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The boatticket office of Apostolis Kosifis in Skopelos has moved. They are now two doors up the road. Right next to Skopelos cafe.
Opening hours 06:30-07:00 hours and 09:30-19:00 hours
Telphone: (0030) 2424022767 and (0030) 2424023060


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The Flying Dolphin Erato broke down this morning on its way from Skiathos to Volos. The passengers were brought back to Skiathos were they waited for the next boat to Volos. That was not until about four o’clock when Express Skiathos passed by. The Erato was the only fast boat going to Volos as the Flying Cat has stopped. Pretty difficult to get to the mainland in the morning.

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Parking where ?

Daniel send me an email informing me that a couple of visitors received parking tickets whilst parking their car in the village. I don’t know where exactly but the only thing I can say is that there has never been a clear rule in Skopelos harbor where you can park you car or motorcycle. Because the port police is not checking every day all year round people just try and see what happens. Most people know that in full summer you will get a ticket if you park it in the road in front of the cafe’s and restaurants. Clearly marked restricted no parking areas which have cones are only placed in front of the Skopelos harbor entrance because buses need to turn there. Everybody local usually ignores the traffic signs.There are “no parking” signs though. It is if nobody knows anymore that :


Anyway. Last week the port police had a stroll around the harbor and gave many people a parking ticket. If you pay within the week you pay half. Wouldn’t you rather pay nothing? The solution. Always park your car in the parking lot or at the far end of the old harbor. The catch… you will always have to walk a little to reach your destination.

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After our photo of the Proteus ferryboat and the Express Skiathos boat together in Loutraki, Małgorzata from Poland has send us this one. She made it on the 11th of September. Thank you Malgorzata!

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Flying Cat 4 was supposed to travel from the Sporades to Volos at 07.05 this morning but due to a mechanical error it has not left the harbor yet. What will happen with passengers going to Skiathos (for the airport) we don’t know. The tourist agencies will probably have alternative transport from Glossa.

This is from James Thomason yesterday. “Running late today due to flotsam caught up in port jet, rendering it inoperable. Only averaged 19 knots instead of 37 from Volos to Skiathos. They’re trying to clear it before we depart to Skopelos. Fingers crossed !! ”

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Proteus and Express Skiathos together in the harbor.

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A resting place

The last time I spoke about Mantoudi on Evia I did not see that nearby the harbor a cafe has opened to service the travellers coming from Athens to Mantoudi and on to the Sporades. You don’t have to take a drink or a snack if you don’t want to but you have a place to sit down, go to the toilet and you are in the shade.

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