A room with a view?

Skopelos teens are already lamenting the possible loss of their favourite beach bar

Skopelos teens are already lamenting the possible loss of their favourite beach bar

Our thanks to an eagle-eyed reader who drew our attention to a listing in last Sunday’s property supplement of i Kathimerini offering a parcel of land for sale on Skopelos.
kastani adIt’s above a beach with a bar on it and has views of the sunset. It seems that the land behind the Mamma Mia! beach on Kastani is up for sale, asking price €3 million, 2,500 sq m available for hotel construction.

Scuttlebutt says that the asking price may be a tad steep, but the build space suggests a hotel of some size could appear on the beach where those flippered dancers did their thing on the fake jetty in the movie. The Kastani bar always struck us as an oddly temporary flat-pack garden hut affair, but only a paranoaic would suggest it was part of a wider plan…

Watch the skies

orionidsWe almost missed the boat on this one – the peak was theoretically this morning just before dawn – but with a barely discernible waning old moon and the chance of clear skies you should still be able to catch some of this year’s Orionid meteor showers over the next few nights. They’re remnants of Halley’s comet, and are named after their neighbouring constellation, Orion. They’re best seen just before dawn, when you could spot over twenty an hour.

apoliotis2oOct14Chugging into the port at 16:30 Sunday was the Elin tanker Apiliotis loaded with combustable liquids. Petrol or heating oil? Maybe both.

Since the port at Agnontas is broken, tankers flying the red flag meaning “I am taking on, or discharging, or carrying dangerous goods” (from Chapman Piloting) tie up at the main port while the tanker trucks fill up and deliver the fuels to the local retailers.

We have been told that the price per liter costs are unknown to the retailers until the ship docks and the deal is made.

Red Flag

Talk about dumps !

Here is a professional job out near Sendoukia (a tourist destination). Guessing that this equipment is the remains of the completed Elios/Tzilali road building job. We believe that the Klima/Kalogeros road has been done for some years, so what’s up with all the junk?

Maybe it’s a meth lab ala “Breaking Bad” (worth viewing BTW) poorly hidden in the woods? (Photo taken from the public road)

Maybe it is just flotsam from an overgenerous government construction contract?

GoogleMaps © 2013

GoogleMaps © 2013

Once in a while readers volunteer photos they have made for us to use. These came from Gaby who is now in Germany but visited Glossa last month. Gaby was disturbed to find illegal dump sites on the little road between Glossa and Loutraki which leads to Ag. Barbara chapel.
We have marked the map below in yellow to show the location(s).
Glossa dumps

Unfortunately this is something we can see in many parts of Skopelos – people with rubble and worse finding a convenient spot to unload rather than drive the distance to the EU sanctioned lined hole in the ground on the other side of the island.

We assume that sometimes landowners want to flatten their property and ask people with rubble “clean fill” to unload in a specific place. Most times though it seems that people just don’t want to travel the distance to make their deposits legal. It is really too bad.
We would assume that the Rom who recycle metals would like to remove the auto, but the other stuff must await for some heavy machinery to take it away. At your expense.

no excuse

no excuse

Thank you, everybody


A small group of men and women have painted and cleaned two classrooms in the high school in Skopelos. About a week ago the school children closed the school for a day because they thought the school should be painted. The parents’ board took their request seriously and last Saturday the board, some volunteers and many children helped clean the school and paint it. The parents’ board would like to thank everybody who helped, especially the children.


Reaching out

We are reaching out to our community in an attempt to be sure that the SkopelosNews Troika doesn’t turn in to the SkopelosNews Duo anytime soon.

Traipsing again through the forest of Mt. Delphi, we came across the mushrooms illustrated below. They look to us like Agaricus Augustus (“The Prince”) though naturally there is some hesitation about throwing them in the frying pan.



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