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Proteus ferryboat from Friday the 7th of April

Saturday the 8th of April.

This is how Proteus sails.

Source: http://www.anes.gr/routes_en.php
As the days pass more itineraries will show up on the website.

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Proteus ferryboat will start sailing again on the 7th of April. We have copied the first two days but after this you can give the dates that you want and from where you want to travel and it will give you the exact times. The Proteus boat is supposed to run until the end of October.


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In the last couple of weeks Skopelosnews has had conversations with many people about the boats going to and from Skopelos and why the boat schedules are announced so late. We can only guess why this happens but it seems that the frequent questions and reservations that visitors make/ask have convinced the boat companies that they needs to start sailing earlier. Yesterday we published the itinary from Flying Cat 6 starting on the 10th of April. The boat would sail from and to VoLos and the Sporades.

Today we can show you a schedule that starts earlier, from the 31st of March until the 11th of June. (Matthias you have a boat!) If you click on the arrow on the right you will see the schedule in the following months.

Source: https://hellenicseaways.gr/en/routes/view/24

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Hellenic Seaways has published the itinerary for the Flying Cat in April going to and from Volos and Agios Konstantinos.




Agios Konstantinos


Source: https://hellenicseaways.gr/en/routes/view/62

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The last couple of days the flying dolphin had difficulty travelling because of mist! Many people missed connecting flights and had to travel over land to get to Athens. What a shame we have such a volatile boat schedule. Keep checking with the boat ticket offices for sudden changes and hopefully you will arrive on time at the place you need to be. Aqua ferries has publish their boat schedule for the Myrtidiotissa ferryboat. For all boats keep looking at http://www.openseas.gr, click on the English flag

myrtidiotissa itinerary

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(photo Yiannis Chatzitrakosas)

We have announced that ferryboat Myrtidiotissa will take over from Proteus and do the Volos-Sporades run. There are some days that it will leave from Agios Konstantinos and go to the Sporades and then leave for Volos. Other days it leaves from Agios Konstantinos and ends in Volos. On other days it is just to and from Volos. The schedule is below. Skopelosnews received it from Kosifis Travel. The itinerary is from 14/2/2017 until 23/02/2017. We will see what the next run will be.

Because it is in a very small print it is impossible to photograph the schedule so we wrote the schedule down below. Aqua ferries has not published the schedule below on their website. wwww.openseas.gr has the schedule day by day here

Monday, Thursday and Friday
Volos departure at 08.15
Arrival at Skiathos 11.15 (11.35 departure)
Arrival at Skopelos 12.50 (13.10 departure)
Arrival at Alonissos 13.40 (14.00 departure)
Arrival at Skopelos 14.30 (14.50 departure)
Arrival at Skiathos 16.05 (16.25 departure)
Arrival Volos 19.10.

Wednesday and Sunday
Agios Konstantinos departure at 10.00
Skiathos arrival 13.00 (13.20 departure)
Skopelos arrival 14.35 (14.55 departure)
Alonissos arrival 15.25 (15.45 departure)
Skopelos arrival 16.15 (16.35 departure)
Skiathos 17.50 (18.10 departure)
Volos arrival 20.55.

Tuesday and Saturday
Volos departure 08.30
Skiathos arrival 11.15 (11.35 departure)
Skopelos arrival 12.50 (13.10 departure)
Alonissos arrival 13.40 (14.00 departure)
Skopelos arrival 14.30 (14.50 departure)
Skiathos arrival 16.05 (16.25 departure)
Agios Konstantinos arrival 19.40.

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A fast connection between Thessaloniki and the Sporades is wonderful and this year we think the trips start earlier. Below are the timetables.


and from 30-06-2017 until 10-09-2017


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