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The February schedule from Asklepion clinic.


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Cutting of the cake; Faros

The non-profit organization Faros that helps people with cancer and other life threatening illnesses on Skopelos is cutting their cake this Sunday morning at 11 in the office of Faros below the old Kapi building. Walk from the ring road down to the Ionia hotel and turn right at the third turn. The Kapi building is on your left. Just after the Kapi building turn left and walk down. You have reached the ground floor and the office of Faros is there. Everybody welcome !!

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Doctors in the New Year

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Mammo days 2018

Living on an island and getting your regular health check-ups done is not easy and quite expensive. The Health Center in Skopelos and doctors in Glossa are doing its best and fortunately we have great doctors, nurses and staff there. Some visitors and inhabitants of the island help the Health Center with medicines and machines, beds etc. although this is not always visible for everybody but Skopelosnews has heard about numerous actions. Most of the time the people that donate and help out don’t want to be put in the spotlight and that is admirable.

Since a few years we have a private clinic in Skopelos town. Private means the insurance companies don’t reimburse you for the consult. You may find this expensive but the advantage is that the clinic is on the island and you don’t need to travel. If you need further medical assistance you can choose where you want to do this and where, with which doctor.

For prevention Asclepieion organized in November the first Mammo day where you could have a breast mammogram and an breast ultrasound for the price of one (60 euros) The clinic wants to continue this effort and will organize these check-ups on a regular basis.


Following the great response of MAMMO DAY 2017 conducted on November 11TH , 2017, and because the fight against cancer never ends, ASCLEPIEION OF SPORADES continues the systematic approach of prevention in 2018 through the “combined-differential diagnosis” utilizing the results of mammography and breast ultrasound. In this context, MAMMO DAY will be scheduled once every month in 2018, which will be announced in time, within the monthly medical program. As part of this action, on MAMMO DAY , in the mammography price the breast ultrasound examination will be included (all-in price is 60 euros)

The 1st MAMMO DAY 2018 is scheduled for SUNDAY January the 7th , 2018.
For more information and appointments, tel. 2424024500.

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When her son Jannis got hurt after an accident Georgia (from Jialos restaurant) took him to the health center in Skopelos town and very quickly realized that the health center is still in need of help concerning medicines and medical tools. Jannis is now fully recovered but Georgia did not want to just forget about everything and instead she put a small story of Jannis his accident on her Facebook page and a request to her friends to donate some money for the health center to be able to buy some medical tools and medicines. Within a few days she collected about 350 euros and together with the health center a shopping list was made and things were ordered. They have arrived and have been handed over to the staff. Everybody is very happy. Thank you Georgia for this great successful initiative.

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Doctors schedule

Sorry for posting this late!

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As of tomorrow

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