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The winter months may be quiet on the island but there is always something moving. You just have to look for it. This is the Proteus ferryboat travelling to Mantoudi. I saw it from Stafylos beach this afternoon. An easier route getting to the island from Athens. Glad we have it back.

These two fishing boats got into each others way whilst throwing out their nets. After a discussion one boat found other fishing grounds. The boats were fishing of Milia beach yesterday.

The weather will change towards the weekend. Colder temperatures (below zero) and a possibility of snow on Saturday. We will see. This image below is from https://www.meteo.gr/cf-en.cfm?city_id=230

I am getting some extra supplies.

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Updated timetable 16/01/2022 (source https://www.anes.gr/el/dromologia/sporades)

The Proteus ferryboat starts with sailing on Monday the 17th of January to and from Volos and from Wednesday (and every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday) to and from Mantoudi.

Source: https://www.anes.gr/index.php/en/itinerary/sporades

Easyjet will fly to Volos airport starting on the 2nd of April 2021 from London Gatwick.

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Fears over the fast-spreading Omicron variant of Covid-19 have prompted Greek authorities to require as of 6am on Sunday, December 19, of all inbound travelers, regardless of vaccination status, to present a negative PCR or rapid antigen test result taken before entering the country.

PCR tests should be performed within 72 hours before travel and rapid antigen tests should be performed within 24 hours before travel.

Speaking during a media briefing on Thursday, Deputy Health Minister Mina Gaga said that the measure was being taken as a precaution due to the holiday season and that exempt from presenting a negative test are (vaccinated) people who stayed abroad for less than 48 hours.

Further details and updates on travel restrictions are expected to be announced soon by the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA).

Highly concerned, earlier today, European Union leaders agreed that vaccine booster shots were necessary, particularly in view of the holiday season as epidemiologists warn of a surge in cases.

The heads of EU nations said that repeat doses of vaccines against the deadly virus were “urgent” and “crucial”, stressing at the same time that a coordinated response to travel was critical in order to avoid creating confusion and trust among travelers.

Source: https://news.gtp.gr/2021/12/16/greece-require-negative-covid-19-tests-all-travelers-december-19/

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Ferries and ships will remain docked as Greece’s seamen federation PNO has announced it will launch a 48-hour strike on December 10-11, 2021. The strike will affect all categories of ships.

It will start at 00:01 on Friday, December 10 and end at midnight Saturday, December 11, 2021.

According to a statement issued by the Panhellenic Seamen’s Federation (PNO), seamen demand wage increases in the collective bargaining agreements for 2020-2021 and solutions to problems relating to social insurance, pensions, education, unemployment, undeclared work and many others.

Source: https://www.keeptalkinggreece.com/2021/11/30/ferries-greece-strike-dec-10-11-2021/

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Boat strike

The Greek Seafarers’ Unions announced a 48-hour strike for Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th of November 2021.

The strike will last from 06:01 on Wednesday until 06:00 on Friday the 12th of November.

Please check with the local boat ticket agency if they think both boats will not sail and alternatives for travelling.

Source: https://www.ferryhopper.com/en/blog/ferry-news/ferry-strike-greece

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The words below have been copied from the article that was published last night in the Greek Travel Pages. For Skopelos I do not know how the rules will be enforced because up till now we have been able to cruise free on the island and go to beaches etc. For those that are not sure of what they can and cannot do, you can ask the authorities.

See below:

Going outside in Greece during lockdown will get harder as of Thursday, March 4, as authorities have tightened rules for leaving home under the SMS system for outside movement.

Since the country’s first lockdown, people have been allowed to leave their homes only for specific reasons and after notifying authorities by sending an SMS to the five-digit mobile phone service 13033.

However, due to the recent sharp spike in new coronavirus (Covid-19) cases in the country and rise in hospital admissions, the Greek authorities are looking to limit movement between municipalities to curb the spread. Taking under consideration the “excessive use” of certain SMS movement codes, which has resulted to crowding in many areas, some restrictions for leaving home under the SMS system have been announced.

Speaking during Wednesday’s Covid-19 media briefing, Greek Civil Protection Deputy Minister Nikos Hardalias announced that as of today, Thursday, March 4 (6am) until March 16 (6am), people requesting permission for movement by sending as SMS for option “code 2” (going to supermarkets and essential stores) and option “code 3” (going to banks or public services) will be restricted to movement only in the municipality they are in or within a 2-kilometer distance from their place of residence.

People who send an SMS for option “code 6” (personal exercise or walking a pet), movement will be allowed only on foot or by bicycle, not by car or motorcycle, and only in the municipality of residence.

