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Photographing a house today but of course I could not miss the opportunity to photograph this view! Trees and the sea. Skopelos !


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Roof garden

When living in town you must use your space wise so for a garden with tomatoes and zucchini you can use you the roof, not?

Alekos has a house in Glossa. They also don’t have a lot of space but they have a garden too !

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Cleaning a beach

There are a couple of beaches on the island that don’t have umbrellas and sunbeds that are rented out and therefor the cleaning of those beaches is not done by the people who rent those umbrellas and sunbeds out. Only visitors who see that rubbish might pick it up.

This photo shows three nationalities Serb, English and Greek picking up rubbish. Two nationalties are here on holiday. They don’t need to do this but they want to help. Thank you!

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If the hike tomorrow gets canceled due to weather don’t stay away but come to the Sporades Islands Center/Foundation anyway and have a fun day with Tom and his friends.
You will have coffee, tea, koulourakia, and please stay to help Tom decorate the Sporades Islands Center. There is also a qualified instructor who will give everybody a lesson on yoga and shibashi so everybody can learn and exercise together and have lunch afterwards.

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Organized walk


The Sporades island foundation have organized another hiking trip (as in the below video) for this Wednesday 27 June 2018, 8 am – 2:30 pm

if you are in Glossa walk to the foundation. If you are anywhere else take the public bus from Skopelos to Glossa dep, 7 am. get out in Glossa the central square and walk to the foundation.

Coffee and biscuits served before we start, some path clearing along the way, swimming and lunch in Loutraki

Meeting point: SPORADES ISLANDS FOUNDATION (ΙΔΡΥΜΑ ΣΠΟΡΑΔΕΣ) in Glossa across from Elin petro station

Bring water, a sandwich/snack, working gloves, swim suit, towel, money for bus and lunch. Wear walking shoes, sneakers.

Organized and guided by Sporades Islands Foundation for Sustainable Development, Info: Tom ++30 6940 663 553 Donations welcomed.
You leave again with the public bus at Loutraki going back to Skopelos 2:30 pm

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It is nice to get in touch with somebody from the municipality when you have a question, a problem that you need help with. Voula Karatzas has been hired by the municipality and looks at problems, situations that occur in the daily life here. Some things seem very straightforward but you sometimes need to bring it to the attention of the right person. Thanks Voula for the immediate help.

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Two “modern” wooden shipwrecks found on Skopelos
written by Kimon Papadimitriou (Dr Ing Rural & Surveying Engineering – PADI IDC Staff Instructor).

Skopelos, the bigger one of Sporades islands, is becoming a new destination for the scuba community. The limitations for the protection of underwater archaeological sites at most of the popular bays of the island (Agnontas, Panormos and Stafylos), in combination with the lack of services for recreational diving till 2014, have kept the field rather unexplored. After the establishment of Skopelos Dive Center, the coast line has been investigated in order to find potential dive sites. Since then, eighteen locations have being used for the performance of scuba activities. Additionally, new locations are surveyed every year (during scout diving) for broadening the thematic spectrum of services to divers.

Diving sites at Skopelos (map composition by K. Papadimitriou)

In this context, last year (autumn 2017), two modern shipwrecks have been found , still waiting to uncover their history. Even after a few decades, those “time capsules” are hiding particular features of our civilization. It is characteristic that up to the 80’s, wooden ships ruled everyday activities at the islands. Many of those activities (e.g. fishing, commerce, transportation) have been unchanged through the ages. After the introduction and domination of other materials in ship construction, wooden ships are becoming a “memorial” of our maritime heritage.

Overview of wooden shipwreck (photos and orthomosaic by A. Ktistis)

The two located wrecks are not mentioned on marine charts, are submerged at depths around 30m and they have not been identified yet. The first one is found at the bay of Agnontas. It is located on a sandy bottom with gentle slope and its shape, dimensions and part of the cargo are evident. The second vessel is scattered over a rocky steep bottom, close to the bay of Kanapitsa.

According to the above initial data, some interesting perspectives ask for awareness or specialized training activities related to the Underwater Cultural Heritage (UCH). According to UNESCO, in-situ preservation and promotion are the priorities for the protection of UCH, targeting mainly the diving public. Moreover, the contribution of divers with specialized training in combination with the capabilities for 3D digital recording and representations, allow the contribution of a wider – non diving – public. The two specific wrecks, although they have not been characterized yet as modern monuments, are evidence of a past era that is exposed to the diving visitors of Skopelos.

During the access of wrecks underwater, particular procedures have to be followed in order to assure the safety of divers and to preserve any findings in-situ. Data recording for representation purposes and possible identification of unknown wrecked vessels requires additional knowledge and skills. Divers that are visiting the area can attend specialized training courses on such matters. PADI Underwater Survey Diver and Wreck Detective are typical examples of that kind of training that Skopelos Dive Center can provide.

The diving team that discovered the two wrecks consists of Kostas Danis (Electrical Engineer – PADI OW Scuba Instructor), Anastasios Ktistis (Mechanical Engineer – PADI OW Scuba Instructor), Vasilis Voukalis (Economist – PADI OW Scuba Instructor), Angelos Maglis (Civil Engineer – PADI OW Scuba Instructor) and Kimon Papadimitriou (Dr Ing Rural & Surveying Engineering – PADI IDC Staff Instructor).

The Skopelos Dive center is located at the beginning of the road to the monasteries between two car rental places. There is a beautiful outside area where you can talk with the instructors and have a drink. Telephone: (0030) 6940448000 info@sporadesdiving.gr and http://www.sporadesdiving.gr

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