

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Wind and 3000

Very windy today, dangerous in some places. 9 and 10 Beaufort. No boats leaving or going anywhere. Tomorrow everything is back to normal. Boats leaving. Proteus ferryboat is back and will travel from and to Volos and Mantoudi. Look at openseas.gr for timetables. The Erato flying dolphin will follow soon.

Oh yes, skopelosnews has reached 3000 followers who receive an email with news from the blog when I write a post. Thank you!!

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