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Bad weather

Torrential rain, hail, snow and very strong winds on Skopelos again around midday. Spring is not in sight yet! Where did this come from?? Photo by George Michalis george

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The worldwide Camphill Movement, which provides residential care and training for young people with developmental difficulties, could have its first Greek outpost, on Skopelos, in a few years, if plans by Maxi Papadavid and her family come to fruition. The Papadavids have donated 5,000 sq m of land in Alikias to a nascent charity that hopes to build a residential facility that could eventually house 15-20 permanent residents, plus staff and day attendees, in three years. The project also includes recreational space, a vegetable garden and housing for animals such as horses on 10,000 sq m land by the small ‘lake’ at Loutsa, near Mourtero, and the main facility would include a pool and a cafe run by residents and open to the public.

The Camphill Movement, which has schools and residential centres in over twenty countries around the world, was founded in the 1930s by followers of the anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner, and promotes a holistic approach to special needs care, including the widely regarded Waldorf education system. While the project envisages its residents being in the 25-up age range, from Skopelos, nearby islands or the mainland, it will also be open as a day facility for younger islanders. It’s estimated that over a dozen or so young islanders could benefit from the facilities. While it is not yet an official Camphill project, the promoters are in discussions with the Camphill Movement to obtain recognition.

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