After years of preparation the two rocketships on top of Palouki finally blasted into space late yesterday afternoon. Named the “OTE III” and “Mighty Wind” and carrying a variety of electronic equipment, the two spacecraft roared to life and will soon enter “stationary” orbit over the Northern Sporades to help improve cell phone intercourse and digital content communications. They both will also monitor all human behavior to detect ANY weirdness and report such to the proper authorities and, by very special arrangement, SkopelosNews.

At least that what it looked like.
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The Skopelos Scramblers had a fine if blustery walk down to Panormos last Sunday, and found themselves sheltering from the on-shore winds around tables on the road side of O Nikos restaurant, still the only joint open on our busiest beach.

Sunday 26th April
The decision of where to eat will not be a problem this Sunday as walkers will be arriving on Stafilos beach after a good length of walk along the old Stafilos road. The meeting point is Carrefour supermarket at 10.30am and the finish is the aforementioned Stafilos beach, where the group will tuck into a shared picnic.

More information from Muriel on 24240 24732.

Greek flag

The Australian advertising agency WHYBIN\TBWA has designed 15 national flags using foods each country is commonly associated with and that would also match the colours of the flag.

The promotional images were produced for the Sydney International Food Festival to emphasize its international reach.
– See more at: http://au.greekreporter.com/2015/04/18/15-national-flags-made-from-each-countrys-ethnic-foods/#sthash.ys8Q00oW.dpuf


Beaches for Rent

The Municipality announces that applications by private individuals for permits to rent umbrellas and sunbeds on the beaches of Skopelos are due by June 8. Applications will be accepted beginning next Monday (27 April) until Friday May 8, 2015. The return that the island desires is €20/m² for the season.

Hotels must pay a different (one might assume larger) rate. One may also suppose that private individuals can’t rent beaches “claimed” by hotels.

The Steamboat Mountain School, Colorado made contact with Neil and Yvonne in Glossa several months ago wanting to kayak on Skopelos for a few days. The school also wanted to include some community work.

Nikitas Zaxariadis, working for the municipality and Nikos Triandafilou, the deputy mayor arranged for the students to spend the day at Perivolou beach clearing the rubbish. Which is what they did with the help of others. The 11 students aged between 14-17 years also cooked their own food over a fire of the old wood lying around, they had hot chocolate and there was even time for a quick game of American football!!
For many of them it is their first time away from home and a great experience of learning about another country, its history and culture. Two teachers also accompanied the students.
Neil and Yvonne also had support from Tony Askew in the village and Nikitas Zaxariadis took some some of the students for a ride through the village on the rubbish trucks so the students could have a taste of the driving skills required in the narrow streets of Glossa!! The students are now kayaking in Alonissos.

This is part 1 of 4 videos in the area of Mount Olympus. Interesting stuff again. Host Joanna Lumley

Xronia polla


A major name day today so if you know a George or Georgia today congratulate them: χρονια πολλα !!!!


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