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Snow and no snow

Waking up this morning we discovered that it had snowed, as predicted, but fortunately not enough to cut us off from Skopelos town.

In our area, the Raches Glyfoneri area, the wind was blowing hard and the temperature stayed above zero with the result that a lot of snow dispersed and melted. We might get another blast later today and on the mountains like Palouki and Delphi the snow will, likely, remain longer.

Yesterday we had a long(ish) electricity cut and one very small one this morning. Wood lies ready for the fire place…

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So far winter on Skopelos has consisted of days with a lot of wind and some periods of rain.

This video is from a couple of days ago.

And then there was yesterday. A glorious afternoon on Limnonari beach and on the way back a view to Amarandos and Evia with snow topped mountains.

On the other side of the island Mount Athos with snow can be seen. Are we in for some snow too? The next days ahead will show is, as it always does.

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Two men were brave enough today and jumped into the water to catch the cross. At exactly 12 all the priests, from the church communities in Skopelos town, were finally present and the ceremony was held.

A lot of people were around and dressed up to the nines!

After the cross was caught the harbor police sounded their horns and everybody on the quay walked towards the coffeeplaces or a taverna to socialize further…

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I cherish that we live on such a beautiful island. An island where most people know each other. Where people come together, in big numbers when times are hard. Where the saying; να χαίρεσε την οικογενεία σου (cherish your family) is said by so many people these days.

I cherish the fact that these days grown up children walk around the villages on the island and sing traditional Christmas songs for us. I cherish the communication between the readers of this blog and me. I cherish you! Merry Christmas and I hope that whatever you wish for, big or small, in 2023, will come true!! Daphne

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This Sunday the 18th of December Elios and Glossa will organize their Christmas bazaar with many surprises.

Please go and enjoy the festivities and by buying something from the bazaar you support many good causes in the villages.

Elios starts at 15.30 hours and Glossa at 16.00 hours. Meeting point, the main squares of the villages.

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On Sunday the 30st of October a big group walked from Pirgos to Panormos in glorious weather. This is a beautiful walk!

Sunday 20th of November

This Sundays walk will begin with a gathering at the Ancient Asklepeion Temple at 10.30am.

It is a little beyond the Muses restaurant.

The scramblers will make their way up through Mili hamlet and with a bit of a climb reach AG Marina spring. Muriel will spread out the blue checked table cover to receive a shared picnic.

The Scramblers will then continue their walk along the ridge taking in the beautiful view of Skopelos town and beyond. The route then is all downhill taking them back to the starting point and a town coffee for those who want to discuss next weeks ramble.

All are welcome to join the group for this Sunday scramble. If there are any questions contact Muriel on 6983010118.

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How to keep going

In the last eleven years I have written about Skopelos on this blog. For some years I wrote with two other writers and now alone for quite some years. In the beginning I had the feeling I should report about all things that happen here. Later, I understood that that is not possible and that it is not necessary. It is not always important to get the news or information on time but it is important and nice that you get it.

You, the readers of Skopelosnews have always be appreciative of what I wrote, how I wrote and when. I never felt pressure.

I write about Skopelos but I also have a life here with my family. I have my work and all the other things I fill my life with. I have my ups and downs, like everybody else and I have written about that too in the past. It is part of life, I know that. The last couple of years a lot of things have happened in the world and and it is sometimes hard to write about this island whilst there is so much else going on. It is hard to stay positive sometimes.

Skopelos is also changing and I want to grasp what is changing and write about it but at the moment it is hard. It remains the island I love and all of you love. To express it in words is difficult at the moment and that is why I have not written for a while.

For now I will post from time to time announcements like the Skopelos Scramblers until I find the words again. Daphne

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This is Skopelos, all of it

The great thing about holidaying or living on this island is that most months of the year you can choose when and whether you want to be amongst a lot of people or not. There are so many different places here.

In the middle of summer you can find all of it. There is so much variety. The busy beach of Kastani (see photo above) or the empty beach close to Hondro Georgi (see below)

and the wonderful kantina at Perivoliou.

Go and look for it. The beaches, the places to eat and drink. The monasteries, the footpaths, the mountains, the churches, the springs, the forests. It is all here.

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It keeps giving

This island with it’s amazing nature, it’s springs, it’s valleys and hills and this abundance of fruits, wild greens and herbs keep giving us diamonds. Avgata (eggs) plums. There are so so many!!!

we are so blessed

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Rebetiko festival

Tomorrow evening and the two nights after that the trational rebetiko of Skopelos is held.

Source: https://www.athensinsider.com/rebetiko-music-of-the-outlaws/

Every evening starts around 20.30 hours. The place to be is the old harbor of Skopelos. During the day , master classes and lectures are given and Greek musical instruments are on display.

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