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Holiday company TUI will start flights from Brussels to Volos airport at the end of April for € 69,99 euro’s one way. For the return you pay € 59,99.


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When a friend told skopelosnews that Skopelos, the Sporades will be without a ferryboat after the 14th of February I told him that this cannot be true because various goods need to be transported to the islands to fill the shops and businesses. Passengers can travel with a flying dolphin but they cannot leave the islands without a ferryboat to transport these vital items.

Looking though on various websites there is no trace of any ferryboat replacing Proteus after the 14th to do the Volos-Sporades line. People are getting worried and Mayor Vafinis of Alonissos has send a letter to the minister of Marine and island policy, mr Santorinio, expressing his deep concern for this situation and reminding him that after the recent very heavy snowfall Alonissos and Skopelos are still islands that are marked “in a state of emergency” It is terrific that more air-lines want to reach out to the Sporades and have their guests visit them but what about the months before and after the “real” season. Do you ignore the people that live on those islands? Do you prohibit people that want to visit the islands in other months than the hot summer months to get here? It is getting pretty frustrating when these things are settled at the last moment, but will they be settled?

This comment on Facebook started skopelosnews thinking about the whole issue:“We hope to visit Skopelos while there in April, but limited ferry service might make that impossible” Quite sad not?

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No monopoly

This year all offices that sell boat tickets can sell boat tickets of all companies that sail to and from the island. In the previous years there were offices that only sold Hellenic Seaways and other offices for instance ticket for ANES.
It created confusion for visitors because a complete picture of boats coming and going could not be given because the companies were competitors and vital information was not always given about boats. Now in every office any ticket can be obtained and it will depend on the quality of service that is given which office will do well. It is a pleasant change and helpful for visitors.

Hellenic Seaways is planning again this year to get the line Thessaloniki-Sporades going. This was confirmed by Apostolis Kosifis (office near Platanos square) When exactly the boat will start sailing he could not confirm.

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(photos from Mike)

Ferryboat Myrtidiotissa got stuck in the harbor entrance yesterday afternoon. The probable cause is the amount of sand/mud that has accumulated on the sea bottom. With strong winds the sand/mud moves more and more in the mouth of the harbor and boats can get stuck. At some point the harbor needs to be dug out. Skopelosnews remembers the harbor being dug out many years ago with machines like this on the photo below. Will that happen again soon? I fear for the summer with more ferryboats coming into the harbor.


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Skopelosnews does not (openly) promote businesses but when the only boat ticket office in Glossa re-opens we think it is worth a mention. Nikos Triandafillou his office will re-open again this Friday. Nikos his office provided for many years Hellenic Seaways tickets and information but as of Friday he will also sell tickets for the ANES company who have the following boats working in the Sporades; Proteus, Simi II and the Agios Nektarios.

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I don’t know about you but we are already fed up with the winter. There is supposed to come some bad weather at the end of the week and I am not! looking forward to that. I have stocked up with groceries again and I have put bread, meat and vegetables in the deep freezer! I am even looking at recipes for simple “eatable” things made with flower etc. I am refusing to make my own bread 😉 I cannot image how it is in countries where the winter is so much longer. We are spoiled here!

Half the island is without telephone and internet connections because of broken telephone poles and telephone lines. The telephone companies “big crew” came yesterday from Alonissos where they had to repair a lot too and they are now , on Skopelos, attending to the more important things which are businesses. It is rather quiet at home and my son Panajotis even picked up a book for a second but then decided against it again and put it down! Friends of the children are donating free internet (4G) and they are happy again for a while.

The rumor that we might not have a ferryboat for a while traveling between Volos and the Sporades I find unbelievable. The island cannot do without a ferryboat because goods for supermarkets etc. have to come here too. I know that the shipping companies need passengers but being with a ferryboat is a first. We will see.

Easter this year falls on Sunday the 16th of April. Whether we will have lots of people over depends on the flights that will be scheduled

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Tuesday 10/01/2017
Wednesday 11/01/2017

for other days see: http://www.anes.gr/routes_en.php

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