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Reshape Plastic Skopelos

The effort of collecting plastic, that can be recycled, has resulted in a first batch of coasters, emblems with reshape plastic skopelos on it and ingrained an image of the island on it. The blue one is from bottle tops and the whiter one from yoghurt jars.

In the fall more activities are planned to continue the effort of recycling on Skopelos.

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I never knew how the undeground garbage storage worked. Now I know. It is clean, simple and smart.

Two more underground storages are being placed in the harbor zone in Skopelos town. I imagine they are placed all over the island.

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Some people on Skopelos try to find ways to reduce plastic waste on Skopelos. Last year, Skopelos Dive Center and some volunteers collected certain categories of plastic in order to reduce waste, recycle and find creative ways to produce something usefull from this waste. Some machines like shredders have been acquired and will be used in the future.

This Wednesday, in a Zoom meeting, in Greek, a couple of speakers will talk about waste in the Mediterranean, the experiment Reshape Plastic Skopelos, machines that can upcycle plastic etc. The meeting is from 19.00 until 20.30 hours. If you would like to follow the meeting click on the link below before the meeting and you will received another link to join.

There is hope!!


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Keep recycling

The last couple of days there have been rumours that Go Green Recycling on Skopelos was not recycling anymore. It is not true. They have issued a statement.

When you recycle please bear in mind not to throw organic waste in the bins for recycling, the red and yellow bins. Also do not throw recyclable waste in the green bins for organic waste. The blue bins are only for glass except glass for windows and frames!

Go Green recycling asks of the municipality to better inform the inhabitants of the island because they have a contract with Go Green Recycling to collect the waste.

statement Go Green Recyclibg

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(part of an exhibition for the first time in my life!)

New people with new ideas, we need them! Sacha Roozemond is from the Netherlands and she organizes, for the second year, painting and photography workshops on Skopelos. Anja Daleman is a professional photographer and she travels with Sacha and the group. Sacha also has a catering business in the Netherlands and she makes wonderful meals for the participants here on Skopelos with local products!

Sacha is also passionate about the environment and has started talks about distributing bio degradable straws for drinks.

The photo’s that are a result from the workshops will be shown in a small exhibition at the kafenion in the harbor of Skopelos tomorrow, Thursday. The kafenion lies between Karavia and Paramares bars. The exhibition is between 19.00 and 21.00 hours. Everybody welcome!!

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On Sunday the Skopelos Green & Clean Group gathered a lot of garbage in a lot of places on the island. About 40 people were present. Skopelos is the greenest island in Greece but it should be the cleanest too. To achieve this a good plan is needed but also organization and the willingness to execute those plans. Representatives of the group have been talking already with one of the Mayor candidates and council members and many members are on the lookout for waste dumping and areas on the island that need cleaning. Do you like our banner? It is sponsored by Eva Xalevas printing in Volos, https://www.facebook.com/Xalevas/ Until the next time. Thank you everybody for helping!

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On Sunday the 12th of May the Skopelos Green & Clean group will have another go and clean, tidy, several areas on the island. Meet us at 11 o’ clock opposite Gikas bakery and see where you can help. Take garden gloves, water, wear sensible shoes and a hat. Plastic gloves and bags for rubbish are provided.

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(photo Vories Sporades blog)

Last week an illegal dumping of building waste/rubble on Skopelos was discovered and posted on Facebook. The truck that dumped the waste and the origin of the waste was known but this is where the story would end normally. The ”crime” was done and was excepted. This phenomenon has been going on for many years, on Skopelos, now.

Because social media play a big role in discovering facts like the illegal dumping of waste, this time a group of people named Skopelos Green & Clean (old name is the do good group of Skopelos) thought they could continue and try to find out why the dumping of waste next to the road, in riverbeds and gorges is a act that is considered normal on Skopelos although it is illegal. Skopelos Green & Clean group

The first thing they did was send a press release to condemn the act and this press release was send to the local media. The second thing was to organize a meeting with the mayor and the vice mayor responsible for waste management. At this meeting we did not receive clear answers to our questions. The press release below was issued after that meeting. What Skopelos Green & Clean wants to know is: why is there no municipal space on the island where waste/rubble can be disposed of. The recycling plant can take a lot of waste/rubble but there must be a place where the rest can go and eventually get recycled/up-cycled.

