Between the days with lots of winds there are better days where you can cut the roses, the vines and admire the lovely flowers that are around…


A couple of weeks I was visiting a neighbourhood in Skopelos town for an errand and when I could not find the person I needed I decided to wait and say hello to a lady ( Mrs. E) who I know from the flower decoration evening in the church at Easter.

When I knocked on her door Mrs. E invited me in and when I came into the tiny living room I saw an elderly lady on the couch, eating her porridge (Quaker) She acknowledged me but was silent. I started talking with Mrs. E and she told me that the woman on the couch is her mother. She is 93. She is ok healthwise but needs to take a lot of medicines and cannot be left alone because she walks with great difficulty and can fall. So they spend almost 24 hours a day with each other. There is no money for another carer but fortunately her two children help out when it is needed.

When the porridge was eaten I asked the elderly lady if she liked the television programmes on tv and if they keep her company and she said:”no I don’t really watch television, I read…” I then asked her what she was reading at the moment and her daughter picked up a book from a small pile. It was the diary of Anne Frank… How wrong about people and their lives can you be if you don’t know about their past!

I told the elderly lady I am a librarian and that I love reading too. When I saw that she had double folded her page to know where she stopped reading I immediately thought about all the book markers I have at home and I told her I would bring her one. I have an embroidered one with spring flowers and this one I brought (washed and ironed) to her yesterday. When I gave it to her she said nothing but her fierce eyes were thanking me. I am so happy that from this unexpected visit so much joy came and the friendship and understanding with this Greek family has another layer of memories.

Ian from the Skiathian gave us the heads up for this news.

The Flying Cat 5, this summer, will travel from Monday to Thursday from Volos and from Friday to Sunday from Agios Konstantinos.

For the period 25/05 – 30/09/2018

Volos-Sporades and vice versa.

Agios Konstantinos-Sporades and vice versa.

Source; hellenicseaways.gr

Much better

Martin send skopelosnews this gorgeous photograph of the sea at Perivoliou beach near Glossa. It is a hell of a lot more beautiful than the ones I took yesterday morning with my telephone (again sorry about that…) Thank you Martin and everybody who contributes to the blog with text and photos. Couldn’t do it without you.

The weather has calmed down considerably, hardly any wind and only the temperature has dropped to around 5 Celsius.


(sorry for the quality of the photos)

Very strong winds we have today. 8, 9 and 10 Beaufort. It is difficult to pass along the harbor front and along the road to the monasteries in Skopelos town. It is dangerous because the winds can throw you of your feet, your motorbike in some places. We will try and get other photos from around the island.

Winter vegetables

It is winter, this is on the land and growing and this is what you should buy. Eat what’s available in this season. The most beautifully decorated vegetable stall in Skopelos.

Maggi who used to have the dry cleaning and clothes washing shop in the town has left. The shop was closed for a while and now all the machinery is gone. She might be setting up shop somewhere else. When we find out we will let you know.