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Who has a walking stick?

‎Jessica Aidley is on holiday on Skopelos now and her friend cut her leg badly when she put her foot down a hole while watching the ‘Oxi’ celebrations last Monday. She has 14 stitches in it and needs to protect it while we travel via Skiathos and Athens back to London. Does anyone have an old walking stick they no longer need which she could use to protect herself when moving through groups of people? Incidentally, the care and treatment she got from the crowd around her and the ambulance and clinic were really something special. — at Stafylos, Skopelos

Please let skopelosnews know and i will get in touch with Jessica.

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Georgia and Silje keep busy with helping the health center acquire necessary equipment and white goods. Anybody that wants to donate please contact Georgia via Facebook, page name is https://m.facebook.com/HelpHealthCenterSkopelos/?tsid=0.5926583566319632&source=result or telephone number +30 6993372162 or WhatsApp.

The photos above are some of the goods that were bought after talking with the Skopelos health center doctors, nurses and other staff.

Something that used to be common isn’t common anymore in health care. Last year two washing machines were bought, now a dryer has been added. Georgia shows the dryer.

These items were bought. The list with what is spend is here.

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Support FAROS

Do you want to support FAROS, the non-profit organization that helps people with cancer and other life threatening illnesses on Skopelos? Tonight at screwdriver club in Skopelos town you can help. Buy a drink and a part of the proceeds go to FAROS.

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This afternoon and tomorrow, all day, you can give blood. The truck from the Volos hospital is stationed in Skopelos harbor. If you have never given blood here please ask the personnel about what needs to be done.

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Aquafit season has ended

Skopelos Aquafit season has now come to an end. It has been a very successful four months of water aerobics in Anofli partments and Dyonissos Hotel and Muriel would like to thank both establishments for giving the group the exercise opportunities.

It is the 7th season at Hotel Dyonyssos so Muriel would like to thank people returning to the sessions every year, local residents and friends and hotel guests. This year they had children demonstrators who let the regular guys see how quickly The Tour de France Cycle Race team could cross the pool and back.

Finally Muriel reminds the regulars to find fun and fitness in their local environment and come back and join Skopelos Aquafit next year.

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German friends have given a new donation of 770 euro to the health center. Georgia Patseas and Silje Kramer will have a meeting with the head and doctor’s of the health center to see what kind of equipment can be bought. We will keep you updated!

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Help for the Health Center

Steve held two quizzes for donations towards the defibrillator for the Health Care Centre and many people joined in. Collectively €357.40 was raised. Steve wants to thank everybody very much for their generosity. He has handed the money to Nina (in the photo) who will put it towards the funds for the defibrillator.
Thanks to Frode and Kjell for the stationary, Sophie, DelSol for printing the picture round and Dimitraki for hosting both quizzes. Everybody thinks it was a fantastic effort for a truly worthy cause.

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