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And now?

Yesterday morning I made the roadtrip Skopelos-Glossa and I saw that especially near Loutraki-Glossa until Elios that the road was clear of snow but that it would take quite a while until the excess snow near the roads would take a while to melt. The damage to trees in certain areas is big. Some trees have broken totally and many other trees have broken branches. Especially in the Alikias and Loutsa area I saw a lot of damaged trees but I can imagine that further into the island the results will be the same or worse.

A lot of trimming and repairing needs to be done and that will happen when the rain will finally stop. Today it has been raining the whole day. Together with the melting snow this makes a lot of places prone to earth/land slides. No water for three days now in the Raches, Potami area. Supposed to be repaired today…….


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Due to weather conditions Heather’s planned hike, yesterday, was postponed. She will do the walk today at 2.30 hours.

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Heather Parsons has started to hike again so take this opportunity to walk with her, every Thursday. Tomorrow she will meet everybody at the Kastro Car Park (end of the ringroad) at 2.30 hours. Together you will walk on the Monk’s Trail (Ag Konstantinos/ Glysteri) calderimi, returning via Tzelali. It’s 8km long with an elevation of 216 meters. Free of charge. For more info call Heather +30 6945249328.

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Do good

The do good group of Skopelos cleaned the Stafylos Road last Saturday. Afterwards they had coffee, tea etc. and sweets at Steki in Rigas House hotel and talked about further actions. Watch this space!

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Who is moved by looking in a trash can? I am. I was photographing some recycling bins on the crossroad Panormos/Elios/Glossa -ringroad to show that there are now more places where the bins are. After photographing the bins I had a look inside and I saw that the bins were almost full… and I was moved.

Sklavenitis supermarket

Some more bins are placed in front of the gym hall on the ring road and at the mayor’s office. There is no excuse now. Let’s recycle !!!


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Garbage is not collected on Wednesday and Sunday. The other five days the municipality collect it. Please don’t put garbage out on these days.

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The initiative to help clean the island comes from Mr. George Michaelis. He himself has set up cleaning initiatives several times in the past. Today another clean up action was organised and over 20 friends of Skopelos turned up. The car park, the part of the harbour where cargo ships dock, the ramp where boats get in and out of the water and the town beach were cleaned. Over 30 bags of garbage were filled in two hours. It was like a flash mob action but without the music. We had a great time.

There is more to do so we have formed a messenger groep called:The do good group of Skopelos. Here you can give the group your ideas of what we can do next, when and how. New ideas how to stop people to litter. Help with recycling etc. Anybody that is in the group can see instantly a message or comment and can give a reaction. Hopefully many great initiatives like the one from George will follow. Best shop provided bags and gloves. Spyrou Skopelos experience provided tools. Anybody that wants to join, let me know. I will add you.

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