The queen is gone

(Katherina’s work)

This post is to announce the very sad passing of Mrs. Katherina Provias, yesterday the 7th of September. She was buried this morning at 11. Katherina was the figurehead of Magic Cars and the tourist information office she managed for many years. Many people knew her and admired her strength. With Katherina you always knew exactly what she thought. She would never beat around the bush. She would go all the way for many people. She was very generous and always would try to find a solution for a problem. She adored her family, her children, the grandchildren and the contact with the hundreds of people she knew! Goodbye Katherina Καλό Παράδεισο.



There is a fire in the Kalogeros area on the north east coast of Skopelos. A friend has taken photo from a ferryboat that travels to Skiathos. We will try and find out the exact story.

Update 8/9/2017
Yesterday the men and women of the fire brigade arrived very quickly on the spot where the fire was. The fire was caused by lightning. The area where the fire occurred was very difficult to reach.


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Only 15 minutes from Skopelos village you find absolute peace in the area of Anania and Pirgos. The most stunning views over the hills, towards the sea. Everything is there and nothing. You and your thoughts. Drive up unpaved roads and see where it brings you. You are surprised every time.

Last night

(photo made by Yiannis Chatzitrakosas)
Last night we had quite a bit of a storm. Rain and lightning, everything was there and of course a wonderful photograph was taken by Yiannis Chatzitrakosas. Yiannis is the founder of skopelosweb.gr and our local weatherman. If you are not sure about something concerning the weather around Skopelos, ask him.

Balcony with figs

For Jayne,

Dear Jayne, we know you like old balconies but this one is special. It is close to the Agios Ioannis church in Skopelos but on top of the balcony is a tray with figs drying.

Beautiful Skopelos

Just a small corner with some houses in Skopelos village. You walk there for a couple of minutes and you can take a hundred photos filled with wonderful details!

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ΑΦ means arrival
ΑΝ means departure

From 11/9 until 24/9 2017.