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Today we are spending a wonderful afternoon on Elios beach. Ingredients; a bright sun, sand and stones, the sound of waves on the shore, a dog, the green forrest behind us, tea and a book! What else do we need?

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Apart from bying less plastic I am also trying to create less waste. It is important that we learn how to re-use materials, to repair materials, to recycle materials and up-cycle materials. Slowly I am learning. A rug for the bathroom floor was frayed at both ends. I have cut those ends off and sowed a protective line. Now I have a shorter rug but I am able to use it for a long time still.

These straws I found on a beach yesterday. I will always remember the video that showed a turle and the straw that ended up in its nose and how difficult it was to remove it from there. Let’s start using bio-degradeable straws!

Last Sunday the scouts cut their New Year’s cake and it was encouraging to see how these young people are taught to be kind, not te be judgemental and include everybody. These children are also taught to protect the environment and what isn’t more important than that!

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There is a new update. The Fabaceae; the Bean and Pea Family. Please look at wild flowers of Skopelos blog

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Always changing

When you spend a couple of hours on the beach you see that the color of the sea and the sky are changing all the time. So is the beach. I will try and photograph that too and show you in the next couple of days.

It is challenging to photograph the sky and really get the colors on the photo that you are actually seeing at that moment. You can edit photographs a lot these days. I took many photographs until I saw the right presentation of colors. This kind of sky with these colors we had two days ago on Limnonari.

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Almost there

Yesterday was officially the last day that we picked olives. We picked olives for the third time because more relatives need olive oil and J. and C. gracefully allowed us to continue to pick olives from their land. I want to thank them and hope they enjoyed the ride!

We brought the olives to the press where it was quiet and they are waiting for more olives to be brought in to be pressed. In the meantime some loukaniko and lappa were sizzling on the BBQ and Stelios Kazantsidis was lamenting from a stereo about how unfair life is.

These olives will be pressed today.Remember the first batch we pressed? 425 kilo gave us 64 liters of oil with 1,2 oxidity.

This collecting of all these olives made it clear to me once again that together you can do everything. This kind of work enables you to tie more firmly your relationships with friends and family. It is relaxing in a way and soo exiting still to see your live oil come out of the press.

C. and I are thinking of making a book about the do’s and don’t of olive picking on Skopelos:some chapter’s will be:how to position sheets so all the olives fall on it and not beside them on the ground, how to stifle you anger and boredom when you pick up olives from the ground for the third time, how to cater for your olive pickers, how to get first in line on the list at the olive press when you want to press your olives and how to kick the habit of picking up olives long after you finished picking etc.

Thanks again J. and C.!!!!!

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Strong winds are expected tomorrow, Sunday. The fire department has issued a statement that nobody can light a fire to burn branches. It is absolutely forbidden.

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Our first batch of olives are in the press. 425 kilo’s of olives. Waiting for the amount of olive oil and the oxidity. In the mean time outside all the problems in the world are being “solved”

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