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Power cuts

Tomorrow 16/5 power cuts will take place between 08.00-14.00 hours in Loutraki, Glossa, Klima, Skopelos and Stafylos. Thursday the 17th between 06.00-08.00 hours there will be a power cut on the whole island.


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Yesterday we were reminded that we must not forget it is winter after all so the boats might not run a day because of strong winds. We also experienced some electricity cuts (problems in Elios and Glossa) so we had to remember where the candles and the oil lamp were! No extra batteries for the led lights. That must go on a shopping list. We had arranged to have wood next to the back door so we could use it immediately for the fire place but in the end electricity was restored later in the evening. Our son said later he liked being together like this without electricity. We had time to talk!

Skopelosnews admires the electricity company personnel who were up on electricity poles with the strong wind and rain yesterday and every time there is a problem here on the island.

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Power cut

Sunday a power cut will take place from 07.00 until 13.00 hours. It concerns the whole island. Maintenance for the upcoming winter is needed and that is why work will be done on Skopelos, Skiathos, Alonissos and the Pelion this day.

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Source: http://skiathoslife.gr

Skopelos and Alonissos will be without electricity tomorrow Friday between 06.00 and 09.00 hours

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On Sunday the 9th of April there is going to be a powercut on the whole of the island from 07.00 hours until about 12.00 hours. Source; Skopelosonline.gr

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Electricity is off on Sunday from 08.00 until 15.00 hours in the area Glyfoneri and Glysteri.
A call was made to people living there yesterday. If you hear of any other areas please comment.

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Lights out!

Those living on the grid might be interested to know that tomorrow (Sunday) morning and afternoon the electricity from the mainland will be cut temporarily. At 8am and at 2pm the juice will be off for about a half hour each time. As it appears to be all of the Northern Sporades affected along with the South Pelion district, there is probably some work being done in South Pelion. Enjoy!
Screen shot 2015-10-10 at 6.57.58 PM
[chart enlarges with a click]

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