Name giving is very important in the Greek culture. Almost every child is named after a grand parent and sometimes another child is planned to be able to give the name of a beloved father or mother to the child (really, it is true!) The names must live on! A couple with two children already named their girl and boy after the mother in law and the father. They now have two more children; twin girls and they will be named after the father in law and the mother. Katherina and Nikoletta. The circle is full! Oh yes, today is a very important name day. Dimitri, Dimitra Χρόνια πολλά!

Proteus from 1/11/2016

Below are the new timetables from the Proteus going to Mantoudi on Evia.
The Proteus will also start leaving from Agnondas and go straight to Mantoudi in 1.15 hours!


When leaving from Glossa there is always a free bus leaving from Skopelos. In Mantoudi a bus (not free of charge) will take you to Athens.

No room?

On Sunday these pots were spotted on the roof of a bbq area and we thought the salads looked absolutely gorgeous and it seems to us the perfect way to grow vegetables when you don’t have a lot of room. And what about the fresh onions. Can you imagine the salad that is going to make?


Greeks like openings and blessings so last evening the new sports year was officially opened in the Skopelos gym hall with priest Vangelis Kechriotis. It is nice that the acoustics in the hall are so good because the father Vangelis was situated far from the crowd but everybody was silent because it is important to get a blessing so the year will go well. His basil bunch was dipped in the water after the blessing and we were all sprinkled/blessed with water. The volleyball girls also had a chance to show off their new training gear. Afterwards cake and soft drinks were given out!

The Scramblers at Panormos beach last Sunday

The Scramblers at Panormos beach last Sunday

Sunday 23rd November

This Sunday’s walk will begin at Spiti Dunlop at 10.30am. The group will walk along the ridge above Stafilos Road to Profitis Ilias and after a short break will continue on to the heliport, taking in the magnificent views of Skopelos town on the way. They will then carry on through the forest, crossing the main Stafilos road towards the new oil press. Slightly beyond the press they will take a path towards the sea where there is a beautiful picnic area for Muriel to spread out the blue-checked tablecloth to receive the usual shared picnic essentials.

All are welcome to join the group whether residents or visitors to the island. Any questions phone Muriel on 24240 24732.

Start recycling


There is no excuse anymore. The recycling plant on the road to Agios Reginos monastery collects it all. Skopelosnews went again today with paper, plastic bottles, cans, plastic wrappers, milk cartons, electricity cables and batteries.
All of it was accepted by Christos who works together with Apostolis at Go Recycling Skopelos. The amount of other waste that is left and that goes to the tip is so much less. It feels really good to bring these materials to Go recycling. If the plant is closed you can leave the stuff at the entrance or you can call and they come and pick it up. Christos 6971955959 or Apostolis 6973029626.

The foundations of the recycling plant have been laid. Obviously more work needs to be done before presses and shredders can be installed. The office walls are almost up and all around are areas with certain products. Old cars, motorbikes, bikes, washing machines, refrigerators, other electric appliances and iron are being collected too. A great effort is being done here and what a relief we can minimize our waste now. So good for the island!

Dance in Glossa

(photo Alexandra Kallianou)

Dance classes have started in Glossa too ! Adults who want to attend please find Alexandra who is council member.