Also, in order to confirm the correct use of option “code 4” (assistance to the elderly or to a person in need), authorities will request additional clarifications and documentation.

Changes to curfew
The deputy minister also announced that the curfew for areas in “red” (high-risk) status will now be from 9 pm to 5 am and for areas in “dark red” (very high-risk) status, will be from 7 pm to 5 am.

The only “dark red” areas that will have the 9 pm to 5 am curfew will be the Region of Attica and the Regional Unit of Thessaloniki, except on weekends when the 7 pm to 5 am will apply.

During the hours of curfew, outside movement is allowed strictly for specific reasons (such as work and health).

For the rest of the article read Movement restrictions GTP Travel pages

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After the last post this post might bore people but that’s life. It is skopelosnews…

(wonderful day today and the narcissuses are in full bloom!)

The last couple of days the weather has been wonderful and the work in the harbor of Skopelos continued with great speed. Next week an update with photos.

Yesterday was Saint Reginos his nameday. A big celebration like every year could not be held but it was possible to visit the Agios Reginos monastery (on the road to Agnonas/Limnonari-Panormos etc.) The church has been renovated. Many murals have been refreshed and new ones added.

On Sunday there will be a power cut on all the Sporades islands from 08.00 until 09.00 hours in the morning. Volos and Pelion are also affected. For the article look here: power cut

Greece will welcome all UK travelers with or without vaccine certificate. For the whole article look here:GTP travel news

And if you are able to come there might be flight companies that can bring you to Skiathos. Condor has announced their first flights. Hopefully they will not be canceled like so many others last year.

The link to website is her: Condor flights

Have a nice weekend. And remember: “There is more that unites us than divides us. So make it a point to talk with someone who is different from you. You may find that you have more in common than you think” (Johnny Corn)

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A 24-hour strike called by Greece’s main public sector union ADEDY. Ferry travel is also expected to be disrupted on Thursday as five seamen’s unions are joining the 24-hour strike. The strike will run from 00:01 on Thursday until midnight. Not all available boats will be coming and going to Skopelos and the other islands in the Sporades. Proteus might travel. Please ask the ticket offices on the island if you need to travel.

ADEDY is protesting a draft law of the Labor Ministry that includes regulations on working hours, overtime, industrial action and trade unionism.

Air travel in Greece will also face disruption on Thursday as air traffic control personnel and electronic security engineers are participating in the 24-hour strike called for that day. The unions have also announced work stoppages on Wednesday, November 25.

Also on Friday, November 27, the PanHellenic Union of Licensed Aeronautical Telecommunication Officers will hold a 4-hour work suspension from 10am until 2pm.

Those planning to travel by ferry, train or plane in the next few days are advised to contact their travel agents for details.

GTP travel news and Nikos Triandafillou in Glossa

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This is from their press release:

First woman from the Northern Sporades to qualify as a captain from the merchant marine academy Aspropirgos takes on her first command.

Skopeliti woman Kiriaki Provia ,23, has taken her first command as captain after becoming the first Northern Sporades woman to graduate as such from the merchant marine academy. She is now Captain of SeaCab 1 the first boat of the SeaCab company which operates between Skiathos and Skopelos.

She says “I am delighted to take on the captaincy of this ultra modern boat. Transport is the lifeblood of islands and SeaCab is an important innovation to help people access my beautiful home island”.

SeaCabs William Vranas added “Our aim is to create a modern, safe and affordable transport access for Skopelos while supporting and engaging with the local community. So we are so pleased that a young Skopelti woman who is so highly qualified has joined us as captain.”

Seacab website

Photos Martin Becket

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Yesterday I wrote about a passenger information form that needs to be filled out but there is new information aboout a passenger locator form that you need to fill out whilst you are still at home before you come to Greece. I am sorry for the confusion.

The Greek government is trying to make absolutely sure that everybody that enters Greece is registered and can be found whilst they are here. Therefor they decided that from the first of July a passenger locator form (PLF) must be filled in 48 hours before you enter Greece. Greece is highly dependable on incoming tourism and welcomes everybody that wants to visit but on the other hand they want to make sure that those that visit are traceable through the information that they give in case of a corona case. After submitting their PLF form, each traveller will receive a personal QR code, which must be presented, either via mobile phone or on hard copy, upon their arrival in Greece’s.

Please read the information on the website carefully so you know what the procedure is whilst you are travelling. Wear masks and keep a distance from other passengers if that is possible.

Passenger Locator Form

I do not know if the form you fill out for the boat coming to Skopelos is obsolete. It might be good to print it out and have it with you in any case, or go earlier to the ticket office and ask.
Source:E-Kathermerini GTP travel news

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