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The beach, the sky

Sitting on the beach of Stafylos with the waves crashing on the sand I have a live painting in front of me that shows the most beautiful clouds and colors in the sky. They keep changing, it is magical and I feel free but also in awe of the magic of nature.

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Lockdown in Greece has been extended by another week. Hopefully after this week some shops and restaurants can open again with click away (calling and ordering or via the computer and picking up later) Some other countries in and outside of Europe have even stricter lockdowns.

So much in the immediate future is unsure and that is hard for so many people. Will travelling be without too many restrictions soon? This situation that we are finding ourselves in, we have have to take it day by day, week by week and hopefully those brighter days will come.

Winter has not reached Skopelos yet. Apart from rain and strong winds, most days are sunny and we have temperatures that are far above normal for this time of the year. Many early spring flowers are out. Can’t remember them blooming so early.

Only one ferryboat, the Express Skiathos will sail from Volos to the Sporades and back the next couple of weeks. The flying dolphin called Venus and the ferryboat Proteus will stop sailing indefinitely. There are not enough passengers at this time to keep all three boats on the line Volos-Sporades and back.

Tomorrow Greek pre-school and elementary school children will able to go to school again. The government has tried to give all teachers a rapid test before they start teaching again. Some teachter arraive here on Saturday. Whether the authorities will be able to test them all is uncertain. Parents are worried because many teachers don’t work where their permanent residence is. They need to travel. To avoid crowds in front of the school the children have to arrive at different times and through different entrances. It might not be possible at all schools.

In Greece many first responders, hospital staff and old people’s homes staff have been vaccinated. As of tomorrow people from the general population, over 85 years can get vaccinated. They will be notified via their health insurance organization or they can make an appointment via the KEP offices and the pharmacies.

The rules for travelling in and out of Greece change constantly. Now when coming into Greece you need to quarantine for a week. This may change again.

Today instead of going to the beach we went to the area of Karya and collected wild greens. In particular radiki, a quite bitter green. We know a place…

All photographs were taken in the last three days.

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On Samos island two children are dead from the collapse of a wall. Six people are recorded dead in Turkeys Izmir area. Many people are wounded.

Seismologists warned that people should expect a series of strong aftershocks to follow the 6.7 Richter earthquake. They urged the public to stay away from ‘distressed’ buildings. A large number of aftershocks have been recorded so far, with the strongest measuring 4.6 on the Richter scale.

The director of the National Observatory of Athens Geodynamics Institute, Akis Tselentis, said that the 6.7-Richter quake was the main tremor but warned that very strong aftershocks as high as 6.2 Richter are expected to follow and that island residents should be extremely cautious, and avoid going near damaged buildings.

Professor of Seismology at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Kostas Papazachos stated that the quake was between 6.8 to 7 Richter and that this was why it also caused such serious damage in Turkey.

Source:AMNA.GR(Athens/Macedonian Press Agency)

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This is year ten of Skopelos Scramblers and the photo above was the walk to Ag Anna in 2011.

This Sunday, 1st Nov, the group will gather at 10.30am on the shore road at the Ancient Excavation Site/Asclepion.
The walk will climb up to Agia Marina Spring through Mili Village where Muriel will spread out the famous blue checked table cloth for a shared picnic.

The way back will give the walkers a beautiful view of Skopelos Town as they scramble down the ridge one level below the spring and back to the starting point where those who feel they deserve it, will carry on into town for a cup of coffee and discuss next weeks walk.

All are welcome to take part on Skopelos Scramblers Walks and this walk is also ideal for our 4 legged friends.

Any questions phone Muriel Dunlop on 24240 24732

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(Amarandos August 2020)

Dear Anna,

I was very moved today when I met you and your parents. You all came up to me and told me that you follow the blog. Your parents told me that you live in Transylvania, a region in Romania and that you all love Skopelos. It is the biggest compliment for me when I speak to readers of the blog, who love Skopelos and now I know its youngest reader.. It is an honor that you found me and told me that.

Your parents told me that you were very worried when you were told about the bottle that was left in Amarandos and which could be a possible fire hazard.
I know you visited Amarandos and saw what a beautiful place it is. I hope you can come back soon again and see how the small trees in Amarandos have grown bigger and make the part that was burned, green and healthy again.

We have an obligation for young people like you to preserve the environment.
You depend on us, the older people, but it made a big impression on me that you, as a small child, are environmentally conscious already. Thank you for reminding me that we have to keep preserving, protecting and appreciating the nature around us.

