Sunday morning at 3, the clock jumps forward from 3 to 4 am. This means we have to cope with one hour less of sleep. It is going to be darker in the morning again but it will be dark later. Good luck with coping again!

This photo was taken on the 17th of March. We visited a small church close to our home and this is the view from this church. I will tell you the story tomorrow.

I know, not a lot of travelling is going on but I still want to keep informing you about it. When you are a permanent resident on Skopelos and you need to travel please don’t forget to have with you (one of the three)
-your travelling equivalent card (see below)

-a tax return or
-a statement from the municipality stating you are a permanent resident

From Monday the 30th of March until the 30th of April the ferryboat Express Skiathos will travel only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
On the Hellenic Seaways website I see these times:

Because of the closure of all educational institutions earlier this month the Greek Education Ministry is going to offer educational television programs for primary and secondary school children via the Greek State television (Ert2)
The lessons are expected to begin on Monday. The teachers will not continue with the school curriculum at first but will start repeating the lessons that were taught before the schools closed. Greek universities have already started with lessons via Skype.

The programs for primary school pupils will run from 08.00 hours to 12.00 hours and for the secondary school pupils from 12.00-16.00 hours.

Today spring is in the air. The rain has finally stopped for a bit and a weak sun is trying to come through the clouds. Nature is not giving up and many trees are blooming. That we have such a strong ally must give us hope and the believe that things will get better. Almost the whole world has been reset and now it is up to us to make a new and better start.

Have a nice weekend everyone, hopefully you can make the best of the situation! My husband left the house with a paper that said that around 9 in the morning he is going to run an errand/shopping. I am hearing lots of stories from a lot of readers from all over the world. Everybody is trying to make the best of the situation. We could not have imagined that this would happen ever but I think one advice rings the truest at the moment: Stay home and stay safe ! xx Daphne

The last couple of days the weather in Greece hasn’t been well. A lot of rain and heavy winds. This kind of weather helps people to stay home and that is positive.

A little bit of information about opening times and bank business.
-opening times for the pharmacies, also in Skopelos, will be from 08.30 hours until 16.30 hours.
-A new pharmacy has opened opposite the children’s playground. More info about this another time.
-If you pay with a (credit)card for your shopping you can now pay without using a pin code up till 50 euros. The amount was 25 euros before. This measure has been taken so more people can use their cards and less cash money (can be a source of contamination)
-The government would like people to use ATM’s and internet banking more instead of going inside banks.
Therefor you cannot pay electricity bills, insurance bills, government bills in the bank at the moment.
Please use the ATM or internet banking.

Just before the lock down we saw that the municipality is “upgrading” the road along the harbor towards the monasteries. A stone wall was started from Karyatis until the crossroad into town and the town beach. It is probably to prevent stones, sand being thrown onto the road when the weather is bad.

Oh yes the puzzle is coming along. It is difficult but I have to finish it. Stay home, stay safe!

Today it is the 25th of March. A big day in Greece called Independence day, the day in 1821 that the Greeks decided that they had enough of the their Turkish oppressors (after 400 years) and this day was the official beginning of the war of independence. Annunciation is also celebrated (Maria is told she will become a mother) Xronia polla to all the people that celebrate their name day.

This morning we were in the harbor for an errand (SMS message 2) The usual parade of school children did not take place but we heard this.

25th of March 2020 on Skopelos; life during the corona virus epidemic from Daphne Jaeggi Gliverou on Vimeo.

No one around but I am sure the whole village heard the music. A nice initiative.

-Shipowners Panagiotis and Yorgos Angelopoulos have donated 1.000.000 euro for the purchasing of medical equipment in intensive care units.
-Iperos AEBE have given money for monitors for intensive care units. They also have given bonuses to their personnel.
-About 280 Greeks are stranded in Englang on two airports (Stanstead and Heathrow) As soon as forms issued by the ministry of Foreign Affairs have been completed in the organization of a flight (with Aegean) will be organized. All these people will be checked if they have the virus and will stay in a hotel in Athens for 14 days if they are positive for the corona virus.

Today I got a call from a friend who has chickens. He wanted to give me some eggs. On our way back from the errand ( message number 2) we picked them up. Thank you Andreas!


