For glass only

Skopelosnews spotted these new glass recycling containers (after a tip) at the recycling plant. They will be distributed all over the island and there are more than enough of them! We talked with Apostolis from Skopelos recycling and he told us that there are talks between him and the municipality about distributing more containers for plastic, paper etc.

Work in progress

The water company has issued a statement that on Monday the 29th of May there will be work going on in New Klima/Elios from 08.00 until 15.00 hours. The water company apologizes to the public for any inconvenience but the work is absolutely necessary.

This is why I love Skopelos. I saw this last week again and took a better photo this time. Although there are so many modern things on the island you will keep seeing examples of how things were done in the old(er) times. A long stick is placed between two roof tops and on the stick hangs the daily washing. Why is this person using this stick to dry her clothes? Probably because here she gets the most sun for them. Priceless. Keep looking for these things. They cheer me up. Have a great weekend.

The cultural and folklore association is organizing a cultural evening on Sunday the 28th of May in Orfeas open air cinema (near Platanos square) There will also be an exhibition from all the participants of the art classes that the association organized these last months.

Costas the fisherman is ready to go and fish. He has his bait ready (shrimps) and will leave in his boat to go to the Kalogeros area. He will leave the lines with the bait in the water and will haul the lines in , in a couple of hours. Sorry we weren’t there to see what he has caught.


For the first time in a very long time it seems that part of the harbor entrance that was destroyed during the flood will be repaired. Skopelosnews saw waste/water pipes lying in trenches. This is maybe a backup for excess water. What the rest of the plans for this part of the harbor are we do not know but hopefully we can show you more in a couple of days.

This photo has been taken a couple of weeks ago but we still wanted to show it to you. Have a good day!