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On Sunday the 8th of March the annual scout’s dance evening is held. The dance is always celebrated on International Women’s Day and is in support of the scouts, raising funds to send them off the island on a big excursion. A raffle with a lot of prizes is also held. The place to be is Nastas Taverna. The taverna is open from 20.30 hours. For 15 euros you get a full meal and 1/2 litre of wine. You pay extra for beers and other liquor. Live music is played and a lot of dancing will be going on. For tickets please call Daphne on 6947 568210.

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The lamb

We checked in on little “Mary” the other day. We have designated her an honorary female in order to stave off the inevitable, and now “Mary” is going through a change. “She” is now losing the cute little black spots which made “her” easy to identify. Our guess is that in a week “she” will have lost the spots completely and will blend into the crowd. “Her” eyes and ears will retain their blackness.

As Mr. Spock would say‚Ķ “Live long and prosper”.

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