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The 25th of March celebration in Skopelos town, yesterday, took place with the sun shining and many people present. The atmosphere was very joyful and many people took the time to catch up with family and friends. It stayed sunny the whole day so after the parade we saw people everywhere drinking coffee, having a bite to eat, going to the beach and many children enjoying the playground. More and more places to eat and drink have opened their doors. Even at Agnondas you can eat!

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Good morning. I don’t know what ties Luke Bryan or Jimmy Fallon have with the countries that make gyro but in Greece we like one once in a while!

The official music video for Luke Bryan and Jimmy Fallon’s song “I Don’t Know How to Pronounce Gyro.”

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We don’t know if you remember the SIFFY movie “Engulfed by Destiny in Skopelos”.
All actors come from Skopelos and the movie was chosen to be screened all over the world in film festivals. Engulfed by destiny is a film made in 2016 with the theme “the sea”
This is a review of the movie from Paralax film festival in England.

Young love can so painful can’t it? A boy and a girl living on the Greek island of Skopelos find their relationships pulled apart by the most evil of villains; life. The beautiful backdrop of Skopelos, harmoniously enlightened by the mellowing music, makes the tale worth telling and watching.

Despite its youthful nature, Engulfed by Destiny in Skopelos is a surprisingly mature film. Cinematography is as tight and professional as any big-budget production and the actual narrative ticks along with unforgiving pace. Do not be fooled by the blue sea and the sunny sky, this is not a feel-good film. Engulfed by Destiny in Skopelos delivers more than just a cheap smile, it is painfully real. Life isn’t a fairy-tale, even for children. Happy endings don’t always occur but we move on.

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Clean Monday

It’s clean Monday tomorrow so most offices are closed. Most stores will be open so you can do your last shopping’s. But if you are buying a lot you have to eat that because you are supposed to clean your closets because you are going to fast not? until Easter. Anyway everybody does whatever they want but try to have a nice time!!

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Agios Reginos


Skopelos celebrates it’s patron saint Reginos today. Sorry for the late post to warn you that most shops will be closed today.

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The younger and the older generations still keep the tradition of the Trates/Τράτες alive on Skopelos and build together these wonderful boats. Ready to sail in a while!

It was a fantastic Sunday afternoon with song and dance, a lot of wine and beer around but everybody remembered again what this tradition is about. Good work cultural and folkloric association!!!


The youngest participant were from the elementary school with all the parents around the boat helping out when it was needed. They danced together and sang the traditional songs. It was great to see.

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Living on an island is both sweet and sour at the same time. You cannot compare it to living in a city, a village. There is a melancholic feeling about the fact that you are separated from the rest of the country/world because of the sea and only boats can help you bridge that distance. This melancholic feeling is expressed very well is this song by Marios Fragoulis/Μάριος Φραγούλις, a world famous Greek singer. I have translated this freely, how I think the words in the song are meant.

Like land that once was one
Like the islands, our lives are apart
How can I travel to you
How can I get there without sails

Both of us alone
Their island, their lives
Night has come my love
All over the world
The waves are breaking
Ships without power
The sea my love
My whole life

People connected to the earth
Trees that break the loneliness
Eyes that are used to foreign things
Letters that remained closed

Σα νησιά οι ζωές μας χωριστά
Σα στεριές που κάποτε ήταν ένα
Σα νησιά οι ζωές μας χωριστά
Πώς να ταξιδέψω ως εσένα
Πώς να ‘ρθείς εδώ χωρίς πανιά

Καθένας μόνος του
Νησί του, ο κόσμος του
Βράδιασε αγάπη μου
Σ’ όλη τη γη
Σπάνε στα κύματα
Καράβια αδύναμα
Θάλασσα αγάπη μου
Όλη η ζωή

Άνθρωποι – νησιά στη γη δεμένα
Δέντρα που λυγίζει η μοναξιά
Μάτια που συνήθισαν στα ξένα
Γράμματα που έμειναν κλειστά

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