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The recycling truck was spotted in the village and the loot was impressive. This blue bag was seen in a local pizza place.


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Recycling news

Skopelosnews spoke to Apostolis from the recycling plant the other day and he told us that he is talking to the municipality about putting bins all over the island for plastic bottles too.
The collection of glass objects like bottles is going very well. Hopefully the municipality understands how vital it is to start the collection of plastic too on this island. Already many people go to the plant and leave the materials that can be recycled. The plant is on the way to the Agios Reginos monastery, on the left. There is a green net hanging in front of the entrance.
At the moment the recycling plant is also using the pressing machine for the plastic that has been collected. There is a truck which drives through the town every day and collects items for recycling.

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After a talk to the municipality there is now a rubbish bin near the bus stop at Agnondas !

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Recycling in Agnondas

Rose has send us these lovely photographs of the recycling point which her landlady in Agnondas has set up on her own and which works very well.

Rose has also attached a recycling basket to the seats near the bus stop in Agnondas and she empties the basket regularly but the basket was thrown in the garbage the other day which is disappointing.

I think many people are waiting for recycling collection points for plastic, papers and tins.

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We have to keep informing habitants and visitors of this wonderful island that recycling must be a part of our lives. We welcome photos of places on this island where recycling takes place!

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Keep on recycling

Skopelosnews will keep posting news about recycling on the island. We know that we also need containers for plastic and paper but we know that this kind of recycling containers will be on the island one day too !
These containers on the photo are the new glass recycling containers in the old harbor. If anybody sees others on the island please send a photo, they travel far and it will make a good impression.

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For glass only

Skopelosnews spotted these new glass recycling containers (after a tip) at the recycling plant. They will be distributed all over the island and there are more than enough of them! We talked with Apostolis from Skopelos recycling and he told us that there are talks between him and the municipality about distributing more containers for plastic, paper etc.

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