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For the first time ever, according to the website Skiathoslife.gr, the three municipal councils of Skopelos, Alonissos and Skiathos will hold a joint session on the 13th of February on Skiathos.
The agenda of subjects that will be discussed is not ready yet but subjects like tourism and environement will be, for sure, part of the discussion.
Representatives from the region Magnesia and the north Sporades will be present too.
Source: Skiathoslife.gr

I have said it before but I feel that those that are in charge on the Sporades at the moment are more willing to cooperate than ever. Don’t forget that there are many issues that are simular on the three islands: tourism, transport, environment, civil protection etc. There is also a tendency within the municipalities to dig deaper into matters in order to reach an overall agreement within the town council. Many trips to Greek ministries are being made by council members and the mayor to find out if money can become available for repairs of harbors, stadium, gym hall, roads or even for new builds.

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Episode 4 – The Sporades

This week, Julia’s journey reaches the Sporades. Known as the ‘Paradise Islands’, their lush pine forests and breathtaking coastlines are recognisable to millions as the backdrop of the movie Mamma Mia. On Skiathos, Julia boards a fishing boat in search of a secret world of hidden coves and deserted beaches, sampling the local delicacy of sea urchins, hand-dived from the island’s crystal clear waters. Heading inland, she visits the hillside monastery of Evangelistria, one of Greece’s most important religious sites, before island-hopping to neighbouring Skopelos to witness a taste of marriage, Greek style. After trying on the island’s traditional wedding dress, her trip ends at the tiny Chapel of St John, the setting for the final scene of Mamma Mia and one of the most spectacular locations in Greece.

For more info see Skopelos on ITV

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A place in the sun

Tonight a new episode of a place in the sun that was filmed in the summer, will be aired o Channel 4. I have contributed to this show and I hope that apart from the wonderful properties Skopelos it’s amazing beauty will be shown.

The link with the announcement is here. The show is tonight. https://www.aplaceinthesun.com/tv-show/original/2019/skopelos-greece-ep-2-a-place-in-the-sun

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Flights update

Update:Saturday at 22.25 hours.

A couple of readers (Angela, Knut, Nick, Ian, Soren and Martin) have been so kind to send more information about flights next year to Skiathos. The tourist agency Dolphin of Skiathos gives updates and have announced their cooperation with Jet2.com flights for next year. We might have published some information already but hope to get a good overview for most incoming flight from many countries. We will try to update regularly.

Easyjet, London Gatwick to Volos, Wednesday and Saturday from 23 May to late-August

British Airways, London City to Skiathos, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from mid-June to early-September.

TUI airways have added flights from Newcastle, East Midlands and Bournemouth. These are now available on the TUI website.
Newcastle operates on Wednesdays arrival: 12:45 and departure 13:45.
Bournemouth operates on Fridays arrival 12:25 and departure 13:25.
East Midlands operates on Fridays arrival 18:50 and departure 19:50.
Bristol on Tuesday and Friday arrival 12:00.
Manchester on Wednesday and Friday.
London Gatwick on Friday arrival 17:45.

TUI have dropped the Luton flight, and switched it to Stansted on a Friday..

Jet2.com, London (Stansted) 2 flights on Wednesday and Friday and on Wednesday from Birmingham.

Condor is a daughter of Thomas Cook, but was, economically, saved by the German government. So the destination Skiathos will be reached from May –Oktober 2020
from Düsseldorf ( Wednesday ) from Frankfurt ( Friday) and Munich ( Friday and Monday ) in Germany

Astra Airlines, 1 flight, Klagenfurt-Graz/Austria

Apollo, 1 flight Bergen/Norway

Apollo Flights from Copenhagen , Gothenburg and Stockholm will operate each Saturday from May 9th until September 19.

Apollo Flights from Oslo and Stavanger will operate each Saturday from May 16th until September 26th.

All five routes will be operated by SAS. The Bergen flights will be flown by Wideroe and only from June 27th until August 1

If anybody has other flights we can include please let us know.

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Beautiful Panormos

I always forget how clean the beach of Panormos is and the water is soo cool even in August.

We are close to a restaurant which plays nice Greek music and we hear about four different languages around us. Oh the nice life…

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Add your name

Anybody on Skopelos that has a business can add their name to a list that the new mayor is making so the municipality can inform them of changes, actions etc. This way the business people can stay informed. Please write to tourismskopelos@gmail.com.

There is also a list that you can add your name to if you are not Greek/foreign. Please write to newmayorskopelos@gmail.com You will be updated in English.

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It is a little bit of an adventure to get to Hovolo beach because of the access to the beach. The beach is situated under some rocks and there is a warning sign. There is not a real path and you have to walk over stones for a while before you reach the beach. The reward is big though. An untouched beach, a very clear sea, and the view! You can reach Hovolo by driving to Elios/New Klima and when you reach the sea turn left. Park your car near the rocks and start walking.

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