I am very, very sorry that some readers found it necessary to swear at other readers because of their opinion that was voiced. There is absolutely no need to do this.

In general
This blog only writes about life on a small Greek island called Skopelos. Nothing more, nothing less. I am a foreigner living permanently on this island, raising my children, working, participating in the community and I write about this life along with news events and experiences from others. You can disagree with what I write but please do it without insulting me or others. The english language is very rich and a well written argument or comment, where you disagree, is much more enjoyable to read than short bad language. I have removed the comments. I am not in the habit of doing, but there was no need really to write words like that.

This is written on the first page of the blog. It is written for a reason.
Skopelosnews is a village square where we can discuss anything of interest to the readers. If you disagree with someone, please, disagree cordially.



The cultural and folklore association of Skopelos town organizes a meeting on Wednesday the 21st of March at 19.00 hours. At the meeting the board will inform the members about last years activities, the economic balance of last year and the economic budget for this year. The activity calendar for this year will be announced too. After that suggestions from members will be heard and signing up of new members can take place. If you feel like joining please attend. The association is very active and organizes many events where you can join in. The meeting will be held in the office of the association which is opposite the folklore museum.


These trees embody for me the spirit of spring. The color of the flowers, please let it stay like that forever, it is sooo beautiful !

In my post about the boat situation I received many comments on how the boat schedules are always posted late, that is it not so bad to stay a night on Skiathos etc. In 22 years that I live on this island the situation has never been so bad and that is why I wanted to talk about it. We are not only talking about the summer here guys. What about people living here all the time? We cannot go to a doctor in Volos in one day for instance anymore.

Another comment said that it is not good to give negative news. Since the start of this blog I always tried to be positive in my reports about the island but I realize it is also good to tell people about the difficulties this island faces and be more critical. This way opinions can be voiced and a structural conversation can be held.

Have a nice weekend everybody !!

No boats; really?

The last couple of days more and more questions are being asked on social media about the boat connections in the summer. I have had several and other websites like http://www.skopelosweb.gr too. This year I cannot give positive answers about the boat situation because there are hardly any good connections. We don’t even have an early morning boat going to Volos.

It seems that visitors arriving in Volos and Skiathos in early summer will have to spend a night there before they can travel to their final destinations. Some say; “take the water taxi” but if you are only two persons it is very expensive to take the water taxi and it will only bring you to Glossa/Loutraki. If there are no boats in the late afternoon and early morning coming and going from Skiathos to Skopelos until the end of May we will have an even shorter season! The whole situation is going to put people off and maybe they will cancel their holidays because usually they want to get to their hotel/apartment/villa the same day. If you have an early flight how do you get to Skiathos? Do you need to go one day before and spend the night on Skiathos ? What if you have only one week, would you like that?

What does it take to get more boats here? Why doesn’t the possibility of a boat owned by Skopelos and Alonissos get researched?
The Proteus boat is circling around Skiathos, Skopelos town, Glossa and Alonissos all the time and also brings passengers to Volos and Mantoudi on Evia. What would it take to buy that boat (or another) and get it to do Skiathos, Glossa, Skopelos town and Alonissos on a regulars basis?

This year the situation is worse than ever and bold decisions have to be made. We are not getting any support from the ferry boat companies because they look at the situation commercially and not on a social basis. Ths island need to take action. Who’s going to be the one opening the discussion?


At this point in the harbor many pieces of driftwood arrive together with plastic and other waste. The garbage is separated from the wood and thrown in the bin and the wood is left for interested parties who like to use the wood for their wood burners, fireplaces etc.


Spring flowers are everywhere and with the high temperatures it is wonderful to be out and about. It will be around 23 degrees Celsius this weekend. Visitors and inhabitants on the island are enjoying the beaches but the seawater is still quite cold.

The news about boats is not good. At the moment there are only two ferry boats coming and going which is something I guess. It is not possible to get a fast boat in the morning and spend a couple of hours in Volos and do your business and get back in the afternoon. A ticket office owner here told me that there is no real news of the Flying Cat coming soon, maybe May will be the month it starts? Repairs to the Erato boat might get done and this boat might sail again in time for Easter. It is all quite uncertain.

Glorious Glossa

These photos were taken yesterday near Agios Joannis to Kastri (area Mama Mia church) The beach below the church is beautiful and sandy. There are some tricky steps to get to the beach.