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Historic events are happening all over the world and in Greece.

At 18.00 hours on Sunday the 22th of March 2020 the Greek PM, Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced a nationwide lock down (everybody at home) starting Monday morning the 23rd of March at 06.00 hours until the 6th of April in order to prevent the further spread of the corona virus in the country.

In this second update I am showing the printed statement with the reasons of going out of the house. I am sure it will be difficult to obtain this paper so most people will either write on a white paper the reason they are on the street or they will send an SMS.

At the top you fill in your name and your address, area that you live on Skopelos plus the time that you are travelling.

Next you need to give a reason why you are on the street. Put an X in the box (es)

B1 visit to pharmacy or doctor after telephone call with the involved

B2 visit to supermarket, fuel station, bakery, post office etc. that cannot do delivery

B3 visit to the bank if internet banking is not possible

B4 help to member of the family with health problems or elderly that need help

B5 Funeral

B6 Short walk close to your home for exercise or to walk your dog

Put a date on the paper and your signature and the place that you live.

If you don’t have the form use a white paper and do the same:
-At the top you fill in your name and your address, area that you live on Skopelos plus the time that you are travelling.
-Give a reason why you are on the street, B1 and B6 for instance.
–Sign it with a date and a place you live on Skopelos

I will update on measures that might be only for Skopelos later. Also about the SMS message. So far I know the SMS number is 13033 and in the message you write the reason you are on the street with the number (s) choose from 1 to 6 a space and your name and address. you will receive a message back which you can show when you are stopped by the police or port police to check where you are going)

If you ignore the lock down for any other reason than stated above you will receive a fine of 150 euro’s, each time.

Not knowing exactly but trying to avoid anxiety and stress for all here on Skopelos I am giving some tips for the next weeks: It think it is important that you have your identity card or passport with you and maybe also your residence permit ( if you have one) Only two persons can be in a car, not more. When stopped by the police, the port police etc. explain if you are a permanent resident, a long term visitor or that you recently have arrived and that you know about the lock down and what actions you have taken (filled in paper, written statement or SMS)

The form I found on the website epixeiro.gr

Last alert message from the government

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Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced a nationwide lock down starting Monday morning at 06.00 hours until the 6th of April in order to prevent the further spread of the corona virus in the country.

There will be six reasons that allow you to go out and you need have to have a paper with you stating why you are on the street. This can be via:
1) a printed statement (mostly for work reasons)
2) a white paper stating the same until you have the printed statement or
3) via an SMS (free)

More info later via skopelosnews.wordpress.com

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Update corona virus Skopelos

The corona virus news effect everybody all over the world. This blog tries to inform those on and off the island about what is going on here on Skopelos. These last couple of days I have written mostly about measures taken by the government and help that is available here. It might not be very interesting for those that are in other parts of the world and they have their own worries but I want to ask you not to unsubscribe of the blog. Please stay in touch. We value your input very much. We value your comments. I want to thank Lisa for her comment yesterday. Lisa works in health care and her opinions about my worries were spot on. It is appreciated very much.

Anybody that needs help on the island whether practical or psychological can ask for help. Practical via the municipality (see earlier post) and psychologically please call Faros when you are ill and need help. Non Greek patients that don’t speak Greek are welcome to call too!

Faros the non-profit organization that helps people with cancer and other life threatening illnesses understands that the current events are particularly difficult for the people who belong to so-called “vulnerable groups (chronic patients etc) Faros believes that they must contribute as much as they can to protect and support, the psychological state of the patients.
Patients can call Maria Kafandari (psychologist) on (0030) 6978955539, from 10.00 to 14.00 hours and from 17.00 to 21.00 hours (Monday-Friday)

Telephone numbers for help from the municipality
For the community of Skopelos :
Tel : 2424022834, 6977701070
For the community of Glossa:
Tel:2424033502, 6981219192, 6981733183
For the community of Elios:
Tel:6983717851, 6977161064

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The Greek government has decided today that anybody that wants to come to a Greek island has to prove that he/she is a permanent resident of that island. The measure is from tomorrow, Saturday. Papers showing this have to be shown.

Supermarkets will be open also on Sunday.

