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Asclepeion update


Friday 19/05: Ophthalmologist
Saturday 20/05 : ENT doctor
Wednesday 24/05 UROLOGIST
Wednesday 24/05 ORTHOPEDICS
Tel. for appointments 2424034500

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Faros General meeting

Faros, the non profit making, registered charity, founded in Skopelos in 2006 with the aim of offering palliative care services to the local community is holding its annual General meeting on Sunday the 7th of May at 17.30 hours in their office in the old KAPI building which is in the street just above the IONIA hotel. Anybody who wants to know more about the charity please attend tyhe meeting. Everybody from the board speaks English.

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Faros, the support charity for people afflicted with cancer and other severe illnesses invites everybody on Skopelos to an public event where they will present their future actions, their goals and the work of the charity. You are welcome in the XENIA building next to the children’s playground at 12 noon today Sunday the 9th of April.

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Give him wheels

Note; after publishing this story there were several readers with information about the wheelchair that could be useful to the health center employees who are trying to get the money together for the wheelchair. If you want to help please go to the health center on weekdays and talk to Christos please.

A fellow Skopelitan who suffered a stroke is ready to “roam” the streets again but he will have difficulty to walk well the rest of his life. Life after a stroke is not the end and this is why his family is looking for an electric wheelchair. Unfortunately this wheelchair costs 3000 euros.

(we assume it is a wheel chair like this)

The health center in the persons of Lili and Christos are trying to raise the money to buy this wheelchair for our fellow Skopelitan. Everybody who donates will be recorded on a list. Any donations, small and big are very welcome! Please go to the health center and ask for Lili and Christos. We will keep you up to date.

(the note in the health center)

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The clinic can also perform ELECTROMYOGRAPHY (EMG) by specialist neurologist Mr Nikolaos Thanos

The examination is carried out by the neurologist with the help of sophisticated equipment by Nihon Kodehn, mod.Neuropack. This specialized, neurological examination, which is applied to the upper and / or lower extremities.

In which clinical cases is the EMG useful ?
In cases of pain in hands, – the “carpal tunnel syndrome”- is recognized with the EMG. In spinal cord disc diseases or in the ulnar tunnel syndrome, the EMG gives a lot of useful information about the specific nerves that have the problem. In cases of nerves’ trauma an EMG is also required to assess the status and their recovery. In diabetic patients the EMG checks the peripheral nerves that unfortunately may be affected. More rear diseases such as severe muscle disease (Gravis), various myopathy syndromes, polyneuropathies, cervical nerve damage, are necessary to be checked with EMG to diagnose and to treat.

To conclude, EMG offers a lot diagnostically in diseases that are relevant to a variety of clinical specialties, such as neurology, endocrinology, orthopedics, neurosurgery, rheumatology, oncology etc.

EMG is also useful in various diseases such as diabetes, thyroid syndromes, malignancies, blood diseases, or in cases of alcohol and drugs abuse, chronic medication treatments. Finally, daily cases of loss of sense of feeling/touch, sense of stiffness/or burn, located at an area or spreading to greater body parts, should be examined with EMG following a doctor’s referral.

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Asclepion dermatologist

This Saturday 18th of March Dr. E. Ioannidis, dermatologist surgeon, will be in the Asclepion of Sporades private medical and diagnostic center.

Apart from the dermatological exams and interventions, dr Ioannidis performs also laser depilation sessions, aesthetic face therapies such as “Hyaluronic” , “Threads lift”, ‘Botox”, etc.
For information and appointment booking please call on 24240-24500.

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March schedule Asklepion


· Wednesday 01/03/2017 Urologist Mr. Ch. Rigopoulos
· Wednesday 01/03/2017 Νeuorologist/ Psychiatry Mr. N.Thanos
· Wednesday 01/03/2017 Οrthopedics Mr. Αl.Kostakis
· Thursday 02/03/2017 Gynaecologist/ Obstetrician Mr. Th.Retsianis
· Friday 03/03/2017 Οphthalmologist/PLEXR® Mr. D.Αngelinas
· Saturday 04/03/2017 ENT (ear, nose and throat) Mr. Μ.Paxinos
· Wednesday 08/03/2017 Εndocrinologist Mr. F.Spyrou

In the diagnostic center the following medical examinations are performed following an appointment : Ultrasound (all organs), Triplex (angio-check), Radiography( X-rays), Mammogram, Osteoporosis measurement.
Responsible Doctor of Radiology – Ultrasound specialist : Mr. Ioannis Varmpompitis
For info and appointment booking : tel. 2424024500

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