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I cannot understand why some church windows are so small. Protection against bad weather, pirates, the sun? And some of these churches don’t have electricity! Agios Athanassios on the Kastro.


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Getting it ready

When you see elderly Greek women walk in the streets you might think they are enjoying their free time now that the grandchildren have grown up etc. No, many of them have a busy life because they take care of churches that are scattered all over the villages. Who do you think lights the candles in the morning and afternoon. Who sweeps the floors, who makes sure that in the winter there are carpets on the marble floor. All these women help to keep the churches clean and tidy. When there is a special ceremony in the churches like a name day, a baptism, one of the things they will also do is wash and iron all the special embroidered pieces of cotton and later decorate the church with it. Next week there is a special ceremony in the Agios Michael church in Skopelos town. I caught the lady who washes and irons the pieces. What she is holding is the second lot that goes into the church. Some pieces are already in place.

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The wall of the Vakratsa has been plastered. For many years tree roots were pushing the wall towards the street. A very dangerous situation. This is how it looked before.

Unfortunately only the Vakratsa museum will be open this summer. The folklore museum has a problem with the electricity. It is a shame visitors can’t see the inside of this wonderful museum.

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Roger fox will have an exhibition in Rigas house of his worked called ”People and faces” from the 14th of May until the 28th of May. His paintings will be shown in the lobby of the Hotel which is very close to the t-junction going to Stafylos. On Saturday the 19th May from 18.00 -20.00 hours Roger will hold a reception in Rigas house with drinks.

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Xariklia and Yorgos got married yesterday evening. Hundreds of people came and congratulated them. May they live/ Να ζησουν!!!

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Great initiative

Metaxia Armeni-Mina is connected to the cultural organization of Skopelos town and she has taken the initiative and gathered several young people that voluntarily try to make the island more beautiful, with creative actions for the community. This week tables for the elderly association were painted, next week rubbish bins will be painted and they will also participate in the “let’s do it” action. Great work guys!!

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Take the time

Getting ready for Easter does not involve just getting the shopping done.
A son meets up with his godparent and asks him how he is doing and how he is doing in school. She gave him a colored candle which he can use on Easter Saturday evening and money to buy his own present. He is too old to get a present. They have a strong bond. She cares about how he is doing and the conversation they have is important.

The short visit to my sister in-law to talk about Easter Sunday yesterday became a five hours effort to fit a kitchen and an impromptu meal afterwards.

Being too early to see the decorated bier coming out of the Christ church made it possible to talk with friends and relatives that we have not seen for a while. After so many years living here we still don’t know when the bier leaves the first church. Last night it was around 21.30 hours.

(The decorated bier of the Christ church last night)

Tonight you can still go shopping. At midnight many people will repeat the words of the Greek Orthodox priests;”Christ has risen, it is true he has risen” This can be said for many days after Easter.
On Skopelos the four main churches will have crowds around the church waiting for the priest to come out of the church and fireworks might be lighted. Families go home a little later and eat Easter soup.

Bread can be bought again on Tuesday and shops and offices will be closed on Sunday and Monday. Butchers might be open on Sunday morning for a little while. No boats on Easter Sunday.

Happy Easter everyone!

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