He’s back

Dimitris 1Fleet-fingered Athenian guitarist and singer Dimitris Tzitzis is once again back at Barramares on the Skopelos paralia, playing two sets a night starting around 8.30pm. We’re not too sure what the improvised set list will contain, although in past years his mix of Greek and English song has encompassed Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen, The Cure, Bob Dylan, Guns ’N Roses, Jethro Tull, Sting, U2, Tom Waits and others. He does say he has been listening to quite a lot of po-mo folkies The Lumineers (anyone who uses YouTube will have heard their ‘Ho Hey’ like, duh, a million times), but you may have to shout to get him to play ‘With or Without You’.

The folks down at “Mr. Greece over 40 or so 2015″® contest invite entrants to submit their photo portfolio. While brains and talent are important, a well toned physique is a must (as demonstrated in the photo above) as is natural beauty (as demonstrated in the photo above). The portfolio should contain no more than 10 photos which show off to the best effect the candidate’s charms. The brains and talent we will get to later. Last year’s winner, Giorgos G of Kastoria, wowed the judges with his photo dressed as an Evzone and standing on his head.

The judges suggest at least one photo in pyjama bottoms, another “caring for animals” (feeding the chickens, riding a donkey, mule, horse, holding three cute kittens at once etc) and an “action! shot” (as demonstrated in the photo above).

Other details are sketchy which is the preferred mode for most contestants.

One local hopeful is busy assembling his portfolio and was kind enough to share a possible image with us (sorry no larger resolution). What do you think? Have we a winner?

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If you see a film crew around town over the next few weeks, that’ll be a fortysomething-strong Russian production team who have got permission from the Ministry of Culture to film what scuttlebutt informs us is a romantic comedy here on Skopelos. We have yet to extricate any further information, but believe it’s in Russian and therefore aimed at the Russian film market (although as Tarkovsky used to get western distribution, it could make its way to your neighbourhood multiplex, but we ain’t expecting Tarkovsky here). As the script appears to be under wraps, we have no idea where they might pop up next, so keep your eyes peeled.

Professional tenor and Byzantine music teacher Stathis Karagiorgi will teach how to sing Byzantine church music. Classes are free and open to anyone. The lessons begin tonight (Tuesday) at 6:30 at Panagia Faneromeni.

Byzantine music is the type of music you hear from the churches on Sundays and feast days.

The music notation above will probably look more like this…


From Yvonne;
A massive thank you to the volunteers and children of Glossa who came to Hondrigorgi beach on Sunday to help picking up rubbish.
5 of the bags were plastic bottles that had been washed up during the winter months!This beautiful beach is clean once again

New clinic?

Word goes around that in the old tax office on the ring road a new health clinic is going to start up. We haven’t spoken yet to the people in charge because the builders are too busy transforming the offices. I (Daphne) would like a dermatologist and a good x-ray machine in there, and you ?

hot Hot HOt HOT

Screen shot 2015-06-15 at 2.09.51 PM

If all goes according to intelligent design, tomorrow will be a great day for frying eggs on the roof of your car.

In honour of the 191th anniversary of the birth of the painter Jean-Léon Gérôme on May 11, we continue to display his thematic artwork to illustrate our postings. This is “Egyptian Recruits Crossing the Desert” (French~ “Recrues Egyptiennes Traversant le Désert”, Finnish ~ “Egyptin Rekrytoi Rajan Aavikon”) from 1857. Recruits for what? We’d better find out.

In any case the graph below (click to enlarge) paints a clearer picture of the dreary future for those on the island. The bright light in all of this information is the lack of humidity predicted. Bearable? We don’t know. Bareable? Certainly.



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