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Greek finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos emerged from talks with the institutions at around 6 a.m. on Monday to announce that there had been an agreement between the various participants. The government has tried for many months to reach an agreement without going back on promises made when they were elected. The next step for the Greek government will be to complete the drafting of the relevant legislation so Parliament can approve the package of measures agreed between both parties. The measures have to do with pensions, personal income tax, privatizations, labor market reforms and public administration.

In the following months we will hear what the ins and outs of the measures will be although Skopelosnews got the impression that most of them will be taken in 2018 and later. The opposition parties have asked repeatedly for elections because they thought that an agreement could not be reached. Maybe now everybody can start thinking about how Greece can get a good start up with its economy and more people can get work again.

If you want to read the whole article about the agreement go to: Margopolis article

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Sadly, Alpha bank is closing it’s office on Skopelos from the 7th of April. Skopelosnews had heard the news from a reader but got confirmation this morning from the bank manager there. If you want to keep your account and do business you can go to the office in Skiathos which is located on the harbor front. As far as we know you can still take money from your bank account via the ATM’s on the island.

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Road tax

Next week it is also possible to pay the road tax for 2017. An extension was given.

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Road tax

At the post office you cannot pay the road tax. Only at the bank.
If you cannot print out your road tax paper you can go to the bank.
At the national bank to the left of the tellers are Maggi and Dimitri.
With the details you give them (tax number and car number plate) they can make a printout.

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The website for the payment of the road tax 2017 (you can pay until Friday) is up and ready.
As we did last year, we present the steps one needs to complete and the form that needs to be printed.
You will find it easier to follow the steps below if you open a new “window” in your browser to skopelosnews.
Then you will have two windows which you can  leave  open side by side while you fill out the form.
1. Go to the tax site.
2. You will see the screen pictured below. Click on the text marked by the arrow.
The below screen will appear. Click on “ΕΙΣΟΔΟΣ.


3. Add your tax identification number to the box marked “1”. Then the plate number of your vehicle at “2” and then press the button marked “3”.
4. On the new screen click “ΕΚΤΥΠΩΣΗ” (red arrow).

5. A new image will pop-up which can/should be printed to take to the bank or post office for payment.


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Two more days


Single Property Tax (ENFIA) notifications for real estate owners in Greece have been available online for some weeks now and owners of property in Greece can visit the website http://www.gsis.gr for more information. The first of the five installments needs to be paid before Saturday the first of October 2016. You can pay the whole amount at once if you like. Ask your accountant if you have not received any notifications

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7 km from Glossa in the sea an amount of ammunition was found, probably originating from the second world war. The defense ministry was informed and they will find a way to get the ammunition out of the water.
Source: http://e-thessalia.gr/skopelos-vrethikan-pyromachika-sto-vytho-tis-thalassas/

Milos square in the top of the town has a serious problem. Part of the road is giving away and slowly sinking. Engineers have visited the area and word is out that works will start soon. What kind of work we will let you know in time.

Marinopoulos/Carrefour supermarket in Greece is being taken over by the Sklavenitis supermarket chain. The first substantial step for the streamlining of Marinopoulos, until now, Greece’s biggest supermarket chain, through its transfer to rival Sklavenitis, was made on Saturday with the signing of the crucial funding agreement by the two companies and the creditor banks.

It is nice news for the employees in the Carrefour supermarket on Skopelos to know that their jobs will probably be safe and they can continue working there.

70% of hotelbeds are going to be filled in September. Maria Diamanti for the Hotel’s association has told E-Thessalia this. This year more Scandinavians, English, German and more tourists from the Balkans and Poland visited the island. She says that in a joint effort the hotels tried to promote the island and made interesting holiday packages for visitors. The Flying Cat4 coming from Thessaloniki to Skopelos has helped a lot too and many people who would go to islands like Lesbos choose another destination because of the refugees there. But don’t forget the movie Mama Mia Mrs. Diamanti says. It still gets people to the island.

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