Living in this world can be daunting. All over the world people suffer. Greece is in an economic crises for many years now and on Skopelos some people have difficult times too. As parents we try to shield the children from the bigger problems in the world and we want to give them opportunities and hope for a better future. We are convinced that if the children participate in SIFFY where they can be creative, meet people from different cultures, learn about their heritage they will have a second window to the world.

I (Daphne) can tell you that there is no greater satisfaction to be together with all those great minds, who eventually make these incredible movies.

Jill, my friend, who started SIFFY in 2009 told me this a few days ago.” A mother came up to me about a month ago and said that her child is studying to be an interpreter in Cyprus. When the professor asked her how her English was so good, she said that it was several years of participating in SIFFY that helped her improve. It didn’t even cross my mind how much it benefits these kids to practice their English during SIFFY. Just another reason we have to keep it going”

We are raising money again and we need you. Our theme this year is Mother Earth. What better way for kids to investigate and understand their history than to work collaboratively to create a film based on their ability to survive off the land in Skopelos.

Have a look at the video. Is shows what we do during the SIFFY week!

This is Greece

The people living on the Greek island of Crete love their wine and eat a rich variety of foods drawn from their groves, farms, and the sea. National Geographic photographer Matthieu Paley captures the joyful people that have lived on the Mediterranean diet long before it became a fad.


On Saturday the yearly Christmas bazaar will be held on the waterfront in Skopelos. From 11.00 hours to 19.00 hours you will be able to see and buy the wonderful christmas presents all the parents boards of the school have made, there will be music and singing, Father Christmas will pass by… Games will be played, face painting will be done and cookies will be made. Everybody is welcome!!!

Don’t litter


It seems that some people have taken the initiative to place small plastic cards, with the don’t litter sign, in places and on roads where, frequently, garbage is thrown. The photo above is from the road to Jilali and Karya.

The photo below is from Stafylos beach.


Update boats

Proteus arrived on Skopelos this morning and they were all waiting; the courier businesses, the post van, the fish sellers, anybody who needs to travel, relatives waiting for people coming back from Volos etc. etc. The Proteus is supposed to travel tomorrow and will not travel on Thursday and Friday.

(Photo’s Mike)
Cats are being fed near Milia beach. Is the dog a stray? We have no idea. He did not get a chance to come close to the food though.

The situation with the boats remains difficult. Yesterday in the supermarket milk was almost gone. Tomorrow the television and radio channels (what is left of them) will not broadcast news the whole day.

No boats

(Photo Mike)

This is a photo of Proteus before the strike. A Skopelitissa who died this weekend was transported via a private taxi boat to get her to Skopelos. This way her family was able to bury her Sunday afternoon. The flying Dolphin Erato left for Volos this morning but it is not sure if it will return this afternoon. Sad times.