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This news comes from the Facebook page Astra Skopelos TV but it is all over the newspapers too.

Golden Star Ferries has shown an interest for the Thessaloniki-Sporades line.
The company requested approval to launch its high-speed boats from 15 June to 9 September 2018.
The Golden Star Ferries company submitted in writing yesterday, Friday, to the ministry of maritime and island policy for the emergency launch of its boats (Superspeed and Supercat) on the Thessaloniki-Sporades line.

In the letter, it also states that there was a “strong recommendation from the mayor” of Thessaloniki (Mr. Boutari) for this connection.


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Non-EU travelers will be required to hold an International Driving Permit (IDP) together with a valid national driver’s license if they wish to rent vehicles in Greece.

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We are well into May and on many places in Skopelos work has started, is ongoing or has been stopped because of the summer season starting. People who live permanently on the island know how it works. What does not work are the boats that are not available to take visitors/tourists over to Skopelos and Alonissos. I have had two e-mails from acquaintances asking me if I maybe knew how they and/or their friends could get over here. I advised them to start asking at the airport if there are people who want to go to Skopelos and maybe share a water taxi ? The other thing I told them was that think about how the holiday companies are taking people over? Maybe there is a way to hitch a ride with them?

It does not conceal the fact that many people stay an extra night on Skiathos when all they want is get to Skopelos or Alonissos. I know we should stay positive but this year the transport situation is really bad.

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Tuesday the 1st of May boat connections are interupted because the Pan-Hellenic Seamen’s Federation (PNO) has declared a 24 hours strike begiining on the first of May. Please get in touch with your boat ticket office for more info.

The Pan-Hellenic Seamen’s Federation (PNO) is striking because they want better working conditions for seamen/women, a clearer/better pension system, more support against unemployment and payment of salaries that were not paid out yet.

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Boat strike

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 18th of April the Pan-Hellenic Seamen’s Federation (PNO) has announced a 24-hour strike. The strike is in protest of the Shipping Ministry’s decision that allows cargo ships to sail with the minimum number of crew required. Many seamen fear being fired.

Please check with your boat ticket office if you have booked a trip for tomorrow. The strike is supposed to last from 06.00 hours in the morning until the following morning 06.00 hours.

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The crews that work on the boats that travel, between the Sporades and the mainland, are very important. We islanders recognize that fact. The boats with the crews travel between the islands, often with work hours that take them away from their families for days. The area that they travel in can be difficult; strong winds, rough sea. But they are on the boats, ready to get your luggage in, ready to stow it well for the journey, ready to give you information, ready to provide you with something to drink or eat. Ready to face the good and bad weather and bring you safely to your destination.

I know they get paid to do the job but I admit that there are easier jobs that get paid much more.

When we heard the news that captain Jannis Karadis was very ill we were very sad. We are even sadder now that we have heard that he has passed away. Captain Jannis (56) was born on Skopelos and became a sea captain. The last couple of years he was captain of the Flying Cat 4 between Thessaloniki and the Sporades. Before that he was a captain of smaller Flying Cats and ferryboats. It gave people and me always a special feeling to see Captain Jannis on deck when the boat arrived in Skopelos harbor. We knew he had our backs and that he would watch out for us while we were travelling together. Our sincere condolences to his family and friends. We wish he had more time with them. He also will be sourly missed by all the people that worked with him.

(Sunday 15 April around 14.00 hours. Ferryboat Express Skiathos leaves Skopelos harbor. The boat horn sounds for minutes as the boat leaves the harbor. Goodbye captain Jannis!)

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Anes lines has publicized the timetable for the Proteus boat which is of great importance to many people who want to travel to and from the mainland. Proteus travels from Volos to the Sporades but also travels to Mantoudi on Evia (for the Athens link) To read about this route please look at Travel/transport 2018
The timetable with the heading special routes are the dates concerning Greek Easter, the first of May and other holidays. Keep looking on http://www.openseas.gr for all boats.

Here is the link; Proteus timetable

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