Press Release
The recent disposal of rubble/building materials in a forest area on Skopelos island by people without a conscience has raised a storm of protest. Members of the environmental volunteers group “Skopelos Green & Clean have had a meeting with the mayor and vice mayor who is responsible for waste management on Tuesday the 9th of April.
One of the statements from the mayor was that the municipality has no area to dispose this waste.

The conclusion after this meeting is that there are no existing rules for the management and disposal of rubble/building materials and the protection of nature in the municipality. There is chaos. We conclude that the arguments of the mayor are naive.

This is a matter that needs to be looked at by the authorities and organizations. Surely, we’ll urge them to act.
Our environmental volunteers group with an extra 90 members, in the last week, will move forward and take any necessary actions to find out which responsibility lies where and demand that laws will be upheld and worked with.

We would like to invite the aspirant mayors , Mr. S. Perissis, Mr. D. Eustatiou and Mr. G. Anagnostou to comment on this enormous issue and tell everybody what their plans are for the management of recycling, waste, rubble and heavy materials. We invite them to start a conversation in the local media about the protection of this unique place that belongs to everybody on earth.
The nature of Skopelos is the biggest source of income for this island and many have an income via tourism. We also invite the aspirant mayors to tell us their plans for tourism on Skopelos in future years to come.

Skopelos, 10 April 2019

The waste/rubble has all been removed removed waste/rubble photos and not only the recently dumped material but also other older material. A lot of the waste has been transported to the recycling plant and the rest to the waste tip. The Skopelos Green & Clean group will continue to pressure the authorities to find solutions for the problem and implement solutions/rules as soon as possible so Skopelos stays green and clean for those who live on the island and for those who visit it.

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The numbers of recycled materials on Skopelos for 2018 are published.

154 tons of steel scrap,
24 tons of electric and electronic devices,
24 tons of metal,
75 tons of glass,
24 tons of paper and cardboard,
15 tons of plastic,
22 tons of used cooking oil!!
were transported of the island and recycled
Source: go green recycling Skopelos

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The do good group of Skopelos is a group of people who care about Skopelos and its nature and want to help keeping it clean but the group also wants to find solutions that stops people living on the island and visitors coming to the island from littering, dumping garbage and spoiling this beautiful island. Anybody can join the group. Just turn up at a cleaning event or say you want to join. There is a Facebook page:thedogoodgroupofskopelos. We try to take the names of all who want to participate and we have a messenger group so the group members hear about news and new actions. The people that don’t have messenger will be informed via email or telephone. The group has no teamleader, we are not a non profit organization, we are not subsidized, the only thing that is subsidized are the gloves and garbage bags which are given to us by BEST store in Skopelos. Anybody in the group that thinks a place should be cleaned can tell this to the group and this person will lead the following clean up action. It is simple, it is quick and effective. We try to clean once a month on a Sunday.

Yesterday a big group of about 50 people cleaned eight places on Skopelos. Part of the group were the scouts and we want to thank them especially for their efforts. The places that were cleaned were the road down from the helipad towards Agios Reginos, a part of the road towards the Agia Marina spring, the carpark in Skopelos, the piece of the harbor behind the Ammos beach and the ramp, the end of the ringroad near Mylos square, the beach opposite Muses restaurant and the part behind it, the beach opposite Skopelos Village and towards Karyatus bar. It was exhilirating to see so many people together for a common cause. Until the next time, all together !!

Road to Agia marina spring, before

Road to Agia marina spring, after



A huge thank you to everybody who helped and we were glad to see so many new faces.

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