John and the clock

John and I made a mistake once at Skopelosnews while writing about winter and summertime and whether the clock should be put forward or backwards and from that time it was John Gills prerogative to write exclusively about the subject. I knew he could “handle” the subject and every time John would give it a new twist like John Gill could only do and although he would write the right information about what to do you were always in doubt. Was it forward or backwards… shit. I don’t only miss his writing , I also miss him as a person. I miss you John.

Tonight or Sunday morning, to be precise, the clock goes back one hour at four to three.
Wrong again, thank you Paul Chabanne. The dawn will be earlier. And sunrise too ! So shorter light in the evening and more light when you get up !


Oxi day

At exactly 11 o’ clock today all were present in the harbor when the speeches started and wreaths were laid down on the war monument between Skopelos cafe and Karavia cafe. After this the students, scouts and other participants walked down to the old harbor where the parade would start. I was clouded but fortunately it did not rain. There was a very strong wind blowing though.

(Photo; LIFE magazine)

Tomorrow, Saturday, Greece commemorates the entering of Greece in World War II on the 28th of Oktober. On this day Greece said no (ΟΧΙ) to Italy and did not allow the Italian army to enter Greece and occupy parts of Greece. For Greece it was the beginning of a war and the Greeks are very proud of the fact that they said no. Not the end of a war is celebrated on this day but the beginning of a war. In many other countries the end of a war is remembered. In the Netherlands it is the 5th of May.

It is a tradition all over Greece and on Skopelos to hold a parade. A military parade was also a custom but lately they are not held very often. School children will walk a certain distance and will pass by officials of the city or village like the mayor, the head of police etc. The last couple of years the scouts and the music band accompanies the children. Smaller children from school on Skopelos are also present and wear traditional Greek dresses and costumes.

The longest children will walk in front, the shortest at the back. Up front are the children who have the best grades in school. The child who carries the flag has the best grades. Several hours are spend in school to practice “the walk” It is important to walk in harmony! Before the parade wreaths are put on the memorial to remember the Skopelitans who died in the second World war and a teacher of one of the schools will hold a speech about a subject related to the war.

p.s shops are closed tomorrow Saturday because this is a National holiday.

Skopelos trails update

Fabio and Cristian on the Petrovrissi trail

Heather Parsons had 20 volunteers this year from nine different countries plus various regular tourists who donated days. Thanks to hotels Dionysos, Rigas House, pension Kyr Sotos and Glossa Houses for donating accommodation and all the people who provided evening meals. They cleared the following trails:

Skopelos to Panormos, Prof. Ilias calderimi, trail from Mili to Ag Marina, portions two and three of Monks Trail, Glysteri, Petrovrissi area and spring, spring on Old Stafilos Road, portions of the Retsina Trail at Anania and Pirgos, trail below Sotiros monastery, calderimi above Palio Klima to Ag Iannis Kastri and trail between Machala and Palio Klima.

A question from Skopelosnews. Wouldn’t it be great to design a map with all the trails ?
Update from Heather; the Terrain map has most of them. They are a professional Cartography company. We work together.

Thank you Heather for the information.

The end of an era

In the Klimataria taverna you probably have eaten at least once while you were here on vacation. Other who have a house here might have visited it more. Many know the whole family; Dimitri Kavouris, his father Jannis, Dimitri his wife and their two children and the staff which has worked there for ages too!

But it is time to say goodbye to this famous restaurant where you could eat in summer and winter. Where the cook chose to cook with the seasons. I liked to go to the kitchen and see what had been cooked and chose from there instead from the menu. I will never forget the bean soup we have eaten there. In winter, inside the restaurant next to the kitchen with only a few tables. Cold outside and the soup, some wine and soft music playing.

Dimitri will leave the premises along the harbor front but we do not think he will stop being a restauranteur. Have a good rest and hopefully after your batteries are charged you will come up with a new idea for a great taverna.


From Lorrie Dans Vassos

This is not your typical souvenir.This little Skopelitissa above is named Koukla Nina. We met her in July on Skopelos and brought her to Canada in early Oct. She will be bilingual!

Gathering chestnuts in the morning, now is the right time. We boiled them and they are soo tasty !

Swimming on Limnonari with no one around. Passing by Agnondas where two taverna’s are still open and finally going to Stafylos and finding 30 people on the beach.

In the afternoon a visit to the Skopelos Foundation for the Arts where Fran Romano showed the pieces she made during her residency here. What a treat !!!