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Because of the recent very sad news ( the passing away of a five year old angel) the carnival festivities on Sunday have been cancelled in Skopelos and Glossa. Source: Vories Sporades blog

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Goodbye Litsa


Litsa, Destination Expert for Skopelos for Trip Advisor has passed away. Ian who has the Skiathian blog; told Skopelosnews that Litsa was a mine of information always delivered with patience and humor. A great friend of the island basing herself at Panormos beach each May and September, with a smile and a glass of red wine .

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Roadworks Potami


The Potami road, coming from Raches and on the other side coming from Alikias, is closed because of road works. There is an enormous hole in the road so even people on foot can pass.

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A year without Maria Broadley

(Peter and Maria)

There is a tradition in Greece that you remember the people, that are not longer with us, at certain times after their death. A year after is important and this is why Peter Broadley, her husband, wants to remember his wife Maria Broadley.

On Wednesday the 22th of February Maria is remembered and anybody who wants to join Peter can meet him at the cemetery at 12 o’ clock where Peter will give a small speech and raise a glass to Maria. After that everybody who wants to, can join him, in the Gialos taverna in the harbor where Syrian food will be on the menu. (donations will be given to doctors without borders)

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We never see the beach this empty and the fig trees are slowly coming to life again. They are a wonderful place to sit under in the hot August sun.

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Skopelos 1933

Good morning, have a great week. This photo was posted on Facebook last week. A family picture, not a selfie! The photographer was either part of this family or a stranger. Look how narrow the harbor front was towards the municipality building and the sand in front of the road. So beautiful!


Photo was published byΓιάννης Γιαλής

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Armenopetra is a beach which is situated between Elios and Old Klima. The road down is a little bit difficult because it is not wide. At the moment there are people working on several pieces of land to make them flat. They have probably been bought recently and houses will be build there. When you live there a walk to the beach is a couple of minutes stroll. The location is wonderful. On Armenopetra, usually, no sunbeds and umbrellas are placed. It is never busy. The wind can be very strong there with a result that the olive trees, that are unprotected, are yearning to the left and this way make a wonderful entrance to the beach.

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