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On Sunday the 25th, Monday the 26th and Tuesday the 27th of August for the 7th time the Diamantis Paleologos dance festival will be organized. Over 600 dancers from Greece and abroad will be attending. The performances will be held in the amphitheater of the elementary school on the ring road starting around 21.00 hours. Bring a cushion to sit on.


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Let’s celebrate


Tomorrow, in many Greek families the name Maria, Panajiota (Iota) Panajotis (not all, some have other nameday dates) are celebrated. It is one of the biggest Greek Orthodox celebrations.

This is the drill: Going to the church tonight or tomorrow morning, then for coffee in the harbor where everybody can see you and congratulate you and then to lunch in a taverna or back home for a sumptuous meal! If the celebrated feel up to it:at night out for drinks and/or a nightclub! All the other Greeks with other names join in the party and celebrate too!
Χρόνια Πολλά Μαρία, Παναγιώτης, Παναγιώτα.

Banks, offices are closed, most supermarkets are open. Shops, bars, taverna’s and restaurants all open!

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Skopelos week

(source: efimeridasporades)

Next week, starting on the 11th of August, the cultural and folklore association of Skopelos (town) will show with another festival what wonderful local products they have and what kind of traditions are still around. The cultural and folklore association will also show authentic costumes of the island and show how people can wear them. A traditional wedding of Skopelos is also reenacted. The days to remember are 11, 13, 16, 17 and 18 of August. Have a look on the poster for the English translation and what is done each day.

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Tomorrow evening the students of the Skopelos International Film Festival for Youth will present their movies that they have shot the whole of last week together with many international film makers. The theme this year was color!
Come and enjoy this very special evening.

The evening starts at 21.00 hours.
The place to be is the amphitheater of the elementary school along the ring road. Below Aperiton hotel. Take a cushion! Entrance free!

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Glossa is honoring the late Mr. George Michelis, former mayor, musician with a three day festival on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of July in Glossa (Saturday, Sunday and Monday)
Every night the performances start at 21.00 hours.The venue is the school in Glossa in the center of the village. There will be music and dance performances, traditional and modern and on Sunday Matheo Jiannouli will give a concert.

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Rembetiko festival

Skopelos island hosts many famous rembetiko artists and this year, for the second time, a rembetiko festival is organized by the cultural organization of Skopelos, the municipality of Skopelos and the prefecture of Thessalia and many local artists. From Monday the 15th of July untill Wednesday the 17th of July there will be concerts, seminars, theater plays, and exhibitions.

Rembetiko is a kind of Greek folk music which started in Asia Minor, more specifically, in Smyrna and Constantinople. After the 1922 occupation and destruction of Smyrna, the refugees who sought shelter in Central Greece, along with their few suitcases and memories, also brought with them their culture and music. This is the reason why rembetiko started expanding through Greece’s main ports, such as Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Volos and Syros, and around 1930 the dawn of rembetiko had begun. People would gather in small taverns with a few musical instruments and, along with a glass of wine, would openly express their pain, fears and nostalgia for the past. Although these individuals were homesick, a sense of hopefulness still resonated within their songs

The program for the festival is in Greek and English. Have a look. For the concerts you need to be in the old port under the panajitsa tou pirgo church. The exhibition of old instruments is in the Orfeas open air cinema and the seminars are in the Vakratsa mansion garden.

Mr. George Ksidaris famous rembetika singer and musician from Skopelos

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This Friday and Saturday Glossa village holds its traditional dance festival. Many dance groups from Greece will visit and dance during these two days. The evening starts at 21.00 hours and the place to be is the sports ground of the school in the center of the village. Entrance free.

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