Slowly slowly

Skopelos is winding down from a very busy summer. The leaves from the trees are turning yellow and brown and the harbor in Skopelos town is not so busy anymore.

The quince trees are full with fruits, wood is gathered for the wood burners and walnuts are being gathered.

and then you end up in Kampos on the land of the Patsis family. They called us over and we saw they have horses. They are one of the very few people on the island who ride horses for pleasure. They also have small cars that are fastened behind the horses. First time we visited them. Great place. It is kept impeccable clean for the horses and other animals.


Volleyball tournament

The whole weekend a volleyball tournament is taking place in the gym hall in Skopelos town. Teams from Volos, Larissa and Lamia are participating. And of course the team from Skopelos!



Express Skiathos is on its way to Glossa as we speak. Have a look at ship tracking

A year ago today

(Thank you Mike for the photos)

Exactly one year ago, at around three in the afternoon it started raining and raining and raining and the rain did not stop until early the next morning. The hours it rained were not the problem, rather the amount of water that fell. There was so much water that many areas on the island could not redirect the water away. The flood waters accumulated and inundated areas that could not hold the water and in its path it swept away much that was in front of it.

Many businesses were destroyed, many personal belongings were destroyed. Thank God no lives were lost. It did give a lot of people a wariness of rain and bad weather in general but hopefully that will fade in time. Many things were repaired so the island could welcome visitors and they would not be in any danger, but still a lot needs to be done. Roads need to be finished. Other roads need to be repaired and finished; on the road to Glysteri beach near Agios Konstantinos, the road to the monasteries opposite Skopelos Village, turn near Jilali and the path to Jilali, the turn in Agnondas, and others besides.

Skopelosnews heard that some people have received papers concerning compensation. We hope this is true and people will be recompensed. There have been several initiatives to help people whose homes were hit. They received new white goods and other appliances. The health centre was painted and new curtains were installed.

Jokes were played on people to lighten the mood after an agonizing time when an important road was closed for many weeks. We laughed a lot about it afterwards but tears were shed too.

(photo Ben Asen)

An addition: With the exception of the temporarily abandoned Nastas restaurant, however, almost all businesses were active again within a short period of time. What looked like a disaster zone that following morning, when many of us wandered along the seafront stunned at the damage, with people weeping in the wreckage of their workplaces, it is a remarkable achievement that Skopelos has bounced back into business.

It still hurts, but I think we should celebrate the island’s resilience in that time of crisis. This isn’t just about floods and sea surges; it’s about community coming together to help each other. john.

100 cats


This information is from the Skiathos Cat Welfare Association.

We are very happy to announce that the Municipality of Skiathos has started a neutering, microchiping and vaccinating program for the next 1-2 months with the aim of neutering 100 cats. We are closely cooperating with the municipality in this extremely important action, that starts as a pilot this year and will continue stronger from next year. Step by step we stand with the municipality who shows us that it understands the importance of managing the population of strays through neutering so that we can slowly offer them a better life of better quality and health.
Με πολύ χαρά θέλαμε να ενημερώσουμε ότι ο Δήμος Σκιάθου ξεκίνησε πρόγραμμα στειρώσεων,σήμανσης κ εμβολιασμού των αδέσποτων γατών. Σε συνεργασία με το σωματείο μας δίνουμε όση βοήθεια μπορούμε σε αυτή την πολύ σημαντική προσπάθεια που ξεκινάει πιλοτικά φέτος από τώρα μέχρι το τέλος Οκτωβρίου με στόχο τη στείρωση κ επανένταξη 100 γατών και που θα συνεχίσει πολύ ποιο δυναμικά για το επόμενο έτος. Σε κάθε βήμα βρισκόμαστε δίπλα στο Δήμο που κατανοεί πόσο σημαντική είναι η διαχείριση των αδέσποτων μέσω των στειρώσεων ώστε να έχουν κ αυτά μια καλύτερη και υγιή ζωή στο νησί μας.


Ferry boats in Greece will not be in service from 6am on Thursday, September 22, until 6am on Saturday, September 24, as the Pan-Hellenic Seamen’s Federation (PNO) has announced a 48-hour strike. The Greek seamen are protesting against pension cuts, uninsured labor and increased unemployment in their sector.

“The problems currently faced by the seamen sector are growing and getting even more serious due to the new regulations and requirements of the third Memorandum and Law 4387/2016 for social security”, PNO said in an announcement on Thursday.

Here is the official press release from the NPO (in Greek)

Potami valley

Work is still going on in the potami valley. The water that falls when it is raining can flow through these stones that are placed in the “cages”. The river banks stay intact. Thank you Mike, for some of the photos.