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The best sister in law

I am not qualified to recognise which mushrooms growing on Skopelos you can eat and which not so when the season for mushrooms is here I have to rely on family or friends to give me some. This plate arrived today after I “complained” that it was a long time since I ate mushrooms. My sister in law A gave them to me. Her husband G found them. She fried them in some olive oil and on top is lemon juice. Delicious! Thank you A.

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Have you ever seen lemons like this. We found them behind the graveyard in Skopelos!

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Trahana night

Yesterday night was Trahana night, a part of the Skopelos week where local products are shown to the public. Trahana is a mixture of goat milk with wheat. It needs to cook long and stirred with a wooden spoon before it thickens and is ready. When it is cooled off a little bit it can be eaten. Mmmmmm delicious! Local farmers provided the milk and made the Trahana. Thank you Nikos and Diamantis!

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I think Skopelos needs new businesses that add something to existing businesses. Agnondas has three restaurants near the sea but a good coffee place for coffee and other drinks and sweets was missing there. From this summer 4 M is present and I can tell you that a morning coffee is heaven there. The amazing harbor, the ducks, the jetty it’s all worth a drive. Take your swimming gear and take a dive in the tranquil sea and have a coffee of course.

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I am in heaven. Local made katiki. I might not stop eating untill the bowl is empty…..

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New places

Yesterday I went looking for some extra oregano. The road where I knew I could find oregano destroyed the plants because, further along the road, two villas are being build. The oregano on that dirt road is full of sand. So I went and looked for my oregano further inland. Driving through Pevkias I saw a lot and because of the heat these last few weeks the oregano is in excellent conditioning. Scissors out, big shopping bag ready and here we go! I bind them together in small bouquets, I hang them in the shade and somewhere dry. Within a couple of days I can harvest.

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Have a good March everybody! Spring is in the air and we need to protect ourselves from the sun. I have put on my March bracelet so “I won’t be burned by the sun”

March bracelet.

Almost everybody and especially kids wear them. Mothers will combine white or gold thread with red and wind the bracelet around the wrist.


You can buy fancier ones in gifts shops.
I found some fresh fish too from a fisherman in the harbor. Maybe I will give the fasting a go.

Fresh fish

On Sunday Skopelos is in Trates mode. I will post about it tomorrow.

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