They are having fun that is for sure. The 20 students from the high school on their Athens excursion. Yesterday they visited the Acropolis and the museum. The day before they visited the parliament. Thank you for the photos Christina.

Marchallina infestation outside Athens, courtesy Diomidis Spinellis/Wiki Commons

Marchalina infestation outside Athens, courtesy Diomidis Spinellis/Wiki Commons

Martin Beckett writes: For thousands of years the scale insect Marchalina Hellenica has existed on pine trees in the eastern Mediterranean providing honeydew for bees. Around fifteen years ago the Min Of Ag and beekeepers began a programme to boost honey production by promoting the insect, with the unfortunate effect that large areas of the pine trees it feeds on are dying. An alert for Marchalina infestation was even declared in Adelaide and Melbourne in November. We have it on Skopelos; in fact I have it in my garden. It has two main side effects: its sticky residue kills anything growing beneath it, but it also eventually kills the tree. Fortunately there is a cure and Tetrastop has been developed from natural products to halt the infestation without poisoning you or the landscape. I have persuaded Nicos Orphanos to stock this at his nursery to help people with this problem. I have just sprayed my trees, so we hope it’s as effective as is claimed.
This is not to be confused with the round white nests seen in pine trees built by the processionary caterpillar, but if you see white foamy stuff on your trees as in the photo above then you have this infestation and you need to act.
the stuff

the stuff

Here they come

Want to have your eyes checked out? This Friday and Saturday you can, because the opthalmologist is in town. Make an appointment at the Optica store on the corner of Platanos square.

Also, gynaecologist Vasilis Kolovos is here on Thursday. For appointments please call: 69 85 86 06 38. His office is just above Platanos Jazz Bar.

And they are off

(photo is from yesterday, Glisteri)

The 3rd class of the high school left this morning for their 3 day trip to Athens. Due to the generosity of several Skopelosnews readers the Parents Board was able to reduce considerably the final price for the excursion. The parents board would like to thank everybody for that. We will keep you up to date of the journey.

‘Nother Fωτο

Clean up day here on soggy land. Lots of rock slides and fallen down stonewalls. Stuff has blown hither and yon.

This enlargeable photo is another from yesterday. The lack of clarity is due to wind driven rain.

From Sunday’s photo expedition – one of the casualties of the wild weather. This bin was knocked over by a mighty wave. Monday is clean-up day as wind and seas have subsided.

The trata Ag. Anargyroi at anchor smack dab in the middle of the harbor at about noon sunday. The waves breaking over the mole and wild currents tossing moored boats into one another, the skipper must have thought that his boat would be better off on its own. The rain seems to have tapered and the winds drop a bit from time to time.DSCN0792


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