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I am still amazed by the unbelievable presents that our land here on Skopelos gives us. June figs (green) are ready!!

I also want to thank all the people that have been coming to my office to talk about the blog. I write for you and I will keep writing for you !!

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I know that there are many people on the island who produce wonderful products.

I have to remember who produces what and ask frequently what is available. 

M. gives us goat milk when we ask him in the periods of the year that the small goats don’t need it anymore.

Today he also brought us kaseri (photo above) and feta cheese (below)

The day before that we got a bag full of cherries from another friend. The whole neighbourhood has visited these trees and the most agile man climbes the trees and gets cherries for all! A clafoutis was easily made today.

We are so,so lucky!!

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A friend of ours saw that we have a lot of lemons on our two lemon trees on our plot on the ring road and she asked for some.

We gave her a bag of lemons and in return she gathered wild greens in Glossa (the best area) and she gave us some fresh chicken eggs too!

Oh, how I love living here!

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People that are trying to make and effort in reducing waste are worth mentioning I think. Tatiana and Pandelis have a small cafe on the waterfront in the summer. You order a beverage and you receive it in a cup or a jar. Their straws are bio degradabale. They try to produce as little waste as possible. Orders are presented on wooden serving boards or on plates. You can also read books there! Have a good summer !

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(very strong winds this morning on Milos Square, you can get blown down if you don’t watch out)

Today and tomorrow are winter days with a lot of wind and some rain on Skopelos. We have been a lot inside and we are fed up with cooking every day so take away/ take out food might be a solution. Gyros, souvlaki, pizza and burgers could be the food you crave and you can go or call to Gousto, La Tana, Magali and Thassos his kantina “Ormorfaini den pachaini” to get something but this winter, in addition, several restaurants remained open or re-opened in Skopelos Town and they have take away menu’s! I know of Molos restaurant, ouzeri Karydia and Ampeliki restaurant and the new Azan shop near the flower shops in Skopelos Town that do it. Please let me know if there are more places that do this kind of thing on other parts of the island. As far as I know all places mentioned that they also bring the food to your home. (within reason)

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Instead of being paid for a small job my husband was paid with “katiki” we got the better deal!

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If you look hard you will see the asparagus heads sticking out from the prickly bushes and the overies wrap themselves around anything near to them. You have to hunt for them though and do it soon because there are many others who like them too!

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We have not collected wild greens many times this year but every time we looked for them it was a success. After so many years of collecting we kind of know where we can find them. You have to consider the weather etc. has it rained much, was there snow? It all needs to be taken in consideration for our search.

Today we were looking for the wild greens radikia. They can be found on poor soil. We know that and we went to a beach with hills behind it and on those hills we found them. When you look for them you will see that on that poor soil the radiki stays low and spreads itself out (on the photo on the left) and there where the soil is more fertile the leaves of the radiki grow longer and higher (on the photo on the right) That is also because they might be surrounded by other plants and they need to find the sun and therefor grow harder.

Radikia taste very bitter but they say it is very good for the blood. Unfortunately most wild greens can only be found on Skopelos during winter and in the spring. My mother-in-law taught me to find greens. I hope she is proud of me. Our hunts together is something I treasure.

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Winter in Elios

Today’s rain and wind made it almost impossible to go out but after 2 o’clock the rain stopped and we decided to risk it and go for a drive. Over to Elios where a strong wind calls for a good coat, a shawl and a hat but otherwise it is beautiful. A couple of people eating in Spiros his taverna, Andreas, the taxi guy, doing his afternoon walk. Me looking for greens

Radiki and maratho

As you can see I found some greens. Radiki and maratho, a good combination! It will be a good side dish for tonight.

In Skopelos Dimitraki and Jialos are opening. Already open are Kymata, Kyratso, Karidia, La Tana and Gousto.
In Elios captain Spiros and Vangelis. Glossa I have no idea yet. It seems we have a good amount of restaurants open early in the year!

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The best sister in law

I am not qualified to recognise which mushrooms growing on Skopelos you can eat and which not so when the season for mushrooms is here I have to rely on family or friends to give me some. This plate arrived today after I “complained” that it was a long time since I ate mushrooms. My sister in law A gave them to me. Her husband G found them. She fried them in some olive oil and on top is lemon juice. Delicious! Thank you A.

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