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We had rain last night but the winds are not so strong as expected. Maybe later in the day or tomorrow we will find out. On this beach no sign of bad weather. The photo was taken in the 1950s on the beach in the area opposite the Aeolos hotel/Asclepeion site, we think. The beach was much wider then.

2016-01-14 12.59.08

We met Vangelis and his 2 friends on the road going out of Skopelos on Thursday. He just returned from his house where he left wood for his woodburner. Now he is on his way back to his piece of land on the Stafylos road to leave his donkeys there for the night.

When we shouted at him to ask him to stop one of the donkeys got scared and tried to escape. Vangelis started swearing but when he saw us he calmed down and took his donkeys to the patch with grass so they could eat something and we could talk with him. There I also could take my picture. Vangelis has not forgiven us yet for scaring his donkey. Look at his face!

Skate park? Dwarf-throwing arena? Let us know your ideas

Skate park? Dwarf-throwing arena? Let us know your ideas

Speculation is nearing fever pitch over the dimos’s not so very secret plans for the former children’s playground across from the port car park of Skopelos. Following what we understand is a government edict to remove ‘dangerous’ play equipment from municipal parks, following a tragic accident in an Athens playground some years ago, many playgrounds have been dismantled. In the autumn, the port park was the last on the island to be dismantled. It was subsequently bulldozed and levelled.

Recently, engineers have been at work there with tape measures, demarkation gear and ground plans. As it is hard by the Avgo café, Pantelis’s tenta has been the venue for some wild speculation about the park’s future. Miniature or crazy golf have been an unimaginative if popular vote, as have a miniature theme park and a small railway like the one that used to run along the paralia at Volos. It’s possible the dimos has leased the park to the company that is busy turning municipal parks in England into private zip-wire/combat course parks charging £15 a head for the kiddies (extreme sport travel insurance extra). A particular low in humour suggested that, following the dimos’s brave decision to make Velanio the first official nudist beach in Greece, in a similarly broadminded move the park might be declared its first drive-thru dogging park. William Hill are not offering odds on the chance that it might become a miniature Seaworld, where the largest creatures would be acrobatic seahorses and troupes of krill performing hourly synchronized swimming displays. We welcome readers’ equally unlikely suggestions.

Of course, we could have just asked the engineers what they were doing, but where’s the fun in that?

flisvos wavesMost sources tell us that the word ‘Φλοίσβος’, transliterated as ‘Flisvos’ by most folks, means ‘lapping’ or, quaintly, ‘plashing’. Neither describes the conditions snapped by mike at the deserted Loutraki seafront restaurant of that name earlier this week. Ornery south-westerlies have been wreaking meteorological havoc along the west coast of Skopelos recently. Amazingly, some of us actually had lunch in the newly-reopened Φλοίσβος early last season in similar weather, when the rolled-down tenta walls protected us from most of the spray. (Even more amazingly still, we thought we saw a future client’s lunch turning cartwheels in one of those waves thrown up by the sea wall.)

These continuing balmy daytimes have had many people speculating that we may already be in the αλκυονίδες ημέρες, the halcyon days that bless us with kind weather at this time of year. Equally, many are also boldly predicting serious snows from the weekend, some say after Saturday. Given that Skopelos weather lore is about as reliable as its English variant, we’re still casting a skeptical eye on the five weather websites we visited that are suggesting there could be snow after Sunday, through next week or just Mon-Wed. Either way, some are already stockpiling fuel, food and, naturally, booze in case there’s an extended lock-in.


Skopelosnews had a talk on Wednesday with mayor Christos Vasiloudis after hearing about money being given to Skopelos for repairs of roads and ports. Because we did not hear the information directly from somebody in the municipality we decided to get the news from the mayor himself.


The following is happening. Skopelos has received 1 million euro from the ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks. With this money research by engineers is ongoing to pinpoint the various problems and how exactly repairs can be done on the roads/areas of Stafylos, Limnonari, Agnondas and the roads to the monasteries of Evangelistra and Prodomos.
The research reports have to be in by the 15th of February and after that the work will be assigned to a company that has won the bid/auction. Hopefully the work will be finished by the end of June 2016 the mayor told us.

The ministry of Marine and Island Policy has given another million euro for the ports of Skopelos and Agnondas. The research for the port of Skopelos is ready, they are waiting for the research for the port of Agnondas. After that the work again will be assigned to a company that has won the bid/auction. Again here, the mayor hopes the work will be finished by the end of June 2016.

The last research project that is taken place is for the flood protection of the area that was flooded on the 22nd of September. At present there are no funds available yet for the work that needs to be done. This is a big project. The mayor and the council members are working hard to get money for this work also.

Down the drain

Possibly the most unsexy photo we have ever used

Possibly the most unsexy photo we have ever used

Engineering works on the precipice of the children’s playground up in the Kastro area of Skopelos Town appear on closer inspection to have a dual function: to reinforce the foundations of this precarious if otherwise stable part of town, but also to widen and improve the channel that takes flood waters from the road and sends them downhill on to uninhabited land and then into the sea. In the September storm, storm rains washed out parts of the road, undermining the roadway and depositing washout, and the odd abandoned washing machine, in the garden of the newly-built Villa Agia below the road.
And even unsexier still…

And even unsexier still…

The works have also uncovered a previously unseen (at least by this three-year resident of Kastro) stairway leaving the corner of the playground and descending towards the sea. If these infernal winds abate, we may even venture down to see where, if anywhere, it goes.

Watch this space.

Epiphany in the 1940s


The throwing of the cross in the 1940s. Photo from Regina Kosma.


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