ATM and charges

The National Bank of Greece charges two euro’s when you take out money of their ATM’s. A new policy ?


Many people travel through Athens to get here so here is a transport summer schedule for Athens.



A big cruise-ship has “landed’ outside the harbor again. Lots of flotillas going back and forth today. Is everybody ready!!!

Don’t forget,

Want to see something really Greek and authentic? Come and listen to rebetiko songs from before and after the second world war. You may understand a little of the meaning of the songs and this way understand the Greeks also a little better. The music might not start exactly at 20.30 but that is Greece. Take a nap in the afternoon so you are rested and enjoy the program. The musicians are excellent !!
Monday and Tuesday under the church Panagia tou Pirgo in the old harbor.

blossom and deer

It’s July, it’s hot buy these shrubs/trees don’t seem to mind. They are in full bloom. It probably has to do with the rain that we have had off and on. All over the island people have cut their grass and plants but they all have come up again!!! Watch out on the small roads when you are driving. Because of the extensive growth of plants/weeds the roads are even narrower.

We have deer on the island but they live in a fenced off area on the road to Kalogeros. You never see them but I caught this one early this morning. They are very shy so I could not take a better photograph.

Mother and daughter. A turkey and a chicken. Unknown circumstances brought them together. They live at my local vegetable guy.

Because of necessary work on the water pipelines etc. the water will be cut off tomorrow between 08.00 hours and 14.00 hours of in the areas Prassa, Vathirema, the top road of Stafylos and the area around the Ostria hotel. The water company hopes the public will understand the necessity of these works and apologizes beforehand for the inconvenience.