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On Friday the wind is controlling all the beaches on the island. There is no beach that hasn’t changed shape. Kastani beach.

We went again on Saturday and the beach, the sea and the clouds are totally diferent as you can expect.

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Bad weather

The National Greek Weather Institute (EMY) has forecasted that the next couple of days rain will fall and phenomena like storm, hail and lightning can occur.

Be careful.

Below is the forecast of Skiathos (it was not possible to choose Skopelos)


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After the stotm in the area of Glossa.
Photo: Roger Fox

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The snowfall started in the early morning hours today and will continue during the day, maybe with more intensity. The municipality of Skopelos and the region of Thessalia are present and are trying with machines to keep all the roads open. The municipality operates with a snowplow accompanied by a salt shaker and cars-with tanks that contain sea water along the entire length of the provincial road.. The region of Thessalia has been operating since last night with snowplows, salt shakers and a so far, the main provincial road is open, as is the ring road around Skopelos and several secondary and rural roads. Please avoid unnecessary movements during severe weather events. The municipality is at the disposal of all our fellow citizens. In case of emergency you can call: Skopelos Police: + 30 2424022235 Skopelos Fire Department: + 30 2424024199 · For the community of Skopelos: Mr. Angelos Xintaris: 6981219194 (chairman of the municipal board) Mr. Aristidis Voulgaris: 6977701070 (deputy mayor) · For the community of Elios: Mr. Stamatoula Koukorini-Fyvga: 6983717851 (deputy mayor) · For the Glossa community: Mr. Nikolaos Vafinis: 6981219192 (deputy mayor) For more information and instructions for self-protection from severe weather conditions, citizens can visit the website of the municipality at http://www.skopelos.gov.gr/article/index/835 and the website of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection at www. .civilprotection.gr.

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Here we go again

Skopelos is white again. Lots of snow fell last night and as of now it is still snowing. Let’s see when we can dig ourselves out again!

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At the moment the weather is much better. We have strong winds but no snow. We hope that a second day of snow will not arrive here. In the area of Agios Konstantinos on Skopelos there wasn’t electricity for about six hours but fortunately the problem was fixed. We thank the employees from the electricity company for their valuable help. We had wood ready to light the fireplace immediately after the power cut and candles and oil lamps were ready to light when needed later in the day.

In and around Athens, at the moment, there are many people on motorways trapped in their cars for at least seven hours. There are also some areas without electricity. The situation there is much worse!

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More phenomenons

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Just as predicted

Here up in Raches above Glyfoneri beach snow has fallen and more is falling as we speak. More updates later…

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Bad weather coming

Announcement from the Civil Protection office of the Municipality of Skopelos 22/01/2022

According to the Emergency Bulletin of Dangerous Weather Phenomena
issued yesterday by the National Meteorological Service (HNMS), multiple
weather systems are predicted to cause bad weather with the name
“ELPIS” in Greece in the coming days. The first weather system will affect us from Saturday (22/1/2022) and the second, which will be more powerful, from Monday (24/1/2022).

The main characteristics will be the very low temperatures, the dense snowfall even in lowland areas of northern and eastern Greece as well as
in the Aegean islands and the north winds of intensity 8 to 9 Beaufort in the east.

The Civil Protection office of the Municipality of Skopelos is on standby, in order to immediately face the consequences of the severe weather phenomena. They recommend that citizens be particularly careful, taking care and take self protection measures against dangers arising from the onset of the severe weather events and that farmers take care to secure a sufficient amount of food and water on their farms.

They kindly ask that unnecessary travel should be avoided during the
bad weather.

In case of an emergency call:
• Skopelos Police: (+30) 2424022235
• Skopelos Fire Brigade: (+30) 2424024199

Also, incase of emergency you can call at the following telephone numbers:
• For the community of Skopelos:
Mr. Angelos Xintaris: (+30) 6981219194 (President of the Harbor Police)
Mr. Aristides Voulgaris: (+30) 6977701070 (Deputy Mayor)

• For the community of Elios:
Mr. Stamatoula Koukorini-Fyvga: (+30) 6983717851 (Deputy Mayor)

• For the community of Glossa:
Mr. Nikolaos Vafinis: (+30) 6981219192 (Deputy Mayor)

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The winter months may be quiet on the island but there is always something moving. You just have to look for it. This is the Proteus ferryboat travelling to Mantoudi. I saw it from Stafylos beach this afternoon. An easier route getting to the island from Athens. Glad we have it back.

These two fishing boats got into each others way whilst throwing out their nets. After a discussion one boat found other fishing grounds. The boats were fishing of Milia beach yesterday.

The weather will change towards the weekend. Colder temperatures (below zero) and a possibility of snow on Saturday. We will see. This image below is from https://www.meteo.gr/cf-en.cfm?city_id=230

I am getting some extra supplies.

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