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Bad weather

More warnings about bad weather (rain and strong winds) are circling around on the Internet. It might hit Skopelos, it might not. Just be aware…

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Alonissos now and coming towards Skopelos

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More rain

Bad weather with rain and strong winds can occur on Skopelos, the rest of the Sporades and the North of Thessalia tonight and will probably continue until Sunday, midday.

When this kind of weather occurs take great care. Don’t travel when it is not absolutely necessary. Don’t stay in makeshift buildings or covered areas, make sure that drains and water pipes are cleared. Make sure light things are attached to something. Don’t go out on the sea.

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Bad night and day

Halkidiki in the north of Greece has especially been badly hit last night by the predicted storm. At least six people have died, many were injured and everywhere there is damage because of the very strong winds. A lot of damage to houses, hotels, roads, beach bars and crops. There are many fallen down trees and roads are blocked which makes it difficult to get ambulances and fire trucks there.

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The next two days are going to continue to be very hot but on Thursday thunderstorms and rain might occur in this area. Also strong winds will accompany the storms. Be careful with fire, don’t BBQ outside. Don’t throw cigarettes and cigar butts out of the car. Don’t work outdoors with machines that give out sparks. If you see fire somewhere or something, some action that could cause fire call +30 2424024199 and +30 2424024598.

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It has been very windy these last two days and many people had trouble getting on and off the island. Tonight at three we have to put our clocks forward to four. Don’t forget !!! The do good group of Skopelos has marked eight places that they would like to clean tomorrow, Sunday at 11 we will begin. Meeting point opposite Gikas bakery.

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Clean Monday 2019

On clean Monday we were lying on the beach and today, two days later it feels like winter is back. Very strong winds again and rain. The weather forecast tell us tomorrow will be better…..

Wednesday 13 March 2019

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