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-avoid work that can cause fire,
-don’t burn grass, leaves, branches and waste,
-don’t throw burning cigarettes and cigars on the roads,
-don’t use fireworks in area close to the forest

The protection of the forest is also our responsibility.

In case of fire call 199

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The gathering of the waste has been a problem the last couple of weeks because at least one big garbage truck has broken down and the garbage needs to be collected with the smaller cars that the municipality has. The big garbage truck has been repaired and we were surprised that two new small trucks have arrived on Skopelos. Hopefully they will start gathering the garbage soon.

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This photo has been taken a couple of weeks ago but we still wanted to show it to you. Have a good day!

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Recycling yes !

This plastic bag hangs in an area where mainly (older) Greeks live and it is full of plastic, cans and other materials meant for recycling. Skopelosnews was soo surprised. Go Skopelitans go! All together we will get recycling of the ground.

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You must listen when older people tell you about their life and their memories about the old times. When we had the massive amount of snow in January they said it would be good for the land, the flowers, the trees. All we saw was this white blanket covering everything and crushing plants and trees. But look at them now, we have never seen so many wild roses on our bushes and it is not only the roses. The fruit trees bare a lot of fruit too!

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Sunday 7th May
last Sundays walk to Aghios Eustasios was enjoyed by ten walkers and three dogs. They doubled back slightly after reaching the monastery and picnicked outside the beautifully painted church of Ag Giorgos.

This Sundays scramble will commence at 10.30am just off the Stafilos Road heading for Agnondas via Amarantos.
The Scramblers will have five visitors from Scotland joining them who are more used to climbing in the Cairngorms and fishing in the freshwater Loch Awe but the group are confident they can woo them with the magnificent Amarantos coastal path.

This week’s shared picnic will take place on a favourite Scrambler’s beach within sight of Agnondas. There will be an opportunity to have a beer or coffee at the port taverna afterwards and transport will be available to take drivers back to the starting point.

All are welcome to join the scramblers on any of the walks. Any questions phone Muriel Dunlop on 2424024732

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Skopelos Scramblers
Sunday 30th April

The last walk to Stafilos beach along the old Stafilos Road was beautiful with lots of wild flowers to admire. The beach itself was fantastic and wonderful to be part of the early season sun, sand and picnic brigade.

This Sunday is very much an inland scramble as the group head for Aghios Eustasios monastery/retreat and beyond for a shared picnic.

Those leaving from Skopelos will meet at Carrifour Supermarket at 10.30am and after arranging transport sharing will drive to Karya.

For those coming the Glossa side of the island head out on the main road towards Elios/Neo Klima. Just before leaving Elios take the left turn which is the new tarmac road running steeply up towards Sendoukia and Delfi. Enjoy the spectacular views as this excellent road winds up and up. After about 10 minutes you will pass the little church of Aghios Reginos on the left. Just after this you will come to the main junction. The first left turn is for Sendoukia, next left is Karya and is the turn to take. The road will wind downhill where after a few minutes you will see the sign for Aghios Eustastios and the cars from the Skopelos Town.

The walk is evenly set and with no uphill/ downhill problems .

Any further information please phone Muriel 24240 24732

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