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Stafylofest 2018
Visit the Sporades Centre for Sustainable Life in Glossa this Saturday (22/09) and join us in celebrating the grape harvest and the culture of wine making on our beautiful island. Festivities begin at 5pm. We will be demonstrating local winemaking, harvest songs, music and dance. We will also show you traditional methods of clearing the grape must which can then be used to make moustalevria, a delicious desert.
There will also be plenty of wine for you to sample and enjoy!
Free entrance for all!!
For directions to the centre and video footage from last year’s Stafylofest, please visit our website: http://www.isporades.org


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Still the same

Coming back from Volos the Erato Flying Dolphin sailed from Skiathos to Skopelos along the south coast of Skopelos. Of course, we saw the burned part of Amarandos and from the water, we could see exactly the size of what has been burned.

We then followed the beautiful coastline with the amazing rock formations and the pine trees that almost reach the waterline. Some trees grow out of the rocks!

This small trip made me feel like I felt the first time when I came to Skopelos in 1994. I am still in awe. The nature of this island is unique. Skopelos gives it to us without any costs.

Let’s try and give something back to it. Protect it, clean it and keep it in shape for everybody who visits it and will not forget it for the rest of their lives.

Oh and by the way. I remain a fan of the Erato flying dolphin. Noisy but very quick. No bells and whistles but you get from A to B quick. Nice and friendly crew.

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The Spyrou Skopelos Experience hotel and apartments chain have taken the initiative to voluntarily clean the area around Panormos tomorrow, Wednesday the 29th of August. Mr. George Michalis has taken this initiative and I admire him for it. The meeting point is hotel Skopelos Green Bay in Panormos at 09.00 hours in the morning. Please come in pairs so it is easier to work together. Rubbish bags and gloves are provided. Bring a hat, wear sensible shoes and take something to drink and to eat with you. I am going, you?

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Summer in Greece and the basil plants are thriving! Usually I see one plant in a window sill but this lady in Skopelos town has covered the front of her house with many basil plants.

The significance of a basil plant varies from country to country. In Greek βασιλικόν φυτόν (basilikón phutón) means royal/kingly plant. Basil has a religious significance in the Greek Orthodox Church, where it is used to sprinkle holy water. I like the smell when you touch the leaves and the smell stays on your hands forever. I have seen signs on basil plants saying don’t touch! like the signs on a beautifully green lawn saying don’t walk! How can you resist?

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Photographing a house today but of course I could not miss the opportunity to photograph this view! Trees and the sea. Skopelos !

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Roof garden

When living in town you must use your space wise so for a garden with tomatoes and zucchini you can use you the roof, not?

Alekos has a house in Glossa. They also don’t have a lot of space but they have a garden too !

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Cleaning a beach

There are a couple of beaches on the island that don’t have umbrellas and sunbeds that are rented out and therefor the cleaning of those beaches is not done by the people who rent those umbrellas and sunbeds out. Only visitors who see that rubbish might pick it up.

This photo shows three nationalities Serb, English and Greek picking up rubbish. Two nationalties are here on holiday. They don’t need to do this but they want to help. Thank you!

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