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Two big containers with materials that can be recycled left Skopelos yesterday. Keep it going please, it is so important for this island. Lots more is going to happen in the next couple of months. We will keep you posted !


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(custom made shopping bags made by Lia with long or short handles; for more info write to skopelosnews.

The last couple of weeks the tellers of the supermarkets on Skopelos have endured the constant complaining of shoppers about the plastic bags that they have to pay (since the 1st of January 2018) Yesterday in the supermarket I noticed that many people, even older Greeks, have their bag with them so slowly slowly everybody is getting used to it. Lia has made this wonderful bag out of bits of jeans. These type of bags are also usable for bread or fruits etc. The complaint of many that they need bags for toilet paper can be resolved by using all the wrappings and plastic bags you get when you buy other products. There is soo much excess. I reuse the bag that the toilet rolls come in.

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Paper, cans and plastic

The press works and spits out nice block of crushed cans, plastic bottles and paper !!!

Bins are underway. The municipality is taking care of getting them placed all over the island.

The recycling truck also comes to Glossa and other villages on the island but especially in Glossa they need somebody, some place where the stuff can be held until it can be picked up by the truck.Anybody? Please call Apostolis from the recycling plant.

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The Monastery of Panagia Livadiotissa (Ζoodochou Pigis) is of the 17th century and is situated in the lower part of the area east of Skopelos town. There are no monks or nuns living there now but it is considered a very important church. Every year there is a church celebration where many people carry an icon of the family around the village. The ceremony starts in Panagia Livadiotissa.

Sofia has been an inhabitant of Skopelos for many years and one of her many talents is restoring houses, walls, buildings in general. She restores and up-cycles many things. This way the island and the village of Skopelos, where she lives, remains authentic and beautiful. Sofia also takes visitors around Skopelos and informs them about the herbs, plants, history, way of life, culture and nature of Skopelos. Sofia has her own blog. http://www.skopelos39steps.com/home/4557264669

Sofia likes to take on projects. She always looks for ways to restore and improve. It all started when helping out a friend she discovered an old archway. Here is what she says:” It all started with my intention to raise funds to replace a rickety old gate at the Livadiotissa monastery. That gate has now been replaced with a new one, made of the recycled metal from the old one fitted to new side posts.The funds for this gate were raised by voluntary donations from participants in free walks and forage sessions to gather herbs and other plants abundant on the island.

Such was the success of this project, it has been possible to use the surplus funds to plan the restoration of the beautiful, but crumbling stone archway at the forecourt of the monastery’s main entrance. Already, Manthos the stone mason has completed the archway restoration

and it is now the turn of Andonis, the blacksmith, to show his skill in re-fashioning a foraged cast iron bar gate for the beautiful archway.

Contributors to the fundraising included holidaying visitors to the island from far away countries, Greeks from the mainland and members of the Skopelos community (Greeks and ex-pats alike). I thank all those involved for the success of this restoration project which all of us can now enjoy in this beautiful, prime location.


Thank you Sofia !

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More more more

Apostolis from Skopelos recycling has finally acquired all the permits to continue to gather more products for recycling. There are bins coming for plastic, paper and iron and later also for clothes !!! The buildings and the road to the recycling plant will be finished. For a little while more we have to take our stuff, except glass, for recycling to the plant on the road to the Agios Reginos monastery. Not a problem Apostoli ! If have stuff you cannot get there call Apostolis and he will come and pick it up. His mobile telephone is 6973029626.

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The recycling truck was spotted in the village and the loot was impressive. This blue bag was seen in a local pizza place.

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Recycling news

Skopelosnews spoke to Apostolis from the recycling plant the other day and he told us that he is talking to the municipality about putting bins all over the island for plastic bottles too.
The collection of glass objects like bottles is going very well. Hopefully the municipality understands how vital it is to start the collection of plastic too on this island. Already many people go to the plant and leave the materials that can be recycled. The plant is on the way to the Agios Reginos monastery, on the left. There is a green net hanging in front of the entrance.
At the moment the recycling plant is also using the pressing machine for the plastic that has been collected. There is a truck which drives through the town every day and collects items for recycling.

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