Catch of the day


“Caught” on Glysteri the other week. Rough winds and the right currents bring it to the beach.

Aqua Ferries company will start travelling to and from Agios Constantinos from the 23rd of December.

The ferryboat will be the Mirtidiotissa.


Itineraries of 25/12/2016, 01/01/2017 and 06/01/2017 will not be carried out.



Itineraries of Sunday 16/04/2017, will not be carried out.


The link to the website is here

Great party Elios!

It was cold on Saturday afternoon in Elios when the Christmas party began. Everybody from Elios was there but also some people from Glossa and Skopelos. They saw wonderful appearances from the children of Elios and their teachers. It was a real party with a big buffet and drinks. Everybody had baked or made something. There was hot chocolate , gluhwein and tzipero. Great party Elios! Merry Christmas!


The wonderful buffet.


Tomorrow, Monday, other news about Skopelos will be written. Taking a short break…

R.I.P John


Today we said our final goodbye to John Gill who died this week. It was very hard for the friends who knew him to get closer to John after his recent hospital visit and try to offer help. Because of this he died alone and I (Daphne) do not wish this for anyone. People on this island get buried quickly because the body cannot stay long without being in a refrigerator/freezer. On Skopelos we don’t have one and it is impossible to postpone the funeral. Maybe this is something that can be arranged for the future so relatives and friends from abroad can be present at a funeral. I think we did the best we could under the very difficult circumstances and Peter, John and Georgia were there from the first moment to help and we received much appreciated help from the police, Vangelis Patseas, Kostas Skouras and Vangelis Drossos.

John is buried very close to his partner Graham. Hopefully he has found him up there.

Funeral John Gill

The funeral of John Gill will be held tomorrow Saturday the 17th at 13.00 hours at the cemetery of Skopelos.

John Gill

It is with great sadness that I share with you that John Gill has passed away today. John was ill for a long time.

It is a custom in Greece to bury someone as soon as possible, so John’s funeral will probably be held tomorrow, Saturday Dec 17. I (Daphne) will let you know as much in advance so you can attend if you wish. We will try to reach his friends in England as soon as possible. John was co-writer of skopelosnews for many years. No comments please. If you want to send an email please look at the top of the blog; contact us