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SIFFY 2016 has started. This morning the children listened to Kimo Papadimitriou who is a teacher in Athens and an instructor at the Skopelos diving center and to Jannis Boudalas who makes wooden miniature boats.

Who would resent Sir Phil's third superyacht?

Who would resent Sir Phil’s third superyacht?

An eagle-eyed friend in, of all places, a small hamlet outside of Hull, England, tips us off that the likely-to-be-detitled former British Home Stores department store chain boss Sir Philip Green’s modest lilo the motor yacht Lionheart is currently idling off either Kastani or Milia beach, or wherever the disgraced zillionaire is going for lunch today. The hundred-million-pound superyacht is apparently the third in his fleet of superyachts, where he is no doubt contemplating the fate of the thousands of former BHS staff currently unable to afford a bus pass. Our image is purloined from the Sun newspaper, which probably understands our feelings about its copyright.

Traffic jam?

Road repair to the Raches Road slide causes small traffic jam as cement is poured for the second phase of the retaining wall. Thanks Casey for the photograph.



The Skopelos International Film Festival for Youth is about to start. About 90 children are participating. 11 film directors from all over the world will make a short movie with them and this years theme is the sea! Tuesday and Wednesday the 26th and 27th classes will be given by professionals who are specialists in the field of the sea and boats and on Tuesday the 2nd of August the films made by the children will be shown in the theater of the elementary school on the ring road below Aperiton hotel. The evening will start at 21.00 hours.

Getting there

2016-07-23 09.02.13

Apart from renting a bike, a car, a motorbike or a quad bike you can also take the bus. This timetable is the most recent and the buses can take you to all the beaches and as far as Glossa and Loutraki.
Michalis tours and Dolphin of Skopelos, which have their offices on the road above Skopelos town beach, can take you to and from the beaches in a bus for a very reasonable price. They also do tours to the Mamma Mia! church and a beach in one.


(photo is not taken by skopelosnews, it is an old photograph found on the internet)

A periptero/kiosk is such a permanent feature on the Greek streets. Not only can you make a call, buy cigarettes, drinks, sweets and telephone cards. It is also a place to leave keys, to exchange money, to leave money and messages for other people and ask for advise. I (Daphne) admire the people who work there almost 24 hours every day and who are always willing to help you if you have a problem. If everything is closed you will find what you are looking for at the periptero!


A μονοπατι/monopati is a path that lies between pieces of land and leads to properties that are not accessible by a road and a car can drive on. It is usually as wide as a donkey with 2 baskets on its back. In the old days these paths were the only access to your land. Most of them are beautifully preserved because the workmanship is excellent. This monopati we found in Alikias. Not an area with great views but the land is beautiful and worth walking around in. A lot of oregano too!!!


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