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Winter does not seem to touch Skopelos at the moment and we are having glorious days, sometimes with strong winds.
These photos are from today on the small beach at Joannis tou Kastri in Glossa.

As you probably know Greece celebrates the New Year with lots of cakes. Many organizations meet and talk about the New Year and what is being planned and people have a reason to see each other and socialize. Last week I went to two events.

The first one was organized by the various schools and the committees that help them. Present was the mayor and the junior minister of education Mrs. Zetta Makri. In the speeches they held promises were made to try and solve the housing problem for teachers (but also for doctors, police, fire brigade and port police) Secondly they announced that a new, more modern, high school will be built in Skopelos. Hopefully the school will be built soon and the housingproblems will be adressed.

A drive to Old Klima and Limnonari earlier in the week gave us sunshine and beauty.

And last but not least, tonight, the New Year’s cake of the Folklore and Cultural organization, was cut.

Many citizens were present and the choir of the organization gave a small concert. This could be the last cutting of a cake but maybe not….

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New roads

There are so many roads and paths on Skopelos. How can you know them all ?

I still find new roads and I keep using the old roads. Maybe that is a good intention for stepping into the New Year: hang on to old friendships, old habits but embrace the new friendships, the new adventures. It keep us on our toes and not knowing what is around the corner makes it more special.

A Happy and healthy New Year for everybody and keep walking!!!!!

The harbor of Agnondas is full these days with amateur fishermen. There are a lot of fish “around” and word travels fast here. So in a line along the quay stand these guys and they are boasting about what they have caught in the last few days, which bate is the best for which fish and other insights in the mysterious world of fishing… There are also quite a few cementblocks on that same quayside. Ready to be placed in the area where the harbor needs te be repaired, we think. The sunsets are still amazing from this harbor. You can keep shooting photographs but it is even better to just follow the changes of colors in sky.

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Another planet?

The beach of Armenopetra is a beach which lies a bit of the beaten track but it is so worth visiting. I always feel I am not in Greece. The strange rock formation on the left, the dry stone walls behind the beach and the trees that grow along with the wind.

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On several places on the island trees have been cut that were close to electricity lines. When we first saw the trees being cut we were very upset so I asked the vice mayor mr. Angelos Xidaris for a comment. He said that trees close to electricity line need to be cut because during bad weather they fall on the electricity lines and whole areas on the island will be without electricity for many hours or days if the bad weather continues and the electricity company cannot reach the area and repair the damage.

New views towards Agnondas and Amarandos have appeared and to Limnonari and Elios. It is quite a change. Inhabitants of Skopelos that wanted the wood could come and cut pieces from the fallen trees or collect pieces of wood that were gathered somewhere on a plot in Skopelos.

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After three days of collecting the olives that were left on the trees on our piece of land we gathered 750 kilos of olives and received 122 liters of olive oil. What a wonderful moment it was again to receive the olive oil. This year we went to the olive press in Glossa. A very good experience.

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“The olives are too small, they have the fly in them, not enough rain has fallen, it is too early to harvest them? Is the olive press open yet? The amount of olives and the olive oil you get is too small, the weather is going to change again.

All these questions circle in conversations held by those who want to collect olives. The gossip about quality, accidety etc. reach the villages and make you even more uncertain about when to start collecting or even if you are going to start.

Well our start of collecting olives coincide with me trying to start writing again for the blog.

Yesterday a friend of mine asked me to find a post about her son where I asked you readers to help out. I could not find the post immediately and had to scrawl through a year’s blog posts. I was surprised at how many posts I had written.

I want to start again and today seems a good day. I hope you are all well.

We decided to take only the olives that are left on the trees. It seems such a waste to leave these olives on this piece of land that has given us so much already this year: wild cherries, apricots, almonds, many varieties of plumbs, pomegranate and quince!

I am glad to be back, xx

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A good sized group walked to the white tower that looks down on Panormos Bay on the 17th of October.

A strenuous hike but well worth the effort.

Sunday 23rd October 

The Scramblers again were able to gather together a good number for the walk to Amarantos where Muriel’s famous blue checked tablecloth laid out a magnificent picnic-thank you all- at the three trees. 

The group then headed for Agnondas and some even were able to meet for coffee in Skopelos town while discussing the next Sunday hike.

Sunday 30th October 

The group will meet at Sklavanitis supermarket 10.30 hours and after organizing transport will make their way to the centre of the island where the Scramblers will head down to Panormos.

No picnic required as Asterias taverna will be open for food and drinks and Muriel says the sea temperature might encourage some to take a dip😎.

Transport has been arranged to take drivers back to the beginning of the hike.

Any questions phone Muriel 6983010118

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This Sundays walk

Sunday 16th October

Is the first of the Autumn season.

The meeting point is the car park of Slavenitis Supermarket at 10.30am. The intended walk is the white tower that overlooks Panormos.  As usual when the destination had been reached Muriel will spread out the famous blue checked tablecloth to accept a shared picnic.

The walk is both flat and uphill with a bit of rocky ground so good shoes or boots required but the end result is stunning.

Our four legged friends are very welcome on this walk but let Muriel know if anyone will require transport. Any further questions phone Muriel Dunlop. Mobile 6983010118

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In May we visited Amarandos and again we were in awe of the enormous beauty of this place. The access to the sea is not easy but the view from the rocks is so special. Swimming in the crystal clear sea is a one of a lifetime experience in itself. Amarandos is one of the many places on Skopelos that needs to be protected if we want to enjoy it in future years. When we go there we need to make sure we don’t destroy the natural paths that are there. We need to take all our litter with us and not leave anything behind. It is vital we make sure we leave the place as we found it. Skopelos has had many visitors so far and that is good but protecting the island so we can all keep enjoying it is also good. Let’s try!

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Three cameras were installed and operating at high risk points such as Elios, the OTE tower and the landfill for the immediate detection of smoke or fire and management – intervention.

The cameras operate in the optical and infrared spectrum and the image is in real time from all the three cameras is transmitted to the control center and to the competent users or alerts by sms. The camera detects the thermal trace in the spectrum from 0 to 800 m and more if the thermal trace is intense and the optical one if it is not interrupted by a physical obstacle.
Other cameras can be added to the system
The budget project total cost 52.000 euro (cameras, equipment, software, etc.) and was financed by the Region of Thessaly.

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