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On Monday it is Pentacost. Offices and banks will be closed. It might be busier in restaurants and bars because it is a three-day holiday for Greeks. have a nice weekend and don’t forget about the dance festival organized by the cultural association. It is worth a visit and bring a cushion for your…..


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Weddings on Skopelos

Quite a few weddings are being held on Skopelos the last few years and Greece in general seems to be a hotspot for organizing weddings. Civil weddings can be organized almost everywhere on the island and if you have a spot like Amarandos near Agnondas or a beach like Stafylos, Limnonari or Kastani, what else do you want? A church wedding is common for Greek orthodox couples but nowadays many foreign couples take the big step on Skopelos and choose their own venue. Usually the vice mayor will marry them. Below is an example of a couple who married in a church.
The movie was made by Dimitris Pavlidis and the couple that got married are Alexandros and Elisavet. The film was uploaded with Vimeo.

Wedding In Skopelos – Vision Films from Dimitris Pavlidis on Vimeo.

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Plenty to choose from

These candles are normally placed in the back of this store so churchgoers can search undisturbed for the right candle to take to the church. If a deceased person is remembered on a certain day relatives will buy candles and light them during the church ceremony. The candles are in different shapes and colors (white and brownish) They are weighted and you pay. During Easter the candles are placed in the front of the store. There are more people that need a candle.

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Take the time

Getting ready for Easter does not involve just getting the shopping done.
A son meets up with his godparent and asks him how he is doing and how he is doing in school. She gave him a colored candle which he can use on Easter Saturday evening and money to buy his own present. He is too old to get a present. They have a strong bond. She cares about how he is doing and the conversation they have is important.

The short visit to my sister in-law to talk about Easter Sunday yesterday became a five hours effort to fit a kitchen and an impromptu meal afterwards.

Being too early to see the decorated bier coming out of the Christ church made it possible to talk with friends and relatives that we have not seen for a while. After so many years living here we still don’t know when the bier leaves the first church. Last night it was around 21.30 hours.

(The decorated bier of the Christ church last night)

Tonight you can still go shopping. At midnight many people will repeat the words of the Greek Orthodox priests;”Christ has risen, it is true he has risen” This can be said for many days after Easter.
On Skopelos the four main churches will have crowds around the church waiting for the priest to come out of the church and fireworks might be lighted. Families go home a little later and eat Easter soup.

Bread can be bought again on Tuesday and shops and offices will be closed on Sunday and Monday. Butchers might be open on Sunday morning for a little while. No boats on Easter Sunday.

Happy Easter everyone!

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Good Friday

Today many Greeks will not work if it is not necessary, it is a day of mourning. You also refrain from using a hammer and nails (Christ was nailed to the cross)
I never thought about it before I started to live in Greece but these kind of ways are still very common on Skopelos.
The weather forecast for this evening and tomorrow evening is not very good. Rain might fall. Make sure you have suitable coats with you.
If you want to read more about the following days click on the Easter/1 May page on the top of the page or Easter on Skopelos

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Easter wish and traditions

The cultural association of Skopelos town has send Skopelosnews a photograph with an Easter wish. Thank you very much!

From tomorrow, Thursday, celebrations in the Greek orthodox church are getting more serious when in the church the twelve gospels are being read. In these readings Christ’s last instructions to his disciples are presented, as well as the prophecy of the drama of the Cross, Christ’s prayer, and his new commandment. Below is a small extract of what is being read. The service takes about three hours. (source; https://orthodoxwiki.org/Holy_Week#Holy_Thursday)

Thursday is also the day that hard-boiled eggs are dyed red, signifying the blood of Christ, and the Easter bread, called tsoureki, is baked. If you don’t bake, the bread can also be bought in all the bakeries.

After the service, late at night, in the church, a bier is being decorated with numerous flowers by church goers. To represent the body of Christ an icon of him is placed in the bier.

If you want to follow the ceremonies you can go to the four big churches in Skopelos town but also in Elios and Glossa and Loutraki.

Tomorrow more about the Friday and Saturday services.

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365 and one

A beautiful church is being built in the potami valley. These churches stand on somebody’s land and the name that is given to the church usually has a special meaning to the family. When I guided a townwalk many years ago I used to say that on Skopelos there is a different church you can visit every day if you want for a whole year. I wonder how many churches have been built since then. Maybe it is a nice project to find all the churches and places them on a map after I retire? Nana Kobro did the work for me because she has photographed and registered many many churches on Skopelos but she gave up. Here is her link: churches on skopelos

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