Be careful!

The first of November was the first day that people, officially, can start burning leaves, branches etc. but because it has not rained a lot yet the ground is very dry and fire spreads very easily. These photos are from Angela in Old Klima. She reports; “It is still very dry out there…BE CAREFUL…I awoke to this, this morning. Fortunately for the owner of the Olive grove and his neighbours and once again due to the splendid efforts of the Firemen it was soon under control…. it could have been much worse”

New premises

The folklore and cultural association of Skopelos has found new premises in a building right opposite the Folklore museum in the road leading to Platanos square.

The space was divided in several areas for dancing and art classes.and the in- and outside was painted.

Good luck to everybody and we hope many pleasant hours will be spent in the new building.

The zen of trees

Here’s one I prepared earlier

Here’s one I prepared earlier

Can trees do zen? You might be surprised, especially after research in recent years has found the friendly dentro, tree, more sentient than was previously imagined. Trees can indeed walk (shades of that scene in Kew Gardens greenhouse from The Day of the Triffids), moving root boles towards sunlight and water and away from harm. Some species release toxins into their leaf systems when they believe themselves under attack from birds or insects. They communicate by chemical messages across tree communities, and have even been observed to protect younger and ailing trees nearby.
We found this magnificent specimen of what we believe is citrus reticulata, the mandarin tree, in the narrow lane leading down from the re-purposed milos, or mill, up from the junction for Pefkias and Glyfoneri beach. The house is being extensively renovated, but this root bole has remained (we assume) happily immobile over a number of weeks of drastic works on the building. Given the number of other reticulata in nearby gardens, maybe it’s just chewing the fat over the garden fence. And as our second photo shows, its leaf canopy still hosts a healthy abundance of fruit many weeks into the renovation.

Sentient flora does have its dark side, however: that heavenly smell of freshly cut grass may, in fact, be the grass screaming as it is beheaded.

Mr. Yorgos Poulios from the Voreis Sporades blog has taken this photograph and we thought it was worth putting it on the blog. Mike, who sent it in, says; “It’s worth a wider audience – James Dean, The Wild Bunch etc. Wish I had taken it.”



Just above the Agios Konstantinos church (road to Glysteri) a part of the road had fallen down after last year’s flood. What remained was a smaller, dangerous, road with with a high drop and bad lighting around. On Thursday work started and loose stones were removed, iron has been placed and on Friday afternoon cement went in the for the base. On Saturday the wall was fabricated with wooden planks (καλουπώνω) so the cement can go in soon.
(Photographs Anne Guurt)

Ticket change


H. wrote us to say that a friend of hers bought boat tickets but that the date of departure on the ticket was wrong. When she tried to change them she was charged two euros for the ticket change. Skopelosnews knows about this policy and advises everybody to check their tickets after they have been issued so you know 100% that they are correct. There is a message in the ticket office that says the same. After a certain time (days) the tickets cannot be changed automatically and you are charged.

Last week’s Scramble to Ayia Marina

Last week’s Scramble to Ayia Marina

Sunday November 6

The destination for this week’s walk is Milia/Kastani beach. The Scramblers will meet at 10.30am at Carrefour in Skopelos town and then drive in convoy to Ag. Reginos church, which is situated at a high point on the new road crossing the island.

The group will then walk down to Milia beach and, if they feel up to it, will carry on along a shore path to Kastani to share a picnic.

This is a one-way Scramble where transport will be available to take Scramblers back up to the walk’s starting point.

As usual all are welcome to join the Scramblers. Any questions phone Muriel 24240 24732.