Agnontas ouzeriaThe reprobates of the Any Excuse For Lunch Somewhere Club invaded Pablo’s at Agnontas yesterday for their first incursion of 2016, and spotted folks at work at the former Agnontas Ouzeria at the further end of the quay, which was damaged in the September 2015 weather event but also by later rough weather. The owners are rebuilding the tenta and interiors, and say they hope to be open for Easter. Siga siga.

Thomas RetsianisThe Asklepeion health centre welcomes new visiting gynaecologist and obstetrician Dr Thomas Retsianis this Friday and Saturday. Dr Retsianis is able to perform a wide range of scans, check-ups and surgical procedures, as well as advising on women’s reproductive health issues. Phone the centre on 24240 23837 to arrange an appointment.


2016-04-04 09.19.32

We are hoping for a good almond harvest this year. The trees seem full but we need to wait a little bit more before we can harvest them. Get them out of the tree and let them dry in the sun so the green skin gets hard so you can peel it off or leave them on the tree until they fall off.
After that we need to crack the very hard shell (on a flat stone and with a hammer) and the almonds are ready to be consumed. Patience is the word here. They need a lot of work before you can eat them, that is probably why they are so expensive when you buy them.



Big green bags hanging in iron netting for the recycling of plastic bottles and cans seen on Skiathos yesterday.
A new recycling plant is in the process of being set up on Skopelos. The waiting is for the licenses and skopelosnews will report immediately what kind of extra recycling will start finally on the island.
Collected are already on Skopelos; iron, old appliances, glass, oil, lamps and computer parts, mobile phones etc. and batteries. What is really needed is plastic bottles, paper and cans.


Sporades cycling has started to write down the trails they are cycling around the island and they are also starting with the islands Alonissos and Skiathos. Below is their last recording of the area and their comment:
Pouda & Mavragani: Lovely quiet trails at the very north of Skopelos. Very up and down with some steeper ramps (only walked once!). Nice lunch/drinks stop at the almost never visited small church of Agios Georgios, tucked away in the woods but with lovely views of the coastline and beach at Perivolou.

The link is here

Do you want to see all the descriptions of the trails they have done go here

apolafsi new chairsFurther evidence that Skopelos is returning to something like it was prior to the 22 September extreme weather event last year: Apolafsi, one of the worst-hit enterprises that evening, is readying to re-open in May and recently took receipt of new chairs and tables to replace those ruined in the floods.

We also hear that Nastas taverna, probably the worst-hit of all, is planning to move to temporary premises next door to Swell bar on the road above Ammos, the town beach. More on that as plans unfold.

Mention of Swell reminds us that a small contained riot will probably convene on the limani, port, tomorrow to welcome owners Evvi and Maria as they return to start work to re-open for the new season.

Squint and it could almost be summer already!

We sit corrected: A chance encounter with Christos in the street today elicits the update that Apolafsi will in fact re-open on April 8. See you there.

Elios from above


A wonderful photo of the village of Elios from above.


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