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Work work work

The municipality is busy with re-organizing a lot of things around the harbor.
The railing of this side of the car park was down for many years. No it is up again and a part has been added.

This part of the harbor is now protected with a railing. It was dangerous walking there.

When you enter the car park and the harbor via the entrance near the town beach you see that they are probably going to built a wall there but to get to that side the biotope was removed again. Everytime works get done there the biotope is destroyed. I hope machines will leave the place alone at some point.

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Pink and blue

Panormos sunset

The best afternoons these days are spend on a quiet beach, swimming, fishing, walking and staring out over the sea. There is the sun, always with a different color. Sometimes visible, sometimes hidden behind some clouds. We meet locals who come and swim too or bring the fish they caught to clean it on the shore. There are visitors too who can’t believe their luck. The weather is so nice and they are happy that the island is not completely deserted. Some restaurants reopen. Good places to have a coffee are still here. The olives are fallen of the trees. When do we start collecting? It is not time yet I think. Let them ripe a little bit more. If the weather stays nice can we go to the beach and collect olives on the same day?

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All over the island the municipality together with the forrestry office are cleaning road and manking them wider again. Over the years many roads have become considerable less wider than they used to be. The weather plays a role but also the natural growth of plants and bushes. Rain water can now be diverted better and can flow better towards drainage points.

The sand and cut of branches that you see are being removed. They don’t remain on the side of the roads.

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On Thursday the 19th of September members of the Skopelos Green & Clean club and everybody else that is interested, will have a cleaning up action starting at 9 o’clock in the morning. The place to meet is the harbor. Gloves and bags are provided.

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Sage and admiration


In a world where so much is changing and the daily news is raging I like to be around people who try to have a life being surrounded by things like the nature. Usually nature is more stable. Nature grows, it gives, it surprises you, it teaches you. An example of somebody who knows Skopelos nature extremely well is Sofia. Apart from being a business woman, a historian, a builder, she is also a forrager. She knows Skopelos nature, the seasons here and the location of most herbs and plants.

Last week she gathered wild sage, made small wreaths and gave them away as a present. I was a little bit jealous and told my husband about it and he said:”We have a big sage plant on our land!” Oeps.. A little later he brought me a small fresh bouquet from somewhere else! He also knows the island well and probably like with Sofia this knowledge was part of their upbringing.

I admire her love for the nature and her inquisitiveness. Her blog is http://www.skopelos39steps.com/sofias-blog/4557804331

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Civil Protection

Last night a meeting was held in the Xenia building with one of the new council members Mr. Angelos Xidaris who is part of the group of new mayor Mr Stamatis Perissis. The purpose of the meeting was to have a talk with groups/ organizations/volunteers about setting up a framework of volunteers in case of a natural disaster like fire, flood, earthquake.

The fire brigade, the police, the port police and the municipality are the ones who always take the lead in these kind of circumstances and they are educated to do so but volunteers can always help out. The volunteers would be citizens of Skopelos, Greek or non-Greek.

The diving club for instance has helped out many times already when an accident occurred in the sea. Most divers know CPR and that is very useful. Skopelos has a small group of volunteers of the Red Cross/Samaritans. They have already helped out and will help out in the future. Also present a representative of Skopelos trails MKO, the active citizens group, the builders association, the cultural/folklore organization, Skopelos Green and Clean representatives, the scouts, the divers club, SIFFY representatives and the local historical organization.

Anybody who lives permanently on Skopelos and would like to be part of this volunteers group can write me an email and tell me their name and telephone number. If you have any extra skills like CPR,diving, translating please tell me so groups can be formed with specialties. The municipality in general is looking for anybody who wants to help and it is not necessary to have any special skills because any helping hand is useful. In these kind of circumstances not only skills are needed but hands too. It is also not a problem if you don’t speak Greek.

The red cross/samaritans together with the divers club are looking into the possibility of starting CPR classes.

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Arson attempt

(photo is from another area taken by skopelosnews)

The fire department has prohibited an attempted arson attack in the forest of Skopelos. This news comes from The Vories sporades blog and I thought it was very important for everybody to know. look here

The head of the fire department saw the fire when he was passing by on his rounds over the island. This period of the year many fire fighters and their trucks patrol on the island. In this case somebody set fire to the forrest and an investigation is being conducted. The other cause of fire can be the combination of heat and wind or bad weather and lightning.

So: please avoid any work that can cause sparks of fire that can cause a fire. Please don’t BBQ in open areas. Don’t light any fires anywhere! Don’t throw cigarettes and cigars on the road. Don’t throw glass on the road. If you see anything suspicious please call +30 24240-24199 or +30 24240-24598

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