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Don’t waste water

In a official message from the water company the inhabitants and visitors of Glossa and Loutraki (and of course everybody on the island) are asked to not waste any water when it is not necessary !!! There is not enough water! Don’t take the hose and fill up and top up all the pools in the area, to use the hose and wash the cars, to clean the streets and courtyards. Use water but not waste it !!!

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Better late than never

Every year people who are interested can make a bid on the job to provide umbrellas and sunbeds on the beaches of Skopelos. Some beaches are well worth it and you can make money. Other beaches will stay without sunbeds and umbrellas and many times this is what the people, who go to these beaches, like more. I think it is good that some beaches stay “unspoiled”. This year for the first time in many years there is a kantina and sunbeds and umbrellas on the first part of Velanio. Dimitri Mavridi took the drone photo.

Velanio is the beach after Stafylos beach. You walk along Stafylos, go up the small hill and come down on the beach. The second part of the beach behind the rock is designated as a nudist beach.

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More than 50 years ago.

Klaus found this photograph of Skopelos harbor in a book that was published in 1964. The book is called: “Greek Islands – From Corfu to Rhodes, from Lesbos to Crete. Anton Schroll, Vienna 1964. Beautiful. Thanks Klaus.

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These photos are taken a day after the heatwave stopped and cloud were seen in the sky again! Normally you don’t wish for clouds but oh boy this time we did.

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(source: https://www.yr.no/place/Greece/Thessaly/Skopelos/)

Last night very strong winds started blowing also on Skopelos. The winds were so abrupt at times that signs and other light materials were flowing through the air. It was quite dangerous. During the night the winds kept up and the temperature started dropping. Today it is at least 10 degrees colder than it was a couple of days ago. These are the temperatures for today.

Be careful with cigarettes etc. Put them out in something with water so you are sure they are out.

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The Bar Academy Hellas has a program called “2 COCKTAILS IN 2 MINUTES” and they visited the Vrachos Bar in Skopelos town.

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Hot, hotter

The next couple of days are going to be really warm so watch out when you are out and about. Use suntan lotion, try and take a rest between two and five, drink lots of water and wear a hat if you are outside. Keeptalkinggreece has this article about the warm weather in the next couple of days! heatwave

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