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Be careful

Please be careful when you are outside. The risk of fire spreading very quickly is very high because it has not rained for a long time and it is windy. Don’t throw your cigarette or cigar butts on the street. Don’t bbq or light a fire on the beach. Don’t do work with machines that can give sparks, causing fire.


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Skoda car key

A car key, Skoda model was lost, if someone finds it please call the following mobile number 6957213861

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It is August and the beaches are crowded, the restaurants and bars are packed. The harbor front is full with couples, families and friends looking for a good time but when you walk a couple of steps higher up in the village you hardly see a soul. You are surrounded by churches and every single one of them has a lighted candle in them. Some ladies sit in the dark outside their homes. They talk quietly. It is cooler now and the chores of the day have been done. It is nice to know this part of Skopelos exists.

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This message is from the new municipal authority that will start working officially on the first of September.

To residents of Skopelos and visitors who are from another country.

We thank everybody who contacted us via e-mail and those who attended the meeting we had in Xenia a couple of weeks ago.

We would like to emphasize that the new municipal authority is inviting you to contact them about any issues that need immediate resolution. We will do what we can even though we have not yet taken over the municipality.

We would like to collect as many e-mail addresses as possible so please share our email address with anyone concerned and ask them to to send us their details so that they can be added to our mailing list: newmayorskopelos@gmail.com

Thank you very much. We wish you a great summer

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A 5.1 on the scale of Richter earthquake hit the area of Magoula in Athens around 14.13 today. No severe injured civilians, some damaged houses and the telephone lines were down for a while because too many people tried calling relatives and friends.

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Today is a black day in Skopelos his history. The best, the kindest,the wisest doctor mr. Yorgos Triandafillou has died. He cured everybody in one way or another here on the island but nobody could cure him. Our sincere condolences to his wife, his children and other family. There is a church ceremoney in the Agios Nikolas church this afternoon and then he will be buried.

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Time for asphalt

It is hot and tar sticks better when it is hot. The road starting before Skopelos village is as smooth as a shaven head again. The new asphalt continues to the left at Gikas bakery until the T-junction going to Stafylos and the ring road.


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