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I have published stories about my mother in law (Manna I called her) on the blog before and most people know she died a couple of years ago. I have also talked about the fact that most deceased people eventually will be taken out of their graves accordingly to Greek tradition.

Today was the beggining of a new chapter for Manna. Her grave was being dug out, the coffin opened and five bones; the skull, two leg bones and two arm bones were taken out and cleaned (with chlorine) They are dried and put into a pillow case with her name on it. We can pick up her bones after two days. We can then put the pillow case into the small casket that Jannis my husband has made. A lot of bones, collected from graves where family members are unknown etc. remain in bags, on the cemetary in the bones house.

On the small casket her initials will be placed and a small church service will be held in her honor later. We will leave her casket in a church close to our home where her husband also has his final resting place. Axx Manna !

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The boats we hurt

The boats we hurt

This exhibition focuses on the loss of a heritage through the destruction of the ancient art of wooden ship building. The opening is on Saturday 14/09 20:00 – 22:00 in the VAKRATSA museum.

The exhibition is called The boats we hurt and is dedicated to the few remaining traditional wooden fishing boats being left intact after a major destruction of the fleet. 13.785 wooden boats/caiques out of 17.000 in total have been destroyed since the European Union, in 1992, issued a program of getting hold of the boats and fishing permits by reimbursing the fishermen’s with large amounts of money if they handed in their boats. The boats are to be totally destroyed, supposedly in order to combat over fishing.

This rule is completely illogical since the small boats are not the ones responsible for over fishing. We must realize that the boats are part of an ancient tradition of respecting the sea and its treasures, they are very robust and can be extremely resilient for decades to come, plus they are all hand-made by famous artisans of the sea that pass on their skills from generation to generation.

This contemporary art exhibition aims to affiliate the public with the plight of the caiques so as the authorities could end this sad situation and instead give incentives for the ship owners to change the status of their boat instead of destroying a real work of naval art and architecture.

It is being organized by the art platform Event Horizon and the Municipality of Skopelos and is being curated by Faye Tzanetoulakou and Tzimis Eythimiou.
More than 100 artists created works on the beauty and the demise of the tradition of the fishing boats that are the jewels of the picturesque Greek ports and its beautiful islands.

The opening is on Saturday 14/09 20:00 – 22:00 in the VAKRATSA museum.

The exhibition will be until 26/09

Hours : Daily 10:00 – 13:00 and 18:00 – 22:00

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A Lebanese dance seminar is held on Monday at Glysteri beach bar at 17.00 hours. You have to sign up so go to the festival office next to Koxili bakery. You have to arrange your own transport.

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On Sunday the 25th, Monday the 26th and Tuesday the 27th of August for the 7th time the Diamantis Paleologos dance festival will be organized. Over 600 dancers from Greece and abroad will be attending. The performances will be held in the amphitheater of the elementary school on the ring road starting around 21.00 hours. Bring a cushion to sit on.

On Sunday evening all dancers will get together in the harbor and will present themselves there, they will dance in a long line in the harbor.

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Let’s celebrate


Tomorrow, in many Greek families the name Maria, Panajiota (Iota) Panajotis (not all, some have other nameday dates) are celebrated. It is one of the biggest Greek Orthodox celebrations.

This is the drill: Going to the church tonight or tomorrow morning, then for coffee in the harbor where everybody can see you and congratulate you and then to lunch in a taverna or back home for a sumptuous meal! If the celebrated feel up to it:at night out for drinks and/or a nightclub! All the other Greeks with other names join in the party and celebrate too!
Χρόνια Πολλά Μαρία, Παναγιώτης, Παναγιώτα.

Banks, offices are closed, most supermarkets are open. Shops, bars, taverna’s and restaurants all open!

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Skopelos week

(source: efimeridasporades)

Next week, starting on the 11th of August, the cultural and folklore association of Skopelos (town) will show with another festival what wonderful local products they have and what kind of traditions are still around. The cultural and folklore association will also show authentic costumes of the island and show how people can wear them. A traditional wedding of Skopelos is also reenacted. The days to remember are 11, 13, 16, 17 and 18 of August. Have a look on the poster for the English translation and what is done each day.

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