At the right time

Jannis Xatzitrakosas was in the old harbor of Skopelos yesterday and took this photograph.


Jannis owns http://www.skopelosweb.gr. The first website on Skopelos for accommodations and general information. He also has a webcam facing the harbor but his photographs are fantastic!

Paradise regained

paradise 2As our recent photo from Robert showed, Limnonari beach is returning to something like normal after the disastrous weather event of last September.
The drainage pipes channeling the winter water course into the sea have been placed back in position, a new roadway has re-connected the further O Tomas taverna to the road, and most of the stones that were washed up on the beach have been cleared away. And as our photos show, folks are flocking back to what is many people’s favourite beach. Both images expand with a click.paradise 3


The cultural and folkloric association of Glossa organizes for the 4th time their traditional dance festival on 14, 15, 16 and 17th of July 2016. Dance groups from all over Greece will be attending. Skopelosnews will announce the venues closer to the event.

Almost there

Skopelosnews drove on the road this afternoon to make absolutely sure that it is passable and turned the car around to drive back on it again! Yes the road to Raches, Anania, Pirgos etc. etc. but more the road to houses of the Somer family, the Patsis family, The Andreou family etc. etc. is open again. It have been very difficult months for them. All these months they have driven a totally different road which took so much longer. Nobody really knew when they would start on the road, the anxiety of how it was going to be fixed, the actual fixing, the storms in between… Anyway the cement is down and all the road needs now is asphalt which will be put down a little bit later. Anybody seen the tar truck on the island?

More greens

From a reader:” We are always being told to eat more greens. This joined me on my plate in a restaurant in Skopelos town tonight”


Precious gifts

Goats cheese and katiki (soft cheese) from Master Spiros and Visono/cherry sweet from Athina. The good life!

This little fellow/girl still needs a home. It is very sweet, easy to stroke and pick up and will love you very! much! Call 6931777842 (Nicky)

Mier and Ruby also need a home. Call 2424024260 or 6974595159 (Ourania)


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