The skies around Skopelos are impressive the last couple of days and they could be a sign of change.

From the first of September the new elected mayor will start working with his council members. The mayor elect has had many encounters with organizations and individuals to hear their thoughts about many subjects and plans for the future. Last Friday he had a meeting with “foreigners, non Greeks”

Most municipality councils in Greece will work differently from the past. The council members on Skopelos for instance will have to work together to get a majority to approve proposals because the three parties have 7, 6 and 4 council members. For a majority they would need 9 council members. It will be interesting to see how this cooperation will work out in the future. If it is for the benefit of all on Skopelos I hope they can work out their differences…..


Kir Adonis

The longer I live in Greece the more I realize how much the Greeks value their musical heritage. In which country do you have two television music programs on national television that broadcast Greek music for hours?

In these programs various singers perform with a live band and composers, musicians and Greek music types are being honored. The most popular broadcasts are the ones with the older songs being performed. The songs that lament about the old days, the hardships of people but also the joy of being together as friends and family.

This clip I saw a couple of days ago and I could not get it out of my head. It made me want to look up the lines that were sung, I love the intimate, slow, way they sing this song. The song Kir Adonis is written by Manos Xatzidakis who was a famous Greek composer. This song tells about the old days that will never come back, it is also a political song.

In this clip Xatzidakis sings, his own song, with Melina Mercouri; actress, singer, activist and politician. She was minister of Culture between 1981 and 1989. In the beginning Melina translates the song in French. The clip is for French television. Then she sings along with him…


Mister Antonis
It’s been a long time that Mister Antonis
Was living in the yard
With a jar and a bed
And a lot of wine
He had two blue eyes
And uncombed hair
And he was always wearing a flower
On his old clothes

Oh mister Antonis, how much we love you
And we look at the stars with you
We count the fires for you
Until the rain comes
And we always forget about your anger
We wander around together like birds
We laugh at you like kids
When you pray

Mister Antonis is in a hurry
To go sleep
Because in the night in his dreams
He wants to remember
What he has never lived
He lives in his dream
But the night goes
And the break of the day finds him sad

But one night Mister Antonis
Goes to bed
And when we wake up we wait for him
To come at the door
But Mister Antonis won’t come out
Ever in the yard
Since forever in his dream
He wanted to live

On Monday it is Pentacost. Offices and banks will be closed. Have a great weekend everybody!

Tonight at 19.30 hours there is a meeting in the Xenia building opposite the children’s playground. The meeting is organized by the new elected mayor Mr. Stamatis Perisis and his council members. All foreigners that are on the island are welcome to come and speak with them about their concerns, opinions about the island. They can ask questions and hopefully a fruitful discussion will take place about the future of Skopelos.


There are about twenty butterflies in this tree called mean mother-in-law (κακία πεθερά) The butterflies peacefully coincide with the many bees that are around too. There must be food in this tree and although she has a bad name, she is good to her visitors.

Getting there

The work on Milos square and the road leading to it, is in full swing. The square has been reinforced from below and new tiles are being put on.

The whole length of the road is being dug up and in certain places pipes and reservoirs/tanks are being placed so the excess water coming into this area is being led away, the right way. These are guesses by somebody (me) who is not an engineer of course. Please correct me if I am wrong.

It is funny to see that home owners who like to park close to their house are slowly forced to move their car higher up and on the ring road.

The only way this can be reinforced is place a really, really big machine in front of the cars at the end of the working day.

(a few of last years photos)

Met smaak in Griekenland link here is a small organisation that organizes creative hollidays on Skopelos. the founder, Sacha Roozemond has found the perfect combination of a holiday on Skopelos with good food and being creative.

This Thursday there will be an photo exhibition with the creations from the participants of last week. Everybody is invited. The kafenion is right in the middle of Skopelos harbor in between Karavia Cafe and Paramares cafe.
The exhibition is between 18.00 and 20.00 hours.

Today from 09.00 hours until 15.00 hours there will be no water in the area of Karavotsakisma, Ambeliki, Milou and Livadi. This area is around the coastal road leading to the monasteries and above Skopelos village, Aelos hotel and Sunrise village etc. The traffic will be stopped at certain times also because roadworks are going on there too.