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Going well is it?

20 figs to dry. How hard can it be. Very hard if you don’t know what you are doing…


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Balcony with figs

For Jayne,

Dear Jayne, we know you like old balconies but this one is special. It is close to the Agios Ioannis church in Skopelos but on top of the balcony is a tray with figs drying.

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250 degrees Celsius?

This is a big plum oven. They are scattered all over the island in areas where plums were harvested. On site the plums would be dried in the sun and later “baked” in the oven. nowadays many plum ovens don’t work anymore but are sometimes used as storage or even a little bedroom!

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With such an abundance of fruit around this year you are “crazy” if you don’t preserve some for the winter. Figs. After the drying process they go in the oven and are ready to use.

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Two ways

This is an artichoke. It was not picked to eat and has turned into this beautiful flower. Here on the island everybody harvests artichokes on time because they are considered a delicacy and they are quite expensive to buy. If you have them on your land harvest them and eat them with beef or with rice. It is soo delicious. The only places where artichokes are left are on land that people own and not visit very often. I am not sure what I like more, to eat them or admire them.

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Back again

Something was missing. It took them two years to get back on their feet after the flood in 2015. They have now reopened their business side by side from Pavlos taverna and Mouria taverna.
Korali is back in business and the modern interior and exterior looks wonderful.

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Finished ?

The municipality employees who collect the garbage have been on strike the last couple of days because they would like a more permanent work contract.
At the moment most workers are hired for periods of eight months. It is impossible for the municipality to employ them permanently because the government does not allow new appointments.
Many employees have to retire before new people can come in. Maybe a solution can be found so the uncertainty for the employees is not so big. Every time their contract is finished they have to make new applications and are selected (or not) out of a group of applicants.

The strike is supposed to last until today. Hopefully the garbage will be collected during the weekend. There is a lot and with these high temperatures it smells too.

The photos above show the first ripe figs on the trees that we have. They are gorgeous !!!!

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