I also looked for some wild greens on our land (no SMS message needed) and found several different greens. I boiled them in water and after that I put those greens in a bowl with two eggs and some feta. Ready pastry dough, in the oven and a great pie came out after 45 minutes!

A group of singers/musicians has recorded a new version of the well knows song of Λουκιανός Κηλαηδόνης/Loukianos Kilaidonis from 1986. The song is called I will stay at home

Slowly slowly people in Greece are getting used to the lock down. Yesterday the police were only giving warnings to those that did not have their papers with them or had not send an SMS. A lot of people that were on the road in the bigger cities were those that had to go to their work. Their employer had to have a statement ready at work that the employee can have with them all the time while going back and forth to work. Today some fines were given but there were not a lot of people that were unprepared. Check-ups were done on the streets, in the metro stations and buses.

Mr. Tsiodras (the infectious disease specialist and a spokesman for the Ministry of Health for the management of the corona virus in Greece) is carefully optimistic because there were some new corona virus patients, but not a lot.
In other countries the numbers double every day. The amount of people that are intubated in an ER in Greece stayed the same. Officially 20 people have died.
A website has been set up to monitor where the corona patients can be found and where you can give blood.

Map of corona virus patients in Greece. Source:https://e-thessalia.gr/o-chartis-toy-koronoioy-stin-ellada-treis-voliotes-stin-omada-poy-ton-dimioyrgise/

In Greece
-Flights from England and Turkey have been stopped.
-Students coming back from the North of Spain have been isolated in hotels and were tested. About 21 were positive to the virus.
-The government has set up a fund for people that have been laid off because of the virus.
-At the beginning of April they will get money after the employer has given a statement that the employees have been laid off because of the corona virus epidemic. If you were laid off on Skopelos ask your accountant for help.

The specialists in Greece and all over the world keep saying that we need to help the people that take care of us in every way. To stay home as much a possible and if we don’t listen, we will cause them unthinkable pressure. At the moment they have to choose who lives or dies. There is a big shortage of medical equipment. The weight of the world is on their shoulders. We have to realize this. In Greece is seems that the early measures are paying off. The clear messages in Greece that have been given out from the beginning have helped and the fact that the information mainly comes from experts. Nobody is out of the woods, we are all in this together and it will take a long time before we will be in safer waters. We have to protect each other.

Source: Red Cross

Supermarkets and other shops like the butcher and the bakery might be closed because of the National day the 25thbof March. Banks, post-office are closed.

Milia beach

I hope that those who needed to go out today were able too and were not too stressed about it.

This message is from M. Debois

Yesterday, I was walking with my dog in the woods in front of my house (I live in eastern Belgium) and I saw a man who was installing a hammock between two trees. It was only 10 ° degrees. I was 20 meters from him, I wished him a good nap and he thanked me. It seems that stress threatens our immune defenses. Being Zen right now is very difficult.

This is from Anne Lise
She told me that in Paris the inhabitants still go out every night on their balcony and thank the health workers in France by clapping.

Every day now I try to think of those that are near to me but far away and I find a way to communicate with them. Thank God I can use face-timing with messenger and whats-app.

Various emotions have been taking hold of me since I realized the seriousness of this virus and to be honest, it hasn’t been more than two weeks. I am stunned, I can’t believe it, I feel very emotional when I hear about the sacrifices that people have made and died because of it.

Almost two weeks ago, the Greek government started holding a press conference at 18.00 hours and there Sotiris Tsiodras, an infectious disease specialist and a spokesman for the Ministry of Health for the management of the corona virus in Greece tells us all the news about what is happening in Greece. He is clear in his messages, very decisive, he does not condone nonsense questions and he is empathetic.

All Greeks are tuning in to hear him talk every night and they accept what he is saying. I am glad to have these people at the helm of the ship that needs to sail through these historic events.

Last night I tried to translate as fast as possible the information about how to let the authorities know for what reason you are outside in Skopelos and in the rest of Greece. I have not mentioned what you need to do in case you are working. Please see the post before this one.

I could put this information into practice because this morning we needed to go for shopping but we tried to do the all the errands together so we don’t have to go out for several days.

It is easy to do. The errands all belong to category number two. I send a message to 13033 with number 2, a space and my details (see below) and I received a confirmation. This confirmation you need to show when someone stops you.

It is fairly simple. I was not stopped but I felt confident and had my passport with me.

Stay safe everybody, all over the world!!!!