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Work in progress

The water company has issued a statement that on Monday the 29th of May there will be work going on in New Klima/Elios from 08.00 until 15.00 hours. The water company apologizes to the public for any inconvenience but the work is absolutely necessary.

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This is why I love Skopelos. I saw this last week again and took a better photo this time. Although there are so many modern things on the island you will keep seeing examples of how things were done in the old(er) times. A long stick is placed between two roof tops and on the stick hangs the daily washing. Why is this person using this stick to dry her clothes? Probably because here she gets the most sun for them. Priceless. Keep looking for these things. They cheer me up. Have a great weekend.

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For the first time in a very long time it seems that part of the harbor entrance that was destroyed during the flood will be repaired. Skopelosnews saw waste/water pipes lying in trenches. This is maybe a backup for excess water. What the rest of the plans for this part of the harbor are we do not know but hopefully we can show you more in a couple of days.

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Invited to a wedding from a friend. Look at the beautiful card and the small box that had weddings sweets (almonds) in it. What a beautiful invitation. Have a great weekend everybody. Boats are travelling again. The flying cat arrived very late last night and we heard that many people also travelled with the water taxi.

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Help over the phone

Our washing machine stopped working two days ago and we thought this was the end of this one. We found the telephone number of a mechanic called Costas and explained the problem. He wanted to know what type/make the machine was and what was wrong with it. We explained and he asked; are you good with your hands (πίανουν τα χέρια σου?) We did not want to boast about our hands but said we would give it a try.He told us what he thought the problem was and what we should do. Four hands worked on the problem for five minutes and the washing machine was working again! When we called Costas to thank him and ask him how much we owned him he said:”Τήν αγάπη σού/ Your love!

Good morning everybody. Have a great day wherever you are in the world.

Dimitri Mavridi took these photographs, sorry, I cannot stop posting his photos, they are so beautiful!

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In Greece the first of May is still celebrated while in other countries people hardly know what this day means in history. When I told somebody I had to work a little this morning he was quite surprised and told me, no you must rest and celebrate today!

The United States was the place and in particular the city of Chicago many people fought for people to have right to an eight-hour workday. Workers were making 16-hour shifts and dying because of it.

The first of May also symbolizes the coming of spring, fertility and this year on Skopelos we see that flowers, bushes and trees are blooming like crazy. You don’t want to jinx the whole process and talk about it all the time but the olive trees have soo many small olives already! Can we hope for a good harvest this year?

Below are some more photos of Dimitri Mavridi. This time it is the area of Kastro/Milos square and the rest of the town and part of the harbor front. We love them. Thank you Dimitri.

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Suppers for Syria

During the last four months, over 3000 euros has been raised in Skopelos, for ‘Doctors without Borders’/Ιάτροι χορις Συνορά. Through ‘Suppers for Syria’, both residents and friends of Skopelos, Greeks and expats alike, working together, have ensured that medical kits have reached over 1000 people.

Heather Durham, who lives on the island, started the initiative and suppers and tea’s were organized both on and off the island. How was it all organized? A host would invite 10 guests. The people who joined the supper/tea had to donate money for Doctors without borders. All the collected money went to them. A thank you letter has arrived from Doctors without borders and is shown below.

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