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Beautiful mural

Silvia Barbero is a muralist from Buenos Aires in Argentina and last year she contacted the Skopelos Foundation for the Arts and asked if she could do a mural on Skopelos and somewhere where it would mean something to the community.

The director of SkopArt, Jill Somer suggested the high school in Skopelos town. Silvia came and with the help of SkopArt, many volunteers, the children and the parent’s board this wonderful mural is almost finished. Thank you Silvia !!


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It is a custom in Greece and on Skopelos to give a woman when she gets married, a dowry. In Greek it is called Προίκα. Prika can consist of an apartment, a house etc. but there are usually also a lot of handmade embroidered tablecloths, towels, sheets etc. that a mother, grandmother and other family members make.

The family of the bride take great pride in showing the prika off on the day of the wedding. The embroidered pieces take ages to make. Many women sit in their shops or on the street at night and work on a piece.

This is Mrs. Kiritsi. She has a shop with hand made sweets in the center of Skopelos town. Her daughters are married but she has granddaughters and there is time to finish this tablecloth….

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Today I visited three pieces of land and two of them had old farmhouses/kalivi’s on them. The first kalivi also had a lot of old stuff in it. At first I did not see a lot but after a little bit I looked closer and saw these two wonderful oil lamps. I am sure you can still use them.

On the ground I saw these two clay bowls. They were used to make bread etc. They are unique !!!

Very often these kalivi’s are abandoned and the furniture and tools dissapear after a while. They should be collected and saved as family heirlooms. They show the culture and history of a place.

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It is wonderful that readers help form this blog. To get emails with information and photographs is great! Thank you for all your help.

Rob and his wife have visited Skopelos several times and have done the walk from Old Klima to Loutraki too. What they are most impressed with is the Roman baths ruins near Loutraki. They think it is a pity they are not more protected from the sea. Maybe these remains will not be there in a few years.

(Photos’s Rob)

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Stanley’s holiday

This short film was made by Nadia de Jong. Thank you for sending it to us. We like it very much!

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Stafylofest 2018
Visit the Sporades Centre for Sustainable Life in Glossa this Saturday (22/09) and join us in celebrating the grape harvest and the culture of wine making on our beautiful island. Festivities begin at 5pm. We will be demonstrating local winemaking, harvest songs, music and dance. We will also show you traditional methods of clearing the grape must which can then be used to make moustalevria, a delicious desert.
There will also be plenty of wine for you to sample and enjoy!
Free entrance for all!!
For directions to the centre and video footage from last year’s Stafylofest, please visit our website: http://www.isporades.org

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The start of the dance festival on Saturday!

The letters that you see in the video are Φ Α Ρ Ο Σ which is the organization that the festival supports. Faris is a non profit making, registered charity, founded in Skopelos in 2006 with the aim of offering palliative care services to the local community.

Video: the Vories Sporades blog.

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