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Who is moved by looking in a trash can? I am. I was photographing some recycling bins on the crossroad Panormos/Elios/Glossa -ringroad to show that there are now more places where the bins are. After photographing the bins I had a look inside and I saw that the bins were almost full… and I was moved.

Sklavenitis supermarket

Some more bins are placed in front of the gym hall on the ring road and at the mayor’s office. There is no excuse now. Let’s recycle !!!



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Garbage is not collected on Wednesday and Sunday. The other five days the municipality collect it. Please don’t put garbage out on these days.

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The initiative to help clean the island comes from Mr. George Michaelis. He himself has set up cleaning initiatives several times in the past. Today another clean up action was organised and over 20 friends of Skopelos turned up. The car park, the part of the harbour where cargo ships dock, the ramp where boats get in and out of the water and the town beach were cleaned. Over 30 bags of garbage were filled in two hours. It was like a flash mob action but without the music. We had a great time.

There is more to do so we have formed a messenger groep called:The do good group of Skopelos. Here you can give the group your ideas of what we can do next, when and how. New ideas how to stop people to litter. Help with recycling etc. Anybody that is in the group can see instantly a message or comment and can give a reaction. Hopefully many great initiatives like the one from George will follow. Best shop provided bags and gloves. Spyrou Skopelos experience provided tools. Anybody that wants to join, let me know. I will add you.

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Skopelos Cleaning Day 2018
On Thursday the 18th of October a group of volunteers will clean the harbor and the town beach. The event is organized by George Michalis of Spyrou Skopelos Experience and supported by the Best Shop in Skopelos town.

Everybody is invited to join and be at the main entrance of the port at 11 on Thursday. Bags and gloves are available from Best.

George has already organized two other events this year around Panormos. If there are enough volunteers this could be a fixed event several times in the year so Skopelos looks more attractive for the islanders and the visitors.

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Water retention dam

We have had a comment from A. Messaris which shed a whole new light on what we used to call a water reservoir in Loutsa. Mr. Messaris says:” It is not a reservoir, it is a water retention dam built to protect Panormos from severe flooding. If you look carefully, you will notice that it has a concrete overflow in the center of the dam and so the general level cannot go much over that level unless in flood conditions. However, the level it has now reached, which will probably be retained, should very much encourage a lot of bird and animal life, and the construction of a sensitively built bird hide will give bird lovers a lot of pleasure” Thank you for the explanation Mr. Messaris.

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Fall colors

When we were driving back from Agnodas to Stafylos the other day, the sun was very low and shining on the trees in front of us. The red color on the trees was magnificent and I drove back to make a photo of the scenery.

Sunset on the trees

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(don’t worry, I did not pick these)

It will be exiting when we hear the first stories of edible mushrooms that were found. People will try to find out where they were found and if there are many.

Last year we were collecting olives and at some point we were gathered at the olive press when the press broke down and we had to wait for a couple of hours before it started to run again. Instead of going home and maybe lose your spot in the line to have your olives pressed, several people jumped over the fence and started to collect mushrooms. Many came back with bags full of them and everybody in the olive press got some.

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