ATM in Glossa

piraeus An ATM machine from Piraeus bank has been installed in Glossa at the beginning of the village where the bus stop is. It will start working this Friday. Villagers and visitors can now take money out but also start paying bills with the available machine. The photo is of another machine.

DSCN1123On the branch there you can make out my new friend, or rival as the case may be. The silhouette of the hulking Scops Owl is on the tree branch. These small owls are mating or attempting to mate or searching for a partner with which to mate and, as attractive as my call may be, I ain’t it.

With a body length of 16-20cm these owls appear surprising small when spotted up close at night (usually illuminated by car headlights as the owl sits on a fencepost).

The mating call (hear it here) is unfortunately easy for humans to duplicate which can cause owl confusion. Because of my expert hooting the bird in the photo hung around my house last night for many hours thinking me a rival or, heaven forbid, a mate.

All should be aware that roller skating through the village will be hazardous for the next few weeks. The long-awaited road repair, promised by Periphery Thessaly, has arrived is full force. From the Demotiko/primary school down to the old OTE/telephone office and then from there to Platanos Square. After a short bit next to Koxilis the job continues out to the Post office and then to the Peripheriako/ringroad.

It is suggested that skaters wear knee and elbow pads, gloves, and a helmet. Also suggested is the proper use of hand signals and observe caution at high speeds. Seat belts are optional. Skating backwards and shaking your booty might be a problem. Otherwise, hang up those skates for a few weeks and wait for the green light.

Camphill PosterThe board of the newly-formed Camphill Skopelos project is holding an evening of wine, food, music and dance at Nastas restaurant in Skopelos town on the evening of Saturday May 2. Entrance is €10, and food and drink are extra, but you’ll be helping launch a very worthy cause. Although the poster says 9pm, you’re advised to either arrive a little earlier or book a table in advance. We hope the little house in the poster becomes the project’s logo!

Panormos Apr2015A deserted (apart from us) Panormos beach, Sunday lunchtime, snapped from the newly re-opened Linarakia restaurant. Within a matter of minutes, two more car-loads of eager lunchers arrived, as did a large catamaran, some kayakers, two dogs, a sprinkling of sunbathers… click on the image for full size.

Panormos 70s. Lambros taverna on right - fisherman's hut on left.

Panormos 70s. Lambros taverna on right – fisherman’s hut on left.

Strange goings on this morning at Panagia Livadia in Livadi. Somebody must’ve been praying or trying to escape in secret after some awful misdeed in the early morning (06:45) gloom. Then again it might be a sign from Asklepios to clean up and prepare his sanctuary for visitors – the sick and unsick alike.

Photo taken yesterday about just about the end of our 48 hour atmospheric weirdness.
[photo zooms by clicking]


Sitting in the old harbor.


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