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Today it is the 25th of March. A big day in Greece called Independence day, the day in 1821 that the Greeks decided that they had enough of the their Turkish oppressors (after 400 years) and this day was the official beginning of the war of independence. Annunciation is also celebrated (Maria is told she will become a mother) Xronia polla to all the people that celebrate their name day.

This morning we were in the harbor for an errand (SMS message 2) The usual parade of school children did not take place but we heard this.

25th of March 2020 on Skopelos; life during the corona virus epidemic from Daphne Jaeggi Gliverou on Vimeo.

No one around but I am sure the whole village heard the music. A nice initiative.

-Shipowners Panagiotis and Yorgos Angelopoulos have donated 1.000.000 euro for the purchasing of medical equipment in intensive care units.
-Iperos AEBE have given money for monitors for intensive care units. They also have given bonuses to their personnel.
-About 280 Greeks are stranded in Englang on two airports (Stanstead and Heathrow) As soon as forms issued by the ministry of Foreign Affairs have been completed in the organization of a flight (with Aegean) will be organized. All these people will be checked if they have the virus and will stay in a hotel in Athens for 14 days if they are positive for the corona virus.

Today I got a call from a friend who has chickens. He wanted to give me some eggs. On our way back from the errand ( message number 2) we picked them up. Thank you Andreas!


I also looked for some wild greens on our land (no SMS message needed) and found several different greens. I boiled them in water and after that I put those greens in a bowl with two eggs and some feta. Ready pastry dough, in the oven and a great pie came out after 45 minutes!

A group of singers/musicians has recorded a new version of the well knows song of Λουκιανός Κηλαηδόνης/Loukianos Kilaidonis from 1986. The song is called I will stay at home

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For the first time ever, according to the website Skiathoslife.gr, the three municipal councils of Skopelos, Alonissos and Skiathos will hold a joint session on the 13th of February on Skiathos.
The agenda of subjects that will be discussed is not ready yet but subjects like tourism and environement will be, for sure, part of the discussion.
Representatives from the region Magnesia and the north Sporades will be present too.
Source: Skiathoslife.gr

I have said it before but I feel that those that are in charge on the Sporades at the moment are more willing to cooperate than ever. Don’t forget that there are many issues that are simular on the three islands: tourism, transport, environment, civil protection etc. There is also a tendency within the municipalities to dig deaper into matters in order to reach an overall agreement within the town council. Many trips to Greek ministries are being made by council members and the mayor to find out if money can become available for repairs of harbors, stadium, gym hall, roads or even for new builds.

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Today in Greece, Cyprus and in Greek communities all over the world Oxi (no) day is remembered/celebrated.
What is Oxi Day in Greek History?
Oxi Day, also referred to as the, “Day of No” is an important part of modern Greek history that is also celebrated as a holiday each year on October 28th. It marks the day when General Metaxas rejected an ultimatum given by the Italian dictator, Benito Mussolini, during World War II.

Greece has a very strategic location, which means that who ever occupies it could control much of the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding areas. This is especially true of southern islands such as Crete. The strategic position of that island creates an excellent base of operations during war time.

The Axis wanted to set up a presence on Greece to help further its overall war strategy during World War II. Benito Mussolini wanted to give Greece a chance to succumb to occupation peacefully and without fighting, so he issued an ultimatum. He basically said that if Greece doesn’t let the Axis occupy certain strategic parts of Greece otherwise the refusal would be looked at as an act of war.

Metaxas Answers the Ultimate with a “No”
Instead of let the Axis enter Greece without a fight, Metaxas stood his ground and refused to let the Axis Powers enter Greece. Although Metaxas’ response was translated as, “No” or “Oxi” in Greek, he actually responded to the ultimatum in French by saying, “Alors, c’est la guerre,” which means, “Then it is war.” This launched Greece into war with Italy and ultimately into World War II as a whole. Although we do know that Metaxas’ action propelled Greece into war, the Greek people were largely in support of it and considered it an act of bravery.

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Skopelos old drawing

From Marijke we received this old drawing of Skopelos. Thank you !

(the copyright is not mine)

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A friend of Skopelosnews found these old maps and photo’s and took photo’s of them and send them to the blog. We thank him because more information about the history, the cultural traditions of Skopelos and the other Sporaden islands is so valuable! A lot of materials are kept in homes and not in museums. If you look on one of the maps Skopelos is drawn together with Skiathos but the third island is called Peparethos. That name was used for Skopelos though! Another map does not mention Alonissos, probably too small? Other island in the vicinity are mentioned. How facts travel through history is fascinating. We must preserve what is written and drawn on paper.

Glossa !




(None of these drawings are mine. The copyright is with others)

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New Mayor

New mayor of Skopelos as of September 2019 is Mr. Stamatis Perissis. In the municipal council there will be seven of his members. The party of Mr Efstathiou will have six council members and the party of Mr Anagnostou will have four. It will be interesting to see how they are going to work together the next four years because for a majority in the council two parties always have to work together. This is a new thing since these elections.

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Hand putting label. Election poll about vote. Ballot, democracy decision for government. Campaign for choice. Politics republican symbol on ballot-box. Flat isometric infographic vector illustration

(Source: Creator:aurielaki, Credit:Getty Images/iStockphoto)

This Sunday voters on Skopelos will decide who becomes the next mayor of Skopelos. The race is between Mr. Dimitri Efstathiou and Mr. Stamatis Perissis. If you are registered at the municipality to vote you can go and vote from 09.00 hours until 19.00 hours on Sunday. Foreigners vote in a separate room. The place to be is the elementary school (probably the older building at the back) If you cannot find it ask! Bring your passport or identity card.

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