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Beautiful Panormos

I always forget how clean the beach of Panormos is and the water is soo cool even in August.

We are close to a restaurant which plays nice Greek music and we hear about four different languages around us. Oh the nice life…


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Add your name

Anybody on Skopelos that has a business can add their name to a list that the new mayor is making so the municipality can inform them of changes, actions etc. This way the business people can stay informed. Please write to tourismskopelos@gmail.com.

There is also a list that you can add your name to if you are not Greek/foreign. Please write to newmayorskopelos@gmail.com You will be updated in English.

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It is a little bit of an adventure to get to Hovolo beach because of the access to the beach. The beach is situated under some rocks and there is a warning sign. There is not a real path and you have to walk over stones for a while before you reach the beach. The reward is big though. An untouched beach, a very clear sea, and the view! You can reach Hovolo by driving to Elios/New Klima and when you reach the sea turn left. Park your car near the rocks and start walking.

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Welcome to Greece !

Seen on Athens airport !

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The buses that leave Athens for Agios Konstantinos and return from Agios Konstantinos to Athens are leaving from a different place in Athens. Not anymore from Kanikos square. It is now from the travel agency Hellenic Travel Network in the street Athinas 12 in Monasteraki. For general information call 2102207400 and for information about the timetable of the buses call 210-2207450,51 and 52.

(The nearest metro station is Monasteraki)

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The flying dolphin Erato is back in business. We saw it leaving the harbor early in the morning. Can you see the dot in the sea? That is the Erato (Sorry about the photo, taken with a telephone) When looking for boats keep in mind that leaving from Skopelos you can leave from Skopelos harbor or Glossa and to get to the mainland you can go to Volos, Mantoudi on Evia, Agios Konstantinos and Thessaloniki. I have written on the Travel/Transport 2018 page about the trip from Mantoudi to Athens. I love it ! I always use http://www.openseas.gr when looking for connections because they give me every boat from every boat company that travels between the Sporades in our case.

There is a very positive feeling about the Thessaloniki-Sporades connection. People hope it can start the 15th of June. With more boats traveling back and forth between the islands it is much easier to plan your holiday. Hopefully is stays this way the coming months and travelers don’t have to stay a night on Skiathos if they don’t want too and aren’t dependent on a water taxi where prices vary a lot.

It is the first of June so have a good month and a great summer!!!

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It is nice to get in touch with somebody from the municipality when you have a question, a problem that you need help with. Voula Karatzas has been hired by the municipality and looks at problems, situations that occur in the daily life here. Some things seem very straightforward but you sometimes need to bring it to the attention of the right person. Thanks Voula for the immediate help.

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