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Sunday afternoon we spend some wonderful hours walking through the town of Skopelos with a great group of people who continue the tradition of the wedding/Οι καλές” The musicians played their hearts out and many people sang along with great passion. In the streets people came out of their houses and offered drinks, rice pudding , meatballs and other specialities to the crowd. It was great to see that traditions can be upheld when people make an effort. The folklore and cultural association plays a big role in that and we hope they will stay strong and united for many more years!


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Students who are in their final year of the High School in Skopelos are organizing a dance on Saturday the 24th of February to raise money for their five day trip to Navplio. There will be live music and for 20 euros you will enjoy a wonderful meal with wine. Please help the kids and join them on Saturday in Terpsis restaurant on the road to Stafylos. For reservations call 6986602694 and 6984129537 (the kids speak english)

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Back again

Some of the “Τρατες” that were thrown into the sea have landed on the town beach again due to the stormy weather we had yesterday. Today is a better day without rain but with wind.

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This video was made by the vories sporades blog https://efimerida-sporades.blogspot.gr/

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Above is the schedule of the Proteus ferryboat coming and going from Volos and Mantoudi the next couple of days. The Erato flying dolphin has broken down several times in the last couple of weeks so people are depending on the boats that can travel. The Proteus does not sail every day yet unfortunately.

Sunday is the last day of Carnival and several parties have been planned in Skopelos, Elios and Glossa. See the posters I have posted last week.

Monday it is clean Monday, most shops will be closed. Bakeries will be open in the morning to get your special bread the Lagana

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It takes quite a bit of time to get a trata built and the crew of the boat has to be absolutely sure they are ready. Some last amendments and then they are off. The captain looks at his watch. Let’s go !!!

Most “Τρατες” are build on a piece of land or in somebody’s backyard. This one is ready to go and Mum sends them her love.

(filmed by Vasilis Tegos)

The last stop of a “τρατα” is the water and this year all boats ended up there as they are supposed to. A lot of the boat crew members had a quick swim too. The water was cold !!.

Thank you Folklore and Cultural organization of Skopelos for organizing this event.

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(poster George Poulios/Vories Sporades blog)

Both days are organized by the Folklore and Cultural organization of Skopelos town.

Sunday the 11th of february the “Trates” will be brought out again. It is a carnival custom that has been upheld for many years on Skopelos. Last year the Cultural organization has tried to teach the younger generation about the custom and even went into the highschool to talk about it. On the day itself one will be built near the car park. Start 14.30 hours.
2017 Τρατες

Sunday the 18th the wedding procession “οι καλές” will start at 14.30 hours and will go through the town.
Οι καλές 2014

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