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Thank you

Thank you Tyler Kay for making such a beautiful mural on one of the walls of the fire brigade station house in Skopelos. The wall of Skopelos are so much brighter thanks to you.
Tyler has visited Skopelos two times this year and has made murals in the middle school, the amfi theater on the ring road and in the fire brigade station!


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Feel like seeing short movies that were made by children of Skopelos and foreign filmmakers ? Come to the municipal theater on the ring road of Skopelos today at 20.30 hours and be part of the party. We will show some older films, the films of 2017 and we will have some surprises too! Bring a pillow to sit on and we will have a blast !!!

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SIFFY reboot

If you were never around when the SIFFY festival was organized, this is your chance to see the movies in an outdoor theater again.

On Sunday the 3rd of September at 20.30 the evening will start. Take a pillow!!!

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This year for the fifth time the folk dance festival Diamantis Palaiologos will be organized on Skopelos. Three days full of dance and cultural meetings

Saturday the 26th of August at 19.00 hours all participating dancers will parade along the harbor front and walk to the municipal theater which is situated along the ring road, below Apertion hotel. At 21.00 hours the dancing will begin.

On Sunday the 27th around 19.30 everybody can join in with a free Greek dance class. The place to be is in front of the harbor in Skopelos in front of the festival office. After that, around 21.00 hours, dancers from Greece and Nepal will dance. Place to be the municipal theater in Skopelos

(last years dancers)

Monday the 28th is the last day of the festival. Open rehearsals will be held in Glossa at 11.00 hours. At 21.00 hours on the closing night of the festival you can see the performance: “between two rivers, greek dancing meets the flamengo” and more dancers from Nepal, Italy and Pontos/Turkey will dance. Place to be the municipal theater in Skopelos

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Tonight and tomorrow there are guided tours in Skopelos. You will learn about the history of Skopelos, the architecture and the churches.

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Traganas night

To show locals and visitors on the island that Greek traditions are alive and kicking Tuesday night was traganas night. The goats were milked in the morning and the milk was put in the fridge until the evening. Wheat ( 1 kilo) and goat milk (4 liters) and salt in a big pan and stir. Nikos who has his own goat herd showed everybody how it is done and after that everybody who was around could eat. Another pan of traganas that was prepared earlier was brought in because after it has cooked the traganas has to sit for a while.

It was delicious and it was served with wine, water, ouzo and music. Great night ! Thank you folklore and cultural association!

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Theatre, music and exhibitions. Alle happening in Glossa in the school yard/amphitheater and the square in top of the village.

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