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Timetables for boats are, usually, not announced early but this year the Proteus gives us a timetable until September 2019!

ΑΦ means arrival
ΑΝ means departure

ΕΙΔΙΚΑ ΔΡΟΜΟΛΟΓΙΑ are special days that have different timetables.

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The link is here Proteus ferry boat timetable


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Travelling on the sea is more expensive in comparison than travelling over land and therefor the Greek government enables islanders to have some money returned to them from their travels expenses.

From 1/1/2019 the measure of “travelling equivalent” applies to all Greek islands, Skopelos included, but not Crete, Evia and Lefkada. The measure makes it possible for islanders/foreigners registered on the island to buy a boat ticket and receive some money back because the same journey in km/miles was less expensive on the mainland. You have to live here and be registered here. You need to have a tax number and a code to enter your tax file. Get help from your accountant if you cannot fill in the form. Everybody receives a unique number that you use every time you travel. You can print out the card like I did. You give the ministry a bank account number on which the money can be deposited.

The Ministry of Shipping has opened the platform to apply. Go to the website and if you read Greek you can register yourself and receive the number https://metaforikoisodynamo.gr/ In the pilot study that started on 1/7/2018, 49 islands participated, 61,500 residents on islands were subsidized and over 60,000 boat trips were conducted.

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It is great to see the questions about transport to Skopelos. I will put as much information as I can on the transport page. Athens to Kymasi/Mantoudi is not a daily trip yet so try to match your flight with the boat schedule. Good luck !

Here is the link: Athens-Kymasi/Mantoudi and back

You leave from the Liosion bus station in Athens.

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Olympic air is showing flights to and from Thessaloniki to Skiathos every Saturday and Tuesday. The flights are 28,59 euro each way.
Have a look at the link of Olympic air here olympic air

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Neas Anchialos Airport

e-thessalia.gr gave skopelosnews the latest news on the foreign flights in 2019 going to and from the Neas Anchialos Airport near Volos.

The flights that the airport will have this year are from:
-two times per week Easyjet flights from England
-one time per week a flight from Transavia from the netherlands
-two times per week a flight from Israel
-two times per week from Belgium
-two times per week from Munchen and Dusseldorf
-One time per week from Austria and one time from France

For many people it is a must that they arrive at the airport and will be able to reach a boat on time to get to the Sporades. With a bus it will take a little over an hour and then from the Volos busstation you get a taxi to the harbor. Others take a taxi from the airport to the harbor in Volos. Make sure you ask how much it costs. It is not cheap.

For timetables and routes on mainland Greece I have started using https://www.rome2rio.com/map/Volos-Airport-VOL/Volos. It is up to date, many other websites are not.

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Wind and 3000

Very windy today, dangerous in some places. 9 and 10 Beaufort. No boats leaving or going anywhere. Tomorrow everything is back to normal. Boats leaving. Proteus ferryboat is back and will travel from and to Volos and Mantoudi. Look at openseas.gr for timetables. The Erato flying dolphin will follow soon.

Oh yes, skopelosnews has reached 3000 followers who receive an email with news from the blog when I write a post. Thank you!!

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Loutraki harbor, waiting for the ferryboat coming from Volos.

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