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The cleaning of beaches, streets, harbors and springs takes place every year in Greece. The event is called let’s do it. This year the municipality asked many different groups to take on a beach or an area on the island. They could choose themselves.

Skopelos has already started with the school children in Glossa cleaning the village. With them were teachers and municipal board members. On Saturday Agnondas and Limnonari will be cleaned and on Sunday the harbor of Skopelos and Stafylos and Velanio. Gloves and plastic bags will be provided. Anything that can be recycled will be separated from the other garbage. Glyfoneri beach was supposed to be cleaned on Monday but we are not sure if anybody went. Glysteri beach needs cleaning but the beach was not put on the list. That is a shame because especially because the beaches on this side of the island need better cleaning. There is much more garbage there !!

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This is an article that the Greek News Agenda has published about hiking on Greek islands; it is called hiking Greek islands: explore off-the-beaten track treasures!

The Greek islands, well known for their sunny beaches and clear blue waters, attract outdoor enthusiasts not only for activities such as diving, scuba diving, snorkeling, wind surfing, sailing or just sun bathing, but also for hiking and walking tours! Walking tourism has been gaining ground in the past few years, thanks to public and private initiatives sign-posting routes, publishing maps, organizing walking tours and operating special sites to inform people about available paths and walking tours. This form of tourism is particularly well suited to the Greek islands due to their mountainous morphology and stunning vistas to the endless blue. But there is more to explore; walking tours often include stops at archeological sites, spots of geological, natural, or architectural interest, deserted villages, wineries, artist’s galleries and more!

The rest of the article is here; hiking on Greek islands

Here is a video of the footpaths on Kefalonia.
Footpaths on Kefalonia

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Spring is here!

Skopelosnews tries to be a blog that gives people up to date information about what is happening on the island and around. The photos we take are almost always taken on the island. This photo was taken this morning and shows the wonderful flowers that we can start putting in our gardens and pots again now the weather is getting more stable and warm. Have a great weekend everybody wherever you are. Spring is here .

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Once upon a time there was a tree that lived in a beautiful garden. Because people had planted the tree close to a wall the tree was having problems with the space around it. It was able to grow higher but the wall was having a problem too. The tree was leaning so much on the wall that there was a real danger that the wall would break and collapse.

And so many people thought and thought about the problem for many years and finally decided that the tree must be cut because it was too dangerous. And that is what happened. This week the tree was cut. No happy ever after here at the end of this “fairy tale”

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Have a great Sunday everybody.

The almond tree blossoming is one of the most beautiful signs that spring is here. The tree blossoms are a sign that it is ready to start making almonds and it is a spectacular start. These trees we found in Alikias and as we drove on the road around this area the top of the trees were shining like a beacon; ” come quick and admire us, we won’t be here for a long time anymore, our blossoms are falling”


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Skiathos island has installed underground waste containers which can be used from the first of March. They have been installed in the old harbor and in the Papadiamantis street opposite the school. Looks great. Source: http://skiathos-news.blogspot.gr/2017/02/1.html

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The stairs leading down to Stafylos beach have undergone a major change lately. There are stone walls protecting the people descending and ascending and there is a flat path next to the steps where wheelchairs and buggies can come down to the beach and go up to the road.

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