For the seventh time this year the Skopelos International Film festival for Youth (SIFFY) will be held. 15 filmmakers from all over the world will teach the children how to make a small movie. This year more than 100 children will participate and the first meeting with them was held yesterday. The children were told about the theme this year which is mother Earth and they received their t-shirts.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday the 26th when the children will learn in two days from experts about mother Earth. The head of the fire department and the forestry office on Skopelos will hold a speech. The children will visit a big vegetable garden and will learn about bees and beekeeping. This year many volunteers will assist the filmmakers. On Wednesday the 2nd of August the films made by the children will be shown in the amphitheater of the elementary school (on the ring road) at 21.00 hours. Everybody is invited to come and see the result of this magical week.

Two ways

This is an artichoke. It was not picked to eat and has turned into this beautiful flower. Here on the island everybody harvests artichokes on time because they are considered a delicacy and they are quite expensive to buy. If you have them on your land harvest them and eat them with beef or with rice. It is soo delicious. The only places where artichokes are left are on land that people own and not visit very often. I am not sure what I like more, to eat them or admire them.

A powerful earthquake of 6.7 on the scale of Richter has killed at least two people on the island of Kos and injured 200 in Greek and Turkish coastal towns.
The quake struck today, Friday, in the early hours of the morning. The quake was very shallow, only 10 km below the seabed and caused a small tsunami in the port of Kos.
(Source; The Guardian )

(Source; Yiannis Xatzitrakosas)

Over to Skiathos

If there is anybody who wants to share a water taxi to get over to Skiathos on Friday please call +30 6934343287.

Me, me, me

These lovely puppies are waiting for you to adopt them. Please go and have a look if you are seriously interested. The place they are being cared for now is the Vetcare clinic at the beginning of the road to Stafylos. They cannot stay there and need a home !The number of the clinic is 24240 24410

Rose has send us these lovely photographs of the recycling point which her landlady in Agnondas has set up on her own and which works very well.

Rose has also attached a recycling basket to the seats near the bus stop in Agnondas and she empties the basket regularly but the basket was thrown in the garbage the other day which is disappointing.

I think many people are waiting for recycling collection points for plastic, papers and tins.