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Survival kid

Snow storm coming, photo made yesterday afternoon.

The electricity cut that we experienced was due to fallen trees on electricity lines on Pelion mainland. All Sporades islands depend on that line. On Skiathos the electricity went off early in the afternoon on Sunday. Skopelos and Alonissos followed later in the evening. The electricity repair crew had a very difficult task repairing the lines and managing with the snow.

The (almost) one day without electricity that we experienced from Sunday to Monday made me realize that over the years, in our household, we have our survival kid ready for these circumstances. We are fortunate that we have a fire place that gives us warmth but also the opportunity to cook. We can BBQ on it but also put pans to boil water and make food. We also have a cistern that gives us water to clean and wash. Apart from that we try to have ready:
-a couple of bottles of drinking water,
-A gas bottle to cook on,
-Supplies like milk in a can that you can use when the fresh milk finishes,
-extra bread in the freezer,
-Other kinds of food for the pantry,
-Oil lamps and extra oil for them , candles and lights that work on batteries and are portable,
-It is good to have some cooked food in the freezer in a Tupperware box. Take it out when needed and warm it up in a pan above the fire or on your gas bottle. The same goes for sweets like a cake etc.

Every year we think about buying a generator and then the days go by and we managed at home without it and we end up not buying one. The same thing about snow chains. Thinking about it and ending up not buying them. The weather situation does not always call for them but it might be good to have them…

We are not out of the woods yet. It is snowing again. Athens has experienced very heavy snowfall since last night and today. Even in the center, around Syntagma square. Here at home I hung out the washing this morning.

Do these clothes smell better after having had snow on them? Should have listened to the weather forecast and not take them out.

Snow again today Tuesday the 16th of February

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The storm Miedea that will hit Greece has the following characteristics: low temperatures, strong winds, heavy rainfall, ice, snowfall and snow that will stay and cover streets and land.

The Civil Protection service of the Municipality of Skopelos participated today in a teleconference under the chairmanship of the deputy regional governor of Magnesia and Sporades Mrs. Dorothea Koryndini. Present were representatives of all the municipalities of Magnesia.
The following recommendations are issued:
• To take the appropriate measures of self-protection from dangers arising from the occurrence of the above severe weather phenomena.
• Avoid any unnecessary movement.
• In case the movement is deemed necessary, show great care.
• Be equipped with snow chains when traveling by car in the areas that have a lot of snow.
• Livestock farmers to stock up with adequate quantities of feed.

In Skopelos, Glossa and Elios the civil protection departments are ready to help anybody in need. You can also call:
-Fire department Skopelos; also for flood problems, blocked roads etc. (+30) 2424024199
-Health Center Skopelos: (+30) 2424022222
-Police (+30) 2424022235
-Weather reports http://www.emy.gr.

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South east winds and a seal!

The very nice weather is not going to last. It was fantastic and we enjoyed it. Today we had strong south-east winds and rough waves on several beaches. Stafylos was interesting and the biggest surprise was the seal we saw for a couple of seconds. My husband spotted it of course. Always on the lookout and one with nature and its wonders. Have a nice weekend everyone and stay warm, stay safe and stay well!!

South-east winds and a seal from Daphne Jaeggi Gliverou on Vimeo.

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All okay

Skopelos was not in the eye of the storm last weekend but we had very strong winds and rainfall up till yesterday. In many part of Greece whole villages were flooded, crops were ruined and unfortunately some people drowned too.

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Bad weather

Bad weather is forecasted for a big part of Greece with heavy winds and rain.
In some parts of Greece it starts today but Friday and Saturday will be difficult in many areas.
The exact area that the storm is going cover is being updated by the hour but the Sporades are included. How bad it is going to be nobody knows, just take care!

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Be careful

The ministry of Civil Protection just send a message to many people in the Sporades warning them to be extremely careful tomorrow with actions that may cause fire. Because of lack of rain the ground is super dry. The hard wind that is predicted for tomorrow and any work/action that can cause sparks of fire may escalate into a big forest fire!!!
Let’s be very, very careful.

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Maybe some rain….

Elios beach at 16.20 hours today

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Windy today

Kastro last night

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We have to get used to abrupt changes in the weather these days and in the future. Sunshine and 20 degrees Celsius last weekend and today hail storms and 4 degrees Celsius.

This is what I wrote this morning but Dave who responded after my post is right. We also have to do something about it! Reduce our waste, try to fly less, don’t pollute, clean up after ourselves.

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The Proteus ferryboat that was travelling from Volos to Glossa/”Loutraki today left travellers for Skiathos in the harbor there and continued to Loutraki/Glossa.

Whilst sailing towards Loutraki the ferryboat landed,just outside the harbor of Skiathos, on an uninhabited island. Whether it was an accident or on purpose I don’t know yet. Information varies and I don’t want to guess. The 53 (official press statement ANES) passengers destined for Loutraki/Glossa were taken of the ferry boat by a private boat and brought to Skiathos where they will spend the night. They are all OK. No obvious damage like leaks were noticeable but the real damage will be found when the boat is taken away. All crew remains on the boat according to the press statement issued tonight.

Press release from ferry company ANES


Tomorrow the 6th of January it is Epiphany, Theofania/θεοφανια or Foton/Φωτον and it is the last celebration of the Christmas period. This day according to Christians marks two events in the life of Jesus. The first was when three wise men visited the infant Jesus and the 2nd event was when John the Baptist baptized Jesus. The day after on the 7th of January is the big name day of Jannis/Joanna.

In many villages and cities near water (sea, rivers, lakes or sometimes a swimming pool) the water is blessed by a priest by throwing a cross in the water. Men and sometimes women will dive after the cross and the person that catches the cross is supposed to be lucky that year.

Tomorrow, if weather permits, the priests will come out of the church, after 11 and will stop in the harbor close to Vrachos. In Loutraki the will walk from the church to the harbor near the buses. There the cross will be thrown in the harbor. Good luck to the swimmers and χρόνια πολλά to Fanny,Fotis, Fotoula, Fotini, Fenia and many more names derived From the first names I mentioned.

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