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Spring Stafylos

This is the spring that can be found above the steps leading to Stafylos beach. Water flows from this spring all year round. For a couple of months now the grate, where the water flows into, was blocked by sand and the water was flowing down on the concrete steps and were making them very slippery.

I notified the local council man Pandelis Chrissofos and he organized a crew from the municipality to unblock the grate. Pandelis is the guy to speak to on a local level in Skopelos town.

The water is now flowing down the hill and the steps are dry again.

If something is bothering you try to find the right person to help you fix it and keep at it. I reminded Pandelis several times and now it has been done.


Today we are spending a wonderful afternoon on Elios beach. Ingredients; a bright sun, sand and stones, the sound of waves on the shore, a dog, the green forrest behind us, tea and a book! What else do we need?

Less waste

Apart from bying less plastic I am also trying to create less waste. It is important that we learn how to re-use materials, to repair materials, to recycle materials and up-cycle materials. Slowly I am learning. A rug for the bathroom floor was frayed at both ends. I have cut those ends off and sowed a protective line. Now I have a shorter rug but I am able to use it for a long time still.

These straws I found on a beach yesterday. I will always remember the video that showed a turle and the straw that ended up in its nose and how difficult it was to remove it from there. Let’s start using bio-degradeable straws!

Last Sunday the scouts cut their New Year’s cake and it was encouraging to see how these young people are taught to be kind, not te be judgemental and include everybody. These children are also taught to protect the environment and what isn’t more important than that!

From 1/1/2019 the measure of “travelling equivalent” applies to all Greek islands, Skopelos included.
In 2020 you have to update your application. No extra information just clicking and you are updated.

The measure makes it possible for islanders/foreigners registered on the island to buy a boat ticket and receive some money back because the same journey in km/miles was less expensive on the mainland. You have to live on Skopelos and have a tax number and a code to enter your tax file. Everybody receives a unique number that you use every time you travel. You can print out the card like I did.

You give the ministry a bank account number on which the money can be deposited.

Go here https://metaforikoisodynamo.gr/

Click on είσοδος

Fill in your entrycodes to your tax file

Click on εξουσιοδοοτηση

The page you will see will show that you have been updated (see below)

Log out

Boats and roads

The Proteus ferryboat is probably running again from Monday the 20th of January.
Source: Skiathoslife.gr. The link is Proteus back in business

There is also news of a new boat servicing the Volos-Sporades-Mantoudi route this summer. This news was published on a bulletin board from the coastguard. See below.
(Source: coastguard news)

The boat is called Megajet from the boat company Seajets.

(source: Seajets fleet

The boat will be sailing from 1/6/2020 until 30/09/2020 it says in the announcement.

The road along the harbor in Mantoudi has been asphalted.The photo’s are from the 3rd of January 2020.

There is a new update. The Fabaceae; the Bean and Pea Family. Please look at wild flowers of Skopelos blog