I don’t know how we managed it but most foods in this photos collage we found at home and in the sea. Almost nothing was bought. The squid and the shrimps we took from the deep freezer and cooked. The fish roe (bought) together with bread, olive oil and lemon juice we made into a tarama salad, the sea urchins and the shells we found in the sea around Agios Konstantinos.
The bread was bought. We really emptied our cupboards/fridges to make a clean break and we can start fasting the 40 days before Easter. It is a good method to lose the extra weight we gathered this winter but can we do without meat? all 40 days and without oil, cheese etc. some days?

Clean Monday

It’s clean Monday tomorrow so most offices are closed. Most stores will be open so you can do your last shopping’s. But if you are buying a lot you have to eat that because you are supposed to clean your closets because you are going to fast not? until Easter. Anyway everybody does whatever they want but try to have a nice time!!

Agios Reginos


Skopelos celebrates it’s patron saint Reginos today. Sorry for the late post to warn you that most shops will be closed today.


Because of the recent very sad news ( the passing away of a five year old angel) the carnival festivities on Sunday have been cancelled in Skopelos and Glossa. Source: Vories Sporades blog

N.I.K.O.S. party


Party and cutting of the New Year’s cake.
The board of the sailing and swimming club N.I.K.O.S. invite friends and members to attend the party they will hold on Saturday to cut the New Year’s cake. Carnival is almost over so one of the last parties will be held in Screwdriver Bar. You are welcome there from 22.30 hours. The theme of the night is mermaids and the brazen boys.

Goodbye Litsa


Litsa, Destination Expert for Skopelos for Trip Advisor has passed away. Ian who has the Skiathian blog; told Skopelosnews that Litsa was a mine of information always delivered with patience and humor. A great friend of the island basing herself at Panormos beach each May and September, with a smile and a glass of red wine .

Gousta open again


Gousta is open again. Every day, except Mondays, from 6 to 12. Near the old olive factory.