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Flights update

Update:Saturday at 22.25 hours.

A couple of readers (Angela, Knut, Nick, Ian, Soren and Martin) have been so kind to send more information about flights next year to Skiathos. The tourist agency Dolphin of Skiathos gives updates and have announced their cooperation with Jet2.com flights for next year. We might have published some information already but hope to get a good overview for most incoming flight from many countries. We will try to update regularly.

Easyjet, London Gatwick to Volos, Wednesday and Saturday from 23 May to late-August

British Airways, London City to Skiathos, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from mid-June to early-September.

TUI airways have added flights from Newcastle, East Midlands and Bournemouth. These are now available on the TUI website.
Newcastle operates on Wednesdays arrival: 12:45 and departure 13:45.
Bournemouth operates on Fridays arrival 12:25 and departure 13:25.
East Midlands operates on Fridays arrival 18:50 and departure 19:50.
Bristol on Tuesday and Friday arrival 12:00.
Manchester on Wednesday and Friday.
London Gatwick on Friday arrival 17:45.

TUI have dropped the Luton flight, and switched it to Stansted on a Friday..

Jet2.com, London (Stansted) 2 flights on Wednesday and Friday and on Wednesday from Birmingham.

Condor is a daughter of Thomas Cook, but was, economically, saved by the German government. So the destination Skiathos will be reached from May –Oktober 2020
from Düsseldorf ( Wednesday ) from Frankfurt ( Friday) and Munich ( Friday and Monday ) in Germany

Astra Airlines, 1 flight, Klagenfurt-Graz/Austria

Apollo, 1 flight Bergen/Norway

Apollo Flights from Copenhagen , Gothenburg and Stockholm will operate each Saturday from May 9th until September 19.

Apollo Flights from Oslo and Stavanger will operate each Saturday from May 16th until September 26th.

All five routes will be operated by SAS. The Bergen flights will be flown by Wideroe and only from June 27th until August 1

If anybody has other flights we can include please let us know.

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Skiathos island news blog and facebook page keeps track of the flights that will be coming on Skiathos airport in 2020 with Thomas Cook not being there next year.
They have the information from Dolphin Skiathos tourist agency, the biggest agency on Skiathos island. Thank you Ian Knights!

Confirmed by the island agents Dolphin last night 17/10/2019
-2 Flights/London (Stansted)/Jet2.com
-1 Flight/Birmingham/Jet2.com
-2 Flights/Manchester/Jet2.com
-1 Flight/Klagenfurt-Graz/Astra Airlines
-1 Flight/Bergen/Tour operator: Der Touristik Group, Apollo

These are not the only flights ofcourse. We will try to make a full list once we know more.

Jet2 2020 flights

Twice weekly from Manchester Sun/Wed

Weekly from Birmingham on a Wednesday

Weekly from Stansted in May on Saturday then on a Wednesday and Saturday in June

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Tuesday 24 September 2019, 10.56 hours.
Last night at 22.00 hours a court ruled that the boat strike that was announced for Tuesday was illegal and therefor all boats must sail. I wonder why the court decision was made so late. Please check with the boat ticket office if you want to travel this way.

We hope that all travelers going back to England will have enough information about how to travel and how they will be helped to get home.

Update 22.36 hours Monday 23 of September. Nikos Triandafillou from the Glossa boat ticket office is saying that boats will be operating normally tomorrow.

The next couple of days are going to be tough for travelers because travel operator Thomas Cook is out of business and many thousand of people need to get back to their homes.


Thomas Cook/Skiathos website with original flights and information.

Then the Greek seamen association has the boat strike tomorrow. People who have booked with a travel company will be taken to Skiathos with alternative transport. Individual travelers will have to find their own means of transport which could be a sea cab. They run from Glossa to Skiathos. https://seacab.gr/ If I hear about other options to go I will let you know.

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Unfortunately another boat strike has been announced for next Tuesday the 24th of September. Boat company ANES (Proteus and Flying Dolphin Erato) will not sail. Blue Star ferries (Flying cat and Blue Star Naxos) have not made an official announcement but will probably not sail too. There is a plan to have one boat sail from Alonissos to Skopelos and to Skiathos and back to accomodate those who have flights from Skiathos airport that day. On Friday this will be decided. If you plan to travel on this day please go to your ticket office or ask your representative of the holiday company you travel with.

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Skopelos is the perfect place to have a boat, whether it is a sailing boat or a speedboat. The possibilities to explore the coasts, the islands around, the beaches, are innumerable. Many boat owners from abroad with foreign boat “driving’ permits have been travelling the sea around Skopelos and the Aegean for many years but recently something came up.

The joy of sailing was cut short a few of months ago when a couple who own a boat here were stopped by the port police and forbidden to continue because their boat “driving” permit (French in this case) was not translated in Greek and lacked an extra document from the ministry of maritime affairs. authenticating it. The boat owner also received a fine.

After contacting the French consulate in Thessaloniki, the Greek embassy in Paris and a French marine attache in Marseilles the urgency of this matter was recognized because it involves thousands of foreign boat owners in Europe and most of them might have translated their “driving” permit but don’t have that last document. The port authorities only recently started checking foreign permits and maybe this family was a “test case”

Since their encounter with the port police of Skopelos, in Volos, many boat owners have been stopped and their documents have been checked. Basically it is just a question of how and when the port police is enforcing this law.

The family that have send me this information just want other boat owners to be aware of what is required before they get stopped too. They now have all their documents and are sailing again. If there are any French boat owners they are happy to share their contacts (via me)

The two requirements from the law (see below in Greek) are:

ΦΕΚ Γ.Κ.Λ 50 Άρθρο 3 παρ 19

1) translated version of your permit from an authorized lawyer or translator
2) a document issued by the ministry of maritime affairs but which can be obtained via the embassy or the consulate representing you in Greece, attesting that the authorities which issued the document (sailing permit) had the authority to do that and verify that it is authentic.

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More Seacab

Seacab are now running daily on-demand transfers for 25 euros between Skiathos harbor and Loutraki harbor on Skopelos. It’s a change to the previous service (which was just Tuesdays and Fridays) Their website is http://www.seacab.gr

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