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On the first of November it is legally possible to burn branches, leaves etc. and the Skopelitans went for it like crazy. I am always a little bit afraid of starting fires especially when it has been so dry for so long. Fortunately it rained yesterday for a bit and in the weekend too. The fire department was actively cruising the island up till this weekend. They have their fire truck stationed on high points on the island so any fire can be detected soon.

The tax help office (JEF) and the citizens help office (KEP) are moving to the office next to the XENIA building which is opposite the children’s playground in Skopelos. This way the municipality does not have to pay two rents anymore. The offices are also better reachable for persons with dissabilities. The technical department of the municipality who are now housed in the mayor’s office and the building society (Polodomio) are also moving to the former KAPI building which is close to the IONIA hotel. I will let you know when the moves have been completed.

The walkway from Gikas bakery to Skopelos village is being widened. The last couple of years the sea had taken away sand and rock below the walkway and it was getting quite narrow to walk on. Rocks have been replaced and new cement is added.

There are talks that the unpaved road to Perivoliou will be asphalted soon.

The olive press of the family Antoniou in Glossa has started to press olives. The word is that the oil is ok but that for one liter of oil you need at least 10 to 12 kilos of olives which is a bit much. I know that about 7 kilos were needed two years ago.
Have a look at their start.

What we noticed here is that a lot of olives have the dako/δακο “bug”. What this bug does to the quality of the olives I don’t know. Good luck everybody anyway and have a good harvest!

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Who has a walking stick?

‎Jessica Aidley is on holiday on Skopelos now and her friend cut her leg badly when she put her foot down a hole while watching the ‘Oxi’ celebrations last Monday. She has 14 stitches in it and needs to protect it while we travel via Skiathos and Athens back to London. Does anyone have an old walking stick they no longer need which she could use to protect herself when moving through groups of people? Incidentally, the care and treatment she got from the crowd around her and the ambulance and clinic were really something special. — at Stafylos, Skopelos

Please let skopelosnews know and i will get in touch with Jessica.

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This photo was taken last Sunday when we were driving on the unpaved road from Glossa to Hondrogiorgi and Perivoliou. We were looking towards the Agios Jannis church on the rock. The color of the water towards the church is amazing and so are the mountains.

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Work work work

The municipality is busy with re-organizing a lot of things around the harbor.
The railing of this side of the car park was down for many years. No it is up again and a part has been added.

This part of the harbor is now protected with a railing. It was dangerous walking there.

When you enter the car park and the harbor via the entrance near the town beach you see that they are probably going to built a wall there but to get to that side the biotope was removed again. Everytime works get done there the biotope is destroyed. I hope machines will leave the place alone at some point.

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Help Jade

Jade her car is for sale.
Volkswagen Citi golf
1 litre
MOT, TAX & insurance
Low mileage
Jade Stubbs

Please contact her for more details. Price €1000 or best offer 6945502263.

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Skopelos does not have a dry cleaner anymore but you can have your clothes washed, your blankets cleaned and your carpets cleaned. With good machines for every different cleaning process you can ask Nikos Karagiorgo +30 24240 24656 and mobile 6944888396. His “factory” is in the Kampos area. Go behind the road that starts behind the small Agios Reginos shrine on the T-junction going out of Skopelos. Follow it for a couple of hundred meters untill it bends to the left. Follow the road untill it bends again to the left and right after that you see the factory down on the right.

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A friend of Skopelosnews found these old maps and photo’s and took photo’s of them and send them to the blog. We thank him because more information about the history, the cultural traditions of Skopelos and the other Sporaden islands is so valuable! A lot of materials are kept in homes and not in museums. If you look on one of the maps Skopelos is drawn together with Skiathos but the third island is called Peparethos. That name was used for Skopelos though! Another map does not mention Alonissos, probably too small? Other island in the vicinity are mentioned. How facts travel through history is fascinating. We must preserve what is written and drawn on paper.

Glossa !




(None of these drawings are mine. The copyright is with others)

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