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Stored away



Chairs from several coffee places are ready to be stored away for the winter. Some places are still open for a coffee. Platanos cafe at the old harbor, the municipal cafe/kaffeneon, Karavia, Skopelos cafe, Aroma cafe opposite Piraeus bank, Avgo/Former Korali,Dokko bar and Gikas on the harbor front.
Pandelis and his “small” cafe and Espresso on the road above from Ambrosia sweet shop and on the ring road opposite the health center the new bakery has coffee too. Bardon is open all day and evenings. On the road to Stafylos is Rosemary who serve coffee too.


After a fairly quiet year, Greece is again preparing for a succession of strikes. Following up on the 96 hour Seamen’s strike, Apostolis at the HSW ticket office reports that there will be a general strike on Thursday 12 November. Stoppages will include ferry services, banks, government offices etc. There is a long list of organizations supporting this strike including petrol station owners.

This is the first general strike of the season and more are expected as the government tries to implement the policies demanded by the creditors.

Feed me!

Gorgones2015No apologies for quoting the voracious Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors here, as we find ourselves being asked ‘Where’s open to eat?’ with increasing regularity now that winter is upon us and two Skopelos Town stalwarts, Apolafsi and Nastas, remain closed after the September 22 mini-Katrina weather event.

We were reminded of the question by the appearance of a notice outside Gorgones announcing that after a brief closure it re-opens today, Saturday November 7, for ‘mostly soups but other dishes’ lunchtimes and evenings. Owner Lefteris Alexiou plans to open daily, but if you are set on eating there maybe call 24240 24709 to confirm first.

Up the street, the relocated Finikas is planning to open lunchtimes and evenings daily, but if you want to confirm it’s open call 6948 274133.

Elsewhere, the very popular Ampeliki, below the Blackmail bar above the town beach, is closed Mondays but is open lunchtimes and evenings otherwise.

Gialos has promised to stay open lunchtimes for at least this week, possibly longer. Call 6993 372162 if in doubt. Update: Due to an inundation of diners, Gialos ran out of supplies and closed today, Wednesday November 11!

Molos is planning to re-open on Thursday November 19. The owners are currently off the island and uncertain about opening times/days, so call 24240 22551 if you’re headed there.

Our network of deeply-embedded spies also reports that Angelos/Ta Kymata will be re-opening at the end of the month, details to be confirmed later. If you want to annoy them with impertinent questions about opening days/hours nearer the time, the number to call is 24240 22381.

And on an even brighter note, the Karvelis bakery, opposite the Hotel Amalia, which was seriously damaged during the September storm, re-opens on Monday.

The Scramblers on an earlier jaunt across the island hills

The Scramblers on an earlier jaunt across the island hills

After a period of absence the Skopelos Scramblers are once again at large across the island’s hills and byways. They had an impromptu walk in October but are now knuckling down to a programme of regular Sunday morning walks.

This Sunday’s walk, November 8, will start at 10.30am at the Carrefour supermarket outside Skopelos Town. The group will scramble along the old Stafilos road heading for a shared picnic on Stafilos beach. Scramblers can decide whether to walk back to Skopelos Town or take up the offer of a lift back.

As always with the Skopelos Scramblers, all are welcome to join any part of the walk, and whether as a short-term visitor or a Skopelos resident. For any questions or further information, just call Muriel Dunlop on 24240 24732.

Muriel scries that the weather may even be good enough for a swim, so pack swim gear if you are in the mood.

Rock Cages

Rock cage copy
Are these the solution to the problem of shoring up the island? The word (or merely a rumor?) is that we will be seeing more of these constructions as the island props up her landscape. One example of building walls with Gabions or Τα Συρματοκιβώτια (Ta Sirmatokivotia -“wire crates or boxes”) can be seen where Vathirema emerges from the mountains a little above the Hilary and Liz house.

This method of earth support is fairly common around the world though not yet in Skopelos. Basically, gabions are cages made of heavy wire filled with stones. As stones are plentiful, the cost of reinforcing embankments using this method might be less expensive than steel reinforced concrete or other methods.
rock cage gabion

An outfit in Metsovo specializes in working with gabions. Following the link will show you different applications for this technique.

At one time so overgrown that passage was impossible, the storm opened Vathirema and now walking in the trickling river bed is an interesting and unusual hike.

Takis in Orfeas


Takis Moschos stars in the movie that will be shown on Saturday at 21.00 hours in cinema Orfeas.


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