Water retention dam

We have had a comment from A. Messaris which shed a whole new light on what we used to call a water reservoir in Loutsa. Mr. Messaris says:” It is not a reservoir, it is a water retention dam built to protect Panormos from severe flooding. If you look carefully, you will notice that it has a concrete overflow in the center of the dam and so the general level cannot go much over that level unless in flood conditions. However, the level it has now reached, which will probably be retained, should very much encourage a lot of bird and animal life, and the construction of a sensitively built bird hide will give bird lovers a lot of pleasure” Thank you for the explanation Mr. Messaris.


Look at his gentle eyes, the beautiful head, his fur color. This dog is still looking for a forever home. Please help us. Evi Mantoukou has him at home but her home is too small for two dogs. He is well behaved and very good with other animals and children. Help us find him a home !!

Beautiful mural

Silvia Barbero is a muralist from Buenos Aires in Argentina and last year she contacted the Skopelos Foundation for the Arts and asked if she could do a mural on Skopelos and somewhere where it would mean something to the community.

The director of SkopArt, Jill Somer suggested the high school in Skopelos town. Silvia came and with the help of SkopArt, many volunteers, the children and the parent’s board this wonderful mural is almost finished. Thank you Silvia !!


It is a custom in Greece and on Skopelos to give a woman when she gets married, a dowry. In Greek it is called Προίκα. Prika can consist of an apartment, a house etc. but there are usually also a lot of handmade embroidered tablecloths, towels, sheets etc. that a mother, grandmother and other family members make.

The family of the bride take great pride in showing the prika off on the day of the wedding. The embroidered pieces take ages to make. Many women sit in their shops or on the street at night and work on a piece.

This is Mrs. Kiritsi. She has a shop with hand made sweets in the center of Skopelos town. Her daughters are married but she has granddaughters and there is time to finish this tablecloth….

Land registry

Many regions in Greece, including Skopelos, have not been mapped out officially and Greece has been trying to get the official mapping and registration of property done the last 15 years. The Hellenic Cadastre is the organization that takes care of the mapping and registration.

Some areas in Greece like Alonissos and Skiathos have been done and soon it is Skopelos it’s turn. Below is a little bit of the history of the Hellenic Cadastre before I will begin to explain what we need to do.

The Hellenic Cadastre is a unified and constantly updated system of information that records the legal, technical and other additional details about real estate properties and the rights on them. This information is kept under the responsibility and guarantee of the State.

The Hellenic Cadastre:
-Records all deeds that establish, transfer, change or abolish rights on properties on a real property-centered basis.
-Guarantees all legal details it records, since every deed is registered only after its lawfulness has been checked, meaning that no deed is registered if the person who transfers the property is not the person that the cadastre shows to be the beneficiary.
-Records the geographical description (shape, location and size) of the property too.

What will happen on Skopelos

An Hellenic cadastre office will be set up in Skopelos and all properties can be registered there. The founding of this office will probably happen in October.

What the owners of those properties need to do is have an outline (topography) of their properties so the exact size can be registered. They also need to prove that the property is theirs. This proof you can get in the land registry office on Skopelos. They also need to fill in an application. At the moment the Hellenic cadastre office has not been set up yet but as soon as it has been set up I will go there and find out exactly what papers are needed.

You have to register within a couple of months but to map out the whole island will take longer. You have to do it though otherwise there is a chance you will eventually (after seven years) lose your property. I know that a lot of foreign home owners are not here on the island to be able to register their property but they can have help from engineers/lawyers/people with a power of attorney to do the job. I am sure they will have enough time to register anyway. I will keep you posted.

Fall colors

When we were driving back from Agnodas to Stafylos the other day, the sun was very low and shining on the trees in front of us. The red color on the trees was magnificent and I drove back to make a photo of the scenery.

Sunset on the trees


(don’t worry, I did not pick these)

It will be exiting when we hear the first stories of edible mushrooms that were found. People will try to find out where they were found and if there are many.

Last year we were collecting olives and at some point we were gathered at the olive press when the press broke down and we had to wait for a couple of hours before it started to run again. Instead of going home and maybe lose your spot in the line to have your olives pressed, several people jumped over the fence and started to collect mushrooms. Many came back with bags full of them and everybody in the olive press got some.