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Small olives

Certain kinds of olives on Crete are very small. These black ones are called “raisin” olives and the green ones are called “Koroneikes” I know that olives from wild olive trees are usually small like these ones but maybe it is just another type of olive like the ones from Kalamata. They have pointed ends. On Skopelos most olives become quite big and certainly the black ones look like plums sometimes.

Hopefully on Skopelos the olive harvest will happen. Olive oil is needed. Many people have been forced to buy olive oil in a shop because their own olive oil reserve has finished by now. After three years, our olive oil has turned into a watery liquid that flies out of my cooking pan when heated. Dangerous thing baking an egg.

We will have to wait until November/December before we can start harvesting.

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Not Skopelos town

I love bakeries. I used to work in one when I was about 15. The smell of the freshly baked bread is one of the best smells in the world for me. I am always looking for traditional bakeries where the shop and the ovens are in the same room. You see the bread coming out of the oven and land on a baking tray or in a basket.

A bakery where you only see a few kinds of bread, some cookies and some cheese pies. All handmade.

There is a bakery like that in Volos and yesterday morning I found one here in Rethymno, Crete. The baker (without a shirt!) and his mother.

Apart from bread this shop was filled with many animals and wreaths made from bread. Maybe for tourists? Maybe he had some time on his hands and a lot of dough left?

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Winter vegetables

Say no more. Recipes anyone?

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Autumn fruits

This small pomegranate tree we found in Skopelos town. It is right next to a parking lot. When the tree gets bigger the cars will have shade but will the tree still fit in this flowerbed ?

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Grape fest in Glossa

This Saturday, 23 September, at 11:00 Glossa will celebrate the harvesting of Grapes again. Everybody will start at the Louki in Glossa center followed by a procession to the Sporades Center further up the road. Students will recite seasonal poems and sing songs, they will also offer everyone local grapes and wine. Foot crushing of the grapes will follow with the serving of the traditional mustalevria.

Dionysus the god of wine and merry with his son Stafylus, is reported, will crash the party!! Come join the celebration!!

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Going well is it?

20 figs to dry. How hard can it be. Very hard if you don’t know what you are doing…

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