Doctors coming



It is quiet on Skopelos but not too quiet. The people that work and live here at the moment enjoy this time of the year. You can concentrate more on getting back in touch with family and friends that you did not see a lot during the busy summer. You might visit them at home but there are enough coffee places open to drink something and talk. There is time to go to a taverna and have a meal that is based on the ingredients that are around this time of the year. There is time to drive out to places where mushrooms and chestnuts can be found. There is time to take your dog to the beach because nobody will mind now. There is hardly anybody on the beach but the people that you see might have a bath towel with them to take a quick dip in the sea. Those that don’t dare to swim can sit somewhere where where the wind does not blow and enjoy the sun.

We might not have many boats a day coming to the island but you still can get here and the holiday that you will have will be completely different from the one you have during the summer. Try it!


My landlady asked if I wanted bread leftover from the church service today. Today is the Feast of the Holy Archangels and I got this…

This bread is called Prosphora (Greek: πρόσφορον, offering) It is bread used in orthodox church services. The term originally meant any offering made to a temple, but in Orthodox Christianity it has come to mean specifically the bread offered at the Divine Liturgy.

Prosphoro is made from only four ingredients, wheat flour (white), yeast, salt, and water. Salt was not used in early times, and is still not used in the Greek Orthodox Church of Jerusalem. Women would make it themselves. That is to say any member of the church who is in good standing. Now you order the bread from the bakery.

A prosphoron is made up of two separate round pieces of leavened dough which are placed one on top of another and baked together to form a single loaf.


Before baking, each prosphoron is stamped with a special seal called sphragis or Panagiari usually bearing, among other things, the image of a cross with the Greek letters IC XC NIKA (“Jesus Christ conquers”) around the arms of the cross. This impression is baked into the bread and serves as a guide for the priest who will be cutting it.

I know that your are not supposed to spill anything of this bread. No breadcrumbs at all! How we will manage that I don’t know.

Agios jannis

This is the sea near the Agios Jannis church in Glossa. We swam there a couple of weeks ago in Oktober. I could not believe how clear the water was. The beach is small and a little bit difficult to reach but that makes it even more special. You don’t get everything for nothing.

On Friday evening the 9th of November and Saturday the 10th of November, Stray Care Skopelos, the vets from Vet Care Skopelos and the Volunteer Action group of Vets in Greece (E.T.D.K.) will neuter stray animals. The neutering costs are 15 euro’s per animal. Please contact the organizers for more details.

This is the logo of E.T.D.K.

On Friday evening the vets will operate from 17.00 hours to 20.00 hours. On Saturday from 10.00 to 20.00 hours with a break for lunch.

Please communicate ahead with those involved so the operations can go according to a plan. That is not always possible because you are working with animals and it is difficult to catch them. Please be patient and try to help out where you can during these two days.

Spyrou Skopelos Experience will provide rooms for the visiting vets.

You can email Straycare at straycare@yahoo.com. Their telephone number is 6949521442. You can also contact vet Care or visit them. If you have cages please lend them so more animals can be caught.

Keep Skopelos clean

Part of the group from the last clean up action.

On Sunday at 11 until about 1, anybody who is interested can come and help clean the town beaches. A group of people called the to do good group of Skopelos will try and do good things for the island like cleaning beaches and cleaning other areas of the island that have rubbish. It works this way; anybody with a suggestion for a clean up action takes the lead for that day and organizes everything. The rest show up. If it is out of town there are always cars available that can take you to the area that is being cleaned. Best shop provides for free big black garbage bags and gloves but if you have your own (garden) gloves take those (less waste)

If you want to help come and meet us at 11 in the harbor. We will do the town beach but also the beach opposite Askleipion and Skopelos Village. Once in a while there is a meeting in Orfeas where we brainstorm about actions etc.

Glysteri today

There is a lot going on on Glysteri beach. All the rubble, the broken branches and bushes that had collected rubbish in the past have been taken away. Part of the two small buildings have been removed and will be rebuilt. There is a wooden fences along the property with cactus in between. The road in the middle going to the beach is passable again.