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Gone fishing

I am out of the office until the 5th of March.


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New fence

On the road to Stafylos this passing was very dangerous for a long time. The road lights on this piece of road are very bad, you drive through the dark quite a bit. The drop into the piece of land next to the bridge is steep. Now a new fence has been installed and we feel a little safer.

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Work commences at Kastani

Thank you R. for the photo.

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There are many relatives of Greek families from Skopelos who live abroad in the United States, Canada, Australia, England etc. They have moved there when times were very difficult on the island and they had to search for a better future in another country. Especially after the second world war and after the Junta years many families have left. The properties that the Greeks owned were left behind and sometimes for years the houses would not be lived in. The Greeks have another life in another country. It is also expensive to preserve such a property when you are not here.

A couple of years ago an american man called me and said he had inherited a house from his father and two uncles but he did not know where the property was, only that it had a big vine in front of it. With the name of the man and the vine I started looking and found the house. It took a couple of years to get the inheritance settled and the man could sell the house without even coming here! The house above on the photographs is falling apart and is a danger for passers by and neighbours. The road is blocked by municipality cars so no cars can pass. The house has been abandoned a long time ago. How to find the owner and tell him/her what has happened ?

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Pie and more

A good excuse to see people at the beginning of the New Year is to hold a New Year’s pie cutting evening, afternoon or morning. Last Sunday the scouts cut their (homemade) pie and we were told about all the excursions both on and off the island that were made and what the plans for 2018 are.

The road from Denise hotel along Nikos Kosifis his supermarket and beyond will be closed for traffic because of water and sewage work.
The road leading from the old OTE building until Platanos (souvlaki) square is also closed because the balcony of an old house has collapsed.

Mayor Boutari from Thessaloniki has send a letter to Hellenic Seaways explaining how vital the boat line Thessaloniki-Sporades is for both Thessaloniki and the island group. He hopes Hellenic Seaways will reconsider their decision.

Koxilis bakery (opposite the harbor) is closed for a while due to renovation/redecoration of the shop.

There is a slight possibility that the bookstore of Pandelis Gikas near the old National Bank building will have foreign newspapers (only in the summer)

Thank you to the technical department of the mayor’s office for their quick help with recovering a dumpster that had blown away and the clearing up of glass that was dumped near a recycling box. This particular glass cannot be recycled and had to be picked up by the garbage truck.

Supposedly there is money available for Skopelos to start clearing streams/ρέματα. With extensive rainfall these are the areas that become blocked and cause damages. Supposedly there is 200.000 euro available.

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(sorry for the quality of the photos)

Very strong winds we have today. 8, 9 and 10 Beaufort. It is difficult to pass along the harbor front and along the road to the monasteries in Skopelos town. It is dangerous because the winds can throw you of your feet, your motorbike in some places. We will try and get other photos from around the island.

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Dry cleaning and washing

Maggi who used to have the dry cleaning and clothes washing shop in the town has left. The shop was closed for a while and now all the machinery is gone. She might be setting up shop somewhere else. When we find out we will let you know.

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