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These trees embody for me the spirit of spring. The color of the flowers, please let it stay like that forever, it is sooo beautiful !

In my post about the boat situation I received many comments on how the boat schedules are always posted late, that is it not so bad to stay a night on Skiathos etc. In 22 years that I live on this island the situation has never been so bad and that is why I wanted to talk about it. We are not only talking about the summer here guys. What about people living here all the time? We cannot go to a doctor in Volos in one day for instance anymore.

Another comment said that it is not good to give negative news. Since the start of this blog I always tried to be positive in my reports about the island but I realize it is also good to tell people about the difficulties this island faces and be more critical. This way opinions can be voiced and a structural conversation can be held.

Have a nice weekend everybody !!


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Whilst visiting the village of Old Klima I remembered again how beautiful it is and how wonderful it is to walk there and not have cars passing by all the time. Maybe an idea for a couple of streets in Skopelos village? Many people were busy painting, building and generally maintaining the houses. There were of course still many houses that need to be bought and renovated. Old Klima is worth a visit any day and if you have time walk down to Loutraki on the beautiful donkey path/μονοπάτι!

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This winter has been fairly mild. On Skopelos we have had some rain and a couple of good storms. Nothing like in other parts of Europe with heavy snowfall and very low temperatures. Lets see what March and April will bring. Tomorrow it’s Valentine’s day. Gonna do something nice for somebody you love ?

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(custom made shopping bags made by Lia with long or short handles; for more info write to skopelosnews.

The last couple of weeks the tellers of the supermarkets on Skopelos have endured the constant complaining of shoppers about the plastic bags that they have to pay (since the 1st of January 2018) Yesterday in the supermarket I noticed that many people, even older Greeks, have their bag with them so slowly slowly everybody is getting used to it. Lia has made this wonderful bag out of bits of jeans. These type of bags are also usable for bread or fruits etc. The complaint of many that they need bags for toilet paper can be resolved by using all the wrappings and plastic bags you get when you buy other products. There is soo much excess. I reuse the bag that the toilet rolls come in.

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Kastani is now a back to basics beach. The last part of the road to the beach is almost gone. You cannot get there with a car. For some it is fantastic because the beach is very pure again. Others mourn the fact that a beautiful beach with a good beach bar with nice music, sunbeds and umbrellas is history. Take your pick.

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Between the days with lots of winds there are better days where you can cut the roses, the vines and admire the lovely flowers that are around…

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This photograph was taken on the asphalt road above the beach of Limnonari and the Potami gorge.

The weather is beautiful again and it is wonderful to drive through the countryside and see fires been lit. The fires are lit to burn the olives branches that were trimmed after the olives were picked.

Many trees still have a lot of olives that are green so maybe these olives will be picked in the new year. They say olives were picked here on the island until March. Can you imagine that ??

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