The great thing about holidaying or living on this island is that most months of the year you can choose when and whether you want to be amongst a lot of people or not. There are so many different places here.

In the middle of summer you can find all of it. There is so much variety. The busy beach of Kastani (see photo above) or the empty beach close to Hondro Georgi (see below)

and the wonderful kantina at Perivoliou.

Go and look for it. The beaches, the places to eat and drink. The monasteries, the footpaths, the mountains, the churches, the springs, the forests. It is all here.


In May we visited Amarandos and again we were in awe of the enormous beauty of this place. The access to the sea is not easy but the view from the rocks is so special. Swimming in the crystal clear sea is a one of a lifetime experience in itself. Amarandos is one of the many places on Skopelos that needs to be protected if we want to enjoy it in future years. When we go there we need to make sure we don’t destroy the natural paths that are there. We need to take all our litter with us and not leave anything behind. It is vital we make sure we leave the place as we found it. Skopelos has had many visitors so far and that is good but protecting the island so we can all keep enjoying it is also good. Let’s try!

Bad weather

The National Greek Weather Institute (EMY) has forecasted that the next couple of days rain will fall and phenomena like storm, hail and lightning can occur.

Be careful.

Below is the forecast of Skiathos (it was not possible to choose Skopelos)


The week of Skopelos

It is always interesting to learn about historic and cultural tradtions of a place. Next week for three days near the municipal cafe in the harbor you can see and taste how Skopelitan cheesepies are made, what traganas is and how a traditional woman from Skopelos was dressed. Come and have a look! The evenings start around 20.30 hours.

Three cameras were installed and operating at high risk points such as Elios, the OTE tower and the landfill for the immediate detection of smoke or fire and management – intervention.

The cameras operate in the optical and infrared spectrum and the image is in real time from all the three cameras is transmitted to the control center and to the competent users or alerts by sms. The camera detects the thermal trace in the spectrum from 0 to 800 m and more if the thermal trace is intense and the optical one if it is not interrupted by a physical obstacle.
Other cameras can be added to the system
The budget project total cost 52.000 euro (cameras, equipment, software, etc.) and was financed by the Region of Thessaly.

New mural

A new mural at the Glossa Culture and Arts Centre dedicated to the lovely creatures on Skopelos island was created this summer by artist Mira Modly, longtime summer resident of Glossa with the assistance of local and international children.

Mira’s paintings of the island are on view until 5 August.

Kritikos supermarket, halfway on the road to Stafylos, has now several racks with everyday Greek newspapers. For a long time there was only the cigarette kiosk at the end of the harbor that had some but Kritikos supermarket now has many more.

They are situated close to the check out counters.

It keeps giving

This island with it’s amazing nature, it’s springs, it’s valleys and hills and this abundance of fruits, wild greens and herbs keep giving us diamonds. Avgata (eggs) plums. There are so so many!!!

we are so blessed

Rebetiko festival

Tomorrow evening and the two nights after that the trational rebetiko of Skopelos is held.

Source: https://www.athensinsider.com/rebetiko-music-of-the-outlaws/

Every evening starts around 20.30 hours. The place to be is the old harbor of Skopelos. During the day , master classes and lectures are given and Greek musical instruments are on display.