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With hotel pools heating up, it’s again time for water aerobics and Yannis from Hotel Dionyssos has again agreed to give the group pool access twice a week Monday and Wednesday.
Hotel guests and pool visitors on that day will be encouraged to take part in the 50 minute sessions as well as Skopelos residents and friends both male and female.
The sessions begin at 11am and by 12 noon some will be sharing gossip at the side of the pool with a frappe or hot coffee.
This Wednesday the 14th is the first session and any questions before that; contact Muriel Dunlop 24240-24732.


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Skiathos Mountain Bikes in cooperation with the Municipality of Skiathos and with the support of sponsors organizes the 6th Trail Run Half Marathon (21km) «Follow Alexandros Papadiamantis» on Sunday June 4th 2017 on Skiathos Island. At the same time with the Half Marathon there is another race of 10km. This race goes through Skiathos Town and its monuments.

You can register here; https://www.skiathosrun.gr/en/registration

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Run run run!

(runners from last years races)

The athletics club of Elios organizes every year the running event around Elios. This year the races will be held on Monday at 15.30 hours. There are races for small children around the football field and 2,5 and 5 km. for older children and adults. The place to be is at the football field in Elios. If you want to participate please call 6988385444 and 6981128375.

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I firmly believe that Skopelos needs to expand its summer in order to get a more even flow of tourists coming to the island. It would benefit so many people and maybe even help more people to get a job.

I believe in order to get this result, the people in charge (municipality etc.) should make a bigger effort to promote and help the people who have eco-friendly businesses, ideas and interests (diving, canoeing, hiking, cycling etc.) When these businesses start earlier in the summer and get tourists over here, these people need to stay in hotels/ apartments which can open earlier too. They would want to eat and drink and the businesses involved can profit from that too. Coordinate together and reach out together to groups of tourists who want to walk, dive, cycle and canoe here.

The natural resources of Skopelos are here, all we need to do is keep the island clean, the forest, the sea, the beaches, the streets. I am still amazed that for so many years this plan has not been executed but maybe it is not so surprising. Maybe those two months in summer are enough to earn money for the rest of the year and live?

A very nice surprise came by email yesterday from the Skopelos diving center. They will be open during Easter. Good luck guys! The information is below.

The Skopelos Dive Center will be open during the Greek Easter holiday week. Enjoy an early holiday visit to Skopelos island and follow one of our PADI courses. Enjoy 20% discount on regular prices and get an Open Water Diver diploma, Rescue Diver or even a Deep Diver diploma too.

Call Dive Center + 30 6940 448 000 for accommodation and diving packages or e-mail them at info@sporadesdiving.gr .

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N.I.K.O.S. party


Party and cutting of the New Year’s cake.
The board of the sailing and swimming club N.I.K.O.S. invite friends and members to attend the party they will hold on Saturday to cut the New Year’s cake. Carnival is almost over so one of the last parties will be held in Screwdriver Bar. You are welcome there from 22.30 hours. The theme of the night is mermaids and the brazen boys.

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Greeks like openings and blessings so last evening the new sports year was officially opened in the Skopelos gym hall with priest Vangelis Kechriotis. It is nice that the acoustics in the hall are so good because the father Vangelis was situated far from the crowd but everybody was silent because it is important to get a blessing so the year will go well. His basil bunch was dipped in the water after the blessing and we were all sprinkled/blessed with water. The volleyball girls also had a chance to show off their new training gear. Afterwards cake and soft drinks were given out!

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Volleyball tournament

The whole weekend a volleyball tournament is taking place in the gym hall in Skopelos town. Teams from Volos, Larissa and Lamia are participating. And of course the team from Skopelos!

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