Vrachos area Skopelos

Around the church.



A big heap of garbage (plastic, fishing lines, rope) was found on the beach and we brought it to the garbage dumpster. Caught in between all this crap was a small turtle. Keep throwing things in the sea guys!!!

This beautiful video “could” be used by the municipality for promotion purposes. Maybe they could buy it ?
Note: a few shots were filmed on Skiathos but the rest is Skopelos.


Photo drone Dimitri Mavridis.


In a time that more and more news is been read on the computer and telephone, the newspaper shop near Platanos square in Skopelos, has sadly closed its doors.

Come on now !!!!!!

These words are from Cindy but I totally agree so here it goes.
Yesterday I heard news some bastard put poison in the area of Milos( top of the town, near the Kastro and the children’s playground) and this morning in the area of Platanos.
Please be careful with your pets.
I am sick and tired of the same shit happening every year.
Whoever did this I hope to God one day we catch whoever did this and that you will be prosecuted.

One dog has already died. He did not harm anybody ever. A gentle dog that used to walk free around his house and a little bit on the street and would follow his owner when she would take her child for a walk.

The press works and spits out nice block of crushed cans, plastic bottles and paper !!!

Bins are underway. The municipality is taking care of getting them placed all over the island.

The recycling truck also comes to Glossa and other villages on the island but especially in Glossa they need somebody, some place where the stuff can be held until it can be picked up by the truck.Anybody? Please call Apostolis from the recycling plant.