GITs (Greek Island Thespians) are putting on their annual pantomime in the Dimos Theatre. This year they are doing ‘Icarus and the (Not So) Little Mermaid’ – an international cast, lots of laughter and music, and tailor-made for a small Greek island community!

The show is on from Wednesday April 15 to Saturday April 18 at 19.30 hours (bar opens at 19.00 hours) and tickets (which are free) must be obtained in advance from Renee (24240 65833). Photos below are from rehearsal and older shows.


The dance group of Glossa Cultural Association recently took a 7 day trip, traveling through Bulgaria to perform in Bucharest, Romania and in Calimanesti, Romania in the Carpathian mountains. Both displays were supported by UNESCO and were also supported by local Romanian dancers.

Fresh bread

2015-04-04 08.26.33

Over the weekend in Volos we found this traditional bakery with daughter sitting in front of the big oven and shoving the dough into it. The mother, quite old, behind the till and the son-in-law in the back. The fresh, delicious smelling and tasting bread came out of the oven and went straight into the big baskets. No fancy boxes or bags were around, just plain paper to wrap the items in. There was also bread with olives and bread with cheese. Oh heaven!

Kerys’s orchard

The view from Kerys's orchard at Alikias

The view from Kerys’s orchard at Alikias

Around a hundred upstanding Skopelitans (our head-count ran aground in a scrum at the back of the hall) and a sprinkling of overseas residents crammed into the Xenia building on Skopelos paralia on Sunday for the inaugural meeting of the newly-formed non-profit charity hoping to establish the first Camphill residential settlement in Greece here on Skopelos. As we reported earlier, the project aims to build a holistic community for people living with developmental disabilities, along the lines followed by the hundred or so Camphill communities around the world, and following the philosophy of anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner.

The 24-page legal Article of the organization gives its seven-person committee, headed by former mayor Giorgios Pachis with driving force Machi Papadavid and including its sole xenos Tony Askew of Glossa, a long shopping list. The project, which could eventually house as many as twenty residents and their carers, will provide a wide range of therapeutic, creative and vocational support, and also community outreach. It plans to assist the families of people living with disabilities, as well as offering access to younger islanders who could benefit from its facilities. It also intends to offer respite support to carers, counselling for parents and families, and legal and judicial representation.

With a bank account already open and a multi-lingual website in the planning, the project is about to embark on a range of fundraising projects, big and small. While it awaits the official recognition to call itself Camphill Skopelos Island, it also has the ‘discreet’ name of Το περιβόλι της Κέρης, roughly, Kerys’s Orchard. It is named, at the insistence of the other island families also involved in the development of the project, after Machi Papadavid’s daughter Kery, herself living with disabilities, who is named after her grandmother, who had an orchard on the land at Alikias that the family donated to the charity.


So we trimmed the lemon trees, but what to do with the lemons?


April 30, 2013

April 30, 2013

2013 fall and the future

the old and the future

Two years ago we reported succinctly on a landslide which occurred across the bay from Chora. About a week ago we noticed that, among the landscape changes over the winter, another considerable portion of cliffside had “tumbled into the sea”.

Not to be alarmist but the new cliff front seems to be creeping closer to the new mausoleum for Saddam Hussein or whatever it is.

skopelos scrambles 2011Sunday 5th April

This Sunday’s walk is ideal for those who have other things in mind for the western Easter Sunday but can just about manage a bit of exercise before that. The starting point is the entrance to the car park in Skopelos Town at 10.30am, from where they will walk up to the ridge above the Kastro, taking the old kalderimi. This is a favourite walk for the Scramblers, but from there they will be going a bit ‘off-piste’ on a different route, although they will still manage to get back to town for coffee around midday.

Muriel hopes regular walkers will enjoy this week’s photograph, which should stir some happy memories of a Panormos Easter walk four years ago.

For further information contact Muriel Dunlop on 24240 24732.


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