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Good morning on this wonderful Saturday morning. The sun is shining and spring is in the air. The almond trees are slowly losing their flowers and before we know it small almonds will start growing on the trees again. Life goes on. The spring flowers are out and showing their beautiful colors. Tomorrow we hope the weather will be good so many people can enjoy the carnival festivities on the island!


Working until late are Stamatis and the two Dimitri’s. Their boat/Τράτα isn’t ready yet so they are working hard to get it finished before Sunday afternoon when the procession will be! Yes you are right in asking yourself why this boat is open? How can it sail? Well, the boat is lifted up and taken in the hands of the crew and captain and dragged along the streets. In Glossa the boat is put on the back of a truck and driven around. In the end it will be thrown in the sea where it will sink (if the water is deep enough…)

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On Sunday November the 13th the Scramblers walked to Stafilos beach. They walked along the old Stafilos Road and upon reaching the beach they sat down on some rocks and blue chairs and enjoyed the sun. But where is the blue tablecloth?

This Sunday the 27th the group will meet at 10.30am at the Alpha bank where transport will be organised to take walkers to the start of the walk near the monastery of Sotiris.
The first part of the scramble is an easy surface then the group will carry on down to Mili village on the kalderimi which is a route, although beautifull, might require some hand holding in parts. The walk down from Mili village, although a little off piste, is easy and with thoughts of a hot coffee/chocolate downtown will be probably be undertaken at record taste.
Any questions phone Muriel on 24240 24732

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Mild Severe

This is the entrance of the last part to the Jilali spring. This path was finished a couple of years ago and is was very pleasant to walk down into the Jilali valley to the spring and into the Karya area or back to Skopelos.

That pleasant walk is no more so we want to warn people that the part around the spring is now a climbing area and we have graded the climb according to the International French Adjectival System. The adjectival grade appears to have been introduced by O. G. Jones in the early 20th century who classified climbs as “Easy”; “Moderate”; “Difficult” or “Exceptionally Severe”.[12] Increasing standards have several times led to extra grades being added. The adjectival grades are as follows:
-Easy (rarely used)
-Moderate (M, or “Mod”)
-Difficult (D, or “Diff”)
-Hard Difficult (HD, or “Hard Diff” – often omitted)
-Very Difficult (VD, or “V Diff”)
-Hard Very Difficult (HVD, or “Hard V Diff” – sometimes omitted)
-Mild Severe (MS – often omitted)
-Severe (S)
-Hard Severe (HS)
-Mild Very Severe (MVS – often omitted)
-Very Severe (VS)
-Hard Very Severe (HVS)
-Extremely Severe (E1, E2, E3, …)

After careful consideration and with the wounds to show Skopelosnews has graded this walk; Mild Severe (MS – often omitted)

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The zen of trees

Here’s one I prepared earlier

Here’s one I prepared earlier

Can trees do zen? You might be surprised, especially after research in recent years has found the friendly dentro, tree, more sentient than was previously imagined. Trees can indeed walk (shades of that scene in Kew Gardens greenhouse from The Day of the Triffids), moving root boles towards sunlight and water and away from harm. Some species release toxins into their leaf systems when they believe themselves under attack from birds or insects. They communicate by chemical messages across tree communities, and have even been observed to protect younger and ailing trees nearby.
We found this magnificent specimen of what we believe is citrus reticulata, the mandarin tree, in the narrow lane leading down from the re-purposed milos, or mill, up from the junction for Pefkias and Glyfoneri beach. The house is being extensively renovated, but this root bole has remained (we assume) happily immobile over a number of weeks of drastic works on the building. Given the number of other reticulata in nearby gardens, maybe it’s just chewing the fat over the garden fence. And as our second photo shows, its leaf canopy still hosts a healthy abundance of fruit many weeks into the renovation.

Sentient flora does have its dark side, however: that heavenly smell of freshly cut grass may, in fact, be the grass screaming as it is beheaded.

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No room?

On Sunday these pots were spotted on the roof of a bbq area and we thought the salads looked absolutely gorgeous and it seems to us the perfect way to grow vegetables when you don’t have a lot of room. And what about the fresh onions. Can you imagine the salad that is going to make?

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pavlos tree 2A recent visit to Pavlos taverna in Agnontas found evidence that the rare Jerusalem Thorn tree on its terrace has indeed begun to sprout shoots again. The ailing tree was cut down after it developed a condition that was consuming its branches. It will take some time for it to reach the dimensions many visitors admired over the years, but at least it is alive. It is considered an invasive weed in its natural habitat in the Pacific islands, but is regarded frondly by fans of Pavlos.

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Link to wild flowers of Skopelos here

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