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Have a good March everybody! Spring is in the air and we need to protect ourselves from the sun. I have put on my March bracelet so “I won’t be burned by the sun”

March bracelet.

Almost everybody and especially kids wear them. Mothers will combine white or gold thread with red and wind the bracelet around the wrist.


You can buy fancier ones in gifts shops.
I found some fresh fish too from a fisherman in the harbor. Maybe I will give the fasting a go.

Fresh fish

On Sunday Skopelos is in Trates mode. I will post about it tomorrow.


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Tomorrow, Thursday is tsiknopepti. Charred Thursday. The last day that a lot of Greeks will eat meat until Easter. Fasting will start on Friday and for many it includes not eating meat, diary, eggs and sometimes olive oil too. Tsiknopempti is also a day that people act silly, dress up, walk around the village with masks

and have their faces painted with charcoal.

So light up the BBQ, burn that meat a little and have a great time !!!

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Skopelos and it’s gastronomy were represented last week on the HORECA exhibition in Athens. Meropi Lithadioti, a chef of Skopelos 9 (on the left in the photo with the glasses) cooked goat with plums. Many other delicacies from Skopelos were presented on Horeca like olive oil, wine, honey, almond sweets, Skopelitan cheese pie, beer and liqueur made from plums.

photo Iro Sotiriou

All the fantastic products of Skopelos, photo Kostas Lemonis

If you want to show off Skopelos you cannot forget the traditional dancing. Here we see vice-major Athina Daki. She made us proud.

Video by Karvelis

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Like eggs in a basket

This years lemons look really good and haven’t gone bad after the snow we had a couple of weeks on Skopelos. I gathered them after taking them out of the tree. Lemon pies, lemon juice …… here we come.

Tomorrow i can call about the crow and get an update.

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Today we found the first egg of the year. Our 10 chickens stopped in the fall with laying eggs and we missed the them. There is nothing like a fresh egg. Soon we will have a couple per day. In the weeks during Carnival we use them to make sweets and pies and before Easter we will have many so we can paint them red.

I remember that my mother in law used to give my kids a treat containing the yoke of an egg and sugar. She would put the yoke in a cup and add plenty of sugar. She would then, very fast, mix the two ingredients with a spoon. You have to beat the egg and sugar with the same movement until it is ready. The “krojali” must be frothy. My husband knows how to make this treat but I never dared to try it. This is a memory for my kids where my mother in law plays the leading role.

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This manderin tree was almost killed in January of 2017 by heavy snow on Skopelos. This year it has an enormous amount of fruits on every branch. It seems it is afraid something simular will happen this winter. Like it is saying:”let’s get as much fruit on my tree as I can”

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Do you want to learn how beer is made? Come tomorrow to the little coffee shop at 11 and you can see how. The Skopelos brewery Spira together with the little coffee shop are organising it. Walk up from Ambrosia sweetshop and the Vakratsa mansion and the coffeeshop is on your right.

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