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Fruit from the garden in August; figs, grapes and plums.

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Nothing to do with the post

Nothing to do with the post

An article appeared a few days ago in Kathimerini, one of the “center right” news outlets in Greece. The writer spoke with Jeffrey Sachs, another of the American economists who were advising Greece during the “doomed before they started” negotiations with the EuroGroup/troika over the last few months. It is difficult to tell whether Sachs is a “bright light” or not, though his advice is sought by many.

A snippet from the article says…
“In an extended profile in The New Yorker, Varoufakis says that Sachs contacted him repeatedly at the end of June to urge him to demand debt relief and, if he did not get it, to default. The American professor confirms this (“My advice was to suspend payments to creditors rather than to pensioners”), though he insists he never supported the adoption of a parallel currency. “I told them not to do anything in that direction, because it would lead to a forced exit,” he says emphatically, adding he had no hand in the consultations of the Grexit working group under Professor Galbraith.”

Though a bit too late, it is good to get another point of view from someone close to the negotiations which were never really negotiations.
Link above or here…

From H.

The waterreservoir has no water in it yet but oil has been dumped there instead! These photographs were taken by H. of the “crime scene” It might be good to find out why the reservoir is not working yet. What has been the hold up. No shortage of rain last winter and the heavy rainfall we had last week might have helped to top it up a little bit!




Be on time


Following the reports about the groups that are dancing in the dance festival tonight in Glossa I (Daphne) stumbled upon different starting times of the dance event. On the poster the time in english is 21.00 hours but in Greek it states 20.00 hours. Various reports talk about 20.00 hours so get there around that time and you will find a good seat if the event starts at 21.00 hours.

Greece’s top judge on Thursday became the country’s first female prime minister, taking over a caretaker administration to organise early elections next month, the fifth in the crisis-hit country in six years.

Vassiliki Thanou, the 65-year-old head of the Supreme Court, took her oath of office in a brief ceremony at the presidential mansion.

Dressed entirely in white, the diminutive judge then met with outgoing PM Alexis Tsipras.

Mother-of-three Thanou has taken a hard stance on austerity measures, having criticized as unconstitutional an unpopular property tax collected through electricity bills.

In February, she fired off an emotional letter to European Commission chairman Jean-Claude Juncker, protesting that austerity cuts were “annihilating” the Greek people.

For the rest of the article see:

The tunnel

At the entrance to “Skopelos Bay” (Όρμος Σκοπέλου) is this quaint spot accessible only by front crawl or other stroke, boat or riding goat. Though a mere 1.3 km from the Town Hall, it feels like the middle of nowhere. Civilization, in the form of Agios Konstantinos beach, is 700 meters away.

Cold fresher water for brisk swimming is present throughout the summer from springs beneath the sea and remains at the surface, with warmer water underneath. Adventurous snorkeling water bunnies can find a tunnel (really a covered cleft in the rocks on the middle left of the photo) and swim through the darkness to the other side.

[photo by Tom enlarges]

More dancing


Glossa has a dance festival too and 280 dancers from all over Greece will dance on the school grounds in Glossa on Friday the 28th, Saturday the 29th and Sunday the 30th of August. Every night the dancing will start at 21.00 hours and entrance is free.


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