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Faros new program


“Faros Skopelos” launches a pilot program from the 1st of February 2017 until 31st of January 2018 in order to upgrade its services to cancer patients and their families . The aim of this project is to investigate and record the needs of patients and their family members as well- so as to improve the services provided- to connect and cooperate with medical and psycho social services , to provide psychological and psycho social support and inform the local community about cancer and other severe, life-threatening illnesses.

The Faros office is located in the basement of KAPI building in Skopelos town and its opening hours are
Monday-Tuesday -Friday 10.00-14.00 ηοθρσ
Wednesday-Thursday 17.00-21.00 ηοθρσ
Tel. (0030)24240-22341
E-mail farosskopelou@gmail.com

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On Sunday the 5th of February the Faros Charity will cut it’s annual New year’s cake in Bardon around 17.30 hours. Everybody is invited.

Skopelosnews is going because after John Gills death last year we think it necessary to get an update on how Faros can help people who are seriously ill on the island. We realized we did not have a clue. It is also good to meet the people who are helping with keeping the charity alive.

Faros helps individuals with chronic, serious illnesses. These include people with cancer, those with neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, or with advanced heart, respiratory, or organ disease.The carers and families of people with serious and potentially life limiting illnesses.The community, through the promotion of information and awareness about cancer and other potentially life limiting illnesses. This is their website: http://farosskopelou.gr/EN/index.php

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On Saturday the 28th of January at 13.00 hours the medical clinic Asclepion will hold an official opening ceremony and a cutting of the cake event. Everybody who wants to attend is welcome.
A speech will be held and there will be some surprises. Anybody who wants to help the people in Syria can donate money in the box that is available from Doctors Without Borders (MSF)

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They are coming


With a slight delay we present the new schedule of the Asclepion clinic

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Martin photographed the arrival of an helicopter on Skopelos yesterday. In case of a bad accident the helicopter is the fastest way to get somebody of the island. An older citizen of Skopelos was involved.

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Doctors coming


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Dermatologist coming


Thursday afternoon (1-12-2016) and Friday morning (2-12-2016) dr. IOANNIDIS ELEFTHERIOS – Dermatologist-Surgeon-Venereologist, will be visiting the health clinic ASCLEPIEION OF SPORADES. For appointments call the reception on 2424024500.

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