Where are we?

Expat MapThanks again to the ever vigilant mike for this link to a story at the Telegraph about the geographic distribution of the never-hyphenated-on-our-watch expat Brit diaspora. Although the number of Britons fleeing the old sod has dropped from a 2006 peak of 124,000 a year to just 63,000 in 2012 (although that was an increase on the preceding two years), more of us are quitting our heimat for friendlier lands. Most surprising is that mainland Europe barely features in the most popular destinations, topped by the Channel Islands but dominated by Australasia and the USA. Spain records a notable 380,000 Brits locked in their urbanizaciones with ‘Corrie’ on Sky telly, while Greece reports a suspiciously low 8445 British residents. At least that figure makes Skopelos seem a little roomier…

News from the wild

Rooting about the other day we noticed, emerging from a thorny wild asparagus was the object pictured above. Mid-December is too early for wild asparagus we thought, what can it be? Breaking off the tip and taking a bite, it tasted a little like asparagus but not as strong.

We remembered that Daphne had done a story some time ago about wild asparagus and “overie”, a “partner” plant. I think that this must be Overie. The wild asparagus had been cultivated minimally with seeds from one plant being sowed in the same area as the mother plant. I had never before seen overie in this location. Somehow an overie seed or spore found this asparagus plant and grew. Carried by the air, and insect, or a bird?

Or maybe it is not Overie?

“Skopelos has been hit by a giant oil wave” the word was last week. When these tree branches were in the water they probably looked like a giant oil stain. Lying on the beach we wonder if we can start a business with them (baskets, whips?) because there are so many. Have they come from the rivers after the heavy rainfall we have had?


Just before Skopelos supermarket we saw these pigs. Nothing special really. They seemed to like the mud around them but for how long can they enjoy it…

2014-12-09 13.27.10

2014-12-09 13.27.25
Oh and by the way. The beautiful puppies we showed on Monday still need a home!! I (Daphne) was not informed right. Ourania, the vet, knows more.

The wall of this house came down a couple of days ago. Nobody was hurt but the house needs urgent repairs. The walls consist of bricks, sand and lime. The old-fashioned way to build. Philipis, Yorgos, Thassos and Ilias are doing a fine job.

Oat report # 1

The field was roughly ploughed by mule team on Tuesday 25 November. On Thursday 27 November two men with tiller machines went over the entire area and sowed the oats. The photo is from Friday 12 December about 2 1/2 weeks after planting. The rain obviously helped push things along.

Garbage and garbage?

Dogs and cats were having a early Christmas dinner searching the garbage that has not been picked up Monday morning. Council member Pandazis Sklavos told me (Daphne) that the garbage truck had a mechanical problem and that they are starting to pick up the garbage now (12.57 hours)

Some “people/garbage” left 5 small puppies, well fed, near the elementary school near the garbage there. The pups were picked up and brought to the vets but because they already have so many pups they were taken to the municipality and there the new owners will pick them up.

2014-12-15 11.38.49
(All dogs are black and sleeping together so this black heap is a picture of them, sorry)


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