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More than 20 degrees Celsius today!!

Thank you Jannis Chatsitrakosas for the link; http://penteli.meteo.gr/stations/skopelos/
We have made it a link!

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Coming in

Good morning. The sun this morning is creeping in between Skopelos and Alonissos. The photograph was taken around 07.00 hours. It was drizzling but you can see that the sun wants to be a part of this day too.

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Last night was a quiet night and we kind of realized what has happened the last couple of days. We are alright but to keep a household going without running water and electricity, to cook for the family, to keep them warm, to safeguard the house, the surrounding area, the animals, has been quite a task. Thank God for our fire place and our sisterne/water reservoir. I cannot imagine how it is for people who don’t have these two valuable items.

Snow everywhere. I made this small video on Tuesday when the snowfall was the heaviest.

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The long and winding road

Tuesday 09.12 hours


The long and winding road we dug to the asphalt is almost gone. Snowed under again. We did manage this morning to clear the path out of the house and towards the animals. We are almost back to square one. Last night it started snowing again and a lot has fallen. The small road outside our house is free but what about the rest of the road towards the asphalt? We will have to wait and see when it stops snowing.

The weather forecasts on the television are all different so we have to see it with our own eyes!

Skopelosnews called the vice mayor M. Klonaris last night (on Monday) and she told us that machines are working everywhere and they were trying to get the road from Pefkias to Raches cleared. Last night they had reached the church Agia Paraskevi. Two meters high snow on the road. The machines also tried to get up the road from the end of the ring road near Milos to the road towards Glysteri but they failed. It was too slippery.

There are quite a few families who are starting to have problems with water, food etc. Hopefully they can get out of their house soon and get groceries.

Proteus ferryboat landed in Alonissos yesterday afternoon after a very rough ride. On the boat were electricity personnel who can help with re-installing of the electricity on the island. Thank God Skopelos has electricity!

On a lighter note. Skopelos resident Thodoris Papalapas. went snowboarding in the street going down from the Denise hotel!

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Black and white

Tonight we will have more snow. Alonissos will be hit too! Hopefully the machines will keep clear the roads towards the village because we don’t have that much food left. There are more families in Mourtero, Alikias, Panormos, Raches. They need to have their roads cleared too!

Here in the Agios Konstantinos/Raches area television is back again, we have electricity, central heating and water. A little higher up in Raches there is no water. The pipes are probably frozen. That is a big problem.There is also a lot of snow that is heaped up in front of windows and doors. What fun it will be when that snow will melt. We cannot complain though. Some refugees are sleeping in tents on Lesbos!

Skopelosnews made a walk and took some black and white photographs of the white landscape around us. You cannot resist it!

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Updates snow situation

Fire brigade station and the clearing of the roads. Photos Πυροσβεστικό Σώμα Ελλάδας

Road to Raches and Glysteri. The road is still closed. Only on foot you can reach the village and if you want to reach your animals in Karya, Kalogeros etc. you have to go and walk!

photo George Michail
From Astra Skopelos tv.
Around 14.00 hours on the 9th of January.
Big machinery arriving on Skopelos to help with clearing the snow on the road.


13.46 hours on the 9th of January 2017


The Proteus ferryboat fights the sea to arrive in Alonissos. We admire the captain and the crew who fulfill this very difficult task.


Skopelosnews is mentioned in a report from the blog keep talking Greece. The post we wrote this morning about surviving on the island was mentioned and several photographs were copied.

Astra tv. The mayor of Skopelos; Christos Vasiloudi talks (in Greek) about the situation on Skopelos. Today, Monday is more difficult because the snow on the streets have frozen so be extra careful if you go out. There is footage of downtown Skopelos.


Proteus ferryboat just arrived in Skopelos harbor hopefully with some extra machinery to clear the roads.
The state television just announced that one more heavy snowfall will come to the area of Alonissos and Skopelos. It is already snowing again (light snow) now on Monday at 13.19 hours.
Stay indoors if you have nowhere to go and call for help to the telephone number mentioned below.


This wonderful cat was lost in the area of Milos square. Please call 6937068251 or 2424022550 if you found her.

Mourtero yesterday


Photo P. and S. who live in Mourtero. Stay warm guys!



Getting salt water in Elios from the sea.


Cleaning the streets

The photos are taken by Georgia Diamantou.

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How to get through the day

If you need urgent help please call the fire brigade at 24240 24199 or the Health center at 24240 22222 or the vice major Mrs. Klonari 6981219194.


This is the third day that we probably will spend indoors most of the time. Why? Because we are snowed in and the roads in Raches and around Agios Konstantinos are not passable yet with a car. The municipality has asked everybody who does not need to go anywhere to stay inside. We still have electricity, the area Karavotzakisma and Ampeliki don’t have electricity and water but, our water pipes now are frozen because they are not buried far into the ground. Fortunately we have many water bottles and some pans with water in them.

We have water from our sisterne/water reservoir so toilets can be flushed and if we want to take a shower we can throw warm water over ourselves! It must be very difficult for those who don’t have a second water source.


The fireplace has been lighted three days ago and has been burning ever since. You really need it in times like this, it gives you warmth and you can use it for cooking.

Television we watch via the Internet because the television poles on mount Palouki are down or broken or not giving any signals anymore because of the snow. At the moment we don’t know the situation on the roads but we will give you updates during the day.


This is Mandraki beach on Skiathos. The photo is taken by Nikos Mavropoulos.
Christina from Skiathos tells us that Skiathos does not have that much snow. It is cold though. They also were without electricity some time and without water too.

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