Velanio and Stafylos

(photo Dimitris Mavridis)

In high summer it is difficult to get to these two beaches because the road to Stafylos is not very wide. The best thing to do is walk down from the main road. You have to do this anyway if you come by bus. With a motor bike or bike you might have a chance of parking it somewhere.


Mr. Yorgos Michail is head of the observatory Kentavros which is situated in the Raches/Agios Konstantinos area. For many years Mr. Michail and his telescopes makes it possible for visitors to see moon eclipses, the stars etc. He gives lectures about space, the stars and weather phenomenons. His photographs are beautiful. The last couple of years Mr. Michail also takes photographs with a drone and he has helped out in quite a few movies of the Skopelos International Film Festival for Youth (SIFFY) last year.

This afternoon I saw a post of Mr. Michail which moved me. The observatory helps the fire brigade. How ? Because of the strong winds, fires can spread out very quickly. The fire brigade is on high alert. The men and women here are on 24 hour watches and everybody (visitors and residents) should be very careful. At the moment there are fires on the mainland and Zakynthos and the situation is very difficult. Many acres of land have been burned.

The photo above was taken by the drone of Mr. Michail. Because the drone can fly high above the ground it can monitor and watch out for fires and especially in areas that are difficult to reach. Mr. Michail is volunteering to help the fire brigade to be the eye from above ! What a great contribution !


The next couple of days two official spray teams from the municipality will start spraying chemicals against the “δακο” an animal which lays its eggs in an olive and the larves will destroy the olives. The teams will cover the whole island, every day another area. The teams will only spray on olive farms in areas far from houses.

This year there are many olives on the trees and everybody is hoping for a good harvest. Hopefully the “δακο”will not spoil the islanders dreams.

The members of the Glysteri beach support club decided to take matters in their own hands and have made a changing booth on Glysteri beach. As of yesterday you can get in and out your bathing suit without getting into impossible situations. The only thing the changing booth needs is some paint on the walls. What colors do you think ?

Walk slow

A slow walk through the village of Glossa in the morning makes you aware of so many beautiful things you tend to forget in the busy summer. In the small winding streets you see people busy with their morning rituals, the cleaning, the cooking (ohhh those smells!) the shopping. The quiet hum of their conversations make me feel at home. If anybody only remotely knows you they will wish you a good morning and the question: “what are you doing here?”

I never look up when I am walking in a street. When you are not so busy, look up. The most wonderful roofs and balconies are there to see.

Walking in the quiet streets of Glossa I see some abandoned/ not lived-in houses. I see walls with fading colors. The fading colors on these walls are more beautiful, I think, than the colors you see on a new wall or door.

The cafe on the square already has some customers. Should I sit down for a coffee? Yes I think so. A hour has gone by and I feel I have more energy now and I am more relaxed than I was in a long time. Thank you Glossa.

Traganas night

To show locals and visitors on the island that Greek traditions are alive and kicking Tuesday night was traganas night. The goats were milked in the morning and the milk was put in the fridge until the evening. Wheat ( 1 kilo) and goat milk (4 liters) and salt in a big pan and stir. Nikos who has his own goat herd showed everybody how it is done and after that everybody who was around could eat. Another pan of traganas that was prepared earlier was brought in because after it has cooked the traganas has to sit for a while.

It was delicious and it was served with wine, water, ouzo and music. Great night ! Thank you folklore and cultural association!


Those who are on Skopelos and in Greece will have noticed that we have a heatwave. It seems that a lot of countries around Greece have a heatwave too. Without a little bit of wind it is difficult to sleep but today (Wednesday) we are blessed with wind but we have to be extra careful because the danger of fire and fire spreading rapidly is close by.
Be careful with your cigarettes and work that might cause flames/fire !!!

Holidaymakers from all over the world are visiting Skopelos this year. Skopelosnews has seen an increase in big yachts visiting the island and there are many groups of young adults holidaying together here on the island from Greece but also from abroad.

If you think the beaches are too full during the day visit them after five o’clock. The first group of visitors has left the beach to go and eat and take a nap. Visit the beaches that don’t have umbrellas and sunbeds. They are bound to be less crowded. Take you own umbrella.
The photo above was taken on Milia at the end of the beach. Almost nobody around and the sea, oh that sea….