That sound you might hear at 11:00 today will be part of the nation-wide testing of emergency warning signals.

The siren will sound for one minute.


The road to Glysteri beach was partially destroyed but the gaps in the asphalt have been filled in. The beach has partially been cut off from the road. There remains a lot to be done still and hopefully this will be in the plans for the future. Maybe with this happening to the beach investors will think twice before building a luxurious settlement there? (Daphne)

Ai Giorgi

Ai Giorgi The small and derelict monastery/church on the islet of Ai Giorgi has been renovated and cleaned up over the past few months. The islet Ai Giorgi (Agios Giorgios) lies between Skopelos and Alonissos and is featured through the church doorway in the Mamma Mia wedding scene. The church appeared to be a ruin for many years yet now has a fresh coat of whitewash. The monastery building appears to still need a lot of work and access by boat is very difficult. Word is that a local (Skopelitan) family either owns the islet or is merely responsible for the church. DSCN3918

World Guinness Record the largest Greek dance zeibekiko participants 754.

An earlier Scramblers visit to the spring

An earlier Scramblers visit to the spring

You know that things are slowly returning to a semblance of normality when the Skopelos Scramblers announce – a little tardily on Saturday afternoon, admittedly – that they are attempting a short walk up from the Asklepeion archaeological site by the town beach to Milli village and the Ayia Marina spring above it tomorrow, Sunday, 4 October, meeting near the Aeolos Hotel at 10.30am. They’re not sure what condition the terrain will be in, and are advising prospective hikers to dress accordingly, but whatever they encounter they will walk as far as they can before returning to town for coffee and a discussion of their autumn walking programme.

10 Days after

23 September 2015

23 September 2015

The horrific images of the port after the flood are giving way to the progress being made in the clean-up. The wrecked, semi-wrecked or just damp autos have been hauled away. The steel portals to the parking are no longer tilting eerily at strange angles. One hopes that reconstruction of this area will allow for redesign now that many years have passed and the original traffic plan has been tested. What will happened to the covered river now that we know that design has failed a major test?
2 October 2015

2 October 2015

Faros logoThe island palliative care charity Faros is hosting a talk on ‘Palliative Care in Denmark’ by Danish care worker Mette Andersen at the Orfeas cinema at 6pm this Sunday, 4 October.

Mette has worked as a care specialist in Denmark, Greenland and Norway. As a nurse she has covered various basic fields as well as more specialized ones. She has also worked for many years as a home nurse. Over the past six and a half years she has worked at a hospice in Aarhus, Denmark.

As well as her career as a nurse she has worked as a trained aromatherapist in England. A life-long interest in botany led her to create a sensory garden in the Aarhus hospice. She will be talking about these and other aspects of her work and career. The talk will be in English with a Greek translation.


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