Wishful thinking

While in Rethymno on Crete I saw this beautiful information booth where we received excellent information and a map without commercials on it. Two people were working there and helping visitors. Ahhh Skopelos



Walking down the ring road for an errand I saw this woman looking at the elementary school playground. I know her and asked if she was looking for somebody. She said:” my eldest grandchild has just started in the elementary school and I miss her” So S. goes to the school to see her when she plays in the playground.

A resting place

The last time I spoke about Mantoudi on Evia I did not see that nearby the harbor a cafe has opened to service the travellers coming from Athens to Mantoudi and on to the Sporades. You don’t have to take a drink or a snack if you don’t want to but you have a place to sit down, go to the toilet and you are in the shade.

Sorry about the mistake in the post of yesterday. That was the new schedule of the Flying Cat. Below is the Express Skiathos schedule. It is until the 24th of September

The schedule from the 25th of September until the 30th of October you can see below.

The Flying Cat schedule schedule is until 30/9/2017


On this very hot and humid day I had a meeting in the afternoon and I was not really looking forward to it. We had to go and look for a piece of land but the owner did not remember where the land was. What can you do ? Near the place where we thought the land was we saw a small house and in the distance two people sitting at a table. I went up to ask for directions and an elderly couple were putting figs on a line to dry. I recognized the lady and asked her why she doesn’t visit the village anymore. Her legs are failing her she said. All around the house I see how busy they are and I ask if I can take pictures of the garden and the figs and the peppers…

I cannot refuse the drink they offer. It would be offensive.Three small kittens follow me around and when I go and look for the land they follow me. The elderly couple are worried sick that the kittens are lost. I swoop them up in my hand and bring them back. The blessings of the couple accompany me when I drive away. A meeting that I was not looking forward to, turned into something memorable.

Water reservoir

There is water in the water reservoir near Loutsa. Do you see the puddle ? Not really sure what the situation is right now. Is the reservoir finished?