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Today in Greece, Cyprus and in Greek communities all over the world Oxi (no) day is remembered/celebrated.
What is Oxi Day in Greek History?
Oxi Day, also referred to as the, “Day of No” is an important part of modern Greek history that is also celebrated as a holiday each year on October 28th. It marks the day when General Metaxas rejected an ultimatum given by the Italian dictator, Benito Mussolini, during World War II.

Greece has a very strategic location, which means that who ever occupies it could control much of the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding areas. This is especially true of southern islands such as Crete. The strategic position of that island creates an excellent base of operations during war time.

The Axis wanted to set up a presence on Greece to help further its overall war strategy during World War II. Benito Mussolini wanted to give Greece a chance to succumb to occupation peacefully and without fighting, so he issued an ultimatum. He basically said that if Greece doesn’t let the Axis occupy certain strategic parts of Greece otherwise the refusal would be looked at as an act of war.

Metaxas Answers the Ultimate with a “No”
Instead of let the Axis enter Greece without a fight, Metaxas stood his ground and refused to let the Axis Powers enter Greece. Although Metaxas’ response was translated as, “No” or “Oxi” in Greek, he actually responded to the ultimatum in French by saying, “Alors, c’est la guerre,” which means, “Then it is war.” This launched Greece into war with Italy and ultimately into World War II as a whole. Although we do know that Metaxas’ action propelled Greece into war, the Greek people were largely in support of it and considered it an act of bravery.

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Skopelos old drawing

From Marijke we received this old drawing of Skopelos. Thank you !

(the copyright is not mine)

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A friend of Skopelosnews found these old maps and photo’s and took photo’s of them and send them to the blog. We thank him because more information about the history, the cultural traditions of Skopelos and the other Sporaden islands is so valuable! A lot of materials are kept in homes and not in museums. If you look on one of the maps Skopelos is drawn together with Skiathos but the third island is called Peparethos. That name was used for Skopelos though! Another map does not mention Alonissos, probably too small? Other island in the vicinity are mentioned. How facts travel through history is fascinating. We must preserve what is written and drawn on paper.

Glossa !




(None of these drawings are mine. The copyright is with others)

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New Mayor

New mayor of Skopelos as of September 2019 is Mr. Stamatis Perissis. In the municipal council there will be seven of his members. The party of Mr Efstathiou will have six council members and the party of Mr Anagnostou will have four. It will be interesting to see how they are going to work together the next four years because for a majority in the council two parties always have to work together. This is a new thing since these elections.

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Hand putting label. Election poll about vote. Ballot, democracy decision for government. Campaign for choice. Politics republican symbol on ballot-box. Flat isometric infographic vector illustration

(Source: Creator:aurielaki, Credit:Getty Images/iStockphoto)

This Sunday voters on Skopelos will decide who becomes the next mayor of Skopelos. The race is between Mr. Dimitri Efstathiou and Mr. Stamatis Perissis. If you are registered at the municipality to vote you can go and vote from 09.00 hours until 19.00 hours on Sunday. Foreigners vote in a separate room. The place to be is the elementary school (probably the older building at the back) If you cannot find it ask! Bring your passport or identity card.

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Today many Greeks and some foreigners can vote for a new mayor and new council members on Skopelos. As I walked to the building where I was supposed to vote Mr. George Michelis came in my mind. The former mayor of Skopelos died yesterday and we mourn his loss. He wasn’t a typical mayor. He studied abroad, he teached and became big in the banking world. He came back to Skopelos and particular Glossa some time ago become he wanted Skopelos to do better. Mr. Michelis was not only a business man, he was also an artist, a singer and musician. He was a kind man. I was a member of his tourist committee and in that time I remember that every member tried to work towards solutions to many problems and that, I think, characterized him as a mayor. He looked for real solutions to many problems. This is not something every mayor and council member does.

I hereby want to thank and congratulate , on a local level, Eleni Kefaloniti and Christos Chrissofos for their hard work for the village and always being available for me and my requests.

If one of the mayor candidates gets 50% of the votes plus 1, that mayor is in. If not we go for a second vote next Sunday.

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This Sunday local elections for mayor and council members, provincial and European elections are taking place.
It is a privilege to vote for a mayor and council members on this magical island but the last few years I am confused about where we are heading. The tourist business is a big source of income for the island but I think we should also look at the island itself and protect it better for now and in the future.

As foreigners on this island we can vote for the local and provincial elections.

This year the elections for the local council are different from the last time. The last time the mayor usually had the majority in the council with his council members. This time there is a possibility that there will be no majority and all council members have to negotiate and work together to get things done. It all depends on the amount of votes every candidate council member receives from all three candidates.

I have looked at the three programs and they all promise a lot. I hope the new mayor and candidates will take a good look at how we can protect Skopelos better against dumping of waste, fire and water hazards. The recycling and re-using of materials should be supported by everyone. I also believe that Skopelos needs to acquire an identity known to everybody and we need the events and structure set up with it. The cultural and ecological identity is here on the island but nobody is doing anything with it. It is not used, nothing is organized.
I also would like the municipality to communicate better with its inhabitants and to structure various tasks better.

My advise to those who vote is to try and find the candidates that you know and ask them about what they are thinking of doing for Skopelos. On the basis of that you might find your candidates to vote for. You can choose three on one and the same list. You put a + in front of their name.

Foreigners who have registered to vote (the deadline to sign up has passed) can go on Sunday the 26th of May (and maybe again the next Sunday to give a deciding vote for which mayor is going to be elected) with their passport or identity card to the:
-Elementary school Skopelos (the old building) to room 373 A and B
-Gymnasium high school in Glossa to room 367 A and B and
-Elementary school in Elios to room 371 A and B

Skopelos all together with Dimitri Efstathiou candidate mayor

Link to their Facebook page: Skopelos all together
The program (in Greek):here

The candidates general council members, local council members for Skopelos and Glossa: here

Our island first with Stamatis Perisis candidate mayor

Link to their Facebook page: Our island first
The program (in Greek):
List of candidates: general council members island here

Local council members skopelos here

Rally for the people with George Anagnostou candidate mayor

(the candidate women)
The program (in Greek): here
At the end of this article you will find the candidates here

I know there is an independent group of people in Elios that can be chosen for local council members. Please ask in Elios for more information. I wasn’t able to find the info again.

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