Tower of the Winds clockYes, it’s time for the biannual we-get-the-clock-changes-wrong-again announcement, which has become such a tradition here on the 35th floor of the Skopelos News Tower that it almost seems a pity to (we hope) get it right this time. Following the old ‘spring forward, fall back’ mnemonic, this Saturday evening – according to the Time and Date website, at 11pm – all clocks should be turned back by one hour. Longer if you want to, but we wouldn’t advise it.

This season’s wacky pic is a different view of the Tower of the Winds in Athens, which originally contained a clepsydra, or water clock, fed by waters flowing down from the Acropolis. Our thanks to photographer Chris Brown and Wiki Commons.

The Sky

Storm Clouds23Oct14
Yesterday afternoon there was a spectacular display of atmospheric changes in the form of clouds. Everyone is awaiting “the Big Storm” which should provide much needed rain but also high winds. But between 4 and 7pm it was a big treat to see the clouds, illuminated by the low sun, change form and hue right before one’s eyes.

There was even a “rainblok”, seen in the second photo. The pictures should enlarge with a click. You’d had to be there. The photos just begin to approximate the spectacle.



olive press open


Olives or no olives but the olive factory in Glossa will open on Monday the 27th of October. For more information call 24240 33517 or 6974109604.


On Friday 17th of October on Limnonari beach a picnic basket was forgotten and got lost. If anyone has found it please contact 6940809228 – Elena. The basket is not expensive but has a high emotional value.

A walk in the park

Not really a park but the Skopelos pine forests. Looking out from the road to Delphi down towards a hill named “Lagoudi”. The ferryboat Apollon Hellas plows it’s way to Glossa. Alonissos and Kyra Panagia fill the horizon last Sunday afternoon.

Fluffery ?


Our pals down at the PR department of Hellenic Seaways are at it again.
In today’s Taxydromos Newspaper appears an “article” which says something like Hellenic Seaplanes is the Greek National Champion in the “European Business Awards”. A similar article ran in English in GTP in mid-September.

However a glance at the contest website tells us that 60 entries from Greece are National Champions to be included in a run-off some time in the future. Among the 60 are:
Spetses Mini-Marathon
Public Stores
Mythos Brewery
Olympic Brewery
Hellenic Seaplanes
Chiquita Hellas
Sixt Car rental
and 52 more companies.

A company enters the contest simply by applying.

Reading the linked articles will give you an idea how misleading the press releases are.

Leaving Klimataria last night we came upon these guys prepping their gear. The lights they were using gave a nice cast to the scene, hence the photo of an everyday event around here.


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