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Rain might come

For Skopelos today.


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At various times yesterday and especially in the late afternoon and night heavy rains were reported on Skopelos but the whole country had more or less the same weather.
Because of the amount of water a part of the road in front of the harbor was pushed up and is being repaired as we speak. A lot of water came down into the town and flooded several terraces in front of the harbor. Excess sand, mud and water has been removed and the terraces have been cleaned.

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The Hellenic National Meteorological Center (EMY) has made a weather forecast for this week and especially for Tuesday and Wednesday bad weather for the area of the Sporades is predicted. Rain and heavy winds! Be careful.

At the moment it seems that bad weather will also hit the Sporades and this is why the police, the municipality and the fire brigade have come together and decided to advice the public not to park their cars on the ring road and on the t-junction leading into the village until hotel Eleni. Avoid unnecessary walks or driving with your car in the bad weather and don’t park your car on a slope. This information was written on the Greek Vories Sporades blog but I also confirmed it with the vice mayor Athina Daki.



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Taken on Saturday by Beatrice. Thank you !

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It is not over yet

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A lot of rain fell last night and this morning in the Sporades and a big part of Greece. In the area of Ileias many crops were destroyed. This is a video from Astra Skopelos tv filmed in the old harbor.

The forecast for the next couple of days is not totally clear yet but a new rainfront is supposed to hit Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning. We have to see tomorrow is there is a clearer prediction.

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Flowers and brushes

Spring on Skopelos is wonderful. The amount of flowers scattered all over the island is enormous. Bright lilac, purple, red and yellow can be seen on fields, in trees and bushes. How to photograph them so the brightness shows on the photograph? I was in Stafylos and Glossa yesterday and stopped several times to try and “grab” those fantastic colors.

It is interesting to see every year what colors pop up when houses, stores, roads, signposts, walls, steps, chairs, tables are being painted for the summer. Starting in March residents and foreign home owners remember what repairs need to be done and if they are lucky they can find a handyman to do the job because everybody wants to get ready for the season about the same time.

A lot of handymen complain that all the work is packed in those two months but the weather does not always enable you to do this kind of work.

This spring is wonderful, we have had mostly good weather and some weather sites say next week the temperatures will go over 20 degrees Celsius. Look at Meteo for temperatures next week. The sea is still a little cold but I am sure some will continue swimming or will take their first dip.

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