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I have made a mistake in assuming that all banks take a commission if you withdraw money from their ATM. It doesn’t depend on the ATM of the bank that you use but on the bank that you withdraw the money from. I am sorry if I caused confusion. So if you have your National Bank of Greece card and you withdraw money from a ATM of the National Bank of Greece you will not be charged. If you use another card from another bank there you can be charged. It depends on the bank. Sorry again.


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ATM and charges

The National Bank of Greece charges two euro’s when you take out money of their ATM’s. A new policy ?

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The National bank might be closed today because employees strike to “stand” with pensioners who are not receiving some benefits since November of last year.

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Pay for your plastic bag!

The end of a free plastic bag in Greece is near, finally. They are slowly fading out of our lives. On the first of January you pay 3 euro cents or more for each bag. Below is the article in Greek.


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It has probably been there for ages but just now we spotted the second ATM of the National Bank in the town. It is placed in the building of the KAPI, the municipality cafe along the harbor.

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New life

It is great to see that in many streets of the village of Skopelos new shops are arising and filling up the empty spaces that were there for a long time. The shops that were there before now have neighbours again. Take a walk in the village and dare to go higher up in the streets than you have been before. It’s good for your ankles and nice to see all the streets filled up. People are taking a chance again and believe, I think, that the new businesses will run well. We wish them all the best and have a great season!!

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New ATM’s

New ATM’s are being installed in Panormos, Near Swell bar and in the harbor . The organization that is installing them is Euronet. They will work from April to October in the future but are not operating just yet.


(Next to Swell cafe on the road to the monasteries)

(On the harbor front near Lemonis Travel agency)

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