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Sunday, 25 March 2018, 03.00 hours clocks are turned forward one hour to 04:00 hours. There will be more light in the evening.


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On Saturday at 19.00 hours the basketball team of Skopelos will play against a team of basketball veterans in the gym hall next to the Health Center. Instead of paying an entrance fee you can donate any money you want to Faros; The non-profit organization that helps people with cancer and other life threatening illnesses on Skopelos.

25 March rituals

Part of the charm of living abroad is experiencing the special rituals that each country or area has. On Sunday it is Greek Independence day, the day in 1821 that the Greeks decided that they had enough of the their Turkish oppressors (after 400 years) and this day was the beginning of the war of independence.

Also on the 25th of March Annunciation is celebrated (Maria is told she will become a mother) many Greeks are still fasting because of Lent but this day they can eat fish, cod ! Every fish shop, butcher or supermarket will sell salted cod.

I have bought my salted cod on Monday and I have left it in water which I replace every day. The cod becomes fluffy in the water and after a few days the salt is practically gone from the fish. The cod is fried and eaten with a garlic sauce. The cod will be eaten after the school parade which will be held at the harbor front, weather permitting. Be there around 10.30, 11 o’clock. After all these years I still don’t know exactly what time the parade will begin but it is nice to be on the street and meet people and catch up with things and be part of the ritual.


The National bank might be closed today because employees strike to “stand” with pensioners who are not receiving some benefits since November of last year.

Natascha from Stray Care Skopelos has send us an urgent message asking people to stop and deliver stray animals to them. Stray Care would rather you find a home or take the animal yourself. Only two people on Skopelos and one in Athens take care of the animals but there are too many stray animals and also many sick animals. At the moment more than 40 dogs need to be adopted. Stray Care tries very hard to neuter most animals they shelter but we as animal owners need to do more. Have your own animals neutered, male and female. In 2017 more than 200 animals were neutered. For more than 50 dogs new homes were found by Stray Care.

365 and one

A beautiful church is being built in the potami valley. These churches stand on somebody’s land and the name that is given to the church usually has a special meaning to the family. When I guided a townwalk many years ago I used to say that on Skopelos there is a different church you can visit every day if you want for a whole year. I wonder how many churches have been built since then. Maybe it is a nice project to find all the churches and places them on a map after I retire? Nana Kobro did the work for me because she has photographed and registered many many churches on Skopelos but she gave up. Here is her link: churches on skopelos


I am very, very sorry that some readers found it necessary to swear at other readers because of their opinion that was voiced. There is absolutely no need to do this.

In general
This blog only writes about life on a small Greek island called Skopelos. Nothing more, nothing less. I am a foreigner living permanently on this island, raising my children, working, participating in the community and I write about this life along with news events and experiences from others. You can disagree with what I write but please do it without insulting me or others. The english language is very rich and a well written argument or comment, where you disagree, is much more enjoyable to read than short bad language. I have removed the comments. I am not in the habit of doing, but there was no need really to write words like that.

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