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After the last post this post might bore people but that’s life. It is skopelosnews…

(wonderful day today and the narcissuses are in full bloom!)

The last couple of days the weather has been wonderful and the work in the harbor of Skopelos continued with great speed. Next week an update with photos.

Yesterday was Saint Reginos his nameday. A big celebration like every year could not be held but it was possible to visit the Agios Reginos monastery (on the road to Agnonas/Limnonari-Panormos etc.) The church has been renovated. Many murals have been refreshed and new ones added.

On Sunday there will be a power cut on all the Sporades islands from 08.00 until 09.00 hours in the morning. Volos and Pelion are also affected. For the article look here: power cut

Greece will welcome all UK travelers with or without vaccine certificate. For the whole article look here:GTP travel news

And if you are able to come there might be flight companies that can bring you to Skiathos. Condor has announced their first flights. Hopefully they will not be canceled like so many others last year.

The link to website is her: Condor flights

Have a nice weekend. And remember: “There is more that unites us than divides us. So make it a point to talk with someone who is different from you. You may find that you have more in common than you think” (Johnny Corn)

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Survival kid

Snow storm coming, photo made yesterday afternoon.

The electricity cut that we experienced was due to fallen trees on electricity lines on Pelion mainland. All Sporades islands depend on that line. On Skiathos the electricity went off early in the afternoon on Sunday. Skopelos and Alonissos followed later in the evening. The electricity repair crew had a very difficult task repairing the lines and managing with the snow.

The (almost) one day without electricity that we experienced from Sunday to Monday made me realize that over the years, in our household, we have our survival kid ready for these circumstances. We are fortunate that we have a fire place that gives us warmth but also the opportunity to cook. We can BBQ on it but also put pans to boil water and make food. We also have a cistern that gives us water to clean and wash. Apart from that we try to have ready:
-a couple of bottles of drinking water,
-A gas bottle to cook on,
-Supplies like milk in a can that you can use when the fresh milk finishes,
-extra bread in the freezer,
-Other kinds of food for the pantry,
-Oil lamps and extra oil for them , candles and lights that work on batteries and are portable,
-It is good to have some cooked food in the freezer in a Tupperware box. Take it out when needed and warm it up in a pan above the fire or on your gas bottle. The same goes for sweets like a cake etc.

Every year we think about buying a generator and then the days go by and we managed at home without it and we end up not buying one. The same thing about snow chains. Thinking about it and ending up not buying them. The weather situation does not always call for them but it might be good to have them…

We are not out of the woods yet. It is snowing again. Athens has experienced very heavy snowfall since last night and today. Even in the center, around Syntagma square. Here at home I hung out the washing this morning.

Do these clothes smell better after having had snow on them? Should have listened to the weather forecast and not take them out.

Snow again today Tuesday the 16th of February

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At 19.40 hours tonight the electricity went off on Skopelos, following Skiathos that has been without electricity since 15.00 hours this afternoon. There seems to be a problem on Pelion. My children’s reaction was:” we are in quarantine and now also without electricity????” Alonissos also seems to be effected.

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That’s how

If you wondered how islands get their electricity please have a look at the Vories Sporades blog that shows the work getting the underwater electricity cable from Evia going to Skiathos. The cable can be placed as deep as 400 meters!

Vories sporades article about new electricity underwater pipeline

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On Sunday morning the 18th of October from 07.30 hours until 12.30 hours there will be a power cut on all the Sporades islands and South Pilion. Maintenance on the central electricity line is the reason.

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Tomorrow, Sunday, from about 08.00 until 14.00 hours there can occur electricity cuts in and around the Skopelos ringroad and areas in town, Milos, Pigadakia, Geftorema and Papameletiou and the areas Raches, Glyfoneri, Glysteri, Karya, Kalogeros, Kampos.

On Monday between 08.30 until 11.00 hours in the areas Alikias, Pefkia, Ditropon,Limnonari and Agnondas.

Source:Vories Sporades blog

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No electricity

Due to work on the electricity lines the whole island this weekend can have power cuts. Especially on Sunday between 8 and 2. On Saturday it will be in areas around Glossa, Panormos, Mourtero and Agnondas and Stafylos.

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‘How about we don’t pay these bills and hope, in the meantime, someone steals our identity.’

It is now possible to pay your electricity, phone and water bill and also payments for ENFIA, road tax, state insurance at the courier businesses.

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Power cut

There is supposed to be a power cut tomorrow morning. I tried to find an official announcement but failed. There are many people talking about it so take it in account. Daphne

Thank you Steve InSkiathos for the link. Fill in ΜΑΓΝΗΣΙΑΣ at επιλέξτε νόμο and you will see at which hours on which island the power cut will be.


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The road along the harbor towards the monasteries is been fitted out with new lampposts. It was long overdue.

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