Doctors coming


If you want to support a good cause please come to the cutting of the cake of FAROS. FAROS is a non-profit organization that helps people with cancer and other life threatening illnesses on Skopelos.

The cake is cut on Sunday at 11 o’clock at the former KAPI building. The street above the Ionia hotel leads to the building. The office is on the ground floor at the back.

Agios Nikolas

Agios Nikolas

Skopelos is national news because a landslide took away a big part of rocks, sand and part of steps around the Agios Nikolas church that is situated near the sea. The news has travelled to many news editions in Greece with the mayor of Skopelos explaining that the rebuilding of this part of the wall with rocks etc. will take a long time. It is an archaeological part of the town and many offices are involved.

Many years ago the Panajitsa tou Pirgo church had the same problem and was supported by stone walls in the end. The Agios Nikolas Church is part of the road to the Kastro/Castle of Skopelos and every summer visitors walk from the Old harbor up to the castle. A new way has to be found. Surrounding houses might have problems too in the future because of this landslide.

The work that needs to be done on the road to Milos Square is ready to be auctioned and will hopefully start soon. The road has sunk a lot in many places and needs to be levelled out.

Wind and 3000

Very windy today, dangerous in some places. 9 and 10 Beaufort. No boats leaving or going anywhere. Tomorrow everything is back to normal. Boats leaving. Proteus ferryboat is back and will travel from and to Volos and Mantoudi. Look at openseas.gr for timetables. The Erato flying dolphin will follow soon.

Oh yes, skopelosnews has reached 3000 followers who receive an email with news from the blog when I write a post. Thank you!!


Maria, my landlord of my office in town, happened to be the first person who called me after I arrived on the island again a couple of days ago. I was off the island for personal reasons and she asked me how I was.

Maria takes care of the saint Michael church in town, she cleans, she makes it ready for sermons and is a key holder and when I told her I would be away and that a certain day in the week ahead would be important for me she said:”I will light all the candles in the church and all will go well” Whether I believe or not it doesn’t make a difference. Her genuine concern and that act made all the difference in how I felt during my absence and how I feel now.

Maybe I am a late learner but the real concern of one human being towards another human being is what life is about. Thankfully I have many people like that around me and I want to thank them.

These people are really listening when you have a conversation with each other so you and they detect where help is needed and in what way, if necessary. It has nothing to do with power or money and what you can do with that. No the real deal is the concern for that other person or persons. Maria is the personification of all those people and I am thankful she and all the others are in my life.


A cold wind was blowing but Milia stays as beautiful as ever.

And now?

Yesterday morning I made the roadtrip Skopelos-Glossa and I saw that especially near Loutraki-Glossa until Elios that the road was clear of snow but that it would take quite a while until the excess snow near the roads would take a while to melt. The damage to trees in certain areas is big. Some trees have broken totally and many other trees have broken branches. Especially in the Alikias and Loutsa area I saw a lot of damaged trees but I can imagine that further into the island the results will be the same or worse.

A lot of trimming and repairing needs to be done and that will happen when the rain will finally stop. Today it has been raining the whole day. Together with the melting snow this makes a lot of places prone to earth/land slides. No water for three days now in the Raches, Potami area. Supposed to be repaired today…….