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Scramblers picnikThe Skopelos Scramblers’ last walk was a gradual climb up to the Agia Marina spring. The weather was perfect for walking, dry but not too warm. Fourteen enthusiastic walkers, including two four-legged friends, eventually reached the spring to be greeted by a beautiful horse that was enjoying the water there. Muriel spread out the famous blue checked tablecloth in the wonderful surroundings of the Ag Marina churchyard for the shared picnic. They were pretty reluctant to set off again but eventually made their way down to Mili village and back to the archaeological site, heading for a well deserved coffee in Skopelos town.

Sendoukia graves
This Sunday’s walk is to the ancient Sendoukia tombs. The starting point for walkers from Skopelos will be Carrefour supermarket at 10.30am. They will then drive to the Chestnut Tree junction in the centre of island, where the walk will begin. As usual there will be a shared picnic on the itinerary.

All are welcome to join the Scramblers. Many different nationalities make up a usual Sunday group and this week they are expecting Greek, English, French and, of course, Scottish walkers in the mix.

For further information, or if you need transport to the meeting point, phone Muriel Dunlop on 24240 24732.

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Are the Scramblers re-enacting the cult movie Tremors here?

Are the Scramblers re-enacting the cult movie Tremors here?

The last Scramblers walk was mid-December, a hike to the Cape Gourouni lighthouse from just above Perivoliou Beach. When they reached their destination the hero of the hour awaited with camping stove fired up and coffee and biscuits ready – thank you Tony from Glossa. But for the kids the excitement was yet to come, as the lighthouse maintenance was being carried out and we got a tour of the lighthouse interior.

Sunday February 14
This Sunday’s walk starts at the Carrefour supermarket at 10.30am, where cars will take walkers to Pirgos for a downhill walk to Panormos beach. They will travel in convoy to the centre of the island, so no need to worry if you have not been part of this walk in the past.

As it is a bit early in the season for a taverna lunch Muriel will, as usual, spread out the blue checked table cover for a pot-luck shared picnic, and just as a reminder to the guys – February the 14th!

If you need a lift from Carrefour, phone Muriel on 24240 24732 to make sure there are seats available.

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Thanks to Harald and Martina Dempf for this shot of the Loutraki epiphany race

Thanks to Harald and Martina Dempf for this shot of the Loutraki epiphany race

There’s a beer with your name on it if you can spot the Robert Wyatt song reference in our headline, but otherwise this is an early heads-up for Wednesday’s celebration of Epiphany, θεοφανια (Theofania) in Greek, and the annual ritual of swimmers racing to retrieve a cross thrown into the sea by a priest during the blessing of the seas for the new year. As part of our New Year’s resolution to make the user-friendly, interactive SkopelosNews more pro-active and less Skopelos-Town-centric, our illustration is of last year’s celebrations in Loutraki.

Predictions are for a mild if cloudy day, but still likely to be better than the snows that blew along Skopelos paralia last θεοφανια. Most shops and services will be closed, although cafés and restaurants will be open to serve the holiday crowds. The next day, Thursday January 7, is one of the year’s biggest name days, for people named Ioannis or Ioanna, and variants thereof. Traditionally, drinks, cakes, presents and even pocket money are given to name day celebrants. We know at least one who is hoping to receive a Scalextric set this year.

That, or a pony.

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Twelve Go Mad on Stafilos: Sev, Sandra, Theo, Jim, Anya, Effi, Vangeli,  Chip, Marko, Meta, Dimitri and baby Marrella on last month's walk to the beach

Twelve Go Mad on Stafilos: Sev, Sandra, Theo, Jim, Anya, Effi, Vangeli, Chip, Marko, Meta, Dimitri and baby Marrella on last month’s walk to the beach

The Skopelos Scramblers enjoyed a wonderful walk to Stafilos beach a few weeks ago (they abandoned last week’s to help with the clean up of Ammos beach). As with many of the walks, the Scramblers were surprised, not only by the numbers of people turning up to join them, but also by the variety of nationalities. The walkers were Australian, Dutch, English, Greek, Kenyan and, of course, Scottish.

The beach picnic was pretty special, as were the games with the kids afterwards. Thank you to all who joined them and helped make the day special.

The lighthouse (Faros)

The walkers will meet at 10.30am on Sunday December 6 by the Carrefour supermarket, where transport will be organised for the drive to the other side of the island for a relatively easy walk to the lighthouse at Cape Gourouni. Weather permitting the group will enjoy a shared picnic on the lighthouse steps. As before all are welcome on the walks, but if transport is needed then prior warning of numbers would be good. Phone Muriel Dunlop on 24240 24732 for further information or if you want to meet above Perivoli beach, where the walk will start, so the Scramblers can look out for you.

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In the 4 (gulp) weeks leading up to Christmas, Armoloi Ceramics and Crafts Shop is offering a 50% sale on all ceramics.

The special seasonal opening hours are 11:00 – 14:00 and 18:00 – 21:00 on the following dates in December.

Fri-Sat December 4-5
Fri-Sat December 11-12
Mon-Sat December 14-19
Mon-Thurs December 21-24

11:00 – 14:00
18:00 – 21:00

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After a fairly quiet year, Greece is again preparing for a succession of strikes. Following up on the 96 hour Seamen’s strike, Apostolis at the HSW ticket office reports that there will be a general strike on Thursday 12 November. Stoppages will include ferry services, banks, government offices etc. There is a long list of organizations supporting this strike including petrol station owners.

This is the first general strike of the season and more are expected as the government tries to implement the policies demanded by the creditors.

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The Scramblers on an earlier jaunt across the island hills

The Scramblers on an earlier jaunt across the island hills

After a period of absence the Skopelos Scramblers are once again at large across the island’s hills and byways. They had an impromptu walk in October but are now knuckling down to a programme of regular Sunday morning walks.

This Sunday’s walk, November 8, will start at 10.30am at the Carrefour supermarket outside Skopelos Town. The group will scramble along the old Stafilos road heading for a shared picnic on Stafilos beach. Scramblers can decide whether to walk back to Skopelos Town or take up the offer of a lift back.

As always with the Skopelos Scramblers, all are welcome to join any part of the walk, and whether as a short-term visitor or a Skopelos resident. For any questions or further information, just call Muriel Dunlop on 24240 24732.

Muriel scries that the weather may even be good enough for a swim, so pack swim gear if you are in the mood.

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