Make sure you wear clothes that can absorb olive oil, mud, olives and rain water. Don’t throw away the clothes. You might use them again in a couple of years!


Olives 2017 Day three

When picking olives a feeling creeps up on you that you should pick up every good olive that is around because “we don’t want to waste one” This feeling is not a good feeling because every very small olive that falls between the slats of our “olive machine” you feel you need to pick up !!!

Today there were just the two of us. Husband and me. Pretty difficult but we managed to do one and a half trees before the rain started to fall quite hard. We collected all the sheets and nets, the buckets and the olives were brought to their resting place. Tomorrow another day….

Great result !

Last weekend 73 cats and four dogs were neutered in a combined effort from all the vets of Skopelos, vets from outside Skopelos, Straycare Skopelos and many volunteers and animal lovers. In a big team effort the animals were rounded up and brought to the clinic where they were operated on. Everybody helped out to make this a success and it was.

(The photos were given to skopelosnews by Natascha fro Straycare Skopelos)

Olives 2017 Day two

When picking olives you always have olives leaves that you need to remove so this tool seperates the leaves from the olives. The cleaner the olives, the purer the olive oil.

We did a lot again. beautiful weather and more help from brother in law and nephew. More hands, more work done.

If you put to many olives on a heap they will press themselves. We put a sheet down and put all the olives on there and fill the bags right before we take them to the olive press.
The first bucket

and the olives we picked after the first day.

Olives 2017 Day one

And we are off! Last night, almost in the dark, some last canes were cut so they can be used to get the olives out of the tree. We have had conversations in which part of the land we should start picking, we know around what time we will start, we have seen the weather bulletin, I have organized lunch, I am looking for old clothes now and need to do some shopping. Are we ready ???


When her son Jannis got hurt after an accident Georgia (from Jialos restaurant) took him to the health center in Skopelos town and very quickly realized that the health center is still in need of help concerning medicines and medical tools. Jannis is now fully recovered but Georgia did not want to just forget about everything and instead she put a small story of Jannis his accident on her Facebook page and a request to her friends to donate some money for the health center to be able to buy some medical tools and medicines. Within a few days she collected about 350 euros and together with the health center a shopping list was made and things were ordered. They have arrived and have been handed over to the staff. Everybody is very happy. Thank you Georgia for this great successful initiative.