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There are talks about new strikes of the seamen/harbor workers on Tuesday the 16th and Wednesday the 17th of May. The Greek union PNO amongst other things is asking for the reinstatement of the labor and social security rights and the independence of the NAT insurance. They also ask from the government to try and beat unemployment in the sector.

E-kathermerini had the news but their information did not mention which Tuesday and Wednesday and this is why Skopelosnews looked at other media and found this Greek source; look here skai.gr

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(Photo Steve InSkiathos)

From Steve InSkiathos who witnessed the first UK flight of 2017 coming in on Skiathos airport last Wednesday. The first UK flight arrived (early) amid much fanfare. A nice welcome given by the new airport operators with two fire trucks spraying an arch over the plane as it taxied in. (You could almost hear the screams of the passengers thinking that they were on fire!). The local authority were giving out gift bags, Skiathos Life were doing interviews and the smart new security staff were everywhere. The WiFi works great (WiFi Hotspot is the name of the connection you need). All going so well then 50 minutes to get all the cases off……..not everything has changed!

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From above

Good morning. The sun was hiding between the clouds this morning and only just now has shown its face. The media are talking about dust clouds coming in from Africa. We hope it will not rain, a lot of freshly washed cloths are hanging outside and it makes such a mess….

Tomorrow the first of May is celebrated and many people will go to the countryside and celebrate there. Flowers are blooming everywhere and many will be picked to make wreaths and bouquets to decorate houses and cars.

Most bars and restaurants have opened and are ready to welcome visitors from mainland Greece and abroad.
There are boats coming and going to the island. Don’t forget that sometimes a boat will dock in Skopelos and later that day will dock another time in Glossa. On the first of  May there is officially a strike that we posted about a couple of days ago so check with the boat ticket offices for the boat schedules.

A drone made this photograph oφ the ferryboat Myrtidiotissa docking in the harbor of Skopelos. The drone and photograph belong to Dimitri Mavridi.

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All passenger ferries will remain docked across Greece on Monday, May 1, as the Pan-Hellenic Seamen’s Federation (PNO) will go on a 24-hour strike to mark May Day.

Among claims, the Greek seamen are demanding that their labor and social security rights are restored to pre-memorandum levels and that collective labor agreements will be in effect for workers of all categories of ships for 2017. The ferry workers are also protesting against uninsured labor and increased unemployment in their sector.

The strike will run 00:01-24:00.

Skopelosnews advises everybody who wanted to travel on this day to contact the ticket office/travel agency they have purchased their ticket with to get the latest information. In some ports there might be a strike but a boat might be allowed to travel. It has happened in Volos port.

Passengers whose trip is cancelled due to the strike are entitled to a full refund of their ticket.

No other announcements have been made at the moment that involve other means of transport.
Source; http://news.gtp.gr/2017/04/24/no-ferries-greece-may-1-due-strike/

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The MOT car testing is supposed to be done by the end of April for all cars on the Sporades but people find it hard ( with the economic crises) to send their cars to Volos and have them tested there and send back. It is quite expensive. Skopelosnews spoke with vice mayor Maggi Klonaris and she told us that a week before last Monday the municipal council informed the inhabitants of Skopelos that a mobile MOT testing unit will come to Skopelos and will then go on to Alonissos and that car owners will be given an extension until July (20th of June) when the unit probably is going to come. This only applies for cars who are registered here on Skopelos.

If people want to have their car tested now; on Skiathos there are two permanent new MOT testing businesses and people from Skopelos can send their car with the ferryboat to Skiathos and have the people from the MOT testing pick their car up and have it tested and put back on the ferry the next day. The telephone numbers for Skiathos are Sanidas 2427023800 and spokesperson for the other KTEO is 6979986473 (Athina Daki)

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Skiathos airport has a website finally.


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Simi II

Ferryboat Simi II will start sailing the 16th of June. It will only sail from Volos to Skiathos and Glossa and vice versa as you can see.

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