On Sunday the 25th, Monday the 26th and Tuesday the 27th of August for the 7th time the Diamantis Paleologos dance festival will be organized. Over 600 dancers from Greece and abroad will be attending. The performances will be held in the amphitheater of the elementary school on the ring road starting around 21.00 hours. Bring a cushion to sit on.


Trahana night

Yesterday night was Trahana night, a part of the Skopelos week where local products are shown to the public. Trahana is a mixture of goat milk with wheat. It needs to cook long and stirred with a wooden spoon before it thickens and is ready. When it is cooled off a little bit it can be eaten. Mmmmmm delicious! Local farmers provided the milk and made the Trahana. Thank you Nikos and Diamantis!

Skopelos is the perfect place to have a boat, whether it is a sailing boat or a speedboat. The possibilities to explore the coasts, the islands around, the beaches, are innumerable. Many boat owners from abroad with foreign boat “driving’ permits have been travelling the sea around Skopelos and the Aegean for many years but recently something came up.

The joy of sailing was cut short a few of months ago when a couple who own a boat here were stopped by the port police and forbidden to continue because their boat “driving” permit (French in this case) was not translated in Greek and lacked an extra document from the ministry of maritime affairs. authenticating it. The boat owner also received a fine.

After contacting the French consulate in Thessaloniki, the Greek embassy in Paris and a French marine attache in Marseilles the urgency of this matter was recognized because it involves thousands of foreign boat owners in Europe and most of them might have translated their “driving” permit but don’t have that last document. The port authorities only recently started checking foreign permits and maybe this family was a “test case”

Since their encounter with the port police of Skopelos, in Volos, many boat owners have been stopped and their documents have been checked. Basically it is just a question of how and when the port police is enforcing this law.

The family that have send me this information just want other boat owners to be aware of what is required before they get stopped too. They now have all their documents and are sailing again. If there are any French boat owners they are happy to share their contacts (via me)

The two requirements from the law (see below in Greek) are:

ΦΕΚ Γ.Κ.Λ 50 Άρθρο 3 παρ 19

1) translated version of your permit from an authorized lawyer or translator
2) a document issued by the ministry of maritime affairs but which can be obtained via the embassy or the consulate representing you in Greece, attesting that the authorities which issued the document (sailing permit) had the authority to do that and verify that it is authentic.

Let’s celebrate


Tomorrow, in many Greek families the name Maria, Panajiota (Iota) Panajotis (not all, some have other nameday dates) are celebrated. It is one of the biggest Greek Orthodox celebrations.

This is the drill: Going to the church tonight or tomorrow morning, then for coffee in the harbor where everybody can see you and congratulate you and then to lunch in a taverna or back home for a sumptuous meal! If the celebrated feel up to it:at night out for drinks and/or a nightclub! All the other Greeks with other names join in the party and celebrate too!
Χρόνια Πολλά Μαρία, Παναγιώτης, Παναγιώτα.

Banks, offices are closed, most supermarkets are open. Shops, bars, taverna’s and restaurants all open!

Be careful

Please be careful when you are outside. The risk of fire spreading very quickly is very high because it has not rained for a long time and it is windy. Don’t throw your cigarette or cigar butts on the street. Don’t bbq or light a fire on the beach. Don’t do work with machines that can give sparks, causing fire.

Skoda car key

A car key, Skoda model was lost, if someone finds it please call the following mobile number 6957213861

I think Skopelos needs new businesses that add something to existing businesses. Agnondas has three restaurants near the sea but a good coffee place for coffee and other drinks and sweets was missing there. From this summer 4 M is present and I can tell you that a morning coffee is heaven there. The amazing harbor, the ducks, the jetty it’s all worth a drive. Take your swimming gear and take a dive in the tranquil sea and have a coffee of course.