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What could be more than fun and easy than to rent a paddle board, use it on your vacation here on Skopelos and return it afterwards! Skopelos Paddle Boards is here! http://www.skopelospaddleboards.gr

This is included in the bag.

Good luck to Skopelos Paddle Boards!

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If you like a, guided, bike ride by night, organized by Skopelos cycler then join them tomorrow, Sunday the 9th of August at 19.00 hours at the bike shop which is next to Pizza Gousto, Zoupa restaurant and Platanos square.
Please sign up before the event if you can, preferably during the day.

On Sunday evening you will learn everything about the stars because two young astronomers of the Greenwich Observatory, Angelos and Anastasia will join the cyclers.

The price is 40 euro per person and includes the bike, equipment, guidance, a snack on the mountain and a drink at the end of the evening in the bike shop.

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Aquafit season has ended

Skopelos Aquafit season has now come to an end. It has been a very successful four months of water aerobics in Anofli partments and Dyonissos Hotel and Muriel would like to thank both establishments for giving the group the exercise opportunities.

It is the 7th season at Hotel Dyonyssos so Muriel would like to thank people returning to the sessions every year, local residents and friends and hotel guests. This year they had children demonstrators who let the regular guys see how quickly The Tour de France Cycle Race team could cross the pool and back.

Finally Muriel reminds the regulars to find fun and fitness in their local environment and come back and join Skopelos Aquafit next year.

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Skopelos is the perfect place to have a boat, whether it is a sailing boat or a speedboat. The possibilities to explore the coasts, the islands around, the beaches, are innumerable. Many boat owners from abroad with foreign boat “driving’ permits have been travelling the sea around Skopelos and the Aegean for many years but recently something came up.

The joy of sailing was cut short a few of months ago when a couple who own a boat here were stopped by the port police and forbidden to continue because their boat “driving” permit (French in this case) was not translated in Greek and lacked an extra document from the ministry of maritime affairs. authenticating it. The boat owner also received a fine.

After contacting the French consulate in Thessaloniki, the Greek embassy in Paris and a French marine attache in Marseilles the urgency of this matter was recognized because it involves thousands of foreign boat owners in Europe and most of them might have translated their “driving” permit but don’t have that last document. The port authorities only recently started checking foreign permits and maybe this family was a “test case”

Since their encounter with the port police of Skopelos, in Volos, many boat owners have been stopped and their documents have been checked. Basically it is just a question of how and when the port police is enforcing this law.

The family that have send me this information just want other boat owners to be aware of what is required before they get stopped too. They now have all their documents and are sailing again. If there are any French boat owners they are happy to share their contacts (via me)

The two requirements from the law (see below in Greek) are:

ΦΕΚ Γ.Κ.Λ 50 Άρθρο 3 παρ 19

1) translated version of your permit from an authorized lawyer or translator
2) a document issued by the ministry of maritime affairs but which can be obtained via the embassy or the consulate representing you in Greece, attesting that the authorities which issued the document (sailing permit) had the authority to do that and verify that it is authentic.

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I wish we had more of these bike stands on Skopelos. This one is in front of the Platanos Jazz Cafe.

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Aquafit starts again tomorrow

Aquafit at Dionysos hotel every Monday and Wednesday at 11 and at Anofli apartments on Tuesday at 11.

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This year, for the first time, world bicycle day is celebrated. On Sunday, in Skopelos town various games, races and talks will be held around the harbor and its neighboring streets. There will also be people around who will tell about how you can maintain your bicycle, repair it etc. Young and old with their bicycle are welcome to join in. The festivities last from 12.00 hours until 19.00 hours.

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Basketball for Faros

copyright; http://www.logos.co

On Saturday at 19.00 hours the basketball team of Skopelos will play against a team of basketball veterans in the gym hall next to the Health Center. Instead of paying an entrance fee you can donate any money you want to Faros; The non-profit organization that helps people with cancer and other life threatening illnesses on Skopelos.

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Winter wellness

For those off you who want to keep fit!


This class runs every Wednesday at 10.30 am for 55 minutes. It is dancing entertainment for ladies. The lessons include easy dancing movements for winter wellness.
English, French and Italian is spoken. Starting Wednesday the 15th of November at the premises of the cultural and folklore foundation ( walk up from Platanos square past the pharmacy, after 50 meters on your left is the building. The foundation is situated opposite the folklore museum.
The teacher is Ms. Marina Ioannidou. For the whole period until the end of May the lessons will costs in total 35 Euros.
Marina’s telephone numbers are 2424023697 and 6976209346.

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Skopelos aquafit; A new venue has been added.

Aquafit sessions are going well in Skopelos and the group have added another venue, The ANOFLI appartements. When you are on the crossing that has a road going to Panormos etc. or the ring road you turn on to the ring road and immediately on your left is ANOFLI on the left as you drive further up the ring road.

Walk behind the complex and you will see the wonderful pool. Everybody is welcome to take part in the sessions and join the regulars for coffee afterwards and gossip (about fitness of course!). Any questions phone Muriel on 24240 24732

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