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Invited to a wedding from a friend. Look at the beautiful card and the small box that had weddings sweets (almonds) in it. What a beautiful invitation. Have a great weekend everybody. Boats are travelling again. The flying cat arrived very late last night and we heard that many people also travelled with the water taxi.

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This is the flying cat leaving Skopelos this morning around 07.00 hours. It was probably going to Skiathos and Volos to drop off passengers who have booked a flight back home and fortunately they were able to get to the airport on time. If there are any boats coming back to Skopelos we don’t know. Difficult having a strike in the middle of the summer season.

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Hans and Willeke van der Jagt send skopelosnews this photo of a boat timetable with a short note on it for Friday morning. There might be a boat going from here to Glossa, Skiathos and Volos but again we urge you to go to your boat ticket office and ask them what is happening. They have the latest news. Also if you are traveling without a company then maybe you could ask at the travel offices here in town if they are organizing anything. Maybe a excursion boat ?

This is how the sky looked this morning. At least it is not raining anymore and tomorrow is supposed to be wonderful!

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The National Seamen Association has announced another strike of boats until Friday. Their demands have not been met and this is why they continue.

Below are some of their demands: Restoring the labor and social security rights of seafarers, address the unemployment among Greek ship laborers and fight “black” uninsured labor. Signing of collective labor agreements for all categories of ships for 2017. Application of collective labor agreements. Undo unfair taxation of Greek ship laborers. Immediate payment of earning due to ship crews.

All over the country organizations and government officials are on strike. Notaries, IKA, schools. Train, bus and metro will not run at certain times. If you have to travel please consult your boat ticket office.

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There are people using the water taxi on Wednesday going to Skiathos but at the moment there are only five passengers and more people could go on the boat. If you would like to join please use the link I have put on the blog this weekend. The boat would leave around 10 from Glossa, Skopelosnews was informed.

Readers from the blog have asked us to post the timetable from the buses. So here we go!

(May 2017)

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The boat strike around the country on Tuesday the 16th and Wednesday the 17th of May is talked about a lot and many people are trying to find alternative sources of transportation to and from the mainland and Skiathos. Maybe you did not know the Skiathos water taxi?

Here is the link for it: water taxi Skiathos
If you are with more people the sum that you pay can be divided between the amount of persons on the boat.

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It seems that the boat strike definitely will take place on Tuesday the 16th of May and Wednesday the 17th like we have posted last week on the blog. The first official announcement of a boat not sailing is from the Proteus ferryboat. Nikos Triandafillou from the Glossa boat ticket office informs the audience that the Proteus will start sailing on Thursday again and that it will leave from Volos at 11.30 hours. Next stop Skiathos at 14.30 hours, Glossa 15.30 hours Mantoudi 17.30 hours, Glossa 19.30 hours and Skiathos 20.30 and on to Volos again where it will remain for the night. Always check with your boat ticket office. There is always a chance that other boats will sail.

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