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Go green recycling Skopelos has placed the paper shredder in the space where it will be operating. The building is not finished yet so no shredding can be done. At the top of the road at the entrance of the recycling plant there is a big green metal box where lamps can be recycled and house call are done on Monday and Friday if you have stuff that can be recycled!

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The cleaning of beaches, streets, harbors and springs takes place every year in Greece. The event is called let’s do it. This year the municipality asked many different groups to take on a beach or an area on the island. They could choose themselves.

Skopelos has already started with the school children in Glossa cleaning the village. With them were teachers and municipal board members. On Saturday Agnondas and Limnonari will be cleaned and on Sunday the harbor of Skopelos and Stafylos and Velanio. Gloves and plastic bags will be provided. Anything that can be recycled will be separated from the other garbage. Glyfoneri beach was supposed to be cleaned on Monday but we are not sure if anybody went. Glysteri beach needs cleaning but the beach was not put on the list. That is a shame because especially because the beaches on this side of the island need better cleaning. There is much more garbage there !!

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Skiathos island has installed underground waste containers which can be used from the first of March. They have been installed in the old harbor and in the Papadiamantis street opposite the school. Looks great. Source: http://skiathos-news.blogspot.gr/2017/02/1.html

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In the old harbor old cooking oil can be left for recycling but unfortunately the container is leaking at the moment.



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Don’t litter


It seems that some people have taken the initiative to place small plastic cards, with the don’t litter sign, in places and on roads where, frequently, garbage is thrown. The photo above is from the road to Jilali and Karya.

The photo below is from Stafylos beach.


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Skopelos recycling


Skopelos recycling has its own facebook page. If you have questions you can post them there. Have a look here; Skopelos recycling

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I (Daphne) am determent to show everybody what a big difference Apostolis with his Go Recycling Skopelos factory can make for this island. I will not stop to give you updates on what he is doing.
On Saturday morning I brought my bag with products that can be recycled and saw that Apostolis was placing old/broken ovens, refrigerators etc. in a container. This one on the photo is the second. The containers go to Larissa where the contents will be recycled.

The office has walls now and will be finished of soon so the desks etc. can moved out of the container that they are using now as an office. Papers, plastic and tin cans will be pressed and shredded but the factory hall needs to be finished first. They are waiting for the guys who can weld the upper parts together. Apostolis will hire new personnel as soon as the factory is up and running well, so get stuff to him! You can call him and arrange how the, to be, recycled materials can be picked up.

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