(affiche made by mr. Yorgos Poulios)

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday the Cultural and Folklore Association of Skopelos organizes its annual dance festival in the amphitheatre of the elementary school on the ring road. All evenings start at 20.30 hours. Bring a cushion to sit on and some water/snack…
On Friday evening all the traditional dance classes will perform. On Saturday the choir will perform and the modern and classical dance classes will perform. On Sunday evening the music classes will perform. Your presence will be very much appreciated. You will get to see how this community values their heritage and continues to pass it on to the younger generation.

"Preventive measures to reduce the risk of fire in forest and rural areas in view of the new protection against fire season 2023".

In view of the new protection against fire season 2023 and to avoid fires in forest and rural areas, farmers, breeders of animals as well as all residents of the Municipality of Skopelos island are requested to clean their plots and farms to avoid spreading of fire

We inform you that from 01 - 05 - 2023 to 31 - 10 - 2023 due to increased risk, any work that involves machinery that can get hot and cause flames and burning of leaves in forests, woodlands, grasslands and agricultural lands is strictly prohibited, in accordance with Fire Regulation 9 / 2021

It should be pointed out that during the protection against fire season, the burning of materials on agricultural land is only allowed after a permit issued in accordance with the above 9 / 2021 Fire Regulation. Violators are prosecuted and punished according to the applicable provisions. 

The Civil Protection of the Municipality of Skopelos

This morning a clean up took place of a part of the harbor and two areas around it. Thank you to the volunteers Michael, Stef and Robert who came out to help.

It was sad to find out that the starting time did not mean that all the people that should be there were there and the clean up of the harbor was the most important but there were too many people who had nothing to do. Evi of the Greek National rescue team was very helpful with guidance and resources.

The scouts and the small amount of volunteers went to the beach below the church of Panagia and cleaned that of the last rubbish. The volunteers then went to the side of the harbor at the end of the parking and collected rubbish there.

The port police, the sailing association of Skopelos, the Skopelos Diving Center, the sea scouts of Skopelos and the Greek Rescue Team of Skopelos wil hold a voluntary clean up this Sunday the 14th of May around the harbour. I have called and anybody that wants to help out is welcome. We will meet at 08.00 hours in the morning at the port police building in the harbour. Maybe see you there?

Anybody who is interested in the history of Skopelos and its dresses and costumes through tines is invited on Saturday the 13th of May in Orfeas open air cinema at  19.30 hours to hear about and see examples of these beautiful historic pieces. The collection this year exists 30 years (1983-2023)

This evening Mrs. Katerina Betsanis will be honored because she has kept the collection safe and alive for 30 years and on numerous occasions has helped promote this wonderful collection on Skopelos, in Greece and abroad. Everybody is welcome!

From 19.30 hours.


This might be a long shot but this bracelet was lost around Skopelos town. A grandmother gave it to her granddaughter. It is very precious to her. Please call +30 6955 715 279 if you found it. 

Easter days

The Easter weekend is so full of tradition and every year the experience is different.

It is so special that you can visit a church and follow the sermon and all that happens inside and outside the church.

Families gathering. Friends meeting up and together joining into the walk into the town on Friday night or waiting for 24.00 on Saturday to chant:”Christ has risen”

Wishing everybody well and looking at the fireworks and hearing the bigger bombs that are really loud!

The gathering afterwards at homes and in restaurants and eating the traditional Easter soup and the next day a table full of delicious dishes.

Easter Sunday celebrating somewhere on the island in a home, on a piece of land, in a street, on a road, a square or in a restaurant.

And on the island some bays have beautiful ships in them. These we saw in Panormos bay.

and the beaches are flanked by spring flowers…

Και του χρόνου!! / next year again!!

Sunday 16th April

Meeting point Sklavenitis supermarket at 10.30am where we will organize transport and drive to starting point for a walk/scramble up the white tower where there is a stunning view down to Panormos.

A shared picnic will be laid out on Muriel’s famous blue tablecloth. If you want to contribute please do!

All are welcome on this walk but if you have no transport phone Muriel before the walk on 0030 6983010118

Happy Easter!

Skopelos at the moment is humming like a bee. Businesses have opened and are ready for customers. Many people have arrived to spend these wonderful days on the island.

Old friends, new friends and families have been reunited and are ready to have quality time together and celebrate Greek Orthodox Easter. Tonight there is a procession in the villages on Skopelos. Tomorrow after 24.00 hours the whole of the Greek Orthodox world will say “Christ has risen” and on Sunday everybody celebrates in their homes, in the nature and in restaurants.

Thankful to be here on the island, thankful that it gives soo much!!!

Overies, sparagia and gigirafa on the table!