This coming weekend Glossa will have a weekend full of theatre, dancing and music. The place to be is the schoolyard in Glossa. All performances start around 21.00 hours

On Friday the 1st of August The cultural dance group of Glossa will have an evening full of singing and dancing. A live orchestra will accompany the dancers and they will also perform separately. Tickets 7 euro

On Saturday the 2nd of August a theatre play will be performed by 24 local actors! The title of the play is Ούλοι κάνουνε τη δλιάτσ’ και η μόδα το χαβάτσ. Ticket 7 euro.

On Sunday the 3rd of August the famous greek singer Melina Aslanidou with her 10 piece band will perform.

Taxeidi CoverSo we’re sitting out the wait for the Kaniggos Square/Agios Konstantinos bus, in Melvyn Bragg’s hotly contested Historic Present, and we waste some time among the racks of Music Corner on Panepistimiou Street. An alluring CD cover with a familiar name rings a distant bell – Το Ταχεíδι (‘The Journey’), by one Γιóργος Μιχελης. It can only be Skopelos’s singing mayor, Giorgos Michelis, as the photo in the CD booklet confirms…

Some residents and visitors will know that our mayor has a fine singing voice, one he sometimes lends to musical events at places like Nastas and elsewhere. An affable Music Corner staffer informs us that the CD was released five years ago, while the sleevenotes add that the mayor, who wrote the lyrics to ten of the twelve tracks, began work on this series of ballads a quarter of a century ago, and recorded them with a nine-piece band and eight-strong chorus at a friend’s studio. This isn’t the slash-your-wrists blues of rebetiko, but rather the melodic laika or entekno (art song) popularized by the likes of Manos Hadjidakis, and often surprisingly modern: it opens with an Aztec rain stick, and includes the odd electric guitar among the bouzoukia and baglamas (we’re guessing Tolis Evthimiadis has an affection for the work of Carlos Santana…) and discreet synthesizer, not to mention an echo unit. Our tame rock critic, normally more a fan of Stereo Nova and Iannis Xenakis, declares it a particularly agreeable work.

We emailed the mayor for more details about this enigmatic release, as there’s precious little information about it on the net, but have yet to hear back from him. If anyone finds it on sale here, perhaps they can let us know.

SIFFY 2014


The Skopelos International Film Festival for Youth (12-17 years) has started. On Saturday all participants (about 40) came together in the Vakratsa museum to talk about the program and professors Elfi Papathanasiou and Costas Spyrou explained about the itinerary for the next days. Later in the evening actor director Takis Moschos explained what he is going to teach in his “masterclass”


Today, tomorrow and Wednesday the children will get lessons in mythology in general and stories about myths on Skopelos. They will then be split up in groups and work on a certain myth. They were also asked to gather from parents and grandparents myths of Skopelos.

On Wednesday afternoon film directors from the US, England and South Korea will arrive. On Thursday they will start working with the kids. There is also a professional animator with the group so animations can be part of a movie that the children make.

On the 4th of August at 21.00 hours the films made by the children will be shown at Orfeas Open Air Cinema.

SIFFY2014_Posterfinal3 copy

Welcome to NOBA…

Twinned with NOHO and Tribeca, kinda…

Twinned with NOHO and Tribeca, kinda…

The gentrification of mid-town Skopelos continues apace. Our spies are keeping tabs on the refurbishment of the former boutique/supermarket next to Babis Kolchlis’s carpentry workshop in what hipsters are yet to start calling NOBA – North of Barramares (well, you can’t blame us for trying, and we did triangulate it…). Early reports suggest the owners are planning what one visitor was told will be a ‘wine bar’, although we have to wait for the dust to settle to find out more. With the new Finikas around the corner and Gorgones a dog-leg away, NOBA could become a cultural focus for mid-town Skopelos, lacking only the occasional Beat poet asleep at the bar…

Painting by Tomas Kambouris

The Hands and Eyes of Glossa exhibition opens on Monday 28th July at 8 p.m. Everyone is invited to share a glass of wine with the artists and makers.
Paintings, photographs, collages, installations, ceramics, nature sculptures and exquisite hand-made garments all feature in this exhibition of local artists and makers.
Ranging from antique and modern hand embroidered traditional wedding slippers to the latest work by our local young and established artists, the displays includes beautiful hand knitting, astonishing needlework, the local landscape in paintings and photographs – and much more.
Well over a hundred pieces are on display. Many items are for sale, including a large selection of affordable ceramics.
The exhibition is part of the Glossa 2014 summer programme by the Glossa Culture and Development Association and runs until 6th September. It is open daily from 7 – 10 p.m. and admission is free.

Wedding Slippers

The location is the Sporades Islands Center for Sustainable Development and Tradition in Glossa (opposite the Elin petrol station and Kayaking Skopelos).
This is the second collaboration between the Association and the Center and it will be followed in mid September with a Festival of the Grapes.

Further information in Greek or English from Tom Amgdalitsis on 6940663553 or 24240 33736
English speakers can also talk to Roger 697 782 7098

Kyria Stella came to Skopelos from Alonissos each year as a girl to work with her family. After marrying a Skopelitan in the early 1960s, she started raising two children and opened a taverna on the road to Glyfoneri beach. We first met her in 1988 and sampled her legendary cheese pie. “This is what we made in Alonissos”, she told us. “I brought the recipe when I came to live in Skopelos, and as far as I know, no one made it here in Skopelos”.

Giving some credence to her story, in June Alonissos held a “tyropita festival” (link)

Stella has a full menu of taverna food and she makes each cheese pie only when ordered. Here are some photos of Stella whipping up her delectable speciality. Once she has the dough the rolling out and assembly takes 5 minutes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


On Sunday the 27th of July at 21.00 hours the Theatre Workgroup of the 3rd Lykeio on Volos will perform Tennessee Williams‘s play Suddenly Last Summer. Place to be; the square outside the church of Panayia Eleftheroteria by the bus stop and beside the restaurant To Steki Mastoras.

New Orleans, 1937: Catherine Holly is a young woman institutionalized for a severe emotional disturbance that occurred when her cousin, Sebastian Venable, died under questionable circumstances while they were on summer holiday in Europe. For more info, come and see the play.


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