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Not a dream

Shaking in my bed. I woke up but did not really pay attention. Fell asleep again. Only when I saw the news and the information from Yiannis Chatzitrakosas I realized there was an eartquake in the area of the island Kyra Panagia, north of Alonissos.


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On this very hot and humid day I had a meeting in the afternoon and I was not really looking forward to it. We had to go and look for a piece of land but the owner did not remember where the land was. What can you do ? Near the place where we thought the land was we saw a small house and in the distance two people sitting at a table. I went up to ask for directions and an elderly couple were putting figs on a line to dry. I recognized the lady and asked her why she doesn’t visit the village anymore. Her legs are failing her she said. All around the house I see how busy they are and I ask if I can take pictures of the garden and the figs and the peppers…

I cannot refuse the drink they offer. It would be offensive.Three small kittens follow me around and when I go and look for the land they follow me. The elderly couple are worried sick that the kittens are lost. I swoop them up in my hand and bring them back. The blessings of the couple accompany me when I drive away. A meeting that I was not looking forward to, turned into something memorable.

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Water reservoir

There is water in the water reservoir near Loutsa. Do you see the puddle ? Not really sure what the situation is right now. Is the reservoir finished?


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Only 15 minutes from Skopelos village you find absolute peace in the area of Anania and Pirgos. The most stunning views over the hills, towards the sea. Everything is there and nothing. You and your thoughts. Drive up unpaved roads and see where it brings you. You are surprised every time.

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Kjell Thovsen came to Skopelos for the first time 32 years ago. He fell in love with this beautiful, green island and returned at least a hundred times during all parts of the year. He now lives permanently on the island. Kjell was always interested in wild flowers and taking photos, but never systematically. Inspired by the site “http://wildflowersofskopelos.org.uk/Blog.html by dr. Sue Warren, the only Skopelos photo flora till now he thinks, he thought it would be a nice hobby, combining his interest in nature and his long walks with the dog.

Kjells intention is only to make a nice photo guide with little or no description of each species other than name, family and date of registration.
For the moment the gallery contains photos of 427 separate species found on Skopelos during the last two years. Most of the species are represented by one photo, but some have extra photos of fruits, flowers with alternative colors etc. Totally there are 510 photos in the gallery.

The gallery contains vascular plants only. None are omitted even if they look dull and uninteresting by the first sight as even a minute flower can appear as a beauty when enlarged.
According to the Flora Hellenica Database, there are reported 690 species on Skopelos, but the real number is probably much higher. Till now he has found about 70 new ones. Many of them are quite common, indicating the need of a proper exploration by professional botanists.

Here is the beautiful website of Kjell!skopelosflora

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The next couple of days two official spray teams from the municipality will start spraying chemicals against the “δακο” an animal which lays its eggs in an olive and the larves will destroy the olives. The teams will cover the whole island, every day another area. The teams will only spray on olive farms in areas far from houses.

This year there are many olives on the trees and everybody is hoping for a good harvest. Hopefully the “δακο”will not spoil the islanders dreams.

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After a talk to the municipality there is now a rubbish bin near the bus stop at Agnondas !

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