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"Preventive measures to reduce the risk of fire in forest and rural areas in view of the new protection against fire season 2023".

In view of the new protection against fire season 2023 and to avoid fires in forest and rural areas, farmers, breeders of animals as well as all residents of the Municipality of Skopelos island are requested to clean their plots and farms to avoid spreading of fire

We inform you that from 01 - 05 - 2023 to 31 - 10 - 2023 due to increased risk, any work that involves machinery that can get hot and cause flames and burning of leaves in forests, woodlands, grasslands and agricultural lands is strictly prohibited, in accordance with Fire Regulation 9 / 2021

It should be pointed out that during the protection against fire season, the burning of materials on agricultural land is only allowed after a permit issued in accordance with the above 9 / 2021 Fire Regulation. Violators are prosecuted and punished according to the applicable provisions. 

The Civil Protection of the Municipality of Skopelos

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This morning a clean up took place of a part of the harbor and two areas around it. Thank you to the volunteers Michael, Stef and Robert who came out to help.

It was sad to find out that the starting time did not mean that all the people that should be there were there and the clean up of the harbor was the most important but there were too many people who had nothing to do. Evi of the Greek National rescue team was very helpful with guidance and resources.

The scouts and the small amount of volunteers went to the beach below the church of Panagia and cleaned that of the last rubbish. The volunteers then went to the side of the harbor at the end of the parking and collected rubbish there.

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The port police, the sailing association of Skopelos, the Skopelos Diving Center, the sea scouts of Skopelos and the Greek Rescue Team of Skopelos wil hold a voluntary clean up this Sunday the 14th of May around the harbour. I have called and anybody that wants to help out is welcome. We will meet at 08.00 hours in the morning at the port police building in the harbour. Maybe see you there?

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Sunday 16th April

Meeting point Sklavenitis supermarket at 10.30am where we will organize transport and drive to starting point for a walk/scramble up the white tower where there is a stunning view down to Panormos.

A shared picnic will be laid out on Muriel’s famous blue tablecloth. If you want to contribute please do!

All are welcome on this walk but if you have no transport phone Muriel before the walk on 0030 6983010118

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Sundays walk to the Sendoukia Graves gave the walkers everything they were looking for,to-amazing views, a bit of Skopelos history, interesting fellow walkers and of course a delicious picnic.

This Sunday 9th April
This Sunday the group will head up to the monasteries and beyond to Ag Anna and a beautifull dedicated picnic area with views of Allonisos and our blue/green waters. Once we have arrived, Muriel will spread out her tablecloth and anybody that wants to contribute to the picknick with something, please do.

The meeting point is around the entrance to the port car park at 10.30 am where transport will be arranged up to the monasteries.

Feel free to join us.

If you have question please call Muriel, +30 6976320332

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Last Sundays walk was along various paths, beautiful open areas with amazing views and along the heliport to the Devils Schism. It was delightful with nine scramblers and three pouches. The end of the beautiful walk was in a picnic area with an wonderful sea view.

Sunday 2nd April

This Sundays walk will take us to the Sendoukia Graves. Meeting point as usual at Sklavenitis supermarket car park at 10.30am where transport will be organized. The starting point for the walk will be the crossroad that heads for Elios/Skopelos and as usual we will pick out a nice spot at the end of walk for Muriel’s blue checked table cloth on which the Scramblers will lay out a shared picnic. Please bring a small snack.

Feel free to join the group on this walk where you will be made very welcome!

For more info please call Muriel on 6983010118.

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Please be aware that the clock will go forward an hour around 03.00 hours on Saturday evening

The last “official” scramblers walk was to Glysteri. We had a wonderful sunny walk over several old donkey paths and had a lovely picknick on Glysteri. This Sundays Scramble begins at the Sklavenitis Supermarket carpark at 10.30 am. From there the group will drive up to Villa Dunlop, where they will park the vehicles and the walk will commence. We will walk along the ridge to Prof Ilias church and then the scramble will begin for real to Skopelos helicopter port. We will then make our way to the main Stafilos road and the turn of for The Devils Schism. Having reached there and enjoying the beautiful sea views the famous blue checked table cover will be spread out to take the groups shared picnic. There will be a vehicle at the picnic spot to take drivers back to starting point should they want to but Muriel will be walking back a slightly different but more direct route. We hope you join us!

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10.30 hours we assemble at Milos Square. We will walk down to Glyfoneri and up on the donkey path to the asphalt. From there we will walk from the crossroad to Glysteri and down the valley. On the beach we will share a picnic- contributions welcome. Transport will be available to pick up Scramblers from the beach who would like a lift back to the starting point of Milos Square.

All are welcome to join the Scramblers on this walk. Any question phone Muriel 6983010118

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Experience the Best of the Sporades: Hiking on Skopelos Island. From lush pine forests to hidden beaches, explore the best of Skopelos’ nature and history on foot

14 FEBRUARY 2023

Skopelos, the most densely vegetated island of the Aegean Sea, is an absolute paradise of green and blue. Pines cover the island from coast to coast and merge with the crystal-clear blue waters that surround it, creating a picturesque view that is beyond breathtaking. The lush island’s beauty is enhanced by dozens of trails and old cobbled paths that cross its natural terrain, making it a leading destination for trekking and adventure.

For the rest of the article follow this link

Experience the Best of the Sporades: Hiking on Skopelos Island

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It never gets boring to hear the sound of the springwater and especially when the waterflow gets stronger after snowfall.

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