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Sorry about the mistake in the post of yesterday. That was the new schedule of the Flying Cat. Below is the Express Skiathos schedule. It is until the 24th of September

The schedule from the 25th of September until the 30th of October you can see below.


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The Flying Cat schedule schedule is until 30/9/2017

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(click to enlarge)

ΑΦ means arrival
ΑΝ means departure

From 11/9 until 24/9 2017.

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The trip with Proteus from Glossa to Mantoudi takes one and a half hours (19.80 euro one way) Mantoudi harbor is a desolate place but the harbor serves it purpose. You get in quick and you get out quick.

A coach waits for passengers who want to go to Athens (14 euro) If the coach is not full you can get a seat and pay in the bus. In high season it is recommended to get a bus ticket together with your boat ticket. From Evia to Athens takes about 3 hours. There is a toilet stop in Halkida, Evia. The drive over the winding mountainous roads on Evia is long.

If you want to connect to the metro in Athens get out at Electriko/ Kato Liosa. Don’t forget to tell the coach driver this so your luggage is placed on the other side of the coach.

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Waiting in line

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Glossa 12.30 hours. Ferryboat Proteus has arrived. Many cars and passengers are waiting. With half an hour delay we leave for Mantoudi.

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Over to Skiathos

If there is anybody who wants to share a water taxi to get over to Skiathos on Friday please call +30 6934343287.

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