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This Sunday the 18th of December Elios and Glossa will organize their Christmas bazaar with many surprises.

Please go and enjoy the festivities and by buying something from the bazaar you support many good causes in the villages.

Elios starts at 15.30 hours and Glossa at 16.00 hours. Meeting point, the main squares of the villages.

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(Limnonari sky a few days ago)

A full hour of Skopelos with well know faces was not what we expected this second Christmas day. A pleasant surprise. Sorry that it is all in Greek. They were all there; Nikos Rodios, Prodromos Kathinioti, Nikos Tsako Mango, Regina and Jannis Boudalas and Yorgos Ksidaris and the island of course, Glysteri beach, Agios Jannis tou Kastri, Panormos and Kastro in Skopelos.

Look here for another kind of life from ERT1; Skopelos

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Build up, clean up,

The exit of the harbor next, to the town beach, is being re-designed with hand made stone walls. When I was photographing the walls, one of the men working there said: “what about me?” so I photographed him.

Grasses have grown, trees got bigger, branches are sticking out but fortunately there is a big crew of the municipality that make the streets more safe and clean.

I have had questions about hotels re-opening. I will post about it when I know more.

Have a nice day everybody, stay safe!!

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The last couple of days the weather in Greece hasn’t been well. A lot of rain and heavy winds. This kind of weather helps people to stay home and that is positive.

A little bit of information about opening times and bank business.
-opening times for the pharmacies, also in Skopelos, will be from 08.30 hours until 16.30 hours.
-A new pharmacy has opened opposite the children’s playground. More info about this another time.
-If you pay with a (credit)card for your shopping you can now pay without using a pin code up till 50 euros. The amount was 25 euros before. This measure has been taken so more people can use their cards and less cash money (can be a source of contamination)
-The government would like people to use ATM’s and internet banking more instead of going inside banks.
Therefor you cannot pay electricity bills, insurance bills, government bills in the bank at the moment.
Please use the ATM or internet banking.

Just before the lock down we saw that the municipality is “upgrading” the road along the harbor towards the monasteries. A stone wall was started from Karyatis until the crossroad into town and the town beach. It is probably to prevent stones, sand being thrown onto the road when the weather is bad.

Oh yes the puzzle is coming along. It is difficult but I have to finish it. Stay home, stay safe!

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In every country around the world different measures are being taken to try to reduce the amount of corona virus patients. The general message in most countries is to try and stay home and avoid being around to many people. The main point is to protect the most vulnerable in our society, people with health problems and elderly people. When we meet them and we carry the virus they get infected and their life is in danger. When too many people get infected and become seriously ill there will be too much pressure on the hospitals and staff. They are already overworked and not everybody that is ill can be hospitalized and that is a grim scenario. Greece will hire 2000 new health workers in the next week.

When you have symptoms: Common signs of infection include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. (source WHO) please call the health center (0030) 24240-22222.

The news in Greece is aimed at asking people to stay home when they can. A lot of people have to go to work but work from home when you can is asked. When couples with children both work, a special leave is obtained where one parent can stay home with the children.

Visits to the supermarkets and other shops that can stay open, are coordinated from tomorrow. One visitor for every 10 m2 and a distance of two meters from counters where meats and cheeses are cut, should be held. At the entrance bottles with gel for using on our hands are placed. Personnel will be wearing gloves and masks in the shops. At the checkout counters please keep a two meter distance between each other. Avoid paying with cash. Supermarkets will also start delivery, also on Sundays. It is not necessary to get many products out of fear that there will be none left. Most supermarkets have products for the next three months.

Rules like that also apply for visits to the bank. People are asked to do more internet banking. Only with an appointment government agencies can be visited. You first call and then they will see how urgent your request is.
If it is possible documents will be send over the internet.

Shops that have delivery can stay open. No chairs can be outside on a terrace. The same for supermarkets, pharmacies and bakeries. Those that not abide to the rules will get a heavy fine and can go to jail.

Hotels will be closed until the end of April. I am not sure about Airbnb places.
Organized beaches and winter sport places will be closed. Playground, malls, bars and restaurants and most other shops have already closed.

On a lighter note: Italians are singing together to keep spirits high. I thought it was so beautiful to hear! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NySV_U_voc

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Just do it

Spring Stafylos

This is the spring that can be found above the steps leading to Stafylos beach. Water flows from this spring all year round. For a couple of months now the grate, where the water flows into, was blocked by sand and the water was flowing down on the concrete steps and were making them very slippery.

I notified the local council man Pandelis Chrissofos and he organized a crew from the municipality to unblock the grate. Pandelis is the guy to speak to on a local level in Skopelos town.

The water is now flowing down the hill and the steps are dry again.

If something is bothering you try to find the right person to help you fix it and keep at it. I reminded Pandelis several times and now it has been done.

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Cleaning up

(copyright https://viewing.nyc/not-too-long-ago-thousands-of-abandoned-cars-littered-new-york-city-with-steel/)

The municipality in 2020 is going to remove abandonned cars, motorbikes, motorhomes, caravans, trailers and storage vehicles from public roads/areas like the harbor, the parking lot etc.

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A friend of Skopelosnews found these old maps and photo’s and took photo’s of them and send them to the blog. We thank him because more information about the history, the cultural traditions of Skopelos and the other Sporaden islands is so valuable! A lot of materials are kept in homes and not in museums. If you look on one of the maps Skopelos is drawn together with Skiathos but the third island is called Peparethos. That name was used for Skopelos though! Another map does not mention Alonissos, probably too small? Other island in the vicinity are mentioned. How facts travel through history is fascinating. We must preserve what is written and drawn on paper.

Glossa !




(None of these drawings are mine. The copyright is with others)

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Good morning. Greece celebrates independence day today and has a bankholiday and Vangelis and Evangelia celebrate their name. Xronia polla to them.

25 March 2019

I hope you have a lovely day on this beautiful island and around the world. The island has so much to give. Hopefully we will lend it a helping hand in the future to keep it standing and unforgettable for its visitors.

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Shipbuilding used to be a trade on Skopelos and Skopelitans were good at it. In the big war of 1821 ships that were built on Skopelos took part in the sea battle. If you want to know more about the history of shipbuilding on Skopelos you can come to the Xenia building (opposite the playground) at 19.00 hours on Sunday.

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