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In the old harbor old cooking oil can be left for recycling but unfortunately the container is leaking at the moment.



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Don’t litter


It seems that some people have taken the initiative to place small plastic cards, with the don’t litter sign, in places and on roads where, frequently, garbage is thrown. The photo above is from the road to Jilali and Karya.

The photo below is from Stafylos beach.


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Skopelos recycling


Skopelos recycling has its own facebook page. If you have questions you can post them there. Have a look here; Skopelos recycling

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I (Daphne) am determent to show everybody what a big difference Apostolis with his Go Recycling Skopelos factory can make for this island. I will not stop to give you updates on what he is doing.
On Saturday morning I brought my bag with products that can be recycled and saw that Apostolis was placing old/broken ovens, refrigerators etc. in a container. This one on the photo is the second. The containers go to Larissa where the contents will be recycled.

The office has walls now and will be finished of soon so the desks etc. can moved out of the container that they are using now as an office. Papers, plastic and tin cans will be pressed and shredded but the factory hall needs to be finished first. They are waiting for the guys who can weld the upper parts together. Apostolis will hire new personnel as soon as the factory is up and running well, so get stuff to him! You can call him and arrange how the, to be, recycled materials can be picked up.

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Work again?

The “technical” lake in Loutsa keeps amazing us because it was built, we think, to catch rainwater that could be used for multiple purposes. 1) No water has been collected in the lake since it was finished and 2) new works have begun a couple of days ago. H. has taken photos again and tells us that she has seen that pipes have been installed. For what? Skopelosnews will try to find somebody responsible and get a clearer picture. Until then we have to make do with the photos.

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Start recycling


There is no excuse anymore. The recycling plant on the road to Agios Reginos monastery collects it all. Skopelosnews went again today with paper, plastic bottles, cans, plastic wrappers, milk cartons, electricity cables and batteries.
All of it was accepted by Christos who works together with Apostolis at Go Recycling Skopelos. The amount of other waste that is left and that goes to the tip is so much less. It feels really good to bring these materials to Go recycling. If the plant is closed you can leave the stuff at the entrance or you can call and they come and pick it up. Christos 6971955959 or Apostolis 6973029626.

The foundations of the recycling plant have been laid. Obviously more work needs to be done before presses and shredders can be installed. The office walls are almost up and all around are areas with certain products. Old cars, motorbikes, bikes, washing machines, refrigerators, other electric appliances and iron are being collected too. A great effort is being done here and what a relief we can minimize our waste now. So good for the island!

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Times are changing?


We saw two cars loaded with plastic sheets/nets and bamboo sticks driving towards the Raches/Karya area. Have the times changed so much and we start gathering olives in October?

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