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From 1/1/2019 the measure of “travelling equivalent” applies to all Greek islands, Skopelos included.
In 2020 you have to update your application. No extra information just clicking and you are updated.

The measure makes it possible for islanders/foreigners registered on the island to buy a boat ticket and receive some money back because the same journey in km/miles was less expensive on the mainland. You have to live on Skopelos and have a tax number and a code to enter your tax file. Everybody receives a unique number that you use every time you travel. You can print out the card like I did.

You give the ministry a bank account number on which the money can be deposited.

Go here https://metaforikoisodynamo.gr/

Click on είσοδος

Fill in your entrycodes to your tax file

Click on εξουσιοδοοτηση

The page you will see will show that you have been updated (see below)

Log out

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JEF relocated

The ΓΕΦ (help tax office) office has relocated next to KEP opposite the children’s playground.

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Coming and going

Today, the 24th of December is a very windy day again and the ferry boats docked at Agnondas. We are thankful that they travelled and brought islanders and visitors to their destinations. The coming and going of these boats is extremely important to islands and hopefully next year we will have better itineraries also in spring and fall. The connection with Thessaloniki is also very important. This year we have seen an increasing use of water taxis that cater for many tourists that arrive at times when boats are sailing much later, have already left or have stopped travelling because of the late hour. It is good they are here and give good service like standard rates and the possibility of bookings via a website.

The coming of a new mayor and council members has people hoping that things on the island will improve like a clearer image of what kind of tourism the island should provide. Seminars and press conferences have been held about diving tourism, hiking will get even easier with improved signs on paths.The funding might get through in 2020.

Communication about what is happening on Skopelos has improved 100% Every week I receive about two or three updates about taken actions , seminars followed and important meetings.

This year is almost over but a New year is close by. A year where we can work all together to make is an exiting year for everybody!

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Brexit info updated

Thank you Ian Knight(Skiathos island news) for uploading this website. The update is from the 19th of December.

The link is here:
Brexit info updated

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No leaf

Nothing was moving on Glysteri beach yesterday afternoon. The water was so still that both sides of the mountain were reflected in the water. Because of bad weather in other areas of Greece a lot of rubble has washed up on the beach but that is normal for winter. In summer it will be all clean again! In this period we have a chance to stock up our reserve of firewood for our fireplaces.

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KEP office is moving

The KEP (citizens help office) office has moved to an office next to the XENIA building. KEP is now opposite the children’s playground and close to Platanos square. It is now also accessible for wheelchairs.

The office will be open on Monday but the computers have not been connected yet. For questions please see Joanna at KEP.

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Tomorrow, Saturday, the scouts will have an assortment of Christmas/New Year ornaments in their stall and if you buy something you directly support all the activities they undertake. They are there from 11 o’ clock opposite the harbor entrance.

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