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Over to Skiathos

If there is anybody who wants to share a water taxi to get over to Skiathos on Friday please call +30 6934343287.

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During the summer Skopelosnews is very busy but thanks to readers of the blog we can show you things that are happening on the island.

These roadworks were long overdue. The flood of 2015 had taken away a part of this coastal road and it was pretty difficult and dangerous to pass the makeshift fence when another car was coming from the opposite direction. Hopefully the work will be done quickly because there are a lot of cars driving on that part of the road.
Thanks to Stephen and Claire for the photo.

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Taxi prices ( July 2017) going from Skopelos to ….

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In between

No really, the buses are running! You cannot see at what time they will go at the moment but the blank area where times should be will be full in a short while. It is just for a couple of minutes that nobody knows when the buses leave. Claire caught busdriver Costas at the moment that he was changing/adding the bustimes for the full season.
Thanks Stephen and Claire for the photo. Skopelosnews loves it when readers participate in the blog like this.

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More buses

Buses to:

Buses from:

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(click to enlarge)

No boats will be leaving for Skopelos and Alonissos in the middle of the summer season. The photo above this text speaks for itself. Skopelos picked a date one month from now. On the 19th of July there are no boats after 17.50 hours. Passengers who have a later flight are stuck on Skiathos till the next day.

The three mayors of Skiathos, Skopelos and are talking again with the ministry of transport and with all boat companies to find a solution for the problem. Passengers that come in on later flight cannot spend the night on Skiathos. They should be able to travel with a later boat and if that was leaving after 9 that was never a problem in the past. The situation that the Sporades finds itself in is not a new one and who will come with a definite solution? Below is the article in the greek newspaper; e-thessalia

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On my way to work I saw this cruise ship coming in. It is one of the bigger ones that we have seen in a while. I will try to find out its name and some more information about passenger capacity etc.

From Martin; Europa 2 maltese flag arrived from Santorini via Skiathos, 225 meters long 516 passengers mostly German I believe and 370 crew.

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