During the summer Skopelosnews is very busy but thanks to readers of the blog we can show you things that are happening on the island.

These roadworks were long overdue. The flood of 2015 had taken away a part of this coastal road and it was pretty difficult and dangerous to pass the makeshift fence when another car was coming from the opposite direction. Hopefully the work will be done quickly because there are a lot of cars driving on that part of the road.
Thanks to Stephen and Claire for the photo.

Taxi prices ( July 2017) going from Skopelos to ….

Every year people who are interested can make a bid on the job to provide umbrellas and sunbeds on the beaches of Skopelos. Some beaches are well worth it and you can make money. Other beaches will stay without sunbeds and umbrellas and many times this is what the people, who go to these beaches, like more. I think it is good that some beaches stay “unspoiled”. This year for the first time in many years there is a kantina and sunbeds and umbrellas on the first part of Velanio. Dimitri Mavridi took the drone photo.

Velanio is the beach after Stafylos beach. You walk along Stafylos, go up the small hill and come down on the beach. The second part of the beach behind the rock is designated as a nudist beach.

Klaus found this photograph of Skopelos harbor in a book that was published in 1964. The book is called: “Greek Islands – From Corfu to Rhodes, from Lesbos to Crete. Anton Schroll, Vienna 1964. Beautiful. Thanks Klaus.

In between

No really, the buses are running! You cannot see at what time they will go at the moment but the blank area where times should be will be full in a short while. It is just for a couple of minutes that nobody knows when the buses leave. Claire caught busdriver Costas at the moment that he was changing/adding the bustimes for the full season.
Thanks Stephen and Claire for the photo. Skopelosnews loves it when readers participate in the blog like this.

“Soon after moving from London to Glossa in 2005 with her husband, Matthew, Sarah Bloxham found a rat. Not a live rat, but a petrified rat in the plaka by the church in the Central Square of Glossa. It was not even a real petrified rat, but it was so striking that it inspired Sarah to write a children’s story set in a fictional Glossa of long ago.
She persuaded people of various nationalities with houses in the area to illustrate the book and translate the English text into four other languages – Greek, French, German and Italian. All the work was done voluntarily in the hope that the book would be published one day and the proceeds devoted to traditional village celebrations which are not as common as they once were.
Mosxoula Giannopoulou and Antonis Falkis, proprietors of Café – Restaurant Plateia have kindly allowed their kafeneion to be turned into a gallery for the summer. The first exhibition is all about Sarah’s book.

It is open daily from noon until the restaurant closes. There is an opportunity to meet the contributors on Monday 10th July in the Plateia Gallery, Central Square Glossa from around 1 p.m. The exhibition will run daily until the 30th July and admission is free.”

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