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On a lighter note. We have finished the first puzzle of 300 pieces. We have started with one of 1000 pieces last night.
I will keep you updated…

What I describe below is not unique and not a tale of hardship. We are lucky that we have some money saved and have our own home.
I cannot imagine what others who don’t have those advantages are going through. People are being fired because businesses are being closed. Some help from the government is coming their way. The whole world experiences the results of this dangerous virus. It is not the time to start pointing fingers to others about their behavior and habits. This is the time where we need to show how much we really care for each other and try to help out practically in person when needed, via the telephone, the internet etc.

I realize that here on this island we can follow the rules that are needed and at the same time have a sense of freedom because we are surrounded by the nature and we can go into this nature without causing harm to others. We are not confined to flats with only a balcony. Those people are heroes.

As a family we are trying to stay at home as much as possible and not get in contact with other people outside our immediate family (4) We have to go for shopping though but I try to get stuff for a few days and empty the old stack of food that I had in the kitchen. At some point though our car fuel tank was empty and we needed to fill it up. We had to go out.. What I noticed was that in some supermarkets no plastic gloves are available so I bought a box (too late?) I don’t know if it necessary that supermarkets hand them out. Other shops have everything (gloves and gel) in place and only a certain amount of people can enter and shop. On Skopelos no hoarding is visible, only the gels are not to be found.

I try to pay for my shopping with my credit card but at some point I had to go to the ATM for money and I did not have gloves. How do you think I entered my pin without gloves? Who touched that screen before me? axxxxxxx!!!
When I entered the second shop without the shop assistant wearing gloves I became a little paranoid also because my glasses were sliding down my nose and I could not remember if I had shoved them back up with my fingers (and touching my face) Coming home I threw down the shopping and started washing my hands; how and how long do I need to wash my hands I thought, oh yes I sing two times “happy birthday”

Not moving around in town is better for my psychology but we do go out of the house. We drive there with the car and we make sure we go somewhere, a beach, and only if there are none or a few people, we enter and hold a distance. For those who see us, this is how we do it. I think we do not harm anybody this way. If this is forbidden later we are lucky that we have a piece of land where we can be outside.

The Greek government has forbidden for 10 people and more at a time to be together. A fine of 1000 euros will be given to each person. Most hotels will close. Only a few will stay open per city/village to help out in emergencies. Courier businesses and the post offices will stay open to obtain packages.

A friend of mine called me yesterday, she works in a very big supermarket in Athens and up to this weekend they had no protection. Customers could stand only right in front of the till and the employee, whilst paying for their shopping. I feel in awe for everybody who is at the front line in this difficult time. Those who need to work and those that are treating the sick. Maybe this difficult time is a clear sign to pay all these people better.

The municipality of Skopelos is helping people out with a new telephone help line. Use it if you need help. See my other post.

How do you cope? I would love to hear your (funny, maybe) stories

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The municipality, with a sense of responsibility and sympathy towards the citizens who belong to groups susceptible to the new virus COVID-19 and those who have recently been abroad, has decided to start a help line named “We stay home” in order to protect those in need.

For more information and further help please contact us on the following helplines:

For the community of Skopelos :
Tel : 2424022834, 6977701070

For the community of Glossa:
Tel: 2424033502, 6981219192, 6981733183

For the community of Klima:
Tel:2424033689, 6983717851, 6977161064

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a) Minister of Health Mr. Vasilis Kikilia
b) Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management Mr Nikos Chardalia

TOPIC: “Measures to prevent the corona virus”

Honorable Ministers,

The citizens of our island have been faithfully following, from the start, all instructions that are announced daily by authorized government officials, and thereby contributing to more effective prevention of the corona virus-19 infection.

However, the Skopelos Health Center, in addition to major problems with its building, does not have sufficient medical and nursing staff and the ability to take x-rays.

Apart from this there has been a large movement of civilians in recent days arriving on Skopelos from areas where there have been outbreaks of the corona virus as well as arrivals of citizens from other countries with residences on our island. For this reason, sirs we would like to inform you that if the uncontrolled movement continues as we have described above, the situation may be extremely dangerous for the permanent residents of our island.

In view of the above we ask you:
(a) to provide for the necessary health checks of passengers departing from the port of Volos to Skopelos in order to prevent the worst and
b) to give us the financial opportunity to use the private doctors and private clinics of the island to strengthen the current health structures on the island.

We are at your disposal for any possible cooperation and waiting for your instructions.

The mayor of Skopelos
Stamatis Perissis

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