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A small part of the road between Glossa and Old Klima has been repaired. The next step will probably to put down some asphalt. We need a lot of warm days for that so all the holes in the roads all over the island can be fixed!

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25 march 2017 on Skopelos

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Shit! John (Gill)was supposed to write this post. He did every year and made fun of ourselves because we have made mistakes in the past.

Skopelosnews has managed in the past years to mix up the hour that you are supposed to put the clock to when the change from wintertime to summertime arises.

After the mistake readers always forgave us quickly and we could breathe more easily for half a year. Ok here we go. Sunday morning at three o’ clock we set the clock to four o’clock. Sunrise will be an hour ‘later’

Shit! John was supposed to write this post.

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Spring is here

In the morning the humidity is the highest, the trees and bushes look at their best and the snails have come out to find a nice leaf. Every day the sun rises behind Alonissos in a different way.

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Hot and cold

The high temperatures on the island and the cold sea gives us many opportunities to photograph the fog coming towards the island. First when the sun rises and a little bit later downtown in the harbor. Good morning!

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From this to this

Sara Priestley made this nice collage. Thank you Sara!

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A strong wind blew when visiting Milia beach early Sunday afternoon. Not a sole there, except us. Two persons and a dog. Lovely walk!

(Not edited, still learning…)

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