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Finished ?

The municipality employees who collect the garbage have been on strike the last couple of days because they would like a more permanent work contract.
At the moment most workers are hired for periods of eight months. It is impossible for the municipality to employ them permanently because the government does not allow new appointments.
Many employees have to retire before new people can come in. Maybe a solution can be found so the uncertainty for the employees is not so big. Every time their contract is finished they have to make new applications and are selected (or not) out of a group of applicants.

The strike is supposed to last until today. Hopefully the garbage will be collected during the weekend. There is a lot and with these high temperatures it smells too.

The photos above show the first ripe figs on the trees that we have. They are gorgeous !!!!


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Skopelos fruits

There is an abundance of fruit around on Skopelos this time of the year. Everywhere you look the trees are full of cherries, plums, apricots etc.

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All over the world in many Greek orthodox households eggs will have been boiled and are going to be painted. The common color is red but there are many variations in color and what is painted on the eggs. The dying of the eggs are associated with the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. Eggs symbolize the empty rock tomb from which Jesus arose after his crucifixion and are used as universal means of greeting and presentation for Christian believers. The choice of red — the color of life and victory — bears a long history and dates to ancient Mesopotamia, where early Christians stained eggs red in memory of the blood of Jesus, who was crucified for the salvation of all mankind.

Usually the dying of the eggs is an opportunity for family/friends to gather and whilst dying the eggs, get up to date with family affairs etc. Skopelosnews knows of many people on the island who will spend this day together.

If you want to go to church make sure you are up to it. It will be a long ceremony. The Thursday evening service features twelve gospel readings. It is in this service that a two-dimensional figure of Christ on the cross is brought into the church and set up, while the church bells ring. In some places a vigil is kept in the church all night.

Tonight after twelve o’clock we will be present again in a church where the Epitafeio (funeral bier) will be decorated. On Skopelos in four churches an Epitafeio will be decorated.

(2014 Epitafeio decorating)

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I don’t know how we managed it but most foods in this photos collage we found at home and in the sea. Almost nothing was bought. The squid and the shrimps we took from the deep freezer and cooked. The fish roe (bought) together with bread, olive oil and lemon juice we made into a tarama salad, the sea urchins and the shells we found in the sea around Agios Konstantinos.
The bread was bought. We really emptied our cupboards/fridges to make a clean break and we can start fasting the 40 days before Easter. It is a good method to lose the extra weight we gathered this winter but can we do without meat? all 40 days and without oil, cheese etc. some days?

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Gousta open again


Gousta is open again. Every day, except Mondays, from 6 to 12. Near the old olive factory.

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Ρυζόγαλο/rice pudding

With a lot of patience and a little luck (we did not burn the milk with the rice) we managed to cook some ρυζόγαλο/rice pudding. We would like to take a plate tomorrow to the party in town because the crew of the Trates/τράτες need to be fed with healthy things. Ρυζόγαλο is one them.

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What to do with them, again

The lemon trees and many other fruit trees were damaged on the island. They bear fruit that is very ripe so lemonade, jam and preserve recipes were taken out of the recipe folder again!

From Susan; Another way to use them is slice them and put into a jar. Add olive oil and coriander seeds. Keep for 3 months or so and use with chicken dishes, North African or middle eastern recipes….. Delicious!!

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