Help Jade

Jade her car is for sale.
Volkswagen Citi golf
1 litre
MOT, TAX & insurance
Low mileage
Jade Stubbs

Please contact her for more details. Price €1000 or best offer 6945502263.


Skopelos old drawing

From Marijke we received this old drawing of Skopelos. Thank you !

(the copyright is not mine)

Skiathos island news blog and facebook page keeps track of the flights that will be coming on Skiathos airport in 2020 with Thomas Cook not being there next year.
They have the information from Dolphin Skiathos tourist agency, the biggest agency on Skiathos island. Thank you Ian Knights!

Confirmed by the island agents Dolphin last night 17/10/2019
-2 Flights/London (Stansted)/Jet2.com
-1 Flight/Birmingham/Jet2.com
-2 Flights/Manchester/Jet2.com
-1 Flight/Klagenfurt-Graz/Astra Airlines
-1 Flight/Bergen/Tour operator: Der Touristik Group, Apollo

These are not the only flights ofcourse. We will try to make a full list once we know more.

Jet2 2020 flights

Twice weekly from Manchester Sun/Wed

Weekly from Birmingham on a Wednesday

Weekly from Stansted in May on Saturday then on a Wednesday and Saturday in June

Skopelos Aquafit season has now come to an end. It has been a very successful four months of water aerobics in Anofli partments and Dyonissos Hotel and Muriel would like to thank both establishments for giving the group the exercise opportunities.

It is the 7th season at Hotel Dyonyssos so Muriel would like to thank people returning to the sessions every year, local residents and friends and hotel guests. This year they had children demonstrators who let the regular guys see how quickly The Tour de France Cycle Race team could cross the pool and back.

Finally Muriel reminds the regulars to find fun and fitness in their local environment and come back and join Skopelos Aquafit next year.

Pink and blue

Panormos sunset

The best afternoons these days are spend on a quiet beach, swimming, fishing, walking and staring out over the sea. There is the sun, always with a different color. Sometimes visible, sometimes hidden behind some clouds. We meet locals who come and swim too or bring the fish they caught to clean it on the shore. There are visitors too who can’t believe their luck. The weather is so nice and they are happy that the island is not completely deserted. Some restaurants reopen. Good places to have a coffee are still here. The olives are fallen of the trees. When do we start collecting? It is not time yet I think. Let them ripe a little bit more. If the weather stays nice can we go to the beach and collect olives on the same day?

Skopelos does not have many cows. I know the single mother cow and her calf that live in the Karya area. It was good to see them again.

I have published stories about my mother in law (Manna I called her) on the blog before and most people know she died a couple of years ago. I have also talked about the fact that most deceased people eventually will be taken out of their graves accordingly to Greek tradition.

Today was the beggining of a new chapter for Manna. Her grave was being dug out, the coffin opened and five bones; the skull, two leg bones and two arm bones were taken out and cleaned (with chlorine) They are dried and put into a pillow case with her name on it. We can pick up her bones after two days. We can then put the pillow case into the small casket that Jannis my husband has made. A lot of bones, collected from graves where family members are unknown etc. remain in bags, on the cemetary in the bones house.

On the small casket her initials will be placed and a small church service will be held in her honor later. We will leave her casket in a church close to our home where her husband also has his final resting place. Axx Manna !