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No boats


There is a big chance that on the first of May there are no regular boats coming and going to Skopelos. Please check with your boat ticket office. Sailors organisation PNO strikes again.


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We all know that the boat connections between Skiathos and Skopelos are not always favorable for visitors coming to Skopelos. Watertaxi’s have done business between the islands but maybe this regular on the hour Seacab will make a difference. The boat is brand new, fuel efficient, fast and comfortable, 8 seater.

For more info look here Seacab

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The Proteus ferryboat is also sailing on Saturday, weather permitting. It wasn’t until a few days ago.

For more information contact your ticket office.

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On its way

The flying dolphin just pasted Milia coming from Glossa and probably going to Agnondas where passengers, for Skopelos Town and surrounding areas, will get of.

Flying dolphin Erato

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On it’s way

The Proteus ferryboat left for Skiathos and Volos around 16.15 hours this afternoon. Living on an island we depend heavily on this way of transportation and we are thankful for it. Aerato flying dolphin was out of the running for 1 1/2 days but was seen in Glossa harbor just before Proteus docked. It had mechanical problems and had to stop in Skiathos. Proteus was on it’s way to Volos but returned for the passengers of the Erato and took them to Volos.

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The Proteus ferryboat travels to Mantoudi on Evia and docks there without any problems. We have had this confirmed via the ticket office in Glossa. The ferryboat docks opposite the parking area which is kind of protected from the elements.

See the photo from Skopelosnews which is published on the transport page.

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Mantoudi harbor damaged

The Mantoudi harbor on Evia was badly damaged during the bad weather a couple of days ago. The Proteus ferryboat is planning on Friday to go there so hopefully there will be more news about whether it will dock there or not. It looks really bad unfortunately….

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