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Check, check and check

Eggs cooked yesterday night, check. Dye bought and eggs dyed. They are never dark red like you see then in the photo’s. There must be a trick to do that right.

Candles for the church on Friday and Saturday I will buy tomorrow. I might go to the decorating of the bier tonight (after 12 at night) in one of the churches. Let’s see if I can keep my eyes open until then…..


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My landlady Maria brings me a glass of Fanta every day when I am in the office. Every day !!! At first she did not want to rent her office out to me because she was afraid that the tax authorities would take all the rent money but after her accountant explained that her pension is very low and she can earn some extra money. After that information was given to her she agreed. Today she also gave me a piece of chocolate. It was given to her. A great beginning of the day. Thank you Maria.

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Spring is here

To be able to harvest wild vegetables like asparagus and ovries (οβριές) from the land surrounding us, is so wonderful! Every year we search for them and they always pop up.

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Clean Monday

As always we managed to clean our cupboards and have a wonderful meal together. The wild onions were a dream !

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M. is a long time friend who I have helped in the past. She never learned english so I help her when she needs to translate, edit of write something. She is full of energy and never sits still. She has a great family with three wonderful sons. She and her husband have a very big herd of goats. The herd provides them with milk and meat. With the milk they make their own cheese which they sell.

Yesterday she asked me for a favor and in return she provided me with 4,5 liters of goat milk. My husband had complained that during the carnival period he hadn’t eaten rice pudding yet. It is carnival after all for two more days and you are “supposed” to make some. Last night I boiled the goat milk and this morning I made the rice pudding. Slowly slowly, it took me 1,5 hours. I hope it is tasty. I love it when you help somebody and your reward is like a gift. Thanks M!

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Winter vegetables

It is winter, this is on the land and growing and this is what you should buy. Eat what’s available in this season. The most beautifully decorated vegetable stall in Skopelos.

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Olive picking can be followed by a drone. A family member has one. Great photos Dimitri Mavridis !!!!

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