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I don’t know about you but we are already fed up with the winter. There is supposed to come some bad weather at the end of the week and I am not! looking forward to that. I have stocked up with groceries again and I have put bread, meat and vegetables in the deep freezer! I am even looking at recipes for simple “eatable” things made with flower etc. I am refusing to make my own bread 😉 I cannot image how it is in countries where the winter is so much longer. We are spoiled here!

Half the island is without telephone and internet connections because of broken telephone poles and telephone lines. The telephone companies “big crew” came yesterday from Alonissos where they had to repair a lot too and they are now , on Skopelos, attending to the more important things which are businesses. It is rather quiet at home and my son Panajotis even picked up a book for a second but then decided against it again and put it down! Friends of the children are donating free internet (4G) and they are happy again for a while.

The rumor that we might not have a ferryboat for a while traveling between Volos and the Sporades I find unbelievable. The island cannot do without a ferryboat because goods for supermarkets etc. have to come here too. I know that the shipping companies need passengers but being with a ferryboat is a first. We will see.

Easter this year falls on Sunday the 16th of April. Whether we will have lots of people over depends on the flights that will be scheduled

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Tuesday 10/01/2017
Wednesday 11/01/2017

for other days see: http://www.anes.gr/routes_en.php

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Extra stop

The Proteus ferryboat made an extra stop in Agnondas to get passengers for Skopelos closer to home. The road from Glossa to Skopelos was very difficult to drive on so the best road was the sea. Thank you captain Antoniou ! The passenger were picked up by the fire brigade and brought home.

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So 2016 is over and one thing we can be sure of; we can not be sure of anything anymore. The world is not a safer place after bomb attacks and other terrorist attacks. Predictions about elections and referendums are not true, people keep suffering. So what do we do? We keep on living and try to make the world we live in a better and safer place by being attentive of what is going on around us, by helping people , by being kind, and by being smart about the choices we make. To trust our gut feeling.

Skopelosnews wishes everybody to remain healthy, to stay surrounded with the ones they love and to be able to do the things they love to do and one of them is hopefully to come to Skopelos!

Many things happened in 2016 but the one that made the most impact on me was the death of John Gill. I don’t think we could have prevented his death but we could have made his last days more peaceful for sure. I am very sorry about that.

I hope that 2017 for Skopelos can be a year where the season lasts longer and that also more, different kind of, Greece lovers will be attracted to the island. Walkers, bikers, sailors and other eco-friendly friends. July and August will always be the most busy months but the other months are soo beautiful on the island and the physical activities like walking etc. can be performed much better in these months.
I know that more people on the island think about an approach to this kind of tourism and hopefully this year is the year to follow through.

Χρόνια πολλά και καλή Χρόνια.

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Aqua Ferries company will start travelling to and from Agios Constantinos from the 23rd of December.

The ferryboat will be the Mirtidiotissa.


Itineraries of 25/12/2016, 01/01/2017 and 06/01/2017 will not be carried out.



Itineraries of Sunday 16/04/2017, will not be carried out.


The link to the website is here

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(Tuesday afternoon 13-12-2016)

Flying dolphin Erato will leave at 14.00 hours from Volos coming to the Sporades and ferryboat Proteus will leave from Skopelos at 13.15 hours today Wednesday going to Volos.

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Skopelos around 13.00 hours on Tuesday. The ferryboat Proteus is also not sailing today.

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