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N.I.K.O.S. party


Party and cutting of the New Year’s cake.
The board of the sailing and swimming club N.I.K.O.S. invite friends and members to attend the party they will hold on Saturday to cut the New Year’s cake. Carnival is almost over so one of the last parties will be held in Screwdriver Bar. You are welcome there from 22.30 hours. The theme of the night is mermaids and the brazen boys.

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Greeks like openings and blessings so last evening the new sports year was officially opened in the Skopelos gym hall with priest Vangelis Kechriotis. It is nice that the acoustics in the hall are so good because the father Vangelis was situated far from the crowd but everybody was silent because it is important to get a blessing so the year will go well. His basil bunch was dipped in the water after the blessing and we were all sprinkled/blessed with water. The volleyball girls also had a chance to show off their new training gear. Afterwards cake and soft drinks were given out!

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Volleyball tournament

The whole weekend a volleyball tournament is taking place in the gym hall in Skopelos town. Teams from Volos, Larissa and Lamia are participating. And of course the team from Skopelos!

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The sunset kayaking trips of Neil and Yvonne can become a life saving event too when you see a small turtle with a plastic fishing line around its body and in his mouth.
Neil managed to lift the turtle out of the water and started to cut the lines. It took some time but with the help of the other participants on the trip it was freed and set back in the water.



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Around Elios

Contestants from the kindergartens, the elementary schools, the high schools and adults on Skopelos and Alonissos took part in the “around Elios” event last Monday. Here are some shots of the lovely afternoon.

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Sporades cycling and trails


Sporades cycling has started to write down the trails they are cycling around the island and they are also starting with the islands Alonissos and Skiathos. Below is their last recording of the area and their comment:
Pouda & Mavragani: Lovely quiet trails at the very north of Skopelos. Very up and down with some steeper ramps (only walked once!). Nice lunch/drinks stop at the almost never visited small church of Agios Georgios, tucked away in the woods but with lovely views of the coastline and beach at Perivolou.

The link is here

Do you want to see all the descriptions of the trails they have done go here

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