On Sunday, a big grater has evened out the sand on the town beach in Skopelos and has taken away the big amounts of seaweed that was still lying on the sand.

Have a good week everybody !

The boat strike around the country on Tuesday the 16th and Wednesday the 17th of May is talked about a lot and many people are trying to find alternative sources of transportation to and from the mainland and Skiathos. Maybe you did not know the Skiathos water taxi?

Here is the link for it: water taxi Skiathos
If you are with more people the sum that you pay can be divided between the amount of persons on the boat.

Are you a visitor of Skopelos island who loves reading? Are you a tourist who always reads books on the beach and you don’t know where to find a good read? Do you have many finished and unfinished books that take so much space in your house or in your luggages? Are you looking for titles that are hard to find in the island stores? Do you want to read something special in your summer holidays ?
Magdalene Kastani is a librarian and a book-lover and she has something for you:

GET-SWAP-GIVE AWAY! You can adopt/get second hand books that are longing for a kind reader and/or give away the ones you want to get rid of for the readers that are looking for them! They’ll be glad to have them and take care of them!
CONTACT: For further info you can give her a call, send her an email or a fb message!
ADDRESS: Ioannou Doulidi 10, Elefterotria Skopelos.
EMAIL: magda.kastani@gmail.com
MOBILE NUMBER:+306974907514
FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/usedbooksgreece83/

REACH: You will find the “Second Hand Books for Skopelos” place nearby to Platanos square right opposite to Cine-Orpheus open cinema – OPAP agency, it is the white house with the brown windows and doors! You’re welcome to knock on the door and/or ring the doorbell of her house as well!
Ask for Magda and choose the book you want and /or give away another one if you like!

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The Skopelos Foundation for the Arts (SkopArt) facilitates community projects. Tyler Kay Reichert, an amazing mural artist, is here on the island painting a part of the elementary school.
The giant mural is on the side of the school facing the village. These kind of projects make such a difference for the children. They participated with the coloring of the flowers. A big thank you to Katerina Papova, another amazing painter and volunteers Anne-Guurt Jaeggi, Soula Patsi-Korenti, Jill Somer and Tammy Tsouris for their help. A few more days and the mural will be complete! Go and have a look if you can!


Skopelosnews does not know a lot about fishes and fishing but it is encouraging to see so many big fishes being caught (last week) in a bay where so many times before nothing could be caught. And these fishes were caught without a rod. Just a fishing line with a hook on it. What the bate was we don’t know and we cannot reveal if we knew that. A fisherman’s secret.


(photo taken from a wall in Skopelos)

Takis Moschos and his team of actors will perform on Friday, Saturday and Sunday the play “μπαμπάδες με ρούμι” which is the name of a very sweet pastry. See the photo below. The story is not so sweet. The play will be performed in Orfeas cinema. It is close to Platanos square. The play will start at 21.00 hours. It is in Greek.

Photo; Pasmina.gr

Thanasis Papathanasiou and Michalis Reppas are the writers of the play and they say the following (translated by skopelosnews)
“The 80’s was a time without moral standards and a carefree way of living. Anything could be done without thinking about the consequences of your actions or feel guilty about what you did. For those feelings you need a conscience. If you don’t have a conscience small everyday crimes seem unimportant and ridiculous. The big issue here is if these crimes are committed with intention and awareness? The comical theatre play “Babades with rum” tries to tell the story of a ridiculous crime. A comedy of disabled, stupid, immoral, evil and desperate people.

You must listen when older people tell you about their life and their memories about the old times. When we had the massive amount of snow in January they said it would be good for the land, the flowers, the trees. All we saw was this white blanket covering everything and crushing plants and trees. But look at them now, we have never seen so many wild roses on our bushes and it is not only the roses. The fruit trees bare a lot of fruit too!