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Skopelos SurveyIf you have been on the paralia recently, you might have been handed one of these (the image enlarges if you click on it) by a young researcher from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. It’s a survey commissioned by the dimarkeion, municipality, its tourism committee and the association of Skopelos hoteliers, asking visitors about their experience on their visit to Skopelos. The data – they’re hoping for a sample of 500 responses, considered representative in most surveys – will be analyzed and then passed on to a marketing company that is planning a tourism promotion campaign for Skopelos in 2016. It’s interesting alone that the dimarkeion is pro-actively seeking public opinion; and even more so that, after the Pame Skopelos! campaign of 2012, another is in the pipeline. We’ll be activating our network of deeply-embedded spies to bring you more when they crack the safe code.



I (Daphne) met Athina/Αθηνά last week here on Skopelos. We have been corresponding because Athina was looking for information about Skopelos. Athina’s mother originates from Skopelos and Athina is a volunteer of a big Greek festival that is organized every year in Pensacola in the United States. Thousands of people visit the festival where Greek food can be eaten, Greek dances are shown and Greeks and non Greeks can meet. This year the subject of the festival is Skopelos. We were having only email conversations but suddenly last week she was suddenly standing in front of me. What a surprise!

(Athina hard at work)

Athina’s optimism and enthusiasm were contagious. She is such a positive person and I can imagine what the festival is like. It is so important to keep your heritage alive, wherever you are in the world and so many people are living in other parts of the world then where they were born ( me inclusive)

I have asked her to report back to us. Good luck and fun with the festival Athina and all the organizers!
Below is some more information about the festival.


Stray Care

Stray Care-2

Stray Care Skopelos is having another „Bric-à-Brac-sale” at its kiosk opposite to the harbor entrance on Sunday, 13 of September 2015 at 7:00 pm. The donations will be used for castration, food, medication, etc. to help the stray animals of Skopelos.

Last Mamma Mia!


Saturday at 21.00 hours Mamma Mia! will be shown for the last time this summer at the Orfeas open air cinema. There is an after party at Dokos cafe near the harbour.

Wine anyone?

Giorgos Sklavos of the “Fruit Boutique” next to the Magic Car office, is taking orders for quality grapes for wine making. You can stop by his shop and ask for details or call 24240 22081.

Your favorite green grocer may be offering grapes as well. Nikos Orphanos sells some wine making equipment. Have fun!

Poetry tonight!


Those with an interest in poetry written and spoken in the Greek language will want to be on hand at Orfeas tonight at 8. As the poster says, “Panhellenic Poetry Competition – Caesar Dapontes Awards 11 September”.
Organized by the Municipality with the help of the “Volunteers”, the annual event will feature readings by the award winners. Earlier in the year poets from all over Greece submitted their works which were then judged by a jury.

Why is the competition named Caesar Depontes? See Madro Travel’s page all about him.

Years ago

Photos are from the archives of Konstantinos D. Kyranni (ΚΩΝΣΤΑΝΤΙΝΟΥ Δ. ΚΥΡΑΝΗ) grandson of Michalis Trantas (ΜΙΧΑΛΗΣ ΤΡΑΝΤΑΣ)


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