Easyjet is flying from Gatwick to Volos starting June the 27th until September the 1st in 2018. I have taken a screenshot to show prices. Flight are only on Wednesday and Saturday. For more info go Easyjet Gatwick-Volos



This (above) is the official document stating that cars (except fuel trucks) don’t need to have their car MOT tested if this car does not leave designated small islands like Skopelos and Alonissos. The two islands have no MOT car testing facility.
If your car leaves for the mainland you need to get the MOT testing done or get it done as soon as you arrive on the mainland. You can also go to Skiathos beforehand and get it done there. If a MOT car testing facility comes to Skopelos you have to get the testing done here.



MOT car testing (KTEO) on Skopelos and Alonissos seems to be something that car owners on these islands do not have to go through anymore as long as you don’t take your car of the island.
There was a notice in the (Greek) Vories Sporades blog but we want to make absolutely sure that this is true and so we will visit the mayor’s office and ask for chapter and verse and get back to you.

There are two MOT car testing places on Skiathos so if you want to go there all you have to do is make a call, send the car over, they will pick it up from the boat, do the testing and get it back to you. A certificate costs 65 euros without any repairs to the car.

General strike

The General Confederation of Employees of Greece (GSEE) have announced a 24 hour strike which can affect boats, buses, metro and trains. Journalists and teachers might not work. If you are travelling call the offices of the various companies to get information confirmed.

Handmade Christmas decorations, loud music and children that enjoy themselves, delicious cakes, fake snow, gluhwein and Father Christmas… What more do you need on a Saturday afternoon on Skopelos? The annual Christmas bazaar is over again and hopefully all the school parents boards, the Cultural organization and the scouts have made some money to organize nice things for the children. Until next year !!!

Don’t forget

(photo Giannis Xatzopoulos)

A couple of employees from the municipality have been busy all afternoon putting this Christmas tree up. It is placed exactly opposite the harbor entrance in Skopelos.

Don’t forget to visit (and spend money!) at the Christmas bazaar tomorrow. From 12.00 to 19.00 hours! It is for a good cause!

Action is needed

This is a photograph of Skopelos today, it is a lovely day with a lot of sunshine.

Yesterday was a lovely day too but not such nice things are happening in the Skopelos streets. Somebody keeps poisoning the cats of Skopelos and many think it has been enough. The children of the elementary school in Skopelos have talked about the subject in the school and decided they would take action.

Friday morning they walked in protest with selfmade banners and drawings towards the mayor’s office where the headmistressĀ  and several children held a speech and the mayor received the children and teachers. He could not promise much. People who torture animals can go to jail and they have to pay a high fine. How can you catch these people though?? Camera’s everywhere?