This is Vangelis and I have known him as long as I live on this island. Vangelis is a man of all trades but he is often hired to bring building materials to houses in places where no cars/trucks can come and to take rubble from the houses that are built and renovated. The materials are picked up by the horses/mules he owns. In the old days everything was transported via these beautiful, hardworking animals.

What can I say about Vangelis? He has a hard life trying to find work in a time where the economic crises almost wiped out the building trade on Skopelos. Lately the economic situation is picking up and more people dare to renovate or built properties and Vangelis has work. To find a steady job is pretty difficult because the last five years, during the economic crises, the Greek government allowed one person to be hired when five persons retired or stopped working for the government.

Fortunately the Greek government, now, also allows people to have jobs that last for eight months, in villages and cities. Cleaning jobs, waste management, forestry clearing jobs and clerical jobs at town halls and citizen’s help offices and other governmental organizations.

Vangelis has found an eight month job at the forestry office. He is trimming trees, cleaning up land and paths After these eight months he is jobless again for a while until he can apply again for these kind of jobs. Until he finds this kind of job again he roams around the village with his horses and quietly makes sure that all the rubble and building materials reach their destination.


The numbers of recycled materials on Skopelos for 2018 are published.

154 tons of steel scrap,
24 tons of electric and electronic devices,
24 tons of metal,
75 tons of glass,
24 tons of paper and cardboard,
15 tons of plastic,
22 tons of used cooking oil!!
were transported of the island and recycled
Source: go green recycling Skopelos

The do good group of Skopelos is a group of people who care about Skopelos and its nature and want to help keeping it clean but the group also wants to find solutions that stops people living on the island and visitors coming to the island from littering, dumping garbage and spoiling this beautiful island. Anybody can join the group. Just turn up at a cleaning event or say you want to join. There is a Facebook page:thedogoodgroupofskopelos. We try to take the names of all who want to participate and we have a messenger group so the group members hear about news and new actions. The people that don’t have messenger will be informed via email or telephone. The group has no teamleader, we are not a non profit organization, we are not subsidized, the only thing that is subsidized are the gloves and garbage bags which are given to us by BEST store in Skopelos. Anybody in the group that thinks a place should be cleaned can tell this to the group and this person will lead the following clean up action. It is simple, it is quick and effective. We try to clean once a month on a Sunday.

Yesterday a big group of about 50 people cleaned eight places on Skopelos. Part of the group were the scouts and we want to thank them especially for their efforts. The places that were cleaned were the road down from the helipad towards Agios Reginos, a part of the road towards the Agia Marina spring, the carpark in Skopelos, the piece of the harbor behind the Ammos beach and the ramp, the end of the ringroad near Mylos square, the beach opposite Muses restaurant and the part behind it, the beach opposite Skopelos Village and towards Karyatus bar. It was exhilirating to see so many people together for a common cause. Until the next time, all together !!

Road to Agia marina spring, before

Road to Agia marina spring, after



A huge thank you to everybody who helped and we were glad to see so many new faces.

It has been very windy these last two days and many people had trouble getting on and off the island. Tonight at three we have to put our clocks forward to four. Don’t forget !!! The do good group of Skopelos has marked eight places that they would like to clean tomorrow, Sunday at 11 we will begin. Meeting point opposite Gikas bakery.

Invitation of “The Do Good Group of Skopelos” for voluntary cleaning of Skopelos island in view of the upcoming touristic season.

The members of “The Do Good Group of Skopelos” are organizing a voluntary cleaning up on Sunday the 31st of March 2019 at 11.00 am, the meeting point being the port of Chora in Skopelos opposite Gikas bakery..

Participants will group up into teams and travel by private vehicles or on foot to the areas most in need. Garbage bags and plastic gloves will be offered by the “Best Shop” store in Skopelos.

This appeal concerns all residents of the island. We urge the local communities of Glossa and Neo Klima to be part of this action. We are looking forward to seeing the municipal candidates and consultants taking part as well, being that as it may be a great opportunity to demonstrate that they deserve the vote of their fellow citizens.

Associations, organizations, police department, fire Brigade, pupils, students, scouts and everyone on the island is invited. The first tourists must find Skopelos shining and clean. We all have to be there!

Skopelos, March 27th , telephone number 6982976600

The Proteus ferryboat is also sailing on Saturday, weather permitting. It wasn’t until a few days ago.

For more information contact your ticket office.

Greece is one of the few countries in Europa without a finalized land registry operation. The Greek government is trying, in various areas, to have land and house owners collect their property papers and have their property officially registered and land marked.

The deadline for registering your property (a piece of land, a villa or house on a piece of land or a house standing on its own in the countryside or in a town or a village) is the 12th of September 2019 (there might be an extension but this is not for sure)

Yesterday I visited the office that can register your property on Skopelos.
The office is situated next to the Avgo cafe, former Korali cafe, behind the playground in Skopelos town. I got all this information from them.

(entrance on the right side corner)

This office will only take all your papers to get the property registered and will not help you with the application. So foreigners who own a property here need to fill out the application forms themselves, collect the papers they need and register their property(ies) themselves or they need to find somebody who can help them with it. One possible solution could be the engineers who make topographies. They can also take on the registration for you (against payment) The application form is in Greek. See the link below plus photos with the English explanation. If you want to read more about it click here for Hellenic Cadastre

The papers that you need to submit are:
*a copy of the deed of the property
*a copy of your identity papers (if there are two or more owners of a property you need copies of all the identity papers of those owners)
* your Greek VAT number
*A topography of the property with GPS coordinates. It is no problem if this is an older topography, as long as it has the GPS coordinates
*The last paper is a paper from the land registry office which states that the property is signed over in your hands. It is usually the last paper of the deed. From this paper you need a copy too. If you cannot find it you need to go to the land registry office which is on the ring road below the elementary school. The office is behind the notary there.

If you own a property with a wife/husband/partner 50%-50% you need to pay 35 euros for each registration. If you own a piece of land with a house on it you don’t need to register the house etc. The important thing is the land, its size and where it is situated.

Opening times of the office:
ΔΕΥΤ is Monday
ΤΡ-ΤΕΤ is Tuesday and Wednesday
ΠΕΜ is Thursday

This is the form (in Greek) that you need to fill out. Click land registry form

I have added the three pages with an English explanation (sorry for the bad photo’s)

Good luck everybody!