I hope to see you again on Skopelos, Daphne

(Amarandos August 2020)

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A couple of weeks we saw in the sea in front of Skopelos town, a ship that was not an oil tanker or a transport boat. We found out today that this boat is owned by the Laskaridis foundation which is active in shipping, tourism and real estate.
The state-of-the-art ship Typhoon carried out the cleaning of the coastline of Skopelos and the wider sea area of ​​the Sporades and the marine park on the 7th of August and between the 19th and 25th of August.

The “Typhoon” is a Norwegian-built 72 meter long vessel that contributes to the cleaning of coastal and underwater areas. In addition to modern maritime navigation systems, the vessel features five speed boats that can approach and clean inaccessible shores and has large containers suitable for sorting recyclables collected during these operations. The Typhoon Project team, consists of Foundation executives and other staff members. It has cleaned inaccessible shores in the Cyclades, Crete and the Saronic Gulf (and now Skopelos) and has removed over 20 tons of marine litter. The ship operates year-round, in collaboration with non-governmental organizations, research actors and academic institutions.

Laskaridis foundation

74 beaches on Skopelos were visited and they are mapped out on this aerial photograph
black dot; difficult to reach beach
yellow/red dot; beach with a lot of litter, over 26 kilos
green dot ; clean beach
yellow dot; beach with litter from 1 to 25 kilos

Please look at the before and after photo’s of the beaches.

The type of litter that was found was Styrofoam (56%) small pieces of plastic (39%) plastic bottles, bags etc. (4%)

In total 2103 kilo of litter was gathered.

(All this information was send to skopelosnews by the municipality. They congratulate the whole team that workd tirelessly on the beaches and thank the Laskaridis foundation and the crew of the Typhoon for this offer and for the work they have done. They also thank the Executive Director of the foundation, Mrs.Angeliki Kosmopoulou for the excellent and flawless collaboration. A clean environment enhances well-being and it is the duty of all of us to it keep the environment clean and sustainable)

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Be careful

The ministry of Civil Protection just send a message to many people in the Sporades warning them to be extremely careful tomorrow with actions that may cause fire. Because of lack of rain the ground is super dry. The hard wind that is predicted for tomorrow and any work/action that can cause sparks of fire may escalate into a big forest fire!!!
Let’s be very, very careful.

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In the last couple of weeks several readers of skopelosnews have send me letters in which they express their concern about the carelessness of people visiting or living on the island. The bottle seen above was left in Amarandos, one of the most magical places on the island that was destroyed a little over two years ago by a fire.

People have been seen lighting a fire in the forest to have BBQ. In many places on the streets face masks are dumped.

Skopelos is one big nature park and has a unique beauty. Only by acting more responsible all together we will be able to preserve that beauty.

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Life on Skopelos moves on like in the rest of the world and the visitors on the island hopefully experience some kind of peace, tranquility, sense of being on holiday. We cannot lose contact with reality though and when I got this message on my telephone this afternoon I knew what it would say because in the fight against Covid-19 we have to be aware that when we leave this destination we need to be careful on the return journey too.

This year I have noticed that some fruits like grapes don’t need more than the sun because we did not treat them with anything and we picked these yesterday in our garden! The plumbs though are falling of the trees before we can pick them. They have been eaten or get bad. Black figs are all around at the moment. Amazing!

And what about the sunflowers! These can be seen in the road towards the post office. Just growing taller and taller and showing their happy faces.

Yesterday somebody saw a couple of people starting a BBQ in Amarandos. Fortunately there was somebody who immediately warned these people that a BBQ outside is absolutely forbidden! Only in a contained BBQ environment surrounded by stones etc. you can do this and only at home or your holiday home. If you see otherwise warn the fire department.

It is amazing to see that although travelling to Skopelos is very difficult for many people I see so many familiar faces on the streets. Everybody has made such a big effort to come here. Travel safe, stay safe and wear a mask everywhere and keep social distancing in place.

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This morning we had to pick up our children from the Proteus ferryboat that would arrive in Loutraki and we decided to go earlier so we could enjoy Loutraki.

We visited the town beach and the two small beaches on either side of the village. Looking out over the sea we saw boats coming and going and having a purpose.

Later we sat in the shade under the mulberry trees to the left of the harbor and wondered if we could escape a weekend and rent a room along the waterside?

We saw four people working on the same small fishing boat and when the ferry boat finally arrived comments flew back and forth about the tourist season, who was coming of the boat and who was leaving. The usual things in such a small community but it gives you a feeling that you belong….

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