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It has been very windy these last two days and many people had trouble getting on and off the island. Tonight at three we have to put our clocks forward to four. Don’t forget !!! The do good group of Skopelos has marked eight places that they would like to clean tomorrow, Sunday at 11 we will begin. Meeting point opposite Gikas bakery.


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Clean Monday 2019

On clean Monday we were lying on the beach and today, two days later it feels like winter is back. Very strong winds again and rain. The weather forecast tell us tomorrow will be better…..

Wednesday 13 March 2019

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The worst of the bad weather was yesterday. Today is better, the wind is not blowing you of your feet anymore. It is still raining and snowing at intervals. Snow has fallen on mount Palouki and will remain there probably today and tomorrow. We also saw snow in Karya and can imagine snow has fallen on Mount Delphi and in the area of Glossa. No boats today according to the office in Glossa. The flying dolphin is in Volos so the morning boat will not go. Ask for more information at the boat ticket offices.

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Winter for a little bit

Photo taken about 12.30 on Saturday morning.
The next three days on Skopelos we will have very, very strong winds, rain and snow in the higher parts of the island. It has been a long time since I saw such high waves bashing on town the beaches in the area of Panajitsa tou Pirgo, Kastro and Glyfoneri.

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Be careful

Mourtero area photo by P.

The schools on Skopelos remain closed for the second day due to the snowfall on the island. The roads in areas like Mourtero have not been cleaned yet. Vice mayor Klonaris has said maybe today they will go there. I imagine there are many more areas where roads have not been cleaned like Kampos in Skopelos, old Klima, Raches, Pevkia etc. The main road Skopelos-Glossa the municipality is trying to keep open and that is probably a priority but what about people living on side roads or further away in the countryside. There are still problems with electricity not working.

In Skopelos town, walking in the small streets is dangerous, snow has become ice and its extremely slippery. Be careful everybody the next couple of days and get in contact with the municipality (0030)24243-50101, fire brigade(0030) 24240-24199, police (0030) 24240-22235 and hospital (0030) 24240-22222 when nessecary.

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More photo’s of the snow

Road up to Raches area

Photo’s by Jill Somer. Copyright 2019

Photo’s by Athina Mavridou. Copyright 2019

Photo’s made by Julia Chliverou. Copyright 2019

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Skopelos and snow

Copyright of this photo is by Jill Somer.

Skopelos was hit again by a snowstorm yesterday. The electricity was off for a couple of hours. Trucks with salt water and heavy machinery tried to keep roads open and safe to drive on but it was a difficult task.

The only difference with the snow this time is that the bad weather will not continue with so much force like two years ago. I cannot say this for sure because I am not on the island so information is through family and friends. Correct me if I am wrong please. These fantastic photo’s are not mine but taken by family and friends.

Skopelos village this morning. The photo is made by Julia Chliverou. Copyright 2019.

Photo made by Jill Somer. Copyright 2019

Photo made by Jill Somer. Copyright 2019

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