A landslide has occurred on the road going up from the end of the ring road behind Skopelos towards Raches, Pevkias, Karya and Elios, and Glossa. The road is “blocked” with plastic tape but anyone who wants to lift the tape can pass. Over the past week smaller landslides have occurred, but the amount of earth and bushes was never so much that a car could not pass. It was dangerous, though.


The landslide occurred probably because the road above has virtually broken in two. This is the turn going to Raches and Pevkias.

playgroundAfter entire days of mischievous speculation, at least among newsroom staff on the 37th floor of the Skopelos News Tower, the true nature of the renovated children’s playground near Skopelos port has been revealed by the arrival of new equipment to kit out a, er, children’s playground. A smart new roundabout is already in place, and tucked behind the tree in our photo is either a wooden slide or climbing frame. Other play equipment is also under wraps in the newly relaid park. Our photo also shows some very fancy new street lamps, suggesting that the new park will, if anything, resemble a miniature Tuileries Gardens.

It is, however, a bitter disappointment for dwarf-throwing enthusiasts everywhere…



Our love for the wild greens radikia brought us to the other end of the island near the beaches of Perivoliou and Hondrogiorgi.


Radikia are not the easiest wild greens because they are quite bitter but they are supposed to be really good for your health. The radikia you find near the sea are really small like the one on the left of the photo. The plant is beaten down by the wind. The other kind, on the right of the photo, you find more inland. It is more protected there and can grow more freely. Our search brought us to 2 beaches and 5 pieces of land that were not fenced. We did not find a lot of radikia, enough for 1 side dish; wild greens shrink enormously when boiled. During our round trip we had the sun on our backs and the view in front of us. What a day!

My stuffed granny

Please have a look at this lovely animation from Effie Pappas. She studied Theatre and Fine Arts (TEI of Athens) and after that went to England to continue studying there at the National Film & Television School. The animation has won many awards and shows a small Greek family trying to survive in an economic crisis. This is the story: Little Sofía loves her grumpy granny, even though granny is always hungry and eats what little food they can buy. Her pension is the only thing keeping Sofia, her granny and her father alive. But what to do when granny can’t help them anymore?

“My Stuffed Granny” is a short stop-motion animated film directed by Effie Pappa. She lives and works in London. Apart from animations Effie also makes short films, music videos, theatrical shows, educational videos and commercials.

Have a nice weekend everybody!

The weather has cleared up. The wind is still strong but the sun is shining.
This is what I thought when I (Daphne) saw this video: Maybe the next time volunteers are cleaning the town beach (me too) they can throw in a dance like this when they have finished cleaning it?

Faros cakeWith so many vasilopita parties popping up that we may find ourselves facing an obesity crisis on Skopelos, the island palliative care charity Faros announces that it will be cutting its cake at the Ntokos bar/cafe on the paralia at 6pm on Sunday 7 February. Supporters of both Faros and Camphill Skopelos who own roller-skates should be able to visit both celebrations by caroming along the paralia, and might lose some weight in the process.

The wind, the wind

1454656839186Last night’s ferocious winds at least achieved something no humans have achieved so far: getting our two competing animal care charities just that little bit closer. True, it does look as though the Stray Care kiosk is a few sheets to the wind, but maybe a couple of glasses of stiff hooch would get the occasional inhabitants of these sentry boxes a little closer too.


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