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Foreign press

We all know that the newspaper shop closed but due to several requests from readers I found out that Jannis who has the cigarette kiosk, at the end of the harbor opposite the Platanos Jazz cafe, sells foreign newspapers and magazines. It is difficult to get the full range but if you are here for a while ask him if he can bring your newspaper. It might be there already but it will be good to ask him. Thanks Jannis!


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I cannot understand why some church windows are so small. Protection against bad weather, pirates, the sun? And some of these churches don’t have electricity! Agios Athanassios on the Kastro.

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Skopelos has a lot of places where you have access to the sea but there are also many places where the rocks make it almost impossible to get close to the water. This is the Stafylos coastline. Amazing !!

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The wall of the Vakratsa has been plastered. For many years tree roots were pushing the wall towards the street. A very dangerous situation. This is how it looked before.

Unfortunately only the Vakratsa museum will be open this summer. The folklore museum has a problem with the electricity. It is a shame visitors can’t see the inside of this wonderful museum.

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Stafylos ready

And Stafylos beach is ready for the summer season. Have a good weekend !

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(peacock in Mourtero, photo from P.)

Sometimes you really have to look hard and try to see what lies beneath the surface. The surface can be ugly, difficult, stressful but look hard and everywhere you will see beauty. The beauty of people; friends and strangers, the beauty of this island where so many people keep coming back to. It is worth it but sometimes it is hard to see.

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We all know that the road to Stafylos is pretty dangerous for pedestrians. Last year a company started building some kind of footpath on the most narrow bit of the road but unfortunately this company, because of various reasons, did not finish the job and a more dangerous situation was created ( iron pools were sticking out on the road and big holes were left between the road and footpath) The last couple of days the road has been asphalted again and brought up to the level of the footpath. The part of the road in white is where pedestrians can walk and it stand out from the rest of the road which is black.

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