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Maybe some rain….

Elios beach at 16.20 hours today

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Windy today

Kastro last night

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We have to get used to abrupt changes in the weather these days and in the future. Sunshine and 20 degrees Celsius last weekend and today hail storms and 4 degrees Celsius.

This is what I wrote this morning but Dave who responded after my post is right. We also have to do something about it! Reduce our waste, try to fly less, don’t pollute, clean up after ourselves.

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The Proteus ferryboat that was travelling from Volos to Glossa/”Loutraki today left travellers for Skiathos in the harbor there and continued to Loutraki/Glossa.

Whilst sailing towards Loutraki the ferryboat landed,just outside the harbor of Skiathos, on an uninhabited island. Whether it was an accident or on purpose I don’t know yet. Information varies and I don’t want to guess. The 53 (official press statement ANES) passengers destined for Loutraki/Glossa were taken of the ferry boat by a private boat and brought to Skiathos where they will spend the night. They are all OK. No obvious damage like leaks were noticeable but the real damage will be found when the boat is taken away. All crew remains on the boat according to the press statement issued tonight.

Press release from ferry company ANES


Tomorrow the 6th of January it is Epiphany, Theofania/θεοφανια or Foton/Φωτον and it is the last celebration of the Christmas period. This day according to Christians marks two events in the life of Jesus. The first was when three wise men visited the infant Jesus and the 2nd event was when John the Baptist baptized Jesus. The day after on the 7th of January is the big name day of Jannis/Joanna.

In many villages and cities near water (sea, rivers, lakes or sometimes a swimming pool) the water is blessed by a priest by throwing a cross in the water. Men and sometimes women will dive after the cross and the person that catches the cross is supposed to be lucky that year.

Tomorrow, if weather permits, the priests will come out of the church, after 11 and will stop in the harbor close to Vrachos. In Loutraki the will walk from the church to the harbor near the buses. There the cross will be thrown in the harbor. Good luck to the swimmers and χρόνια πολλά to Fanny,Fotis, Fotoula, Fotini, Fenia and many more names derived From the first names I mentioned.

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Bad weather


From Sunday to Tuesday heavy winds will blow in the whole country up to 10 Beaufort. For Skopelos meteo.gr does not show such winds. Up to 8 Beaufort which is a lot too. We will see. There are also areas where rain or snow can fall.


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Wind wind wind

If you like wind… Oh and Merry Christmas!

Glysteri this morning

Milia just now at 16.28 hours.

You could take photographs forever. Amazing skies around Milia this afternoon.

View towards Loutraki

Sun almost gone

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Windy Loutraki

Today is a windy day and travellers coming to Skopelos for Christmas will have a bumpy ride. Especially on the side of Loutraki, Elios etc. strong winds and high waves monopolise the view.

It smells like winter today and I am happy. We need winter on the island. Not too heavy but a little cold weather might help the nature too. The year is almost over and we still have so many sunny days which is lovely too.

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Bad weather

During midday, Tuesday, the rain started again and is likely to continue until tomorrow, Wednesday. The bad weather with very strong winds and heavy rain will affect the whole country. Be careful on roads where big amounts of water gather and passage is difficult. Don’t walk or drive along parts where the sea can affect roads.

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Bad weather

In the next 24 hours a big part of Greece, including the Sporades, will be hit by bad weather:rain and heavy winds.
Be careful with this kind of weather and don’t go out if it is not necessary. Make sure drains and waterways around the house are free of leaves etc. Make sure you collect ornaments that can cause damage around the house.

Here is the link about the weather on Keeptalkinggreece weather warning

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Bad weather

More warnings about bad weather (rain and strong winds) are circling around on the Internet. It might hit Skopelos, it might not. Just be aware…

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