Property tax ENFIA


The unified property tax (ENFIA), which will be paid by 7 million citizens (foreign home owners in Greece too) will start being posted on the online TAXIS platform today, August 29. The government hopes to raise 2.65 billion euros in revenues, same as in 2015, as the so-called “objective values” of properties were lowered this year and farmland has been excluded from the tax. Taxpayers will pay ENFIA in five installments with the first due at the end of September and the last set for January 2017. – See more at: http://greece.greekreporter.com/2016/08/25/government-aims-to-raise-2-65-bln-euros-from-this-years-property-tax/#sthash.cekBo8Fh.dpuf

If you want to get more information about how to pay and how much you pay contact your accountant or lawyer. It is possible to pay the whole amount in once instead of installments.


Last night the annual folk dance festival Diamantis Paleologos started with all the dance groups being present in full costume and walking around. Later they danced in the harbor. It was again amazing to see how all these people, with so much grace, represent their village, town, region or country. And they came from far. Not only groups from Greece are here but also from Cyprus, Ukraine and Nepal. Tonight and tomorrow you have a chance to see them in the municipal theater at the elementary school at 21.00 hours.

Young and old were there. Many times the elder were leading the younger.
The costumes were fantastic to look at from close by and they are all so full of details. We tried to photograph the costumes from nearby so you can see the details.

The dancers wear their costumes with so much pride and joy. Litsa and Vicky from the Skopelos dance groups were also present!

It was a great experience again and something you should put on your calendar for next year if you have not experienced it

Mamma Mia! party


On Sunday at 23.00 hours a fantastic Mamma Mia! party will be held on the Sporades Queen boat in the harbour. Two beers for 10 euros. Proceeds go the the Orfeas cinema renovation. Everybody invited!


It was still quite windy yesterday so the excursion boats stayed in the harbor. Tonight is the opening of the folk dance festival Diamantis Paleologos. Hopefully the wind will not be so strong anymore so everybody can enjoy the dancers and their fabulous dances and costumes.


The sea was in turmoil yesterday because of strong winds blowing from the North-East.

2016-08-25 14.40.27

From grower to buyer

Skopelos is still a very fertile island and every year we are amazed with the amount of fruit and vegetables that the soil gives to us. Every year the quantities vary and sometimes particular fruit trees don’t give us any or hardly any fruit. Maybe they need time to rest like the olives which don’t turn up on the trees every year. Another reason might be because we don’t water the trees extra of give fertilizer. This year a lot of yellow plums and figs came off the trees. Almonds we also collected in huge quantities. Grapes and black plums we found in smaller quantities. The mulberry tree was full with fruit.

To tend to a vegetable garden you need time and dedication and this is lacking at the moment so we go to the people that know about growing vegetables and we buy directly from them. It is wonderful to see the produce in all forms and shapes lie there and take your pick. If you, for instance, cannot find cucumbers the owner will go to the field and pick you some. The variety of vegetables is not very big but it is enough and you buy the vegetables that are in season. In this particular place we also saw a small shelve with a couple of glass pots with seeds for the new season!

We also buy cheese from from local producers. We know that we cannot buy all types of cheese the whole year through. There is a time for mizithra and there is a time for katiki. Some times there is no cheese because the small goats need the milk and that is fine too. We are soo lucky we can buy olive oil, eggs, meat, honey, cheese, vegetables directly from the grower and no fancy shop stands between them and us.


The National Bank of Greece has moved but an ATM cash point will be available very soon somewhere central in the harbor. This was confirmed at the bank by Skopelosnews this morning.


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