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People that are trying to make and effort in reducing waste are worth mentioning I think. Tatiana and Pandelis have a small cafe on the waterfront in the summer. You order a beverage and you receive it in a cup or a jar. Their straws are bio degradabale. They try to produce as little waste as possible. Orders are presented on wooden serving boards or on plates. You can also read books there! Have a good summer !

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The municipality, with a sense of responsibility and sympathy towards the citizens who belong to groups susceptible to the new virus COVID-19 and those who have recently been abroad, has decided to start a help line named “We stay home” in order to protect those in need.

For more information and further help please contact us on the following helplines:

For the community of Skopelos :
Tel : 2424022834, 6977701070

For the community of Glossa:
Tel: 2424033502, 6981219192, 6981733183

For the community of Klima:
Tel:2424033689, 6983717851, 6977161064

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Georgia and Silje keep busy with helping the health center acquire necessary equipment and white goods. Anybody that wants to donate please contact Georgia via Facebook, page name is https://m.facebook.com/HelpHealthCenterSkopelos/?tsid=0.5926583566319632&source=result or telephone number +30 6993372162 or WhatsApp.

The photos above are some of the goods that were bought after talking with the Skopelos health center doctors, nurses and other staff.

Something that used to be common isn’t common anymore in health care. Last year two washing machines were bought, now a dryer has been added. Georgia shows the dryer.

These items were bought. The list with what is spend is here.

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Georgia Patseas and Silje Kramer decided a while ago that the Skopelos health center needed help when they found out that vital equipment for helping patients was missing. They started a fundraiser to get a defibrillator for the Health center but the donations were so many so several things could be done. First they were able to start building work and a bathroom for attending doctors was created.

Also a lot of equipment was bought.

Here is the link on Facebook where Georgia and Silje show all the receipts. A lot of people also worked voluntarily. The girls effort shows if you persist you will find a solution. They found out there was a problem and they made a big effort to do something about it. Many people can learn from their actions!!!


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A great way to get to know Skopelos and learn Greek is this initiative and the follow-up is to continue your Greek lessons during the winter

For more information write to language_spotting@yahoo.com

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Tonight at 20.00 hours a new shop will officially be opened by some young entrepreneurs of Skopelos. It is called The land of Skopelos . In this shop you can find only products that are from Skopelos. From olive oil, herbs, soap, olives, jams and liqueur. If you walk up from the Ambrosia sweets hop you will find them on your left, they are opposite the Vakratsa mansion.

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Efi Mascha is a Greek philologist living on Skopelos. She has come up with the unique idea to teach visitors Greek key words and expressions so they can interact with locals but also get a better view of the life here on this island. The visitors can combine their holiday with three language spotting meetings. They can be near the sea or on a mountain top! The courses are between 2,5 and 3 hours. Efi also organizes language lessons for foreigners who are longer on the island. You can call her on +30 6948703079.

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Skopelos experience is a new business set up in the area of Loutsa near Panormos. They opened last week. These young entrepreneurs want to take advantage of the beautiful nature on Skopelos and a natural way to spend time in it. It is worth a visit. Young and old(er), everybody is welcome! You will have a great time being outdoors, away from computers and other screens and spending time in the nature.

Visitors will see a beautiful piece of land with several small animals than can be touched, fed and played with.

On the land outdoor games have been set up and can be played.

There is a kantina where delicious snacks and beverages are being served.

And after playing there is time to relax…..

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