This little pup was enjoying the late afternoon view from his(?) rooftop in Athens last Sunday. Appearing wise beyond her(?) years she was following the tourist foot traffic near the Tower of the Winds in the Roman Market. It(?) certainly knows how to create a fine photo op. This furry friend looks well cared for and in good humour, not a bark or a woof, only contemplation.

Ya-ho Rinty!
[photo enlarges for examination]


The Amateur Theater Group of Skopelos (ΕΘΟΣ) under the direction of Takis Moschos will present Nell Dunn’s 1981 comedy “Steaming” (as “ΧΑΜΑΜ”, the Greek/Turkish for steam bath house). The spectacle can be scrutinized and enjoyed this coming Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights at Orfeas. The performances begin at 9:30pm and, as usual, are offered free of charge. A donation to support the theatre and the cost of mounting the show will be asked – though Takis usually forgets the “asking for donations” part of the experience. So WE ask our readers attending the performance to kindly deposit their cash in the donations box whether Takis asks or not and to encourage others to do the same.

“Steaming” had a run in the West End in 1981 and was made into a film directed by Joseph Losey (released in 1985). The film starred Vanessa Redgrave, Sarah Miles and Diana Dors (her last film appearance). The film is available in its entirety on YouTube.

Those short on time might prefer to read this short review of a recent production of the play at the Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton.

Stray Care imageThe newly-founded Stray Care Skopelos charity will be holding a bring and buy sale in the space outside Gousto restaurant on the lane towards the post office at 11am on Saturday May 30. As the poster says, all funds raised will be going towards critter comforts across the island, and the organization is now a fully-registered legal entity.

"And two more boiled eggs!"

“And two more boiled eggs!”

A reminder for all members of the Cultural Organization of Active Citizens, and anyone who would like to get involved, that the nail-biting second round of elections for the general and finance committees, declared unconstitutional after a SNAFU in the first round earlier this month, will be held at the Orfeas Cinema in Skopelos Town at 5pm tonight, Wednesday May 27. The member-driven group organizes a wide range of cultural events on Skopelos, so deserves your support, even if its meetings do sometimes resemble that famous scene from A Night at the Opera

Some photos from H. from the water reservoir. No water has been saved yet and there have been various landslides during the winter which have caused some damage. See below!

Photo 26 May 2015
Self-diagnosis can often help and thus we are here to admit that we have a problem. The problem, most likely already identified by our readers, yet hidden in plain view from ourselves, is irritable post syndrome. The diagnosis came to us in a flash as we yet again began to photograph the field of oats. Some suggest that oats can help relive irritable post syndrome but we must take the opposing view that a steady diet of oats only further irritates. Finally admitting that we have a problem is the first step on the long and difficult journey to a cure.


The Greek government named former banker Giorgos Michelis as chairman of the country’s bank rescue fund on Monday, which has been without a head since the resignation of both its chairman and chief executive earlier this year.
The Hellenic Financial Stability Fund (HFSF), financed by the country’s bailout package, is the rescue vehicle that recapitalized Greece’s big banks and covered the costs of winding down others deemed non-viable.
Michelis has held a series of posts in the banking industry, including CEO at Bancpost, a Romanian subsidiary of Eurobank, and chief operating officer at Egnatia Bank, where he was a founding member. He also served as mayor on the island of Skopelos from 2011 to 2014.

The HFSF has been headless since CEO Anastasia Sakellariou was asked to resign after prosecutors ordered her to stand trial for her role in bad loans issued by defunct state lender Hellenic Postbank. Its chairman, Christos Sclavounis, stepped down in March.




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